New Song: Tiyon Christian – ‘Designer’

Published: Tuesday 16th Jun 2015 by David

He’s your favourite artist’s favourite artist, responsible for Brandy‘s ‘Wish Your Love Away’ and many a Tamar Braxton  chart contender.

Today, Tiyon Christian steps out of the shadows and into the light with his very own jam ‘Designer’ that’s already making moves on iTunes R&B tally.

So, has crafting cuts for the likes of Justin Bieber and the Backstreet Boys prepared this R&B “newbie” for life away from the studio and in front of the camera fronting his own songs?

Press play and weigh in on what you hear below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Korinne Lindsay June 16, 2015


  2. Charlie Vas June 16, 2015

    already been following u TC.. Been singing that joint everyday.. Showed my girl she loves it.. Wish I produced it.. U.S. Vocal arrangements are sick.. God Bless I know u shall do well bro.. Congrats..

  3. Michelle land June 16, 2015

    He sings from the soul and it touch your soul he has an amazing voice it literally gives me chills I love him he truly blessed

  4. Tej June 16, 2015

    Very Proud Of Tiyon! He’s A Extremly Talented Writer And I Pray He Gets His Opportunity To Share His Music With The World. He Doesn’t Have To Fit An Anybody’s Image Because The One He Has Is Perfectly Fine. Will Be Buying His Album Because I Believe In Him. God Bless You TC!

  5. Tai Kage June 16, 2015

    Been rocking with this guy since the beginning. I’m so proud of you Tc!! Vocals for days, deep lyrics, great look, this dude is it. I called it a long time ago, and I’ll call it again. TC is the next big thing. A voice of this caliber needs to be.

  6. Kelamy June 16, 2015

    TC is truly blessed with GOD given talent! I love it!

  7. Kourtney June 16, 2015

    AMAZING TC! So exciting! Congrats!

  8. Christen Benson June 16, 2015

    Song on repeat already! Glad TC is bringing REAL male R&B singing to the table again! Can’t wait for the entire album of awesomeness!

  9. Paul June 16, 2015

    Love this song, I cant wait to hear more from you.

  10. brian June 16, 2015

    So proud of TC! I’m a huge fan of his work and loving the new single! I can’t wait for the LP to drop! #goodluck2ya #designer

  11. adanaan samodien June 17, 2015

    I have been followung him since he had 20 followeres and he has an amazimg voice. I watched every video on youtube . I knew from back then that he was going to make it big. This is just the beginning. GONGRATS!!!!!

  12. Banks’ #1 Fan. Chile, go buy Goddess right now! June 17, 2015

    Wow, amazing vocals! Ladies and gentlemen, Abel better hold onto his weird tree trunk dread wig because his replacement has officially arrived. Kii! I like them both, though.

  13. april bells June 17, 2015

    Finally tc is out of the shadow. I love this song, and can’t wait for his album.#gotc#

  14. Sasha Gomez Allen June 17, 2015

    TC is such an amazing person I just recently met him along with my group Crem and he has just been supportive and an inspiration I love this new song so much it’s catchy and beautiful it makes u want to sing and replay it over and over again. Congrats TC you deserve it all!!!

  15. Brandy June 17, 2015

    I think this song is dope!!!! I’ve been following TC every since he started writing for Brandy.

  16. Deanna June 17, 2015

    Love it! You have skills baby boy! Keep believing in you and doing your thing . I’ll always support you!

  17. KINGSVR June 17, 2015

    My big bro is the dopest vocalist out! Song dope, he dope…so be blessed by the dopeness! Lol #Designer

  18. Androyd Jem June 18, 2015

    I identify with this song on so many levels I can’t even put it into words! TC you’ve come such a long way man, from garlic bread & MySpace till now I’m so proud of your growth! Seeing you do this encourages me daily plus listening to helps me keep my runs on point ????, your gift will truly make room for you, your life is a testament to that! I appreciate how down to earth and humble you are never change I and so many others look up to you!

  19. JustCoastWitHa June 18, 2015

    So happy to see all the positive comments on this post. I love his voice

  20. Tiysmom June 20, 2015

    As your mom I must say you have blessed me. GOD already had a plan and I am so thankful you found your purpose because a lot of people go through life wondering what their purpose is. I love you so much and I am so glad you are living life to the fullest.

    Being a parent carries a lot of weight of worrying and praying and I thank God you know him for yourself. Your gratitude and humbleness makes me so proud.
    Your assassins have made you come to life and I love the relationship you have with them. You understand that without your ASSASINS there would be no you and I am amazed the love they have for you. I love you Tiyon and I am so very proud of you. LIVE , LAUGH, & LOVE baby.

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