Ciara Visits HOT 97 / Talks ‘Jackie’ & Russell Wilson Romance

Published: Tuesday 5th May 2015 by Sam

Ciara is in promo mode proper for new album ‘Jackie.’

After rocking the stage on the Today Show this morning, the R&B siren moved on to HOT 97 radio to talk about life – both professional and personal.

A large sect of the interview saw hosts Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez quiz the 29-year-old on her break-up from rapper Future and her new flame – footballer Russell Wilson.

Peep the fun-filled chat after the jump…

Ciara’s ‘Jackie’ is in stores now.

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  1. Blue Ivy Rodriguez May 5, 2015

    When all else fails then talk about your man, maybe you can get that jackoff Stan to buy an extra copy

    • maurice May 5, 2015

      To anyone reading this before watching the interview.. DONT BOTHER WATCHING.
      This interview was horrible. Rosenberg and the mexican heffa kept pushing for Ciara to answer questions about her love life for 5 minutes and the rest is just Rosemnberg talking about himself.
      Still, much love to Ciara. Her album is great.

    • I support great music May 5, 2015

      Yasss cici!! Jackie is on fire!! #Slayara

  2. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 5, 2015

    I see her doing 70k in the opening week, and that’s not shade either. 90% of musicians are flopping today.

    • OMG Logic!!! May 5, 2015

      70k? Girl, try 20k.

  3. Aunt_Jackie May 5, 2015

    Thatgrapejuice totally needs an America copywriter if you’re going to write about Americans. It’s not “footballer” to us. He doesn’t play soccer! He’s a football player in the NFL.

  4. NoHateNoShade May 5, 2015

    @Quinton Agreed. No one really sells the full project anymore. They honestly just care more about the Billboard Chart and the singles going GOLD or PLAT. I feel it’s more about singles nowadays for the majority of artist today.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez May 5, 2015

      Times are changing, people don’t have the patience to buy albums anymore especially if you could just rip it online and get if for free. I think they should get rid of physical sales and keep it digital but could only be played via music app.

  5. RICHIE_RICH May 5, 2015

    I wish her the best. I love Jackie!!!!!!

  6. red wine May 5, 2015

    too bad she’s not gonna sell over 100k now the c-squad can go back under their rock

  7. LB May 5, 2015

    I feel bad for her because she is a sweet girl and I wanted her to succeed; I do not however feel bad for the C squad who have been talking a lot of sh!t, time to take your medicine.

    • Blue Ivy Rodriguez May 5, 2015

      I like Ciara but her stans are delusional so I feel you on that. She has to realize what type of artist she is because if it’s rnb then why can’t she make singles like Chris Brown and sell her real soul on the album, she needs a hit for these new kids to take hold of her

      • Lake Erie May 5, 2015

        What do you mean?

      • Blue Ivy Rodriguez May 6, 2015

        What I mean is that these ‘fans’ of hers are not loving her new material. She should follow Chris browns formula and release smashes vs the stuff she’s releasing now.

  8. Rosie May 5, 2015

    Death at anyone thinking this will come close to 70K, her last album went #1 on iTunes and it only sold 57K. This one didn’t even go top ten. Similar to another major label “indie” artist who released two weeks ago and bombed to hell, only selling 16K. This will do 30-35K max and I’m being generous.

  9. Pat May 5, 2015

    She tries to use relationships to sell albums! She was crying about future during her last flop album campaign.

  10. Numbers don’t lie May 5, 2015

    Where is the c squad now they always disappear when her album is released I’ll be ashame too and to think they was trying to come for the Navy lol b*tch please

  11. Goldie May 5, 2015

    Cici, Russell has it bad for you! Check out all of the cute little subliminal messages he’s sending to you via twitter! He’s even talking about marriage! You got him wide open!

    • BEYHIVE May 5, 2015

      He’s just gonna leave her like everyone else lol

      • Goldie May 5, 2015

        Cici, don’t let Russell go. A lot of women want him but he only has eyes for you. He even wished you luck on your tour and wished he could be with you. Awww!

      • Lake Erie May 5, 2015

        Lmao! F*** you!

    • King B May 5, 2015

      He’s a rebound you never get serious with a rebound

  12. BEYHIVE May 5, 2015

    Damn what is this, flop #4?????

  13. Goldie May 5, 2015

    All the bishes are going crazy because Russell is with Ciara!

  14. Pat May 5, 2015

    Christina Millians Rebel Video is very basic…You’re welcome TGJ!

  15. NoHateNoShade May 5, 2015

    Who cares what she sells.. That’s really an irrelevant point at this point. Not just for her, but for any artist. She still guaranteed to have some big singles this album b/c it really is good. The majority of artist that are considered to be a big success are not selling albums, just singles. Chris Brown hasn’t went platinum on his last 3 albums. His last cd isn’t even gold, but he was able to do a major tour b/c “Loyal” was a huge single and he had a couple other gold records from the album. So album sales don’t mean anything. Who cares! these artist will still be great.

    • Goldie May 5, 2015

      Ciara says it’s not about selling records or selling out stadiums for her. It’s always about doing what she loves to do. That’s why I like her. She’s so humble. I honestly believe that Ciara doesn’t like being out there so much, that’s why she’s not a bigger star. Kinda like Cassie

  16. Mark111 May 5, 2015

    I hate her stans, but this album is the bomb! Those were the worst sippets ever, My favorite song is Stuck On You Tonight.

  17. Goldie May 5, 2015

    Russell is supposedly in NYC with Ciara. Sweet

  18. Lake Erie May 5, 2015

    Go CiCi!!!!! Love you Bae Bae!

  19. @FutureCIARA May 5, 2015

    Here for you Queen Ciara! Glad to see you being more open and comfortable in these interviews…. JACKIE is an amazing album! Its not about the first week numbers, but about the quality gift you have given your fans. Your amazing! And I cant wait to see you on tour and also watch you on TV, when “I Can Do That”premieres on NBC on May 26th!

    • #TeamTinashe Stan May 6, 2015

      It’s not about the first week numbers???
      You still haven’t been taking your meds?
      February 7, 2015
      FutureCIARA says:

      “The comedy is when stans feel they can talk out the side of their mouths after their favz debut album sells 17k first week…. Where TF they doing that at??”

      Now I ask again, where them MEDS at?
      HASHTAG: #Karma 🙁

  20. Paulo May 5, 2015

    I’m all over this album! JACKIE knocks. the interview was stupid. it’s great for people who’re already sold on her work cause her personality shines through but it will do nothing to move album units. eugh.

  21. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 6, 2015

    I wish cici the best however this interview seem kind of dumb

  22. Starshell May 6, 2015

    Go cici she’s very humble and will let u know stuff that we care about she doesn’t fans should not base their favorite on album sell with so many to get music ppl are not selling they move to the next project she still has star power if she didn’t top high fashion designer wouldn’t let be at and in their shows so I like her cd Jackie amazing so fans got mad cause one women army the intro was not a full song I did like it thou

  23. Pu$$y Juice Lover May 6, 2015

    I like the new album but it will flop harder than a lil kim mixtape. Sorry.

  24. Sandra May 6, 2015

    I predict 25k first week sales. I like the album but it will not be successful. Cici needs to do more promo smh! Not these radio interviews, she should perform the songs on an award show.

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