‘R&B Divas’: Social Media Blasts Stacy Francis Over Chante Moore Bullying Drama / Launches Petition To Have Her Booted From The Series

Published: Thursday 9th Apr 2015 by David


‘R&B Divas: LA‘ may continue to sizzle and soar for its parent network ‘TV One’ on a popularity front, but criticism dished up and served to its newest ‘Diva’ Stacy Francis may see it destined for trouble this year.

According to who?

Its fans.

Bad news below..

Perhaps most-known for a run-in with the late Whitney Houston days before her death, Francis joined the show’s latest season as a friend of cast mate Lil’ Mo.

Alas, the show’s fans have taken to social media to blast the singer’s antics on the series, accused of being one of many reasons cast mate Chrisette Michelle jumped ship mid-season and berated for “bullying” ‘Chante’s Got a Man’ chanteuse Chante Moore.

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Now some fans have gone one step further and activated a petition they hope will lead to Francis’ removal from the hit series.

It reads:

As a woman of color I am very hurt and annoyed about the depiction of Women of Color in the media. Our society, unfortunately, has declined into a state of moral turpitude. Our mainstream media is based upon the belittling and deformation of the African American people. The viewer must realize that to watch these negative images, without putting said images into its proper context, imbues the viewer with a negative worldview about Women of Color. When impressionable young people see these types of shows, they tend to emulate the celebrities in those shows; they want to live vicariously through such icons, hoping to relate, to find their identity.

This is problematic.

If the only example a young person has is that of a mean, selfish, and self absorbed person, what would become of that young impressionable child? If all the public consumers see this show as a representation of Women of Color as foolhardiness, ratchet, conniving, back stabbing  and materialistic, would those same consumers ever see them positively? The African American community is hurting in more ways than one and we don’t need any more negativity. With that being said I petition TV One to do the right thing and remove Stacy Francis from this show immediately. Stacy Francis has done nothing on this show that represents anything in regards to the upliftment and empowerment of the African American community specifically Women of Color. The viewers have spoken and we will no longer part take in negative stereotypes and propaganda that is causing division and destruction amongst Women of Color in the media.  We have a voice and our voice will be heard. We demand respect!!!!

The petition has already amassed 258 signatures since its arrival on Change.Org.

Your thoughts?

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  1. whut April 9, 2015

    Stacy isn’t going anywhere. Sadly, reality shows are driven by ratchetness and troublemakers. That’s what brings in their ratings. It’s the reason why no-class hoodrats like Nene Leakes are ‘celebrities’ nowadays.

  2. Lovely rose April 9, 2015

    I’m not watching this show if Stacey remains on the show its bad drama and it’s disgusting.. Last nights show was unwatchable so I will be signing this petition.

    • Si April 22, 2015

      Heck I signed the petition and I never do stuff like that. This season was so hard to watch with her on it. Stacy has a bad attitude and she needs to go.

  3. #TeamTinashe Stan April 9, 2015

    Yes! I hope you guys and other urban sites post more about “R&B Divas” show they desperately need it(as their viewership ratings ranges from 200K – 400K). Let’s support R&B!

    Now, for me I honestly don’t want to watch the show MAINLY because of that octopus ho. Excuse my language but she gets on my nerves. I knew someone like her in my life that would act like she knew somebody’s relationship when really she only knows one side. I dislike those people a lot.
    I mean she clearly doesn’t have any new music or has a house as we yet have to see if she lives in a shelter or not.

    And I was rooting for Lil Mo, she is hilarious (sometimes fails miserably though), I thought she would perfectly fit in with todays R&B females like K Michelle and Keyshia Cole but last season and this season made me withdraw and her recent album is NOTHING SPECIAL!

    • credits April 9, 2015

      Tv viewership is low but many of us are watching online.

  4. TrueArist April 9, 2015

    Let’s be honest Stacy is a nobody who CAN NOT sing. She needs to go. Brave is staying in her lane and she is cool but TVone needs to get more of Housewives of ATL format for the show so we can see how they are at home and in their own careers, not just see them meet at people houses and in theaters. Chante Moore deserve more then this (she is a legend) and TVONE puts these artist in negative situations.

    • Faf April 9, 2015

      Did u hear when she Tried to sing for warren

      B**** I hollered

  5. Anne April 9, 2015

    Her behavior makes me question her account of the Whitney situation.

  6. Rhonda Walker April 9, 2015

    Last nights episode was terrible. Chante did nothing for them to go in on her like that. If Stacey stays on this show I will no longer be a r& b divas fan.

  7. credits April 9, 2015

    I’ve never been so upset at the happenings in a reality show before this. Stacy had no right to badger change moore about her marriage. And what was really awful, was that none of the girls checked stacy for that, instead they bullied Chante, i was disgusted.

    • skenon April 17, 2015

      And Stacy wants talk about folks marriage and she had affair with married pastor Noel Jones. How have several seats old looking ass with tore up wigs. And this child’s voice is so annoying ! Shut up !

  8. MusicLife April 9, 2015

    I was seriously like. Wait. Is this the same damn girl from XFactor lol

  9. AmbeRussell April 9, 2015

    I missed some of last weeks episode but Stacy is on the show as a trouble maker, but chante has her rude moments too. She was rolling her eyes and acted off when she was at Leela’s house. And her asking for a portion if the proceeds was low key tacky.

  10. Gee April 9, 2015

    Stacy comes off as a bitter angry troublemaker. But truthfully speaking she is not going anywhere because she stirs the pot and brings the drama just what the producers want to draw ratings.

  11. Mel April 9, 2015

    Here is the thing I think Stacey should go (for obvious reasons) but I also think Mo and Leelah need to go they are far too ignorant to be on TV. As a black woman I am highly offended we expect this from Love and Hip Hop but not R&B divas come’on TV 1 Really????

  12. preston April 9, 2015

    I watched the episode, I actually fast-forward thru that scene cuz I felt they were ganging up on Chanté and it wasn’t even fun to watch. Lil Mo looks bad, Leela looked worse and .Stacey the worst.
    Stacey just looks bad on the show.

  13. R April 10, 2015

    Stacy has an awful voice, has displayed no artistic instincts (wailing and over-singing do not make you a good singer), and has had no notable career as a diva to speak of.

    So yes, why is she here? Because she’s Lil’ Mo’s friend?

  14. Khan-Gay West April 10, 2015

    There’s no point in Stacy being on the show. She’s nothing but drama and she hasnt established or accomplished anything that we should care about. For her to say she is the better diva between her and Chante was pure comedy. Girl nobody even knows your credentials. have a SIT. Mo and Leelah are bullies and I would gladly vote them off as well. I tried to like them but they prefer to gang up on the nice girls. Chrissette was a bully last season and she showed a different side this season so I’m actually sad that shes gone. I miss Claudette but apparently she was tired of the drama and bullying from the has-been’s and never-were’s

  15. lavonc2002 April 10, 2015

    Iono why everything chante does is scrutinized. Like, I didn’t get how her enlisting the help of a songwriter to write her portion of the song would be considered “shady”. Stacy is disgusting and her voice is TERRIBLE

  16. Dunno April 10, 2015

    I’m not gonna sit here and act like Chante is innocent. She ain’t. Her shade is on fleek more often than not.

    That said, Stacy’s personality sucks, her vocals suck, her attitude sucks and probably most notably, her timing sucks. She honestly doesn’t know how or WHEN to confront people. She makes the show grating.

    But it’s not fair to lump Leela in with Stacy and Lil’ Mo. All Chante had to do was woman and name who she was talking about because Leela had been going out of her way to mend her relationship with Chante. Leela felt disrespected in her house. Did it get out of hand? Yes. But Leela (and I) are tired of Chante’s passive aggressive bull swanky.

    • Renee April 16, 2015

      LOL on the Bull Swanky which is what Leela always says. One of the famous sayings of the late and great Maya Angelou was….” WHEN PEOPLE SHOW YOU WHO THEY ARE…BELIEVE THEM”. Stacy Francis is a twisted, jaded and dark heart soul. The bible says what comes out of your mouth is in your heart. She goes from 0 to 100 on any given day with almost anyone. Lil Mo seems to be using her and her craziness to attack Chante and Michel’le is such a mean girl move. I agree with the petition to have this Stacy Francis removed. She is evil v**** that must be destroyed.

  17. Missdiva April 10, 2015

    I was sad for Chante Moore watching that episode…leela James disappointed me sooo much I expected better from her, she jumped on the lil mo, Stacy Hate Chante bandwagon…Lilmo is so jealous of Chante she can’t see straight..lil mo is ratchet ghetto and a callous gossipers, Chante stop trying to friend her she will never be your friend cause she envy you…and Stacy?? Who’s dum idea was it to bring this Heffa on this show, she messy spiteful and loud!!!! For her to even speak on kenny and Chante marriage is disrespectful..Stacy it’s none of your Damn business what went on in that relationship!!

  18. Tua Sane April 13, 2015

    Stacey jealous cos Chante will sing her foulness str8 into a cab an al the way bak to hopelessness! YOU STINK B**** TAKE YOUR 100 BIPOLAR SEATS & GO BUILD YORSELF A HOUSE OF HOPE or beta stil – BUILD U A CAREER!!! To lil ass Ho oops I meant mo, h** u jus jealous cos Chante looks 20yrs younger than u and she don’t even try half as hard as u with those rediculous wigs and ugly make up jobs – girl who/what the F** do u think you’re representing?!?? Leela I was so hopin for a better vibe from u but u just as jelly as dem other two lesbians! Chante baby u been in the game for over 20years, you have class you have sass and you’ve “still” got the look!!!! F** all the haters jus do you boo xxx

  19. mariah is a pissy drunk April 13, 2015

    F*** Stacy b**** ass

  20. Upscale April 16, 2015

    I would like to see Chante have her own show. I would rather see more of the behind the scenes with her and her career goals and performances than to see anymore of the others.

    I hope that TVONE will give us a Chante ONLY weekly show. Now THAT I’d watch in a second! They could have different celebrities on with her and show her attending red carpet events and keeping in touch with other famous artists that she has performed with both past and present. Ahh. A nice dream. Hope it comes true!

  21. Upscale April 16, 2015

    One more thing! Wow, how classy and beautiful Chante is in the face of such cruelty being launched at her from ugly Month who envies Chante so much, it makes her ugly wigs levitate on her head.

    Why is TVOne allowing that grissly human to manipulate the cast members and the producers so?

    Why is the hard faced Mo even on the show?

  22. Joseph K April 22, 2015

    Normally, I love the trouble makers. I FLOVE Kenya Moore. But Stacy is just awkward. She’s trying so hard to be this show’s bad girl, but there is no intelligence or real motive behind anything she does. She’s just forced. I definitely need them to let her go. lol

  23. i_love_me May 2, 2015

    We are in a real conundrum here – people like Stacy Francis are necessary for reality tv. she is in the same category as Joseline from love and hiphop, Tami Roman from basketball wives, Kenya from Atlanta HWs – the people who cause a stir. and once you go ratchet there is no turning back. But, for this show they have a chance. they have a good record of classy seasons, one mishap shouldn’t hurt. Their ratings were not so well after the season 1. Then they got Leela and Chrisette and caused a bit of a buzz. Then they lost Claudette! So what do they do now to keep the people coming back? they get a Neutral Pretty type A and a Ratchet C talented type B. Okay you got our attention now go back to the way it used to be where at the very least the drama had purpose and meaning other than this b**** is just stupid. keep Brave, Dismiss stacy.

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