New Video: Lil Mama – ‘Sausage’

Published: Friday 29th May 2015 by David

“Eggs, bacon, grits…”

The last few months have seen the net dominated by clips of music lovers taking part in the “Sausage” song game.

Never heard of it? Click hereif you’re over 18.

Now, the Hip Hop gem that is Lil Mama has jumped on the wave and recorded her very own version of the song complete with original lyrics and a music video waiting for your first look below.

Check it out!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Black Barbie dressed in bvlgari May 29, 2015

    She’s very talented no matter how much people clown her. She can dance, sing, rap and act. When will Nicki?

    • Islandboi80 May 29, 2015


      • GORL May 29, 2015

        Queens have at least one Grammy award. Queens have more than one SCANNED platinum album. Queens have at least one #1 hit on the Billboard charts.

    • Barb-wire May 29, 2015

      Pressed for the gawds ^^^

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. May 29, 2015

      Lil Mama is so much better than HOnika. This song is better than most of HOnika’s Pinkslip album.

  2. KingCalio May 29, 2015

    I actually enjoyed this. She’s having fun. People are always being negative.

    I say do you enjoy life. Life is so short.

    She’s not killing anyone or robbing a bank.

    I thought it was dope. SAUSAGE!????????????????????

  3. ~The Arcade~ May 29, 2015

    She’s actually one of the very few hip hop artists that still incorporate creativity and ‘real choreography’ into the genre, she has an old soul and is mentored by MC LYTE, so I commend her for that. Do your thing Lil’ Mama.

  4. Royalkev May 29, 2015

    Whoa, that was alot! Interesting though… Lil mama actually has talent, she’s a great dancer and very good at entertaining. I think she’s honestly a song away from something special. I see and respect the effort she put into being artistic in a lot of her videos.

  5. pat May 29, 2015

    Can’t hate on talent. She did her thing

  6. SURPRISE…….(DEC.13) May 29, 2015

    Yes RIHANNA, u better slay us with your vocals (NON-EXISTENT)

  7. IMJUSSSSAYIN May 29, 2015

    I really enjoyed that!! It took me back to the early 90’s, late eighties! I would love to see more of this retro, revival type stuff.

    • GEEZUS95 May 29, 2015

      Go on Tumblr…. Blog rappers all into that

  8. Islandboi80 May 29, 2015

    That was really dope Lil Mama!!

  9. Barb-wire May 29, 2015

    Always got mega love for Lil mama, she’s the only “Lil” something who still respects her craft and not start shitt with every celeb they feel threatened by.

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. May 29, 2015

      Girl, if you don’t shut the fuqq up and stuff a dirty sausage down your throat, you ugly barb.

    • MisdamenorFan June 1, 2015

      Why should she? She has troll a** people like you to do it for her.

  10. The Real Fan May 29, 2015

    I really enjoyed this, everything about it was dope just pure fun and great choreography. I saw she was being clowned on twitter and went to check out why? Ppl are so unnecessarily rude and mean. I saw sooo much hate telling her to give up rapping. I don’t get it she’s 25 years Old. She is working hard at her dream why do ppl think they have the right to tear someone down it really irks my soul. Neways Go ahead Lil Mama keep being you.

  11. truth(nicki the reason AI is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) May 29, 2015


  12. metzo May 29, 2015


  13. Bravo!! May 29, 2015

    She will be a great back up dancers tho..

    • Regina George May 29, 2015

      Did anyone order a troll? Should have known a negative prostitute just gettin off her thousandth cockkkkk would wanna celebrate by bringin someone else down… Where is momma dee when you need her? GUARDS GUARDS TAKE IT AWAY

  14. Indie May 29, 2015

    That was pure FIRE!!!!

  15. Lake Erie May 29, 2015

    Man! Not sure if she’s signed or not still but she needs to be on someone’s major label to be promoted to the fullest. Even if she only do 6 figure sells, the exposure is a must. Essentially! Top bad we’re in state where there’s only suppose to be “one”. Hopefully that changes with def loaf, tink, etc hoping up on the scene.

    • RihNavy May 29, 2015

      Good morning baesus, you should check out this album called #BlameItOnTheMango by Durand Bernarr, it’s sooooo chill and he sings DOWN!

  16. trose May 29, 2015

    Yassssssssssss slay me down lil mama bout tike she came back love the mary homage lmao

  17. Mark111 May 29, 2015

    Now that was dope. The hook is pretty lame, but the flow was it.

  18. Teflon Boy May 29, 2015

    That was great.., it’s so hard to get a hit in this day an age unless your track is like a novelty EDM ear worm so it’s great to just hear a solid well crafted rap song. Tbh anything that isn’t rushed and over-produced these days sounds like a throw-back whether it actually is or not.

  19. EJay May 29, 2015


  20. T Jay May 29, 2015

    I’m sorry, but this was extremely corny. She took every famous line from social media personalities and put it in one song. And was the Mary J. Bilge sample necessary?!? She just set NY hip hop about 5 years back.

  21. truth tea May 29, 2015

    if y’all gave ‘Anaconda’ a pass then surely this is fine.

  22. Elite May 29, 2015

    She’s going to make NO money off of this song. She sampled about 6 different artists and on top of that, she took from about 8 different famous viners.

  23. RihNavy May 29, 2015

    Hmmm, okay lil ma, this is kinda cute!

  24. x_x May 29, 2015

    Its nice– doesn’t help her appeal to adults tho. Still very much Lipgloss Poppin’ steez. But Go, Mama, go

  25. LoveBey May 29, 2015

    I think I could get with this more if it was something original and not a vine I’ve seen a million times but I really enjoyed the video which makes me wanna hear more new music from her. Always have loved her creativity and I hope she keeps going

  26. T Jay May 29, 2015

    All of Twitter is doggin lil mama right now! ????????????????

  27. Rihicon May 29, 2015

    the video and choreography slayed but the idea is unoriginal and tired tbh the sausage thing is old

    • Tidal Investors Suck May 30, 2015

      EVERYTHING about Nicki Minaj and Beyonce are unoriginal. EVERYTHING!

  28. Danny Bey May 29, 2015

    The only thing about this that bothers me is that this further glorifies that stupid video where 14 year old girls were in the classroom rapping about taking d***. And now they’ll probably be paid off of this and get more publicity. This generation bish, I tell ya….

  29. Molly May 29, 2015

    The only thing good about this is the choreography lets be real. The song is garbage.

  30. Jamie May 29, 2015

    Loved every bit of this video. Anybody who says otherwise is just mad because their fav did 20k with tons of promo.

  31. Skyfall May 29, 2015

    I just got my life.

  32. caribbean native May 29, 2015

    This slayed me ????

  33. Rihanna Lately May 29, 2015

    She’s actually a better rapper than Nicki.

  34. justmeeeee May 29, 2015

    She DID that !!!!!
    That originality is what is missing in the game right now.
    That raw energy and inclusiveness from the 90’s.
    When it was OK to be YOU and your natural self.

    Go LiL Mama.

  35. milano May 29, 2015

    Honestly she made the hook to get this generation of music lovers to listen to it. I have heard worse hooks from your favorite rapper nicki with a weaker message behind it. (beez in the trap, stupid ho). So judging the hook and praising nicki is like the weakest argument u can try to bring to the table. Anyways I have listened to some music from lil mama years ago and she was battle rapping and she was very good. She is a talented girl stop hating on raw talent and let others show what they have bcuz honestly most of them have more to offer than bleached skin, fake body parts face surgery and weak lyrics.

  36. You wanna love it right bettor like you do then my funky money May 29, 2015

    Nice music video and look like a lot of fun

  37. Junior in Jamaica May 30, 2015

    That was very good Lil’ Mama!!

  38. Nikko June 1, 2015

    Yasssssssss MAmacita!!! Get it!!!

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