Nicole Scherzinger Reveals Why The Pussycat Dolls Will Never Reunite

Published: Friday 29th May 2015 by David

Success as a solo artist may have evaded her but Nicole Scherzinger has revealed that she is far happier now than she was as the leader of Pop force the Pussycat Dolls.

Why fans hoping for a reunion can kiss that dream away today?

Honesty below…

Nicole looked back at her time with the group during a recent interview with The Huffington Post.

She shared:

I wasn’t able to enjoy it…I was too focused on the work, too focused on what’s the next single? What’s the next hit? What’s the next vision? And then solo wise, I had matured a lot more, so even though it might not have been as big of [a] success in sales, I felt like I was more liberated and just got to be me and do me.


Your thoughts?

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  1. MQ2U May 29, 2015

    Sounds like she lost her drive. I get you’re in a better “spiritual” place now but without that drive you’ll never get an actual hit solo single. Take one for the team and do a reunion for a few years then carry over that fame and passion into a new solo run.

  2. Molly May 29, 2015

    No one wants them back.

    • Cupid May 29, 2015

      Idk an ep would be nice! I never really care for a full length album from them.

  3. clbook90 May 29, 2015

    Gawd damn Cheryl Cole spoke the truth and more in that video

  4. truth tea May 29, 2015

    that Cheryl video is a PR disaster.
    That lets me know how fake she and every popstar really is.

  5. Barb-wire May 29, 2015

    As much as I loved PCD, GRL would’ve been the next big girl group but tragedy striked for the poor girls.

  6. RihCrackHeaded May 29, 2015

    she’s better than the crack head Rihanna. Nicole can dance, can sing life unlike the R****. The problem with Nicole, her material are s***. Killer Love was a decent album and did pretty well in the UK, Big Fat Lie is a Big Fat Crap.

    • Lake Erie May 29, 2015

      ShittyAsfuck. She has the potential, no doubt!

    • NicoleFan May 3, 2016

      Other way around. BFL was a step in the right direction, killer love was way too “pop”, only three or four decent songs! Nicole should not sing that kind of music, poison was horrible!

  7. Lake Erie May 29, 2015

    Mmmm, i think she should of stuck to the sound of PCD because it’s totally different now. A lot of people thought she was going to be bigger as a solo star. I thought so too. Everything she’s done solo are boarder lone album fillers to me. No hits.

  8. AmbeRussell May 29, 2015

    That was the problem with pcd, a problem I think danity Kane WISHED they had. Both manufacturered groups and one is a puppet and has little say in their development, just searching for a hit than art. While the other was a tv contest and they were not being pushed and released 4 music videos in total, 5 including dk3 “video”

    • AmbeRussell May 29, 2015

      And dk was on a label that gave 2 shits about them. Even after 2 top 10s and 2 number 1 albums (only female group to have their 1st 2 albums open at #1. ) they still didnt get the attention they truly deserves from their label

  9. AmbeRussell May 29, 2015

    Wow this video is old when someone says “you got the like of beyonce and christina” and another person repeating her name in agreement … That wouldn’t happen today when talking about current female pop singers n I bought Lotus, the deluxe version.

  10. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

    Who is Cheryl Tweedy of all people to drag Nicole and say she can’t compete with Beyonce and Xtina [I mean she is telling the truth, but last time I checked Cheryl couldn’t sing even if one of her relatives life support machine depended on it]. And she’s the biggest poser of them all, marrying Ashley Cole to run away from the racist allegation she faced, when she beat up that cleaning lady and called her a Jíggábøø. *pops the kettle on*

    • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

      What kind of weak wack a$$ attempt? Nobody said Cheryl is the Beyoncé or whatever but she’s sold 10 times what nicole has and is actually still relevant.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

        I’m not talking about how much Cheryl sold, i’m talking about her singing abilities, or lack thereof. Anyways I popped the kettle on, would you like some tea?

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

        But when did good singing make you successful? TF? Your weak a$$ point didn’t even make sense

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

        Do I need to catch your body? Are you illiterate or can you not understand the point that I was initially alluding to? The artist formerly known as Cheryl Cole has not broken the US market and has sold 60K worldwide with her latest release, and Nicole is a flop too if that’s any consolation to you and helps you sleep better at night. Neither of them have a leg to stand on when it comes to talking about being successful outside of a singing group background, so BYE! Cheryl is a racist non-factor that participated in scam tabloid relationships to try and repair the damage she did when she attacked that innocent woman. Now I made some GODT DAMN herbal tea to sip, feel free to have some!!!!

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

        Boo I can read VERY well. Your weak a$$ point alluded to good singing as a measure of success, using Beyoncé and xtina as example. The problem is you know damn well there are many FLOPS who can sing. So again, your dumb a$$ point didn’t make sense, and the kii is that you’re trying to defend it. The bottom line is that you are pressedT over this 2006 interview in which queen Cheryl predicts the future. Cheryl has sold ten times as much as flopcole, not even including her pre 2009 sales so sit the f*ck down.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

        You’re clearly mentally deficient and have some wires crossed, I mentioned Xtina and Beyonce because your racist, nocals, trampstamp, industry p*ssy ass fave was the one who namedropped them in that interview, and argued Nicole couldn’t compete with them. You are missing my point entirely because in brackets I clearly stated that she was right, but she was being a hypocrite since she can’t sell or sing to save her life. Both Nicole and Cheryl are flops, so why would I be defending dust to sand, since both of them being blown away into the sea of irrelevancy. Racist cole has to rely on tabloid relationships to sell locally, and she has more mileage on her vadge than a 20-year old used Honda civic. *pours you a cup and pushes it to your side of the table*

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

        AGAIN, are you f*cking dumb? She has sold TEN TIMES as much as nicole. Nicole’s debut sold 100k, Cheryl’s did 1.1 mil! Wtf is your point? And you’re clinging to a 2006 interview lmfaoooo. You’re so pressed and mad! The most number ones by a UK female, don’t forget that kiiii

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

        AGAIN CherylSoldNoneOverseas
        You’re mentally retarded, basic and irrelevant, So I suggest you go back into the witness protection because lordT knows this blog has been doing fine without your meltdowns and asskissing. How many times do I have to say it, Nicole is a flop and so is your racist fave, so arguing with me about it isn’t going to change that fact. Your comparing RacistCole to Nicole as if I give two flying fvcks and as if I’m offended, which is the real Kii because I’m a fan of neither of them. I’m from London and I can tell you now that in 2015 Cheryl is a non-existent hasbeen and DáïlyMaïl don’t even bother to pay her racist ass any attention in the tabloids. Guess that’s why she has to give Simon Cowell lettuce just to get a few stacks for on X-Flopter. Don’t talk out of line to me again!

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

        How the f*ck is selling 1.1 mil a flop? How is having 2 number ones last yr a flop? Your irrelevant, pressed “point” made no sense sis. Cheryl can come for nicole whenever she wants because she’s bigger and has sold way more. Do you understand you dumb a$$ b****? Lmfao.

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

        And the way you keep clinging to that 2003 false incident that was literally proven false in court lmao. That does absolutely nothing to back up your point. That’s how I know you’re pressed and obsessed.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

        DEATH @ you fighting for dear life as if you’re on the last few seconds of life support from the dragging you’ve received. Nicole and Cheryl are both non existent flops, what part of that was difficult for you to comprehend? Your fave has no singing ability and she’s a racist b*tchass thot that goes around attacking people in clubs when she’s not dropping that kitty for a quick buck. She did beat up that woman, the police allegations proved it, but clearly tweedy ordered the best lawyer in London to cover her tracks. No-one knows this racist dog ass b*tch outside the UK which is why she got fired 6 episodes into the Xfactor USA, because American’s audiences couldn’t stand her basic ass. So you can TWIRL with a dash of BOOP BLOOP on that! You sour no-good infertile creature of human being! #ItsHandled

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

        Where are your drags? I’ve literally already provided receipts that disprove all of your desperate wrong attempts. Accept your dragging and sit down boo. Like literally none of what you just seethed about was relevant lmaoooo

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

        The Jist of my original comment for millionth time (which you failed to comprehend because your an illiterate thøt) is that Nicole and Cheryl are both irrelevant flops so neither of them should be commenting on the other. Cheryl a low down dirty dog that will fvck anything with a pulse just to better her racist image. You keep talking about nicole as If care!!!! I don’t like her, so you can continue to drag her and your own local fave in the process.
        you’ve provided no receipts, Cheryl is basic af and she can’t sell outside the UK so you haven’t counteracted any of my original drags
        [RECEIPT 1.]Cheryl was guilty of assault
        [RECEIPT 2.]
        Death at the audience slaying her at her own song

        [RECEIPT 3.] Cheryl has no singing ability and has sold little next to nothing outside of the UK.

        Quit will you still have your some of your hairline in tact. Next time you try me I will read you for vampire blood. You’re Pathetic

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

        It doesn’t matter if it was 2003, A racist leopard doesn’t change it’s spots! Your chavy local crank-sniffing industry p*ssy fave is a racist that will never in a trillion years happen outside of the UK. She is more irrelevant than the word “Fetch”, and as Regina George rightfully stated “SHE’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN”!. And for future reference if you ever want to have your hairline ripped apart from your roots and follicles torn out again by me, you might want to try talking about my actual faves Janet, Beyonce & Mariah who all destroy you’ve faves pitiful existence.

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

        Didn’t I disprove that with verified sales&receipts? What don’t you understand? You’re reaching and seething so badly right now lmao. Everything you’re seething about is either non factual or an opinion lol. You’re a fan and seething for the gods!!! Take your seat Hun.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

        LMAO!!!! I’m in TEARS!!!!! Someone “fetch” me some Kleenex because I CANNOT!. What did you disprove exactly? I said your fave can’t sell outside the UK, find me the receipt of Cheryl selling in the US please. Find me a receipt of Cheryl vocally slaying an original song of hers with critical acclaim. Find me a receipt that says Cheryl wasn’t taken to court and charged for assault in 2003. I can’t do all the work for you 😆 Unless you can counteract these 3 counts, then the court does find you guilty of being read to the morgue. Perhaps when you resurrect from dead from being destroyed, maybe you can find a credible receipt. LOOL! #YourDismissed!

    • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

      You said Cheryl can’t drag nicole. I provided receipts that show that she’s sold more than 10 times her discography. So yes, you look a damn fool lol. Stop trolling on tgj and do something w yourself boo. Not you seething at midnight in London!!! I’m crying!

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

        B*tch BYE, I caught your body and you remain seething responding to my comments in 2 minute intervals. NO she cannot shade Nicole because she is a flop her damn self, Its taken you over an hour to comprehend a simple basic statement so I’m done with your basic ass. You’ve completely embarrassed yourself on here tonight and exposed you 5th grade level education! If I stood for a local racist thøt with walls wider than the amazon river, I’d be crying too, but like I said before, DO NOT TALK OUT OF LINE TO ME AGAIN!

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

        But why can’t you ever provide one receipt of you “catching my body” or whatever tf that ghetto London slang means? You got clocked boo. And the kii is ur fave isn’t even in this hahaha

    • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

      In addition, the “racial charge” was, again, disproven. Your obsession is strange lol. Cheryl can click nicole whenever she wants Bc she’s actually successful. Reread your original post babe & stop dodging and switching topics. That’s what girls w no edges left do kiii

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

        I still stand by my original statement, It’s not my problem that you’re a pressedt bald headed b*tch that has gone back on forth with me for 6 hours (how pathetic!!). My original post stated she and nicole were both flops and that she was a racist, so how is that any different than my statement now. WOW the education system in whatever struggle town your from has really failed you, to the point where you can’t comprehend basic sentences. And you’re a self drag because you admitted that Cheryl can’t sing, and that you don’t have to be able sing to sell records, so you really have no edges or legs left to stand on. You can continue to embarrass yourself but I’ve flogged, beaten and destroyed your body enough for one night! Continue to seethe over me! XO

      • CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

        It’s my fave lol. U just self scalped again hahaha. And I disproved your statement. You look so stupid and bored. On a Friday night too kiiiiiiiii

      • Basic Perry May 29, 2015

        kiikii the cherol stan clearly lost this one, since i aint never even heard of the b**** before

  11. ontherun May 29, 2015

    wow cheryl was quiet the sour messy chav

  12. CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

    Fake was nicole stealing Cheryl’s job, so miss me w that mess. Cheryl is the least fake pop star.

  13. CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

    But DEATH, where were the lies? Not yall clinging to a 2006 interview lmao.

  14. HOWYOULIKEIT May 29, 2015

    Thats not the real tea my dear nicole. After Melody Thornton put her mixtape out, we could clearly hear she didnt like you. The other girls got fed up of you

    • Basic Perry May 29, 2015

      nicole is much better without those t3n dollar hussies!

  15. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 29, 2015

    This basic B*tch needs a breakdown of how she got destroyed tonight.
    1. She couldn’t understand a basic statement I made and chose to go back and forth with me for 6 hours, instead of purchasing ‘Only Human’ to give Racist Cole the international sales desperately wants.
    2. She alluded that you don’t have to be able to sing to sell records (ironically Cheryl can’t sing or sell outside the UK so KII!)
    3. She was idiotic to think I was stanning for Nicole, when I was clearly dragging both Nicole and Cheryl in the same sentence (complex sentences are usually taught in elementary school)
    4. She thinks a Bobby Shmurda song lyric is ghetto London talk, but perhaps she can’t afford a simple fm radio in whatever struggle town she resides in.
    5. She thinks that Cheryl got out of court without any charges, even though she was officially charged with assault and fined thousands.
    6. She defends a racist that has proven time and time again her true feelings towardsz black community
    7. She’s probably still dumb enough to be at her keyboard ready to fire an irrelevant struggle response to me, instead of going incognito like she usually does and hiding from the Naïvy.

  16. CherylSoldierr May 29, 2015

    Not it dedicating multiple essays to MY FAVE kiiii!! It couldn’t even stay on topic. That’s how you know a b**** lost her edges lol

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 30, 2015

      Where did I lose my edges you bottom-of-the-barrell b*tch? clearly the votes swung my way even though you were petty enough to like your own comments kii! You didn’t discredit anything since you didn’t disprove Cheryl’s international sales, her racism, her irrelevance and her singing abilities which were my main drags LOL! All you did was dedicate 7 hours of your time to me instead of posting up on ę-Harmônie to get your loose vadge walls taken care of. Lawdt knows a woman that has a man wouldn’t be getting emotionally charged over the internet for 7 hours! You were so pressedt that you caught your damn period over my comments like a weak ass bítch! Did I or Did I not, fvck up your friday night! 🙂 hahahaha

  17. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money May 29, 2015

    Good luck to her on her solo career not too many people like her music

  18. MeowBoyEryke May 30, 2015

    If she stayed with the group for a longer period of time and gave the five other girls a chance to shine, I think she’ll be more successful as solo. People don’t like her anymore. Remember that “Pussycat Dolls ft. Nicole Scherzinger ” mess?

  19. Sam May 30, 2015

    Its s***** that this wont happen anytime soon. Im hoping she may wake up one day and think differently cause’ PCD is all the reasons to why she is who she is to this day and if not well certainly had bigger success than she does solo.

    Her solo work would have taken off had she put it out at the time she was HOT. Her name is nicole took too long to drop… s***** singles were chosen… I remember when she dropped STEAM, that was f***** SOLID! Then everything she recorded for that solo album eventually became Doll Domination because the struggle was too real for any of her solo s*** to get picked up. Shes very different with the girls of PCD, has a more ground breaking presence not only by her but all 6 girls.

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