The-Dream Reveals Beyonce Recorded A Fela-Inspired Album

Published: Wednesday 18th Mar 2015 by Sam

Over the course of Beyonce‘s illustrious career, the singer has flirted with a number of different sounds. From the soulful flair of her debut, to the funkified ferociousness of ‘B’Day,’ then there was the Pop lean of ‘I Am…’, and of course the grittiness of self-titled. King B has conquered all.

Interestingly, though, longtime collaborator The-Dream has this week dished on an abandoned sound the singer was prepping for what would have been 2011’s ‘4.’

His words below…

In an entry on, Dream (whose real name is Terius Nash) wrote:

“We did a whole Fela album that didn’t go up. It was right before we did 4. We did a whole different sounding thing, about twenty songs. She said she wanted to do something that sounds like Fela. That’s why there’s so much of that sound in the “End of Time.”

There’s always multiple albums being made. Most of the time we’re just being creative, period. We’re talking about B, somebody who sings all day long and somebody.”


As one of the few who feel ‘4’ to be Bey’s finest body of work to date, we don’t at all begrudge what ended up becoming that album.

Still, we’d love her to revisit the tribal/African theme both sonically and visually. The “Fela” sound mentioned is still relatively uncharted territory in the mainstream and if anyone is equipped with the ability popularize it in the Western world it’s Beyonce.

What’s more, with the ‘Beyonce’ project lacking in uptempo’s, we’re sure the world would readily welcome more epicness in the vein of ‘End of Time.’ We sure would!

Your thoughts?

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  1. LB March 18, 2015

    First of all, that outfit is snatching, she looks good. Secondly, I don’t think she would have pulled it off. You need character or culture to pull off a sound like that, Beyonce doesn’t exactly have that.

    Since we are on the subject, this Ghanaian artist has been giving me good vibes lately, can someone translate the meaning, I really like the song.

    • Arkhes March 18, 2015

      She’s from Nigeria not Ghana

      • LB March 18, 2015

        LOL Really? Geez it seems everybody is from Nigeria in West Africa. Anyway I like the song

    • NENE March 18, 2015

      Girl Nigerian do your research.

    • Christal March 18, 2015

      Hahahaha. She’s Nigerian (Yemi Alade). We all love her.

    • the right one March 18, 2015

      agreed. she doesn’t. but she can definitely have fun with it. End of time was a good track and so is grown woman. She can make it fun.

    • kal March 18, 2015

      She’s singing in English. What translation do you need?!

    • Dane March 18, 2015

      Then you should know who about the history of FELA. Jayz, Beyonce, Will and Jada Smith had a successful production of their FELA broadway play in NYC….. They know more than you think they know….

  2. Tyler March 18, 2015

    End of Time is my favorite track on “4” and that album was her best body of work to date. Displays the most vocal maturity out of all of them.

    • TRUTH SERUM March 18, 2015

      Agreed !!

  3. Bang Bang March 18, 2015

    I like this idea! & what’s so hard to understand about that trim alde song Johnny. She speaking English to me.

  4. BEY-ONIKA March 18, 2015

    wow as a Nigerian this is very emotional and pleasing to hear with all d daily death being recorded(recently my family friends/pastor) by the boko harams who are not even opposed by d governor/president….. and to do a fela inspired record a man who through out his life fought against bad government is so thoughtful at this point Nigerians need this…. so if someone like her with a big impact do a song like his it will honestly sound refreshing cause currently our Nigerian musicians are remixing his songs… sees my best Nigerian/Africa act psquare

  5. KING RIH March 18, 2015

    For every “end of time” how many “run the world” would there have been? Ch….

  6. Royalkev March 18, 2015

    That would have been so amazing! I’d love to hear an entire album full of “End of Times'”, but I’m still very proud of ‘4’! I’m glad Bey opted to deliver us that marvelous album the way she did. Bey must have 100 recorded songs the world has yet to listen to. I hope to get my hands on all of them when she decides that the time is right.

  7. S****** Blonde March 18, 2015

    I don’t know, she’s a good singer and performer but her discography leaves much to be desired, she improved a bit with her latest effort, still so far away from being great + i don’t think she wants to be linked with anything that is not Creole culturally, she sees herself as french woman with some black ancestors or at least that’s what she sells.

    • Tyler March 18, 2015

      You have it backwards. As a Louisiana Creole, she’d see herself as a black person with french ancestry/lineage…….most do.

      • TRUTH SERUM March 18, 2015

        @tyler, dead blond always tries to twist anything related to the queen. Everyone and there Moma knows that Beyonce identifies as a black woman who is of creole descent. Just another white person trying to tell a black person how to self identify based on a warped perception.

    • Carmen March 18, 2015

      LMAO how did you come to that conclusion? Can you provide a receipt of Beyonce saying anything other that shes proud to be African american. Can even show me where she has even quoted anything about being french? How does she sell herself as French exactly?

      • Jay March 18, 2015

        She has a song called creole, look it up.
        Also there an interview in which she explains why she doesn’t know any creole although she would love to.

      • Faf March 18, 2015

        She also said she wish she was born Latina in 06 during bday era

      • BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 18, 2015

        Latina isn’t a race genius. It’s an ethnicity. There are black Latinas as well so what exactly is your dumbass trying to prove?
        And @Jay just because she recorded a song called “Creole” doesn’t mean she was erasing her African Ancestry. She actually claims her African lineage a lot more frequently than she does claim her French lineage.

  8. lil kim March 18, 2015

    lmaoo at this non-factor she want to do a fela(who is he?) inspired record always stealing from real artists I can’t ….. always inspired by someone else and yet she’s queen bee? until this rat face is original don’t dare come for the real queen bee LiL K**….. lil Kim fans are d real Bee-hive…… stealing trash that y rihanna took ha spot and she isn’t relevant and that’s y she’s jealous and always coming for younger artists like rihanna…… she not even beautiful thou (sees the pic without makeup) at least lil Kim, rihanna are gorgeous….. stealing rat… she stole this outfits from Africans again…. can never be original that y “BeyFLOPce” the album was all abt s**

    • Tyler March 18, 2015

      Bish What? Consider playing Russian Roulette

    • Kay March 18, 2015

      If Bey is the non-factor the what the hell is a Lil Kim in 2015?

    • XXX March 18, 2015

      ‘LIL K**’ the self drag lmao

  9. Tyler March 18, 2015

    @Lil Kim
    Speaking of original, the difference between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj is, when Nicki Minaj spits….Nicki Minaj wrote it.
    No, no, no shade!

  10. meh March 18, 2015

    That would’ve been interesting to hear.I just hope we don’t have to wait 20 years later to hear all of unreleased albums or songs.I mean look at Motown,some of the greatest material was held in a vault until they felt like releasing it.In fact I’m willing to bet alot of the artist who emerged in the last decade have a vault full of music deemed great but not commercial enough to be released.

    • Lake Erie March 18, 2015

      Yes! I agree with you. I’ve always been the type to LOVE those records. Music is much authentic when it’s not commercialized (sometimes) lol.

  11. truthtea March 18, 2015

    Creative!? Beybonic is far from creative considering how many times she’s been hit with plagiarism lawsuits and how many acts have come forth claiming that she jacked their style, etc…and all provided receipts.

  12. Slay_Hive March 18, 2015

    End Of Time Is My Favorite Beyonce Song. From The Production, Harmonies And Vocals. She Slaayed! That Should Have Been The First Single From 4 instead Of RTW. During The Round “IV” era, I remember hearing Bey Was Inspired By Fela. She Should Really Go And That Direction Again And Call Rich Harrison Back Too. 😀 I Hope She’s Prepping Another Epic Album!!

    • Slay_Hive March 18, 2015


    • Brian310 March 18, 2015

      I agree that should have been the 1st single but then we wouldn’t have gotten that great billboard performance…I also think instead of BTINH she should have released I Care as the 2nd single.

    • AnnaMaeKeatingsNewWig March 18, 2015

      YASSS End of Time is the mf anthem *begins doing the rotating kick dance and then makes it funky*

  13. The Beysus Impact March 18, 2015

    OMG she better release this!!! And End Of Time is my fave song off 4!
    1. End Of Time
    2. Dance For You
    3. 1+1

  14. let’s be real March 18, 2015

    I would have been here for an END OF TIME album with tribal videos shot at exotic locations. I can tell End Of Time and Grown Woman were probably on this Fela Album.I just cant think of what i want NEXT from Beyonce. Do i want another edgy album?or a classic sound album because that Stevie tribute she did was EVERYTHING i think she should really dig deep and give us a soulllll album

    • kingbeybitch March 18, 2015

      I want a classic sound album tbh

  15. kingbeybitch March 18, 2015

    That would’ve slayedddddddd but I’m glad she decided to give us 4. That album is a damn masterpiece period!

  16. kingbeybitch March 18, 2015

    Beyonce didn’t care about hits when she released 4 i mean she said that wayyy the album dropped. 4 is her best ablum to dateeeee! I want a classic sound albumn next man f*** sales, f*** hits bring me the music Bey

    • kingbeybitch March 18, 2015

      *way before*

  17. The Great Lacefronce. March 18, 2015

    She’s always inspired by somebody
    .thiefonce is never original

    • kingbeybitch March 18, 2015

      Everyone is inspired by someone or something. You sound so dumb

  18. XYZ March 18, 2015

    damn, an Album full of “end of time”s would have been fire…

  19. workitout80 March 18, 2015

    You said it. “4” is her best body of work, her best album to date.

    Glad so many are beginning to see this.

    I would love to hear all the Fela inspired tracks tho.

  20. Ben March 18, 2015

    back in her “i am” era many unreleased songs leaked on youtube. how come none of her 70 songs recorded for “4” and “visual album” did? i am here for a new album from bey

  21. Ciara The Flop March 18, 2015

    Of course when it comes to music “artistry,” Beyonce always take the less risky route. The African-inspired theme would have been a real game-changer in her career. It would’ve silenced her harshest critics.

  22. Carmen March 18, 2015

    That would have slayed. Her African inspired looks videos and music always slays.

  23. Barb-wire March 18, 2015

    Maaan, that’s my jam!!! I listen to End of time all the time.

  24. fatusankoh March 18, 2015

    Beautifuli in and out their is norting she can’t nit doSam you so right about the sound of fella only bey can do that

  25. TRUTH SERUM March 18, 2015

    I am so with you Sam; sonically 4 was one of her best albums.

    Sidebar, while the haters are spending countless hours hating… Bey is busy working.

  26. Blue Ivy Rod (SlayMaticThinksImSlayriah) March 18, 2015

    End of time was nice but her best songs off ‘4’ (to me) were “Schoolin’ life” “Rather die young”, “I still care” (she killed me with them vocals), “End of time” and “countdown”. The rest to be honest were fillers, she could have done better but still. a solid album from her. The rest I have to skip through music.

    • Blue Ivy Rod (SlayMaticThinksImSlayriah) March 18, 2015

      How could I forget about her Love on top… Honestly… ‘4’ should have been huge… I just love the content

  27. BrandNu March 18, 2015

    I wish that she would do some different things and really stop pullig inspiration from everyone else. Michelle did Fela on Broadway. This is just Beyonce trying to “one-up” eveyone and gives credit to no one.

    • Jewel March 18, 2015

      But she didn’t release it.

    • B2B March 18, 2015

      Jayz is one of the people who helped produce fela while Bey was prepping 4…. Pretty sure it has nothing to do with Michelle

  28. RICHIE_RICH March 18, 2015

    I’ll be your baby !!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSS I was so mad she didn’t release this. EOT should’ve been the lead single for 4.

  29. bria March 18, 2015

    Beyonce is an overrated nuisance

  30. Jewel March 18, 2015

    Yep I agree. I loved 4 album. It was vocally her best and every song served a purpose. But a Fela inspired album with End of Time esq songs would have been fire that I agree, Bey could easily pull off. People loved that song and love when Beyonce takes it up a notch.

  31. Gee March 18, 2015

    Why is The Dream speaking about this now? The 4 era has come and gone. The Fela inspired route would have shook things up and would have definitely been something different. For me 4 was Beyoncé’s best work vocally and it showed a more mature side to her craft as an artist. But since the masses did not respond to it commercially in the way she wanted, she went back to safe territory with Beyoncé the visual album.

    • GEEZUS March 19, 2015

      4 would’ve did self-titled first week numbers in 7 days if it hadn’t leaked 3 weeks early.

  32. TheElusiveLamb March 18, 2015

    I never understood the underpeformance of 4. It should have the sales of I Am… Sasha Fierce by now.
    It’s her best. She should totally do another album like it. Except, have a gospel song or two. I’ve always wanted to hear her sing original gospel as well some jazz.

  33. #JACKIE March 18, 2015

    Her vocals have no soul behind them. She’s a robot

    • Lolz March 18, 2015

      And you’re a mess Nene Leaks stan.

    • RihYonce March 18, 2015

      If that’s your fav in that avatar you should have a seat lmao

  34. Lolz March 18, 2015

    Interesting. End of time is such a good song. It reminds me of MJ for some reason.

  35. JT March 18, 2015

    She should of went through with it, End of Time was the GOAT out of every song of 4!

  36. Stephy March 18, 2015

    Beyonce is Queen

  37. Blue Ivy Rod (SlayMaticThinksImSlayriah) March 18, 2015

    I can see why ‘4’ flopped so hard. I honestly believe her fans wasn’t ready for a lot r mature Beyonce, thus why they like end of time (though it still flopped) over everything else on the album.

    I’m not speaking to the ones that supported her but the ones that only like her ratchet/pop anthems…

  38. RihYonce March 18, 2015

    I always thought Bey should’ve released EOT as the first single or atleast made a video for it in a tropical area I was so mad about that lol, a fela album would’ve been great at that time but now idts , I want a mixture of all from Beyoncé on this next album I can’t get enough of ratchetyonce, popyonce, maybe 1 or 2 classic type songs , and some fela songs , if she puts all of these in one I’m here for it Bey can pull anything off and make it Pop so it doesn’t matter what direction she takes she’s already done it all, it can only get better from here.

  39. RihYonce March 18, 2015

    IV was a good album personally I love “I Am….” “B’Day” & “Self-Titled” more. IV was my least favorite but I stilled loved the album it didn’t flop I hate when people say that It just underperformed to her standards , we should leave that in the past and just move on its a new Era

  40. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare March 18, 2015

    “4” is my favorite Beyoncé album. It is her best in my opinion. It deserved so much more!

  41. moe March 18, 2015

    Honestly im a huge jlo fans but really i cant deny that B is a queen . Undeniable . Both are queens of stage

  42. The Beysus Impact March 18, 2015

    @BeyonceLite: “I don’t know if people realize she belongs on the Mount Rushmore of the best of the best.” -Tricky Stewart on Beyoncé

  43. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 18, 2015

    But has she ever been to Africa? SMH

    • Mark111 March 18, 2015

      She have, a few times in SA and a few time in Egypt.

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 18, 2015

        Oh. I just read that the late Nelson Mandela summoned her in 2003.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 18, 2015

      She has actually,plenty of times. If you actually took your time of TGJ to do some actual research you would know this. I’m surprised you think that she’s never been to Africa when you are constantly stalking her every move. Don’t you have any real priorities?

  44. Meg March 18, 2015

    Beyonce should record new album with Destiny’s Child. This can be huge!

  45. BEYHIVE_MINAJ March 18, 2015

    That would have been exciting to hear,but I wouldn’t trade “4” for the world. It’s her greatest work to date,everything was on point musically. I hope it gets the recognition it deserves in future.

  46. Mark111 March 18, 2015

    I don’t think I can do a whole album with one sound, but a few songs here and there is great. End Of Time to me was more of a marching band sound. Now Grown Woman sounds like a left over Lion King track, lol, I LOVE that sound. But it’s like asking for a full reggae album from Rihanna, I don’t think I can do a full album. The reason 4, Aaliyah, Rated R, Velvet Rope and so on are great albums because (to me) they didn’t chase the charts or had a dated sound to them. They sound timeless (used correctly), you can’t put a date on them imo. Like if I hear Goodies and I hear Crunk music, I will always time wrap to 2004 or 2005. If I hear TTT, I always think of the early 2010’s because of the EDM. If I hear Control, I hear the mid 80’s sync sounds, Off The Wall I hear the disco, but with Bad/Thriller, I don’t hear a time of sound.
    I want to say that all of Beyonce’s music is like that, I can’t pin point the time it was released. I mainly know the year of Beyonce’s music was release by her vocals vs the beat. DIL she voice was smooth, somewhat soft and held back. B-Day was louder, but lacked soul (imo), I Am had a deeper tone, or lower tone with her voice, 4 was with growls and roars (my fave) and Beyonce she rapped sung on most, and went back to a light tone.

  47. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 18, 2015

    Now let’s have an honest moment here. We all know that Beyonce couldn’t pull off a fela inspired sounding album, and probably is the reason why it was scrapped. She sells by her being traditional. But you know who could pull it off and make the sound mainstream is RIHANNA. She is the only one that could make it both mainstream in western society and international. She truly has a je ne said quoi about her, and NO ONE in the music industry has her allure. I think Beyonce knew what was good for her, and going ratchet was that!

    • Lolz March 18, 2015

      Lmfao Rihanna could never pull off a bunch of End Of Time esq songs. Bye Felicia.

  48. FutureCIARA March 18, 2015

    I agree that ‘4’ was her best album, And I would enjoy more music that has that sound she was playing with. Im here for it

  49. Paulo March 18, 2015

    what’s sad is that if The-Dream is spilling the beans now it means this project prob won’t see the light of day 🙁 it would’ve been amazing. End of Time was clearly not just inspired by Fela but by AfroBrazilian music from her long stay in Salvador 😉

  50. RoyalBey March 18, 2015

    Yaaass… But I’m waiting on a FULL ballad album.

  51. Kyle March 18, 2015

    It’s hard for me to choose what my favorite Beyoncé album is but I always find myself leaning towards “4.” I loved the sounds on that album and I also think she was vocally at her best. “End of Time” is one of my favorite songs by her EVER so that would be so cool to hear an entire album geared towards that Fela-inspired sound. Every album though she says she always records around 80 songs so it wouldn’t surprise me if she had more that sounded like that during the “4” era.

  52. AnnaMaeKeatingsNewWig March 18, 2015

    On a completely separate note, while we’re on the subject of African-influenced Beyonce songs… someone please tell me what the African men are saying in the bridge of ‘Grown Woman’. I need to find out before the next time it comes on and I drop it like its hawt.

  53. Sandra March 19, 2015

    4 is not a masterpiece lol!!! If it was it wouldn’t have flopped. It only sold 2,8 million copies ww. I admit Countdown is a great song but the rest of the album is a bore.

  54. bria March 19, 2015

    Her best was dil downhill from there,rock bottom with latest offerings

  55. bria March 19, 2015

    Beyonce is simply not an artist she is a performer

    Her actual music is quite underwhelming

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