Meghan Trainor: “I Haven’t Made Any Money Yet”

Published: Sunday 12th Apr 2015 by David


‘All About That Bass’ may have been one of the hottest songs of 2014, but this week has seen the singer behind it, Meghan Trainor, reveal that she is yet to earn a single cent from the full-figured bop.

Surprising news below…

The entertainer told ‘The Daily Mirror’:

I haven’t made any money yet. They say I will get a big fat cheque after nine months which will be in April so I’m hoping that’s right.

People think I must be rich but I’m not. I haven’t been able to make a big purchase yet but I’m working on it.

‘Bass’ has sold over six million units worldwide since it dropped on June 30th 2014, helping its parent album ‘Title’ sell 195,000 units in the US when it reached retailers on January 9th 2015.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kitty Puurrzz April 12, 2015

    MONICA new album: Code Red coming soon

    • #JACKIE April 12, 2015

      Judging from the amount of dislikes, I think no one cares sis kii

      • Al April 12, 2015

        A Ciara fan trying to diss Monica’s career bitvh please take an isle of seats. How’s that rip off track IPLOP? Until Ciara has anything memorable or made her mark take a seat and hold Ciaras big black balls

      • Kitty Puurrzz April 12, 2015

        They only disliked it cause it has nothing to do with this post… Lol. As far as Ciara…… I’m just gonna pray for you cause it’s Sunday

      • Faf April 12, 2015

        It was quite random

    • Music Lover~ April 12, 2015

      Yes, i’m here for it, that’s my girl, I love Monica!

  2. BeyIsKing April 12, 2015

    Though I loathe that song to the core, a hit of that magnitude should have given her a sizeable amount of money. Goes to show the music industry is seedy and under handed, the big fat white men who had nothing to do with the creation of this song have made more money from it than the artist #smh After 9 months? Wtf is that

    • Dancing M***** April 12, 2015


    • A April 12, 2015

      True. Music industry is s***. All those executives seated at the office and getting the money before the actual artists. Death

    • metzo April 12, 2015

      This is exactly why TIDAL is crucial rn for artists. Artists are really exploited nowadays, especially new ones, being used by label companies. They put their blood sweat and tears to put out their art, and people illegally download them or record labels take all the money. Poor Meghan, she’s sold nearly 10 million records on her first era and still not a big fat check. B**** BETTA HAVE HA MONEY.

      • OMG Logic April 12, 2015

        I thought you were against Tidal???

      • Aloys234 April 12, 2015

        I believe this is what everyone was trying to say but couldn’t quite put the words in the correct order, they’re sitting down now, the floor is Urs.. And Yass, Rihanna , came back set fire to the stage got everyone listening..

      • Faf April 12, 2015

        No she needs to read the contract she signs

    • AmbeRussell April 12, 2015

      that’s crazy, BUT do u honestly think she would get any kind of check besides an advancement, but think about this. she has music videos, producers, travel, song writers etc that will get paid before she will. but i feel like the singer should get a check the same time as these other ppl rather wait 9 months.

      • Toohotfortv April 12, 2015

        Something isn’t right here, because she IS the songwriter. Not to mention the fact that she wrote “sledgehammer” for 5th harmony. If she isn’t making some sort of money already, whats the point. 2 top ten hits and you are broke? No ma’am.

    • Guess April 12, 2015

      I know, I don’t like the song either but it was successful. All this time and no money???Rihanna teas.

      • Cupid April 12, 2015

        Rihanna made her money though. Maybe Taylor should’ve reviewed her contract a little more.

    • hmmmmmm April 12, 2015

      She’s actually signed to LA Reid but I’m sleep though……………………………

      Anyway, I read that artists make money on the road as opposed to CD /singles sales.
      She should announce a second bigger leg of her tour in larger venues since her album has been selling so well.

  3. pat April 12, 2015

    Damn. Did she write it??

    • Jewel April 12, 2015

      No. It was originally written for Beyonce.

      • Centurion (American Oxygen) April 12, 2015

        Too Bad.

      • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* April 12, 2015

        Lol I caught the shade

      • Sean April 13, 2015

        Lord……brain washing at it’s finest…Meghan wrote it for Beyonce.

    • metzo April 12, 2015

      Meghan Trainer wrote the song originally for Beyonce, but Bey didn’t take it. So yes, she did write the song.

  4. nicki lover April 12, 2015

    She better watch out before they give her the TLC treatment aka The Rav4 deal

    • Mark111 April 12, 2015

      The TLC thing was just too many chiefs taking the pie. But you should worry about Nicki, Baby is feeding his new boy toys with that Young Money cash and with all that promo, Nicki isn’t making ish. We know Cash Money don’t pay their artist. Lol

      • Barb-wire April 12, 2015

        I see you still salty after the dragging Barb b**** gave you. Attacking Nicki won’t make what he said untrue, Rihanna is still an talentless h** if you don’t believe me, watch the March Madness vid.

      • Mark111 April 12, 2015

        Aww, did I make the rag doll upset? How’s Artpop, I mean Pink Print? I dunno, both the same to me. Lol

      • Barb-wire April 12, 2015

        I would ask where’s R8 on the charts but I tend to forget how Beyonce’s self-title has got that album playing hide and seek. At least Nicki can survive without a NO.1 as she has proved time and time again but what about our beloved bad gal? Can she survive without McDonalds? Oh why are her stans letting her down now?

      • Mark111 April 12, 2015

        Stans letting down? Pink Ish is barley passed 500K, with 365 days of promo. Lol, survive? How?

      • Barb Wire April 12, 2015

        The Pinkprint is doing well. She’s currently on tour. It’s worth noting she has been MIA on the promo front since dropping her album. What you need to concern yourself with is whether BBHMM will debut in the top 10 next week or nah.

      • Mark111 April 12, 2015

        But the Tards said it would do 500K inthe first week. That’s how much of a flop the album is. #OHWell #NotMyFave

      • nicki lover April 12, 2015

        So I guess we going to ignore the numbers and make ish up lol well okay lmao but I’d it helps you sleep well then cool

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 12, 2015

      SCREAMS! Ironic how Pebble’s biggest hit was called ‘Don’t you wanna ride in my mercedes’ but she gave them gurls Rav4s! She even gave Chilli a nissan prelude because she had a personal issue with her.

  5. Lil Kim fan April 12, 2015


    • BeyIsKing April 12, 2015

      Why do you fail to praise Rihanna’s achievements without contrasting it to what Bey has achieved. It tells a lot.

      • Lil Kim fan April 12, 2015

        Because u f** hive members always lie on Rih’s accomplishments she has broken records of legends in the game. Remember fagggs, stans lie but rihanna and her success and numbers don’t lie

  6. #JACKIE April 12, 2015

    It’s okay queen, neither has Rihanna.

    • Mark111 April 12, 2015

      Ciara can’t sell singles, albums nor crack to an addict. That’s why her promo is weak AF, cause she can’t afford it and the labels know they will NEVER see that money again. Lol

      • #JACKIE April 12, 2015

        Ciara had royalties because she WRITES her OWN s***! R**** wouldn’t know a royalty if it crawled into her infected ass p****! Why does she get outwealthed by Bey, Gags and Justin Bieber every year? She’s so broke and taking care of her leeches I mean friends on a dollar menu salary kii…………..

      • Centurion (American Oxygen) April 12, 2015

        WTF is outwealthed? LOL. The #Sasquatch can keep you. 😆

      • Centurion (American Oxygen) April 12, 2015

        LOL. #Tragic

      • #JACKIE April 12, 2015

        Just like Def Jam KEPT r****’s coin!! #360 #broke #mastersdoesntincludethose#1s

      • Rihboy April 12, 2015

        Jackie please stop! Ciara does not write her own s***!

  7. Mark111 April 12, 2015

    Makes sense, she’s a new artist and have to wait til the royalties kick in. Plus you know she’s in a 360, so THEY make money before YOU make money.

  8. Centurion (American Oxygen) April 12, 2015

    Well I guess she doesn’t have a masters like a certain woman’s inability to top the hot 100.

    • DEL BEY April 12, 2015

      Rhi was on a 360 deal until last year lol, everything was going into Blue Ivys pocket money fund

  9. Lmfao_Hoe April 12, 2015

    Shake my f****** head. This is exactly why I say it’s best to be independent. many of the artist we stan for are likely slaves to the contract. Lord have mercy,this is a prime example also what happened to TLC. Someone needs to talk s*** about this seriously cuz a lot of artist/writers are getting ripped off.

  10. Lmfao_Hoe April 12, 2015

    Ohhh s*** I just found out she’s signed by LA Reid Let that s*** sink in for a minute. —> TLC, Ciara, many others careers including financial issues.

  11. Queen Ora April 12, 2015

    Poor thing… bt then theres Cierror n Tinana. Lololololololol

  12. Mark111 April 12, 2015

    You guys are not reading, an artist gets paid by royalties very 9 months, more maybe a lil sooner. She didn’t write the song, so she doesn’t get any of the radio spin cash and I wanna say she doesn’t get anything from singles at all. If I’m not mistaking, the artist only get paid from album sales and tours, unless they wrote the hit. That’s why Pit Bullsh1t, FloRida and Jason DeWhoLo are paid, even tho their album get payed dust.
    You don’t get a check on the first day of work, you wait til payday. Some artist get an advance/loan, but jave to oay it back. But I’m sure labels are notddoing that anymore because of things like Ciara.

    • yesssssssssssssssbitch April 12, 2015

      she did write the song smh !

      • Mark111 April 12, 2015

        Oh, I thought Beyoncé wrote it.

      • Sean April 13, 2015

        I swear….all of these people blasting hearsay as if they’ve done some extensive research

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 12, 2015

      SCREAMS not Jason DaWhoLo, more like * Jason DownLow

    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout April 12, 2015

      She wrote the song for Beyonce but Beyonce turned it down so she recorded it herself!!!

  13. Barb-wire April 12, 2015

    But wasn’t a certain “pop princess” bankrupt at one point? Atleast Meghan hasn’t gotten her cut yet unlike a certain BB100 Queen who can’t get a NO.1 this era as well as sing live without sounding like a constipated goat.

    • #JACKIE April 12, 2015


    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 12, 2015

      Ooop barb-wire had dem receipts ready! LOL!

    • Rihboy April 12, 2015

      Honey. Pinkprint is so underwhelming in sales right now. You have no footing right now. The album tanked, the tour will not gross anything commendable, and lastly anything that sits on top of meek mills is just trash. Why do you think your entitled to shade anyone. Because the feature queen out featured herself this year? All of her lucrative hits were aided.

  14. Slay_Hive April 12, 2015

    What are those #1 singles good for. You don’t make money, don’t get multi-platinum albums. Nothing. Their overrated.

    • Slay_Hive April 12, 2015


    • Molly April 12, 2015

      These artist bearly make money on there music which is sad.. No wonder Bey and others stay on tour thats where the real money is at.

    • Mark111 April 12, 2015

      They’re only overrated because Beyoncé is going ob year 8 without one.

      • XXX April 12, 2015

        And shes still killin the game without one which is exactly the point.

      • Mark111 April 12, 2015

        How when there’s songs that are more successful than her’s? The gimmicks is done, move on.

      • XXX April 12, 2015

        In not talking about just singles. I am talking about over success in the industry. The past 8 years are where Beyonce has done some of the BIGGEST things in her career. No #1 needed.

  15. Molly April 12, 2015

    That’s crazy #RevealMariah

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 12, 2015

      We missed you in the Iggy post sis, where were you?

  16. african music lover April 12, 2015

    i guess s*** like this explains why artists like Rihanna went bankrupt after successful eras,but didnt TGJ report last year or a year before that this was gonna change? i still believe going indie is still a wise move..f*uck music industry

  17. Rihanna Lately April 12, 2015

    Well goodluck.

  18. Lil kim April 12, 2015

    so after collecting money from all fat women in the USA including probably Adele with that single …she ain’t ,never got a check? if she get that check she better go to weight watchers and I’m surprised at those album sales ….I thought she was the new Adele(weight wise and sales wise)… Buena dias

    • Lmfao_Hoe April 12, 2015

      Lol your a mess, I like Adele n all but something with 21 success is still questionable (sale wise and popularity)

  19. Prismatic Returns April 12, 2015

    @mark111 stop lying, Meghan Trainor wrote AATB, the song was originally pitched to Beyoncé, Adele among who both turned it down. She has also written for Fifth Harmony etc.

    They better keep to their word and pay the girl what she deserves.

    • Mark111 April 12, 2015

      Well either way, 360 means she has to wait til royalties. At the end, it’s all on what she signed her name on.

      • #JACKIE April 12, 2015

        You would know all about a 360 G****

  20. Linda April 12, 2015

    I’m not surprised with L.A Reid at the forefront of her career. You would think the way you guys drag Bey, Lana, Nicki for not having a no1 single, that they mean something worthwhile. How do you have one of the biggest song’s of the year and you’re yet to receive royalties, whereas you wrote the said track.

    • Barb-wire April 12, 2015

      I know!!! After all those NO.1’s but a bit¢h still let herself go bankrupt. Like huh?

  21. Centurion (American Oxygen) April 12, 2015

    They could’ve broken the 7 year “reign” if ‘it’ took the song, but I guess the “struggle” lives on. LOL!

  22. Molly April 12, 2015

    Wait this song was originally wrote for Yonce?? kiii this is like the 2nd #1 hit she turned down #WreckingBall

    • Centurion (American Oxygen) April 12, 2015


    • #JACKIE April 12, 2015

      It wouldn’t have been #1 if she sang it oops

      • OMG Logic April 12, 2015

        The irony haha loool.

  23. Linda April 12, 2015

    Lol Rihanna bankruptcy teas. Now that R**** has her masters, #BitchBetterTopForbesThisYear

    • Lil Kim fan April 12, 2015

      Will you be topping the Forbes list?

      • Linda April 12, 2015

        Lol typical nazi always deflecting. Learn to stay on topic when you jump into my reply section. And thank you for your concern regarding my finances. But me and my coins are good on this side. In fact I’m LIT, mwaaah ❤

      • LIL KIMMIE JONG-UN April 12, 2015


  24. NayvOrDie April 12, 2015

    Lol Beyoncé is dumb. She could have had her 2nd no1 single. And instead chose trash like 7/11 hahahaha. Rihanna rose from the ashes of bankruptcy to be where she is today. Can the same be said about zzzz error and her multiple floppage.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 12, 2015

      People like you are always so concerned about what Beyonce’s doing, in what shape or form does it bother you? Moreover if Beyonce had accepted the song you no doubt would have been on the blogs boohooing about Beyonce not 100% writing her material and taking songs from unknown artists – LOL and if Adele accepted it you would of had boo to say about it. At this point in her career Beyonce is entitled to sing whatever tf she wants for her own pleasure, after all unlike some artists she’s actually making bank (half a billion to be precise).

  25. Iconic Cici April 12, 2015

    Did Beyonce really turn this down for trash like 7/11 and Drunk In Love?????? F****** dumb ass.

    • Beygency April 12, 2015

      I’m surprised Ciara still has has stans. Things that you go mmmmh.

      • #JACKIE April 12, 2015

        Ciara also has a uterus and birthing canal b****

      • Beygency April 12, 2015

        That birthing canal must be dry, tasteless, old etc seeing as it didn’t help your fave make it down the aisle(what a shame) At least Bey didn’t have a child out of wedlock*sips tea*

      • #JACKIE April 12, 2015

        Idgaf. Ciara CARRIED future and pushed him out herself. No surrogates needed.

  26. TheElusiveLamb April 12, 2015

    Interesting. Ironically I was just watching this MC interview where she was talking about ownership of your own artistry and etc. The music business is a very dark industry. I just hope they do pay the girl she deserves. It would really sad if she fell into the list of artists Toni, TLC, and etc who have been taken advantage of.

    • Mark111 April 12, 2015

      The bizz is not making money now vs then. So imagine how greedy these ladels are now.

      • TheElusiveLamb April 12, 2015

        So true. TLC CrazySexyCool at the time sold over 13 million in the USA alone and Toni Secrets album sold over 15 million, so that’s around 100 million dollars just in album sales alone.

      • Mark111 April 12, 2015

        Toni over spent, so she’s not in this. But TLC never had money and was just sad. You had Pebbles management, LA & Pebbles’ label, LA and BabyFave lable and Clive’s. LA and Pebbles were getting 3 different cuts from those girls and that’s why they didn’t have much money. Plus they jad to buy their name from Pebbles. But that’s ok, those girls are legendary now.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 12, 2015

      Oh Gosh, and I was just watching Toni’s interview with Oprah and I was baffled at how she wasn’t making any bank. LaFace f*cked up her finances and apparently she was so broke she almost had to auction all of her Grammy’s and live with her parents. *Q-Tip voice* Industry rule number four thousand and eighty
      Record company people are shady

  27. XXX April 12, 2015

    You don’t get far in the devils game playing fair. Good luck to her I hope she sees some coin soon.

  28. african music lover April 12, 2015

    BUT THIS THOUGH >>>>>>>>Shady Music Facts
    shade 18m
    Katy Perry has made
    Grammy history,
    becoming the youngest
    artist to have the most
    Grammy nominations
    without winning.

    • NayvOrDie April 12, 2015

      B**** who do you really stan for??? You shade every artist here.

      • Centurion (American Oxygen) April 12, 2015

        It stans for African artists. I think it is African, but it clings to Beyonce for relevancy. It’s understandable to some length.

    • kareem April 12, 2015

      I can’t with this post and the response.smh

  29. Rima April 12, 2015

    Poor girl hope everything works in her favor.

  30. Centurion (American Oxygen) April 12, 2015

    Yeah, Beyoncé is one dumb b*****, but then again, it dropped out of a school where all they did was sing, dance, act, and/or play instruments. It was all too much for her. #VillageCretinTeas 😆

    • Beygency April 12, 2015

      Define dumb?? How is she dumb when she’s worth over half billion dollars in her own right(with less releases than your fave at that)? How is she dumb when she’s still selling records and grossing tours out of all the artists that came out in the late 90s/early 00s besides Pink? How is she dumb when she’s the third most awarded artist in the history of recorded music? Trust and believe Beyoncé is not losing sleep over rejecting AATB & WB. If she cared about a no1 single, wouldn’t she call Max Martin, Dr Luke etc or simply pay for it like you haters always say she pays for her Grammys. It’s clear that South African education system failed you miserably.

      • WE ARE BEYHIVE April 12, 2015

        Go the f*** innn!!!!

      • Centurion (American Oxygen) April 12, 2015

        LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. XD XD XD XD I nearly choked on the tea with that last line. I love South Africa! She’s stupid. Seethe! And who are you? Why don’t you come out and stop hiding, whoever you are. You flea gays are a kiii. 😆

      • Lil Kimmie-Lu April 12, 2015


    • Shelly April 12, 2015

      Why are you so uncomfortable with urself b****, u refuse to reveal ur gender or ur sexuality and u hide where u come from. lmao the south african education system failed u just like the african health system failed your family, but dat doesn’t mean u have to project it onto one successful woman that does not give two f**** about u. #bishplease

  31. Iggy Too Biggie April 12, 2015

    I just hope Iggy is getting her coins.

  32. Tali April 12, 2015

    This just shows how people really don’t know how the industry works. Meghan Trainor has signed what they call a 360 deal which means everything she makes from appearances, shows, parades & etc — half of that must be split with the record label for investing millions into her music and the upfront of $$ she received when she first signed her deal. She must pay them back FIRST, before she will get to see a dime, in when she does in which she may not or may have already, she will most likely have to use that $$ to keep up her brand up (pay makeup artists, stylists and etc). The big check she is talking about is her publishing check in which are royalties collected from her songwriting. ASCAP the organization that collects these royalties and then distributes them to her label which will then distribute to her, pays artists once every 6 months. It takes 9 to 12 months before you will get your first check from them and they’re normally always 9 to 12 months behind because they pay in such large sums.

    • Mark111 April 12, 2015

      Ding ding ding.

    • TheElusiveLamb April 12, 2015

      Preach that truth.

    • kiki August 10, 2015

      are there more deals? or is there just a 360 deal?

  33. SMH April 12, 2015

    Ah, so its not just the black artists who get robbed…

    • OMG Logic April 12, 2015

      Racist b****

  34. Centurion (American Oxygen) April 12, 2015

    LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. XD XD XD XD I nearly choked on the tea with that last line. I love South Africa! She’s stupid. Seethe! And who are you? Why don’t you come out and stop hiding, whoever you are. You flea gays are a kiii. 😆

  35. datreddone23 April 12, 2015

    I see a lot of haters are mentioning Rihs name how much is ciara and Nicki worth while there fans wanna be hypocritical Rih will be worth over 200 mill by the times she’s 28 she’s fine!

    • #JACKIE April 12, 2015

      Rihugly paid that funeral home yet?

    • Rihboy April 12, 2015

      exactly what I am saying. For someone who went bankrupt she came back hard! Without stealing, gimmics, and propaganda. she will be worth over 250 mill by this time next year. It baffles me that a Cerror fan would even have an opinion. Their fave back bended her way out of relevancy years ago. Earning what drug dealers or back door abortionist make. She low key.

  36. Casual-T April 12, 2015

    Waiting these long periods for royalties is ridiculous in 2015. It’s not like back in the day when you had to ship out physical CDs and wait for returns before determining royalties.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 12, 2015

      Yeah it’s easier to calculate wages now, there’s no reason it should take over six months, they could do a every three month period

  37. keke wyatt stan April 12, 2015

    Rihanna is Queen!!!

  38. Kelendria April 12, 2015

    6 million on a single and only selling 165k on an album 🙁 just 🙁

  39. african music lover April 12, 2015

    NOT BACKDOOR ABORTIONS… Bwahahahahahahaahahah
    April 12, 2015 at 12:53 pm
    Rihboy says:
    exactly what I am saying. For
    someone who went
    bankrupt she came back
    hard! Without stealing,
    gimmics, and propaganda.
    she will be worth over 250
    mill by this time next year. It
    baffles me that a Cerror fan
    would even have an opinion.
    Their fave back bended her
    way out of relevancy years
    ago. Earning what drug
    dealers or back door
    abortionist make. She low

  40. Skyfall April 12, 2015

    Rihanna net worth – $120-$140 million
    Ciara – $15 million
    Beyoncé – $450 million
    Taylor swift – $200 million
    Shakira – $220 million
    Nicki Minaj – $50-$54 million
    Lil Kim – $18 million
    Katy Perry – $130 million
    Miley Cyrus – $160 million
    Adele – $75 million
    Madonna – $800 million (when will our faves)
    Mariah Carey – $510 million (Yaasssss)
    Janet Jackson – $300 million – $1 billion? (When will our faves)
    Celine Dion – $630 million (slay)
    Barbara Streisand – $500 million
    Britney Spears – $130 million
    Kelly Rowland – $30 million
    Last Gaga -$230 million
    Brandy – $12 million
    Tamar Braxton – $10 million
    Toni Braxton – $10 million
    Monica – $15 million
    Rita Ora – $14 million
    Iggy – $6 million
    Cheryl Cole – $22 million
    Lana Del Rey – $8million
    Lords – $2 million
    Tinashe – $2 million
    K. Michelle – $500 thousnad

    • kareem April 12, 2015


      • Skyfall April 12, 2015


    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 12, 2015

      ‘Janet Jackson – $300 million – $1 billion? (When will our faves)’

      YASSSS Ms. Jackson if ya nasty!!! Yes gurl get your 5-car garage *Plays Lemme Get That*

  41. AJ April 12, 2015

    It’s an old quote from an old interview with digital spy. You’re late on this one…

  42. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig April 12, 2015

    It’s perfectly understandable to be in this position at the start of her career. It’s a known fact that most new contracts are 360 deals. If she were a couple years into the game and still in the same position I’d be more worried. I know that independent deals work for a lot of Hip Hop and R&B artists, but I can’t say many people would be checking for independent Pop. Moreover she screams 1-hit wonder to me tbh,

  43. Rory April 12, 2015

    Why are people surprised?? This is how the industry has been for decades. The label has to recoup their profit since they invest in promo. Then the artist gets paid…. ASCAP pays the song writers once a year now. It use to be twice a year

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