Chart Check: Tyrese’s ‘Black Rose’ Blasts To The Top Of Billboard 200 / Becomes Star’s First #1 Album

Published: Sunday 19th Jul 2015 by Sam

As the age old adage goes, it’s never too late.

Trust and believe that Tyrese knows this to be true. For, 17 years after his Billboard debut, the singer/actor has topped the coveted album tally.

Details below…

The star’s ‘Black Rose’ blossoms atop of the Pop pack after shifting 81,000 equivalent albums according to Nielsen Music (which now factors streaming into its charting equation). As for pure sales, the critically praised LP – which the crooner has christened his “last” – opened with 78,000.

On multiple fronts, the figures are a definitive “win” for singer. Indeed, the numbers best the debut of his last collection ‘Open Invitation’ (which premiered with 76k  back in 2011). Additionally, Rose becomes the third (of the star’s six solo albums) to reach the top 10.

Above all, ‘Rose’ was released independently via Tyrese’s own Voltron Recordz label, with distribution via Capitol’s indie division Caroline.

Needless to say, kudos! It goes to show that with the right momentum, R&B can still sell.

It will be uber interesting to see whether, in light of the project’s out of the gate success, Mr. Gibson will indeed retire as planned or continue to serve up what so many are clearly keen to lap up.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Islandboi80 July 19, 2015

    For RNB that’s amazing

    • maurice July 19, 2015

      he sold more than ciara with that minimal promo, and he’s independent.
      salute to him, with his bald head an all.

      • whut July 19, 2015

        Well to be fair, him being in the Fast and Furious movies is what really did it for him. No need to bring up Ciara, she’s winning too.

  2. Regina George July 19, 2015

    Payola… Lol… Jus kiddin… But I didn’t see this coming… Congrats Tyrese!

  3. Dossome July 19, 2015

    Congrats although He pulled the ever effective “This is my last” card.

  4. AmbeRussell July 19, 2015

    That is amazing for him. Well deserved. He has been making great rnb classics and has been in the game for a while. He has been focusing on the acting more, but it might have giving him more exposure. The smartest thing he could of done, though is have a song on the many films sound tracks he was a part of.

  5. #why July 19, 2015

    Congrats to Tyrese! I brought the album to support. But the album is not good to me. The lead single shame is the best song on the album

    • E Young July 19, 2015

      I respect your opinion, but I disagree. The album is good start to finished. I like how is is not pushing for a big hit, but stayed true to his art, which is solid R&B music!

    • MUSICHEAD July 20, 2015

      I disagree. This album is stellar from start to finish. Grown folks music!

  6. Gee July 19, 2015

    For him that definitely a win being that he is an Independent artist 81k is major, never really paid attention to actual Tyrese albums but I rock to some of his singles and shame is R&B music at its finest. Congratulations Black Ty

  7. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 19, 2015

    Who’s buying his music for gods sake?

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 19, 2015


      • Xtina = The voice of this generation July 19, 2015

        Girl, I said what I said MOVE.

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 19, 2015

        I caint stand whoores like u. Always tryna bring my baby daddy down

    • SMH July 19, 2015

      Apparently more people than those who bought Lotus. Or should I say Didn’t buy Lotus…

  8. truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 19, 2015

    Well done my baby daddy

    • Barb-wire July 19, 2015

      Lil Kremlin finally found her baby daddy?

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 19, 2015

        Nicki ho’ing now for relevancy honey. Kii!!

  9. L21480 July 19, 2015

    I mean, congrats I guess. I haven’t heard not one song from it anywhere though. But I do know he’s been all over the place talking about how this is his final album, so maybe that compelled people to check into it.

    • whut July 19, 2015

      And being part of a billion dollar movie franchise didn’t hurt either lol.

  10. Brandy Stan July 19, 2015

    Well he did pull that “This is my last album card”, that was so thirsty of him.

    • Legend B July 19, 2015

      That wasn’t thirsty of him. Tyrese has always marched to beat of his own. Thirsty would be like him following Chris Brown, and Trey Songz music, to get hits.

    • LOL July 19, 2015


      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 19, 2015

        Honey lev Brandy alone. I think its cute that she posted it. Show she is unbothered.

  11. Cough Cough July 19, 2015

    A true vocalist, this man siiiiiiiings! Finally a true male vocalist getting some success besides john Legend.

  12. african music lover July 19, 2015

    sad days for music indeed,,i never thought i would see 81k sales topping the charts and people actually celebrating that…. but congrats man

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 19, 2015

      Girl shut up

      • african music lover July 19, 2015

        Make me punk

  13. april bells July 19, 2015

    The album is epic. I love it immensely

  14. #TeamTinashe Stan July 19, 2015

    So glad for his success with this. Him and Tamia are breaking grounds right now for R&B.

    Make sure to BUY Eric Bellinger’s new album “Cuffing Season” HERE –

  15. Jhené Aiko Stan July 19, 2015

    That’s actually really great for him! It’s interesting how R&B acts like him, K.Michelle, and Jhené can open with 70k-85k range with basically no promo and radio support while artist that urban stations play like Tinashe and Ciara open with less than 25k. Makes you question the effectiveness of radio and how it benefits differently for other artist. Future is predicted to do over 160k and the Weeknd is predicted to do 250k. Its like radio really only benefits urban male acts. Just some food for thought, sorry for the novel.

  16. pat July 19, 2015

    Shame is amazing. Great numbers for pure r n b on an indie.

  17. Tyrese stan July 19, 2015

    Damn Cici didn’t even sell half of that 🙁

  18. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 19, 2015

    Where in africa are you from? My mom is from south africa.

    • Xtina = The voice of this generation July 19, 2015

      @african music lover.

  19. Barb-wire July 19, 2015

    Congrats to Ty…..he’s one of the dying breed so this is actually very cool for him.

    • Xtina = The voice of this generation July 19, 2015

      Rich coming from a nicki stan.

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) July 19, 2015

        Ur moms ashamed of ur records sales these days honey.

      • Barb-wire July 20, 2015

        In case you have not realize, I’m paying you dust! I don’t acknowledge your irrelevant ass so it will be good if you stop reply to me huh?

      • Barb-wire July 20, 2015

        @Xctinta stan

  20. OMG Logic!!! July 19, 2015

    “Earn that paycheck Tyrese!”

  21. Mark111 July 19, 2015

    He’s independent, yet a movie star, so he had the creative control to do what he wanted. No rappers, just pure rnb, no men in suits telling him what he can or can not do. How many times do I have to say it? R&b artist should just go inde, they’re selling the same if not more than majors, but get ALL their money. Ciara might as well go as well, heck of Jakie and Ciara were inde titles, the sales would be winners. Labels aren’t putting money to these flops, and by flops I mean 99% of artist. So they’re not getting anymore promo than free morning/late night shows and radio stations. They can give all the money in the world for promo, the music just not selling. So promo is no longer the key.

    • MUSICHEAD July 20, 2015

      I agree with u here. With r&b in the state that it’s in, there is little a major label can do for an r&b artist unless they’re willing to put major marketing budgets behind them. Sadly, those days are over so independent is the way to go. The record sales will be the same either way.

  22. Mark111 July 19, 2015

    #1 album, 4th highest grossing film of all time and highest grossing movie of the year so far and bought to be on the highest rated tv show Empire. Tyress is winning.

  23. StrawberryMuffin24 July 19, 2015

    I love s*** ass Tyrese I have all his albums! These are good numbers for him he’s a great singer long over due!

    Can’t Wait for for Xtina and Tinashe albums next!

  24. Molly July 19, 2015

    Congrats daddy

  25. Legend B July 19, 2015

    Wow thats Great Tyrese! I didn’t even know he had an album coming out. He did that with no high profile appearances or performances. Good to see his longevity continuing. He has never been a chart topper for a long period of times but he has outlasted many, who has. That goes to show you, talent always prevail.

    • NikkiBaby July 19, 2015

      Tyrese is WINNING …Twenty years in the game and he’s still on TOP !!!

  26. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 19, 2015

    Good 4 him. It seems like these days music sales have nothing to do with promo hype or even singles for that matter. I still kinda miss how cool the how music scene was 10 years ago. We had so many great talents music was so good back then. Everybody chris brown ciara rihanna marian maroon 5 new commers and established artist we all killing it. Nothing like how it is today.

  27. Matthew Charlery-Smith July 19, 2015

    Well congrats, Tyrese. I wonder what Kelly Rowland’s excuse is.

  28. diabetes unbothered July 19, 2015

    2004-2006 was THE YEAR(s) OF MUSIC. Great new artist, countless comebacks, groups were formed, great videos, performances, Collabs, VOCALS! Etc the industry was like magic back then. Sigh :/ but atleast music still selling.

    • MUSICHEAD July 20, 2015

      Nah by then music was beginning to fade. 95-01 were the golden years of pop and r&b music.

  29. diabetes unbothered July 19, 2015

    Funny how rihanna only sales slightly above this range (75-150k) with all the singles performances and promo in the world she still pulling basic ( k michelle) #s first week. Cant wait to see kelly slay rihanna this year.

    • SMH July 19, 2015

      First of all, learn the difference between SELLS and SALES, then learn the proper usage of each. Second, Rihanna’s last album opened with 235K. Neither K Michelle or that nonfactor kelly whatever-her-name-is has ever sold even half of that. So sit please. Your failed attempt to shade Rihanna has failed.

      • sips tea July 19, 2015

        dis iz Slay_Hive third account. she da only 1 who dont knw the difference between SALES and SELLS no shade tho *sips tea*

  30. Sage July 19, 2015

    Dag..even Tyrese is doing better than Tranet. LMAO

    • SMH July 19, 2015

      Oh really? Janet hit the Hot 100 with no promo or video. Tyrese has a video and a high grossing movie and is nowhere to be found on the Hot 100. And Janet’s last album opened with twice as much as he did. Sit and try again.

    • whut July 19, 2015

      Lol Janet’s album isn’t out yet, stupid. And she has already sold more than 80K off of preorders. So just stop it.

  31. gina July 19, 2015

    congrats tyrese. But let’s be honest, his connection to the Fast & Furious franchise is what sold this album. He’ll be lucky if he’s even in the Top 20 next week, r&b usually opens good then drops drastically the following week.

    • NikkiBaby July 19, 2015

      Why did Ludacrus Flop than ..*waiting*

    • MUSICHEAD July 20, 2015

      Nope that ain’t it. Tyrese’s album did well because his subway video went viral. That was the most publicity he’s gotten in years! Luckily when people went to check out why his music was buzzing, the music was actually damn good!

  32. MUSICHEAD July 20, 2015

    Proud of Tyrese for this huge accomplishment. I’m sure those retirement plans are long gone now lol

  33. cocobutta July 20, 2015

    ???? ???? ???? Excellent!!
    Imagine is mainstream actually played Shame.
    That song is such a great representation of SOUL RnB music.
    Tyrese vocally slayed but yet limited airplay.
    Watered down RnB has boxed a genre that used to on all forms of radio and charts

  34. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! July 20, 2015

    WW sales: @taylorswift13, “1989” 87,000 (7,711,000 total

  35. BRANDY BRANDY BRANDY July 20, 2015

    I think that given the current state of R&B that this was epic! I’m glad that Tyrese did this and it just opened up the door for R&B to make a huge comeback. I think the whole album is great but my faves right are Rest of Lives feat. my girl Brandy, Addicted, and Prior to you feat. Tank.

  36. eric July 20, 2015

    He never planned to retire, just like Jay-Z. He’ll be back with another album in 2 years saying “The fans spoke and I listened.”

  37. @JanetCIARA_ July 21, 2015

    Why is Ciara all up and down these comments? LMAO….. I swear, she stay winning!

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