Watch: Ciara Belts ‘I Bet’ At BET Black Girls Rock [Performance]

Published: Sunday 5th Apr 2015 by Sam

R&B star Ciara took front-stage center at BET’s Black Girls Rock tonight to perform ‘I Bet’ – the lead single from new album ‘Jackie’ (due May 4th).

A departure of sorts from the singer’s trademark choreographed offerings, this live showcase instead placed the spotlight on her voice. And oh did she soar.

Check out the performance below…

She came, she slayed, she conquered.

Ciara performed the song like a true tactician, demonstrating awesome vocal control, while still being emotive and serving on the performance front.

At this point, it’s clear that whether busting a move or belting a ballad, CiCi is ready and able to deliver.

Look out for her when her ‘Jackie Tour’ hits US cities from next month.

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  1. TheTruth April 5, 2015

    I can’t believe yall write good things about Ciara’s voice while homegirl sounds way better.

    • maurice April 5, 2015

      Michelle Obama aint EVER clapped for Goat-ranna.
      Michelle knows talent, hence why she put her hands in the air and clapped!!

      • TheTruth April 5, 2015

        Was that pity clap all you needed? Was Michelle just supposed to sit there? Girl, bye…..

      • Faf April 5, 2015

        Kiii and who is homegirl? That b**** that strained last night in Indiana on that basic song?


      Honestly Ciara Actually did good for her standard ,however I’d say this Again it’s kinda too late to promote this particular song now, u waited too long to come out with the music video and to actually promote it at talk shows and award shows…

  2. Bang Bang April 5, 2015

    I hope you succeed. You deserve it girl!

  3. I run dis April 5, 2015

    Wow that was pretty good! I’m low key proud

  4. Sherry April 5, 2015

    Can we see the other performances i.e. Fantasias? She SLAYED!

    • Tyler Makiveli April 5, 2015

      Fantasia’s vocal abilities>>>

    • Sherry April 5, 2015

      Honey she is a beast!!!

    • TheElusiveLamb April 5, 2015

      I was disappointed that they didn’t post Fantasia’s performance. They could have gave Ciara the headline to this article and posted the performances of Faith, Fantasia, Erykah, Jill, and etc. right under hers.

      • Faf April 5, 2015

        I’m sure the’ll do another post

  5. Tyler Makiveli April 5, 2015

    Like the direction Ciara is going in this era. Real talk!

  6. Sherry April 5, 2015

    Ciara looked stunning and sounded really nice. I don’t really look to her for a nasty vocal performance, but this was really decent! Go gurl!

  7. #TeamTinashe Stan (“All Hands On Deck” Music Video Premieres Tomorrow) April 5, 2015

    That pic was all over my timeline….. and i haven’t even watched the video yet but I just knew she “killed another harmless bird” with that “AWAYYY….AWAAAYYYYYYEH” part.
    Get em boo boo;)

    • Sherry April 5, 2015

      Loooooool stoooop it!

    • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 5, 2015

      LMFAOOO! You crack me up!!

    • Skyfall April 5, 2015

      Who are you talking about?

      • #TeamTinashe Stan (“All Hands On Deck” Music Video Premieres Tomorrow) April 5, 2015


  8. Bey Is Grown April 5, 2015

    Love her

  9. TRUTH SERUM April 5, 2015

    CiCi is back!!! Now that’s a performance, she looks and sounds amazing!!!


    Get it, Ciara!!!! Book some arenas for your new tour and get that promo train going! The charts misses you and Rih misses your competition. She’s tired of beating the same h*** over and over again. Give her something to work for, a challenge.

    • RihYonce April 5, 2015

      Like who ? lol

      • WHO ME? WHO YOU, CHILE? HA HA HA! (QUEEN SLAYANNA) April 5, 2015

        I know it may be funny, but what’s funnier is how pressed you are and quick to reply to my comment. I at least thought that a fellow Rih stan would give me a break since we STAN FOR THE SAME QUEEN, but I guess every h** has their limit of pretending to be real for the day. You’re dismissed. Oh, and your insecurities are showing, sweetie. Take care of it quickly before I do.

      • WHO ME? WHO YOU, CHILE? HA HA HA! (QUEEN SLAYANNA) April 5, 2015

        Wait! Disregard my previous comment. I misread your reply and I thought you were shading me. Sorry, boo! I’ll comprehend better next time. I promise.

  11. Centurion (The iconic and influential “I STAN(D) FOR TALENT”) April 5, 2015

    yeah, yeah (Oooo)
    Uh, hey hey
    All right, yeah

    What a man, what a man, what a man
    What a mighty good man
    What a man, what a man, what a man
    What a mighty good man


  12. Slay_Hive April 5, 2015

    yaaas ciara. You better show STRUGGLEanna how it’s done!!!

    • Rihyeezy April 5, 2015

      Still got the Queens name on the tip of your tongue. Chile I’m surprised your local library is still open at this time of night

      • Slay_Hive April 5, 2015

        b**** f*** your peasant queen. Is there even a library in your crackhead infested neighborhood?

      • BeyRihLiyah April 5, 2015

        that was a dumb “read” its sunday the library are closed on the weekend i guess you tried

      • BeyRihLiyah April 5, 2015

        @rihyeezy that library “read” is overused (especially on this site) and dumb considering it’s sunday I guess you tried

      • Rihboy April 5, 2015

        Yes a forehead fan talking about finding keys. Because this performance was so weak. Yet you guys in here like she gave atleast a Jessie j or Nichole sch level performance. She was definitely beat for the heavens tho!!! Lastly I keep telling you idk what’s crawling your blood. Definitely won’t be riding your d***. Just trying to understand why a bum broke b**** got so much mouth.

      • Slay_Hive April 6, 2015

        Honey I got so much mouth cuz I can do that!!! Who tf gone check me?!!! Ain’t no broke bum b****** over this way but it’s a broke bum pressed b**** bothered tho!! Tell em why you mad girl!! Something must be crawling in your s***! Not my fault you walking around looking like a broke sissy skeleton seconds away from it’s last breath. Take your meds, groom that ugly mug, wrap it up and then you wouldn’t have to pay to play! Don’t take your insecurities out on me. I’m not here for it b****!!
        *sips wine and lays back with not a mf worry in the world*
        Get on my level b**** and then step back to me 😉

    • Keri Qween April 5, 2015

      At least she’s singing live I give credit there

      • Slay_Hive April 5, 2015

        at least she can book a stage. when will skeri IRRELEVANTson?

    • Rihboy April 5, 2015

      Girl the only thing that’s a struggle is ciara finding a key to stay on and you finding a hobby. Because obviously you phuckin Sam or somebody!! always on here yappin like you run something. Go kill yourself.

      • Slay_Hive April 5, 2015

        Not a forehead fan talking about someone struggling to find a key!!!! bwahahaha your fave is no vocalist b****!! TGJ is one of my many hobbies b**** and I will continue to run my mf mouth with not a f*** to give and you will continue being a pressed bothered nothing ass b**** following behind my every comment! Find you a hobby besides riding my d*** and go hang yourself in the closet. You won’t be missed!! BYE

  13. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 5, 2015

    She looks amazing. Her voice is so weak though; Tinashe would sing her under a rug.

    • #TeamTinashe Stan (“All Hands On Deck” Music Video Premieres Tomorrow) April 5, 2015

      Can we not….

      • SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) April 5, 2015

        Lol I wasn’t shading Tinashe. I saw a few of her performances (including National anthem) recently and her voice is actually really good.

  14. OMG Logic!!! April 5, 2015

    Sam there’s a d*** pick on your ratchet a$$ site, and it doesn’t belong to Ciara. I thought this was a family friendly site!

    Cute performance by Ciara btw, limited, but cute nevertheless.


      I wholeheartedly agree. I know he sees it, but he wont take it down because he probably likes it. I’m completely done with him.

  15. Gee April 5, 2015

    Good performance

  16. RoyalBey April 5, 2015

    She is gorgeous in that performance!

  17. Rihanna April 5, 2015

    Download Rihanna American oxygen for free at a site called viperial.. just google Rihanna American Oxygen.mp3 Viperial. . Queen riri is the greatest

  18. BeyRihLiyah April 5, 2015

    she looks stunning but this flop song is played out

  19. Keri Qween April 5, 2015

    I knew Sam’s delusional self was behind this write up when I read how exaggerated it was ; death @slayed , it was basic and she struggled hitting some notes slayed is an exaggeration

    • BeyRihLiyah April 5, 2015

      but what stages is keri the giraffe booking? keri’s irrelevant ass better continue sucking on the rolls in the back of timbalands neck because she doesn’t have anything else better to do

      • Keri Qween April 5, 2015

        stay pressed f**, Keri and Timbaland make great music together, she’s sure to have a HIT he next era working with him

      • BeyRihLiyah April 5, 2015

        lmaoooo they make hits together? since when? is that why no flops allowed sill haven’t scanned 9k ?

      • TheElusiveLamb April 5, 2015

        LMAOOOOO! @BeyRihLiyah I’m logging right back out after reading this.

      • Keri Qween April 5, 2015

        keri co-wrote one of Timbalands biggest hits the way I are which is 3x platinum UGLY, shes been getting paid

    • Keri Qween April 5, 2015

      Oh look, the lessor Lamb; slayriahs lessor

  20. TheElusiveLamb April 5, 2015

    This was cute. She looks beautiful.

    • BeyRihLiyah April 5, 2015

      I miss you sis how have you been 🙂

      • TheElusiveLamb April 5, 2015

        I’ve been great actually. How have you been sis??

      • BeyRihLiyah April 5, 2015

        ive been good just enjoying my easter how has your easter been?

      • TheElusiveLamb April 5, 2015

        It’s been great actually. While I wish I went to church, I’m on a little vacation until Wednesday, so Easter is perfection.

    • Molly April 5, 2015


    • TheElusiveLamb April 5, 2015

      LMAOOOOO! I can’t hate though. Its cute to see her hustle. Those Sesame Street checks just don’t pay the bills for Big Bird like they used to.

      • Molly April 5, 2015

        Ooop yall better clock bird beak.

      • TheElusiveLamb April 5, 2015

        Lol I’m just confused though Molly. Like shouldn’t this f** be trying find ppl to fill those empty cafeterias and more twigs for Big Bird’s nest instead of worrying about the relevant?

    • Rihboy April 5, 2015


    • RihYonce April 5, 2015

      Who’s this ? Lol

      • TheElusiveLamb April 5, 2015

        Quit pretending you don’t know who this is. Everyone grew up watching Big Bird.



  21. Molly April 5, 2015

    Great Job Queen.

  22. Jamie April 5, 2015

    That was really nice. Mars Attack Fenty could never!!!

  23. TheElusiveLamb April 5, 2015

    Not Keri Queen coming for me… how can you talk about lessors when you can’t keep your mouth off Mark’s & LB’S d****? Slayriah and you need to f*** each other until you bleed.

    • Molly April 5, 2015

      Lmfao drag it babe

    • Keri Qween April 5, 2015

      Kii thought you logged off still here being the pressed faaag that you are

      • TheElusiveLamb April 5, 2015

        I see that bc you tucked your infected d*** inside of your pus gushing asshole, you now believe that you’re a woman…
        Ok Qween.

      • Keri Qween April 5, 2015

        Still here seeking my attention Lessor Lamb?

  24. Rihboy April 5, 2015

    And yall were shading Rih!!! Lls this is terrible. I mean is this what her fans are to expect on tour. She was standing completely still and still sounded a shaky mess. Talk singing a$$. Lol I bet she start lipping by the beginning of tour.

    • Keri Qween April 5, 2015

      Kii exactly, Caesar struggled With those thin vocals; Sam is delusional

  25. Danny Bey April 5, 2015

    She did that. But my girl Fantasia (as usual) slated my existence on this Resurrection sunday.

  26. RihYonce April 5, 2015

    She did great & she looked beautiful , probably one of her best vocal performances , I’m hoping she makes it big with this album and keep it up and perform at awards other than her same old black music awards she’s still stuck in that BET box

  27. metzo April 5, 2015

    Damn. Ci ain’t playing no games. She actually is a better Singer than Rih.

    • Skyfall April 5, 2015

      Let’s not be delusional honey.

      • metzo April 5, 2015


    • Rihboy April 5, 2015

      Clearly you high

      • SAMii_BadAzz April 6, 2015

        But she is

  28. Skyfall April 5, 2015

    4/5 stars. Loved the performance, she’s so pretty.

  29. Rihboy April 5, 2015

    she need to start a rumor or let a surrogate have her baby and leak it so she can make mainstream coin! This is her last straw! She needs to utilize the power of fraudulence and propaganda to power this era. Kick someone ass in an elevator or hold her son like a rag doll while entering into bistros. This performance ain’t trending.

    • metzo April 5, 2015

      Or may be she can pat her pussay on stage or let her man beat her ass so she can make headlines. Or better, she could post her n****** on nstagram to get some attention or get into a Twitter feud. Wut Ya think?
      Oh no, Ci is way too classy n reserved for that I believe.

      • Rihboy April 5, 2015

        Lol classy? Right. More like a square. Which is why she remains a shadow of what could have been. I mean when you have people like Rita Ora and tinashe securing more jobs and gigs , furthermore making more of a stride in music that’s bad. I’m not even going to respond to the other nonsensical sh!t you said. Lastly maybe if she start parting that p**** someone will notice her.

      • Rihboy April 5, 2015

        Patting *

  30. TheElusiveLamb April 5, 2015

    Awwww everyone the Jeri stan is mad. Let’s all make a PayPal account and donate $5 each so his fav can upgrade from a nest to a birdhouse.

    • Jazzy Jonas April 5, 2015

      I love your reads! You remind me of Phaedra, so classy and articulate but so lethal

      • Tyler Makiveli April 6, 2015

        Dude! She does give off Phaedra vibes lol. Phaedra throws shade so effortlessly. She has a way with words haha.

  31. Jazzy Jonas April 5, 2015

    Her vocals are so thin and shaky but this performance was cute for her. I wish her much success but she needs more uptempos and less ballads. She ain’t nobody’s vocalist sorry

  32. You wanna be on tv I bet April 5, 2015

    I like the way she change her lyric to the song and nice performance do your thing cici princess

  33. Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 5, 2015

    Seriously..? I love Ci but this was a mess. The performance was good but the vocals..? Better singer than Rih? :-/

    I know the hive has some sort of alliance with the C Squad because their both lessers of Rihanna but to be this delusional is beyond any logical explanation.

    Remember when @Molestor was up under LBs d*** and @Slay_My_Bottom actually used periods at the end of his sentences?

  34. FutureCIARA April 6, 2015

    Good Job Ci, More practice before the tour though, Shes experienced a lot of vocal growth. And for that KUDOS! She needs to find her confidence in her voice!

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez April 6, 2015

      I agree, overall her peformances have been very good so far Jackie maybe her best and I want to her sing about baby future

  35. smh April 6, 2015

    lmao y’all actually thought that was good!? All the other singers sang circles around Ciara’s a struggling voice.


      you must applaud a person when they do right, stop with the intense jealousy

  36. I support great music April 6, 2015

    This was brilliant, well done cici

  37. LB April 6, 2015

    I never did understand why black women just don’t wear their natural hair, weave is annoying as hell. When she scratches her head, that s*** moves from side to side, it sheds everywhere and the worst past is it leaves evidence.

    You ever cheat on a girl with another girl who wears weave and I bet your girl will be like “who’s weave is that”?

    F*** that s***, I only go with girls that are either natural, mixed or white.

    Anyway good job Ciara.

  38. Soldier Of Love. April 6, 2015

    Can she live? Like damn. Give her credit. I LOVED this. Her growth is undeniable. “Goodies” Ciara could never lol I just love her.

  39. Junior in Jamaica April 6, 2015

    She did well by her own standards and she looked flawless.


    I BET @ BET… WELL INTERESTING WORD PLAY, she did fine but again it’s kinda late to promote this particular Song….

  41. Stephon. April 6, 2015

    Good Joob Ciara!

  42. xedos April 6, 2015

    ciara no one want to hear you issues with your baby daddy. everyone saw this coming except you. You were so dickmatize you were blind. look on the man track record. he has all those baby mamas before anyone knew who he was. why you think he would stop now that he has some fame.?

  43. Keith April 6, 2015

    AM I the only one who thought the TONE of this song was not appropriate for the show????!?!?!?! The show was about women coming together to celebrate each other and she’s on tv singing “you can keep that chick ova there…the one with the silicone ass…and the brazilian hair”. Doesn’t sound very congenial to me. I would have rather she performed an uptempo but I’ll keep watching her….

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