Mariah Carey Tackles ‘Hero’ At HRC Gala [Performance]

Published: Monday 16th Mar 2015 by Sam

Mariah Carey is a busy chanteuse these days.

Fresh from announcing her new label deal with Epic Records, the singer – who is readying her Las Vegas show for a May debut – took to the stage last night at the Human Rights Campaign Gala.

Introduced by ‘Empire’ star Jussie Smollett, the 45-year-old donated an interesting performance of ‘Hero.’

Watch below…

Actual performance begins at 2.50 mark…

Oh Mariah.

We say that not because the performance was “bad.” Indeed, by the standards of her present day ability, it was decent.

However, she sings with so much trepidation and uncertainty of self that it’s almost uncomfortable to listen to. For an artist (rightfully) hailed as one of the greatest vocalists of all time, there’s something worrying about the fact that so many (us included) often sit on edge of seats and hope for the best each time she sings publicly. It ends up facilitating a scenario where we’re rarely wowed and more so slow-clapping that there were no bum notes.

Here’s hoping she and her new team iron out said kinks come the time to roll-out new material. Because, while there are a sect of people of who will forever respect the receipts Mimi’s early career provides, there’s a growing percentage of the record buying public who only judge on one’s last performance. A reality that could become quite dangerous for the diva if not addressed.

Tidbit: Click here to watch a closer view uploaded by a Lamb fan. Interestingly it omits the song’s climax and cuts to applause.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Skyfall March 16, 2015

    Sam why did you use that picture? I’m so tired of your antics

    • Overdose March 16, 2015


  2. Hur March 16, 2015

    I love Mimi still one of the greatest of all time no matter what! Vegas here I come!

  3. Gee March 16, 2015

    Sam your long drawn out thesis statements nitpicking everything negative about Mariah is so dry now it’s beyond tired now can we find a new hobby please? We get it her voice has changed. But no one by today’s standards is nowhere her level on her worst day at their best. I give this woman props for still putting a brave face being a good mom and keeping her head high after everyone continues to bash her day in and day out. The performance was cool too I’m not mad at all.

  4. Whitney & Mariah March 16, 2015

    She still sounds great.

  5. Eris March 16, 2015

    THIS bytch is washed up and ain’t no f****** soap involved.. i

    • Pat March 16, 2015

      Ok Sam…lol!

  6. The One March 16, 2015

    She did well to me.

  7. Truth About P!nk March 16, 2015

    The picture though ahaha

  8. Truth About P!nk March 16, 2015

    Never been a fan of her iffy vocals.

    • TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

      Then waddle your broke ass out off this article…

  9. FutureCIARA March 16, 2015

    Come through Mimi…

    Sidebar, You need to tell Jermaine Dupri to stop acting like a damn B*tch (In my Nene Leakes voice.)

    • Skyfall March 16, 2015

      Mariah has obviously cut his pay, so now he is salty and has to find a way to make some money.

      • TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

        Correction Mariah is the only one giving him a check, so he’s salty. She’s probably his only income at this time. Mimi also cut Da Brat a check, #ButYouDidntHearItFromMe…

      • Overdose March 16, 2015

        No shes not. Ciara, Beyawnce and Riherpes all give him more hits than Mufussa

      • TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

        Those women don’t even work with JD, so exit to the stage that your flop fav could never book.

  10. christinastherealtalent March 16, 2015

    Mariah can still out sing most of your faves on her worse day!

    • Khalil Johnson March 16, 2015

      Not really……

    • Al March 16, 2015

      Hell yes to that vocal best performance of Hero in years! Roll on Vegas get them coins in child and new edition of No1s!!

  11. TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

    Oh Sam, if only you took that energy into classes at a local community college, you could be a real journalist and not rely on PRESSED Queen gimmicks and depressing stans arguing to reach 100+ comments per article, but anyway… she is uncomfortable. She’s singing it in the same way Aretha and Patti sung it aka soulful riffs. I will admit that ‘The way’ and ‘comes along’ is prerecorded, but she sounds fine, especially to be on her period. I don’t get why people feel the need to criticize every thing she does. She remains unbothered as f***.
    (This is so you understand what I mean by the Aretha comparison.)

  12. Casual-T March 16, 2015

    The link was gone by the time I tried to view the video. But seriously, Mariah Carey began her career literally 25 years ago this year. She cannot sound the same, b/c she’s 25 years older and the physicality of her body has changed, but all told, she’s still better than many of the singers on the charts now.

    • Alex March 16, 2015

      That’s no excuse! Patti lable and Chaka are in their 60s and 70s and were singing before Mariah was born and STILL sound the same!! #Utriedit

      • Alex March 16, 2015


  13. Overdose March 16, 2015

    She sounds pathetic. Why is this washed up linebacker still doing this to herself? Shes so delusional.

    • TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

      Not as pathetic as purchasing some ovaries to become the sixteenth baby mama…

  14. TRUTH SERUM March 16, 2015

    Why is Sam so damn shady. Lmao… Lol.

  15. Khalil Johnson March 16, 2015

    Y’all make the most excuses for Mariah. Why is it that Patti has been singing for over 50 years and still sounds impeccable at 70 years old? Face it, Mariah did not cherish and take care of her GIFT. She could at least learn to sing properly in her lower range……she’s delusional and it’s sad to see her go out like this!!

    • TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

      Since when did Patti sing in the whistle register & have a lot of stress on her nodules?

  16. Career Ender March 16, 2015

    I am sorry but she looks like a mama elephant here

  17. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan March 16, 2015

    Mariah Carey is a franking legend. You b****** need to bow to music royalty.

    • Al March 16, 2015

      These b****** only bow down to flops

  18. Stephy March 16, 2015

    Bad performance. And, that climax was lipped as usual. Also, why is she so bloated & fat looking? I don’t understand why she won’t get into shape. She’s giving me Has Been Tease.

    Sad to say it but MADONNA sounds better than Mariah nowadays.. And, that woman can’t even sing. Smh….

    • Beyhive March 16, 2015

      You are worse type of stan but I can agree lol Mariah is bloated whale struggling for relevancy

    • TheElusiveLamb March 16, 2015

      Oh Stephanie stop the b*******. You’ll be back on YouTube stanning out, telling Mimi how much you love her, back on Whitney Houston live compilation videos asking the creator to make one for Mimi, and etc in no time. And if you didn’t notice, women become bloated on their period. She’s obviously trying to get back in shape the healthy way so her voice can be in better shape. But you should be the LAST to shade about body and looks, bc you’re a fat bottom still hiding behind those Catfish images. STFU already. Ignore MC’S existence the way your Mother did you when you were a child.

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 16, 2015

        O M F G!

      • Terny March 16, 2015

        Hahaha… Ouch!

      • KeKe March 16, 2015


      • Stephy March 16, 2015

        I am NOT fat hun. Also, she sounds dreadful. point blank period

      • Pat March 16, 2015


      • FutureCIARA March 16, 2015

        Oh My!

  19. Beyhive March 16, 2015

    Just tragic

  20. That’s all March 16, 2015

    Her introduction she apologized for being horse and warned the audience about her vocals. So, why the long drawn out same hateful write up?
    Has me saying “oh Sam” but you clearly don’t care about how negative you are and that’s fine. At the end of the day she is a legend for music and you are a… well…. Blogger.

    • Sam March 22, 2015

      and you’re just a..well..someone who comments on my articles.

  21. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 16, 2015

    Samantha and these damn novels as usual. Mariah is still queen! Shut up peasants

    • KeKe March 16, 2015

      No lies detected ..

  22. The truth will set you free March 16, 2015

    Can someone please put this cow out of her misery please, and her stans too while you’re at it. they’re all so pathetic it makes me sick, they know damn well that Mariah’s day has come and gone her music isn’t selling like it use to. just retire and stop ruining your legacy or people will remember you for these sub par performances

  23. The truth will set you free March 16, 2015

    she and her fans have an excuse for everything just bow out gracefully

  24. JOHNVIDAL March 16, 2015

    Most retarded “article” by Sam yet!
    So the performance was good in your opinion but you still needed to write yet another essay because you were worried it wouldn´t be? LOL You need some help asap! Also you could update these people with all the great performances Mariah gave in her Australian tour last year, you know the ones you ignored. When it comes to other things you don´t have any problem to report about her on a daily basis, so why don´t you do it when it´s good news? 🙂

  25. martin miller March 16, 2015

    Viva Las Vegas here I come ☆♡☆

  26. Theman March 16, 2015

    This was a very good & solid performance. Sam you talk too much about nothing. Every Mariah post does not need six paragraphs full of nonsense.

  27. Theman March 16, 2015

    The haters keep talking about excuses, this was a very good performance, there are no excuses. This woman could give a flawless performance & Sam would find something to write a book about. Sit your A** down.

  28. @rihicon March 16, 2015

    it was ok. I still love her

  29. Teflon Boy March 16, 2015

    Tbh this sounds as though it was sung entirely in chest voice, which is while a bit unmagical on the ears is actually impressive in itself that she can extend so high in that register. That said, her head voice is what appears to routinely be missing and to access this *the register that gave classic Mariah her effortless edge* one has to be healthy, rested and vocally warmed up and worked out. Her ‘issues’ appear at least from my perspective to rest firmly with a lack of a professional voice care regime.

  30. Theman March 16, 2015

    She just needs to warm her voice up. She’s too subtle in live settings, outside of concerts. She’s also been in the studio.

  31. migue March 16, 2015

    she’s a mess
    die soon mariah

    • Sam March 22, 2015

      YOU DIE!

  32. xoxo March 17, 2015

    Mariah, stop slaughtering your own legacy. Retire and enjoy your millions.

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