Hitmaker Mike Will Teases New Rihanna Album With Snippet

Published: Monday 20th Jul 2015 by Sam

After a slew of under-performing singles, it’s surprising that an iota of hype still exists for Rihanna‘s serially delayed eighth album.

Nonetheless, producers involved with the project are attempting to resuscitate interest with morsels of new material.

The latest is ‘Body Party’ creator Mike Will Made It.

Taking to Twitter moments ago, he shared a preview of a song set to feature on LP – which, at this point, may as well be titled ‘Snippets & Setbacks.’

In any case, check it out below…

Meh. Isn’t this the same song Ms. Fenty failed to create buzz with when teasing back in December?

On a more positive note, its implied placement on the album suggests that maybe just maybe the LP wasn’t scrapped in its entirety – as alluded to by insiders.

Still, the whole campaign remains the muckiest of messes and, at this point, we’re not sure it’s salvageable. At least not in the sense of delivering the sales hoped for. Perhaps, it’s best to just release this project, establish at least one successful angle (i.e. a tour), and push right onto the next McAlbum.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Islandboi80 July 20, 2015

    That sound hot!! That bass and her voice

    • maurice July 20, 2015

      sounds like a Beyonce leftover…
      a little 7/11-ish with the repeat of the words.
      btw… Rihanna posted this snippet LAST YEAR on her instagram. this bish album is on forever delay.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 20, 2015

        That sounds NOTHING like “I’m spinning, spinning with my hands up.” The only thing that sounds the same is the genre.

      • maurice July 20, 2015

        iSpeakTheGarbage, are you aware that 7/11’s entire track is just a repeat of words.
        “spinning, spinning, spinning with my hands up.”
        “gurl i’m trynna kick it with u, girl im trynna kick it with u”
        “smack it, smack it in the air x4”

      • no stan zone July 20, 2015

        Sounds like something Drake would do.

    • Alissa July 20, 2015

      SHE sounds like a man after smoking weed #Bye.

    • Faf July 20, 2015

      got her repeating the same thing over and over again did future write this?

    • ~The Arcade~ July 20, 2015

      You’re not a true fan of hers, that sounded like a Drake reject! Facts

  2. Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) July 20, 2015

    True Sam true

  3. Bitchpleaseeezzzzzz July 20, 2015

    Ok at this rate Riru better deliver or it’s a wrap 😉

    • Songs In The Key Of Bey July 20, 2015

      She needs to go back to StarGate.

  4. Monica Stan July 20, 2015

    She’s done.

    • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

      Thinking you mean monicas career after “the boy is mine”.

    • Songs In The Key Of Bey July 20, 2015

      When will Monica start and stop being overshadowed by Brandy, Aaliyah, Alicia, Beyonce, Mariah, Mary, Jennifer, Keyshia, etc???

      • Monica Stan July 20, 2015

        Pressed. Both of yall.

  5. Jamie July 20, 2015

    Drake leftovers???

    • Coily July 20, 2015

      Drake is exactly who I thought of when I heard this…in December. I really wanted this to be a more authentic and honest album for Ri. Unfortunately, it appears she only said she wanted to make more “classic” music because she was promoting a children’s movie. I’ll still give it a chance but my expectations are non-existent.

      • Jamie July 20, 2015

        Exactly. The lyrics alone scream something I’ve heard before.

  6. Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) July 20, 2015

    Working with Mike Will is not it. The reason Rihanna isn’t selling is cause of Miley & Iwill eexplain it. Rihanna used this badgal persona to sell (& the Chris scandal) when Miley went full ratchet at the VMA she wasted the whole strategy including her videos. No one is interested in the bad gal twerking life. Miles snatched it that’s why rihs antics ain’t working

    • Faf July 20, 2015

      right now Miley is trying to regroup and come up with something else I heard she’s working with a rock artists for this next album

  7. Jamie July 20, 2015

    She needs to take them eyebrows and make a f***** bang for that big ass forehead.

  8. Rihanna’s biggest fan July 20, 2015

    Why is it that every time Sam publishes an article on Rihanna it’s full of nothing but insults and rude remarks? If you don’t like Rihanna then don’t publish an article about her let someone else who’s going to be a bit more professional publish it because you sound mad every time stop insulting Rihanna if you don’t like her just simply stop publishing s*** about her and leave it to someone who isn’t going to slander her every time they post an article on her.

    And please have a seat beyonce was messy with that whole “bow down” release the album didn’t come til months and months later and the song faded so sit down

    • Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) July 20, 2015

      Hold up did you just come for Bey ? Are you forgetting that your fav is the one who’s people once dissed B for releasing after a long time because they said people became less interested. Bottom line is, B releases an album usually after 3 years and the fans are satisfied and your fav did it annually with disposable club trash #1s and when she did not give them that for more than a year they lost interest.

      • Rihanna’s biggest fan July 20, 2015

        Yes and just like the other dumb monkey I too will correct you
        SAMs fave is BEYAWNCE so ofcourse it only makes sense to come for her since he is ALWAYS slandering Rihanna and insulting her.
        Now I have no interests in beyawnce because I don’t support people who try to come off as perfect and act better than others and I certainly don’t do well with artists who don’t give credit where it’s due. Miss bey is an attention grabbing w****, her stunt at the Grammys where she definitely should have let the original person perform the song in honor of Selma says it all. I’m not a fan of disgusting fake people and Rihanna isn’t that

    • Unbiased July 20, 2015

      Bow Down wasn’t a damn single, idiot.

      • Rihanna’s biggest fan July 20, 2015

        It did absolutely nothing for her single or not she was better off not releasing it as a single because it was straight trash.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 20, 2015

        Better than *bïtch better have my foodstamps

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 20, 2015

      DEATH at Beyonce being the central comparison when it comes to R8s non-existent release date. For the millionth time since most of these brain dead bîtches can’t recall, Bow down was never announced as a single and it did appear on self titled. SOTS was a promo song for H+M, GrownWoman was a promo song for beyonce multi-million dollar deal with Pepsi, while all the official singles were released December 15th 2013. Mentioning Beyonce doesn’t take away from the fact that Rihanna has officially released 3 singles for this era with several snippets and interludes, and yet no release date in sight. Check Yo Facts!

      • Rihanna’s biggest fan July 20, 2015

        DEATH at you not being educated you dumb monkey
        SAMs fave is beyawnce so of course I am going to compare it, it only makes sense monkey.
        Next time evualate and properly decipher something before you sound like an idiot.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 20, 2015

        NO you headgiving brain-dead bîtch, clearly you’re forgetting to breathe out of your nostrils when you suck dîck, because clearly your brain is deprived of oxygen. You arr an example of the majority of the naïvy that will mention Beyonces name in any argument just to distract everyone from your own faves lack of talent and direction this era.

        You sound stupid af, how am I uneducated for calling your dumb ass out. You don’t even make any sense, he didn’t mention her at all in this article so shut the fvck up. You dumb hœs play this same trick, you’re always the first to mention Beyonces name and then wanna say the hive are pressed on a Rihanna post, when they are merely collecting bodies on the floor from the comment section.

      • Alissa July 20, 2015

        Lmao!AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig Ho3 you wrote all that bs nonsense girl bye. over here writing novels and ish #Staypressed

      • The.Elusive.Fetus July 20, 2015

        @Alissa bïtch go cut yourself a switch! Don’t get your dumb ass stuck on the end of my chainsaw. I only argue with people who can provide receipts or disprove what I say. If you can’t come harder then bow out gracefully bîtch.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 20, 2015

        Who is this hœ @Alissa, and death at the troll clocking ha ????????????????????

      • Alissa July 20, 2015

        Not trolling b**** and you the ho3.

      • Rihanna’s biggest fan July 20, 2015

        I didn’t even read that
        Beyonce is not that serious and I have no interest in her music therefore I’m not going to sit here and further discuss her with someone who lacks any type of intelligence or common sense for that matter

        Bye monkey

    • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

      Pay Sam no mind. He always throws tired shade. His fave released 98% trash this era so who can take him seriously critiquing anyone else’s work? Drunk in love, ratchet/11, partition, bow down all mediocre over sexualized trash

      • Slay_Hive July 20, 2015

        85 metacritic score, Universally acclaimed>>>> dumb bird brain biitch’s useless opinion

      • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

        It was still ghetto trash ugly p***

      • Slay_Hive July 20, 2015

        And your OPINION is still worth less than the shiit floating in my toilet ugly fat insecure ass tranvestite!!

  9. Ms Beykim wants Bieber,One Direction,Miley Cyrus,Gaga and Beyonce (I wanna marry Bieber) July 20, 2015

    Why doesn’t she just release and go back to the drawing board.

  10. Bryant July 20, 2015

    I’m here for it, but will it even be released? :-/

    • Alissa July 20, 2015

      Nope not until she thinks it’s safe to come out kii

  11. trellbeylike July 20, 2015

    I remember hearing this n thinking this might be a dope record…

    • Alissa July 20, 2015

      Of course you same one who liked basic/11

      • trellbeylike July 20, 2015

        7/11 still on yo mind tho! “I kno you care!”

  12. Rosie July 20, 2015

    Mike WiLL Made It? Is it 2012?

    • #1lamb July 20, 2015

      Says the persons who only claim to some fame is on a blog site as a commenter.

      • Molly July 20, 2015

        You’re confusing Rosie with Del Bey.

  13. SipTheTruth July 20, 2015

    Wtf is going on this era? Why is she taking so long to release the album when she used to release an album every fùcking year?

  14. #1lamb July 20, 2015

    Sam and his Mc Write Ups

  15. Nick July 20, 2015

    She ran out of stunts.. It’s like she faded too quick. Nonetheless I still love her.

  16. Molly July 20, 2015

    We all know this s hit won’t be out until November probably with new “lead singles” kiiii Rihanna you better step your pussssy up.

    • Faf July 20, 2015


  17. Rihboy July 20, 2015

    Actually this and higher were two of the top trending on billboards when she debuted them. Not a huge fan of mike Will but I’m pretty sure he came thru on this track. The feedback on his Instagram and Twitter is all positive. Too bad the queens that write this post need to trash talk her to get some hits. This blog needs to be called setupsandbigotryjuice.net

  18. Slay_Hive July 20, 2015

    ???????????????? This chick is LOST! I predict 65k first week whenever this mess of an album is released. Bey coming to f**** her shitt up some more and I will SCREAM!???? Betta hurry gworl!!!

    • #why July 20, 2015

      Im not a stan of Rhiannas but she does make good music and she is an album saler. I expect atleast 200k plus from Rhi; she will have tht. Its sorta strange bcuz b4 Bey dropped tht visual album all at once she was stuck just like Rhi is right now with her singles… Non of u liked her songs… Im a grown woman and standing on the sun song all didnt sit well with her fans so instead of scrapping the album she made videos to every song and dropped it all at once to make up for the music. Oh how time flies…

      • Slay_Hive July 20, 2015

        Beyonce didn’t have ten official iTunes released singles before her album! Neither was she promoting and performing on live television shows/award stages to promote an unreleased album. I know you navi girls have to lie to make yourselves feel better but don’t be delusional. That essay is nothing but lies and propaganda! As far as GW and SOTS, the fans loved them and wanted them to be official singles released to iTunes but they were just REAL BUZZ tracks used to hold the fans over while she toured and prepared her album. Stfu

      • Rosie July 20, 2015

        If Onika couldn’t SELL 200K with like 5 pre-album singles and 7 months of promo, what makes you think Rihanna will do it?
        150K max at this point unless they completely restart this album cycle (meaning FFS/AO2 never existed).

      • Rima July 20, 2015

        How is Honeymoon doing sis?

      • Rosie July 20, 2015

        Honeymoon wasn’t even officially released f*****.
        Weren’t Fad stans perched on Taylor Swift’s tour hashtag last night expecting it to be the special guest over a basic ass Twitter conversation? You f*** are so desperate for him to be relevant again.

    • Alissa July 20, 2015

      bey is coming to put us to sleep. sandman bey has a nice ring to it kii.

  19. LoveBey July 20, 2015

    No longer interested in this project as I’m sure very few others are. She should just scrap it and start over. Just mess from the start

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 20, 2015

      If you weren’t interested in this album then you wouldn’t have taken the time to not only click on the article but comment too. Yeah, you’re anxious just like the rest of us.

  20. Molly July 20, 2015

    Rihanna is better at pop. These urban songs sound tired and late no one is here for it h** . Go back to making more songs like diamonds and only girl.

    • Slay_Hive July 20, 2015

      She can’t do pop anymore. Taylor owns that crown now and she definitely can’t slay Bey with urban. She’s fucckked Ms.Molly! ????

      • Molly July 20, 2015

        LMFAO ooooops!!!!! B**** better start making some reggae songs or something kiii still screaming at 711 slaying b itch made me bankrupt.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 20, 2015

        Hell no Taylor does not own pop! You know very well that Shake It Off and Blank Space are nowhere near the impact of Diamonds or We Found Love. You always talk about Rih, but Tay has those McSingles. Also, you and I both that Tay is only popular is because culdesac parents feel comfortable playing her music at middle school soccer games.

      • Rihanna’s biggest fan July 20, 2015

        Taylor owns pop? You people are so stupid. It must be a common beyonce fan thing.

        Taylor is good at strategizing, she did the same exact thing with her album RED she releases when the time is right meaning there is no one to compete with at the moment. It’s what ALL artists do.

      • Rihboy July 20, 2015

        Lol Taylor owns pop! Beyonce and urban!!! You must be high.

  21. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 20, 2015

    Rihanna already released this snippet last year on IG when they unblocked her ????

  22. Barb-wire July 20, 2015

    To think there was a time when she used to be hot Yikes, at least the socks industry has gained a new member so there’s that.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 20, 2015


    • Molly July 20, 2015

      kiiiiiiiii she better slay the sock industry

      • Barb-wire July 20, 2015

        If she won’t flop at that too.

    • Alissa July 20, 2015

      U need ta sit cause your fave is next.

      • Alissa July 20, 2015

        oops she already been there do that sorry not sorry. now go find your corner and sit.

    • Rihanna’s biggest fan July 20, 2015

      The same can be said about onigga
      Now her career is definitely on a steady decline
      After that one album with Romans revenge she plummeted
      Rihanna has made her mark
      100 million singles sold world wide
      When will onigga?
      Has your fave done that yet?
      Is she even close?
      Not exactly so please have several seats before you come for Rihanna

      • nicko July 20, 2015

        How is Nicki’s career declining ? Despite albums not selling anymore she managed to go gold in the US n have certifications in various countries. TPP is close to 1M sold WW which is good for today’s standards. And its the first time Nic dropped an album without any huge pop smash hit to promote it. Shes performing for +10k ppl every night. No female rapper has done that.

  23. Theman July 20, 2015

    She can do pop. Other female pop artists are succeeding in that arena outside of Taylor. Beyonce isn’t the only female artist on urban with success either. It’s very telling that Beyonce has been relegated to just an urban artist. Yet she’s this huge Pop star. But aight….

    • Slay_Hive July 20, 2015

      Beyonce was always just an urban artist that managed to have huge mainstream crossover appeal. She never abandoned her core audience for EDM and has always been well balanced. And what other urban female artist you know with Beyonce’s sales?? Please tell. Bey’s last album wasn’t pop at all. Rihanna couldn’t pull that off!

      • Alissa July 20, 2015


      • Rihanna’s biggest fan July 20, 2015

        B**** are you f****** stupid or what?
        What the hell was “baby boy featuring Sean Paul”
        “Single ladies”
        “Naughty girl”
        You beyonce fans are so stupid and delusional

  24. Sweetnothings78 July 20, 2015

    I was exited when i heard this snipped on her insta. I like her music. Bring me this song now!.

  25. Theman July 20, 2015

    And having one off era does not mean that you’re over. She could release a cliche dance or uptempo pop single. But she’s trying something different. So great.

    • Molly July 20, 2015

      She ruined any hype when she released fourfiveseconds.

  26. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 20, 2015

    You non-fans want Rih to hurry up and release the album, so y’all can say that it was trash, What sense does that make? No, take your time Rih, and make sure that it’s really good.

  27. Rihyeezy July 20, 2015

    Nothing but pressed ass bottoms commenting. And a pressed ass bottom that wrote this.
    Yall b****** on the edge of yall seats waiting for R8. It’s ok navy we are waiting too.

    • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

      The same h/I/v phags in every rih post typing essays every time kii

      • Rosie July 20, 2015

        Stop hiding behind Rihanna and get Keri’s new song Scream to pass 2K views on YouTube.

      • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

        Did Lizzy grant sell 2k?

      • Britney Stan July 20, 2015

        @Rosie but you hide behind Beyonce

      • Rosie July 20, 2015

        At least 2K people cared to pay for it. Bird can’t even get 2,000 people to listen to its new song for FREE even with it being posted on RâpUp and Idölator.

      • Rosie July 20, 2015

        @Deadney Stan you should try it too instead of stanning for a braindead slave being forced by her father to play half-empty casino ballrooms every night.

  28. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 20, 2015

    There’s more to it than just scrapping the whole thing because the producers still have to get paid. And the main issue with releasing it is that she doesn’t have a strong lead single even after releasing 3 heavily promoted singles (and usually most artists would only release 3 singles with videos from an album in this day and age). She’s going to have to grow some balls, drop the album, watch it flop and move on to the next one. Prolonging it will only make it more difficult to regain the momentum.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 20, 2015

      What’s the point in dropping it if it’s not good? Also, she’s in the point in her career where she can do just about anything she wants. She’s not an artist on Interscope hoping to get her sophomore album released before Christmas. Her singles released were not radio-friendly, generic pop songs; rather, each one was different pushing boundaries. Whether the album comes out now or next year, we all will be waiting with perched ears

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 20, 2015

        I understand your point, but I don’t agree with her being at a ‘point in her career where she can do what she wants’, simply because she hasn’t reached legendary status yet or had an truly acclaimed piece of work. It’s never been about raw talent , but moreso style/image and trendsetting for Rihanna, therefore unless she can find a fad or wave to jump on, then I don’t see this faring well. In this day and age regardless of where anyone is at in their career, the music industry is evolving so quickly and becoming even more competitive; I don’t think any artist can afford to rest on their laurels.

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 20, 2015

        @Analiese I think that Rihanna is closer than legendary status than any other of those pop tarts that mainstream America promotes. Whether you went to a culdesac community in the US, a ghetto in London, or an anime convention in Tokyo, you can STILL find someone with their head half shaved off. From We Found Love integrating EDM and Top 40 to Diamonds proving that ballads can be #1 again, she has continually changed radio. She is the core reason why sounds are moving so quickly now. This era Rihanna has done nothing but try new sounds which is refreshing, because at least she’s trying. She knows how easy it would be to just make another dance record for a Hot 100 tally, but she is pushing to go further than that which is commendable.

  29. Rima July 20, 2015

    Why do Bey fans act like Beyonce never did pop?
    Deja vu
    If I were a boy
    Single ladies
    Sweet dreams
    Pretty hurts

    Those are all pop songs

    • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

      And single ladies, a pop song was her last #1 lmao

      • Rima July 20, 2015

        And that was in 2008

    • Slay_Hive July 20, 2015

      Biitxh who said Beyonce never did pop?? Dwja Vu isn’t pop biitch. That sound was not a trend in 2006. Single Ladies is an URBAN song that managed to crossover. How tf who Katy Perry or Taylor look singing that?? Lol The rest can be considered pop but still has the urban/R&B undertones with the vocal arranging. Beyonce has always been urban pop unlike rihanna who changes her entire identity and voice to fit in. Ex: Only Girl and Diamonds

      • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

        I can easily see basic perry singing single ladies.

      • Slaymar July 20, 2015

        Just because Beyonce sounds ghetto on single ladies doesn’t make it a r&b record. Tamar makes real r&b music something Beyonce hasn’t done since her first album.

    • Alissa July 20, 2015

      cause they messy angry bottoms who messed out on food stamps this month

  30. Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

    There was never a release date for the album, so how can it be delayed?

  31. Rima July 20, 2015

    Not even a Rihanna fan but the hive are such hypocrites. Beyonce wouldn’t be as huge if she didn’t crossover with songs like Halo and Single ladies.

    • Slay_Hive July 20, 2015

      Biitch Beyonce crossed over in DC and made a huge pop culture impact with Crazy In Love??

    • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

      B**** bye! Stop trying to act like Crazy in Love and Irreplaceable never happened.

      • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

        Isn’t that the song she thieved from neyo?

      • Alissa July 20, 2015

        Yup that the song she stole and god knows how many others she toke.

  32. Rosie July 20, 2015

    Did I just see someone say Shake It Off and Blank Space have no impact? SIO is still too 100 on iTunes nearly a year after release, BS is only the second female solo video to hit 1 billion views on YouTube after Dark Horse (which took twice as long), which led to 1989 becoming the fastest selling female album in over a decade in the US. Not to mention Taylor’s STADIUM tour is currently breaking attendance records. Guarantee you both songs will definitely be remembered 5 years from now (especially BS), while all of Rihanna’s #1s are basically forgotten outside of pop music forums.
    I don’t even stan Taylor but let’s not even deny this. She’s easily the biggest artist this decade in the U.S., and currently the biggest artist worldwide.

    • Rima July 20, 2015

      What impact has honeymoon made?

      • Rosie July 20, 2015

        Honeymoon hasn’t even been officially released? Meanwhile Fâga has no impact because he and his gimmicks were left in 2011 just like his career.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 20, 2015

      SIO and Blank Space have NO impact as they themselves are basic, McSingles that are nothing more than regurgitated pop songs from 2008. We Found Love changed radio in its entirety as it merged EDM and Top 40. Diamonds proved that ballads are still able to be #1. Those two are nothing short of classics that are still being played at weddings around the world til this day. No one in Latin America, Eastern Europe, South East Asia, or anywhere in Africa is checking for Taylor Swift. Taylor is only popular because she is a marketable safe, white girl who parents feel comfortable letting their toddlers listen to. Taylor will be forgotten once her fans graduate from middle school. Didn’t everyone claim that Gaga was going to be the demise of Rih? Look where she’s at now.

      • Slaymar July 20, 2015

        Shake it off is basic b**** trash however Blank Space had a huge impact and is one of the best songs of the decade.

      • Rosie July 20, 2015

        What kind of delusion? EDM was already taking over CHR radio like a year before WFL. LITERALLY it’s only impact was making Calvin Harris’ sellout ass happen outside of the UK. And LMAO at your “proof” for Diamonds. Acting like it was some career-defining risk when all it is was a Sia-penned midtempo. It wasn’t even the first ballad to hit #1 in 2012 since Somebody That I Used To Know was an even bigger hit (although Gotye is forgotten). Even We Are Young (another pathetic 2012 #1) was less generic.
        No one is checking for Taylor outside of the US yet 1989 has sold over 3 million outside of there and outsold Analpologtic with all of its ~#impact~ in almost every major market except France. Not to mention she’s playing stadiums in multiple countries including Japan, where I doubt Rihanna can even tour, plus all of her arena dates are sold out in Europe. But go on.

      • Selenator *Good For You* July 20, 2015

        Ummm what? The Black Eyed Peas merged EDM with top 40 long before Rihanna and to deny Taylor Swift’s impact is just delusional. Blank Space will no doubt sweep at the Grammys next year and will be remembered as one of the best of this decade and I don’t even like Taylor.

  33. Queen Barb July 20, 2015

    Rihanna should scrap this whole era its embarrassing. She needs a strong lead single like WFL if she wants to compete with Nicki and Beyonce.

  34. Sherrele July 20, 2015

    Nobody checking for her album. It taking this long for her to redo and go back to the studio to try to cook up a hit. Child please. Everything with this era for Rihanna album is messy. She ain’t fooling nobody, this is a mess. all those new female artist is coming up. She playing

  35. Navtion July 20, 2015

    Is it me or does this website seem like they are so thirsty and impatient for a Rihanna album that they slander her album to spite her for not releasing it to Quincy their thirst?

    Fact: Rihanna has never set a release date for this album so….how can it be delayed ????????

    Ion get it

  36. MsYonce July 20, 2015

    When she said she wanted to make “timeless music” I thought this was going to be a mature album buttt it doesn’t sound that way tbh. Now 4 5 seconds was different and kinda mature to me

  37. ~The Arcade~ July 20, 2015

    Whew! if this is the standard for R8, then she’s done! I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but, this is truly a tragegy.

  38. Britney Stan July 20, 2015

    Maybe Britney can bring her out during the superbowl to perform s&m. Rihs had a rough year.

    • Rosie July 20, 2015

      Kii at you thinking the NFL is even thinking about considering Deadney in 2015.

  39. ~The Arcade~ July 20, 2015

    Moreover, she sounds like Dej Loaf in that snippet

  40. The.Elusive.Fetus July 20, 2015


  41. RihYonce July 20, 2015

    Wth is taking so long for this album to come out! From what I’m hearing Bey’s album is damn near finished, I was really excited about R8, but I can’t wait to hear the song Mike Will did for Beyoncé ! Looks like we’lil hear here before Rih’s

  42. RihYonce July 20, 2015

    R8 isn’t coming out till November probably , hopefully we hear the song before then , I like RatchetRih

  43. Justine Skye Loves Rihanna July 20, 2015

    Hi Navy***!! Slay_Hive and STD_DickRider molly are always perched in a Rihanna post. GTFO if you don`t like her. It’s simple you two f^ggots are pressed in the ass. who is Ciara in this day and age? You tell me. Beyonce is still a Rihanna lesser as she cannot sell as much as her these days and steals every idea off from Rihanna. Rihanna’s first week numbers in the past couldve done bigger numbers but people like KillerBey/Legend B/Slay_hive and STD_Dickrider molly are so excited that they find ways to leak it so they can hear it first. SCREAMS!

  44. Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

    Am I the only who feels like SNIPPETanna peaked commercially after “Loud”???
    This whole entire era has been a nonevent…poor dat):

    • Justine Skye Loves Rihanna July 20, 2015

      But yet you’re still interested. Like gtfo here troll. SCREAMING!!!

      • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

        Kii hey sis @justine

      • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

        Just face it, RLATE is dead and buried. Better get started on that R9 anticipation instead….another 10 months shouldnt be too long kii

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 20, 2015

      Rihanna most assuredly haven’t peaked. If she did, this many people, most of whom are not her fans, wouldn’t engaging in such a long discussion about her album.

      • Justine Skye Loves Rihanna July 20, 2015

        Talk that b*tch! And hi and hi @KeriQween!!!!!!!!!!! Navy is here! lolz

  45. Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

    The real nonevent is Beyonce having a mid life crisis. Like……its not even cute anymore. It’s quite tragic

    • Slaymar July 20, 2015

      That’s obvious Rihanna will be actin the same in 5 years.

      • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

        Rihanna never claimed to be the “perfect girl” like contrivedyonce does.

    • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

      No boo, resorting to antics like snorting cocaine, ON CAMERA, to create buzz is whats tragic.
      Rihannas career has always been a nonevent. Because she’s a singles artist who’s had no real impact outside of radio

      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 20, 2015

        But she wasn’t seen in a basketball arena swaying like a grandfather clock with her eyes rolled back in her head…

      • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

        Beyonce wasnt caught RED HANDED while doing lines of cocaine with the homies thats forsure!

      • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

        Really? Ever since the “LOUD” era, girls describe their hair colour as RIHANNA RED.
        She is an icon and has the award to prove it.
        Rihanna made the most IMPACTFUL good girl gone bad cross over in these past 2 decades.

      • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

        An icon? Hun who is about to release their 8th album with only 29 Million albums sold in ten years?
        She’s still a singles artist, she may not be in the same boat as Flo Rida but she’s still a singles artist because if her singles flop right her album sales take a huge hit, she can’t really sell that well without a single (or 2) dominating the airwaves, and iTunes.

    • RihYonce July 20, 2015

      She’s isn’t even old enough for a mid life crisis yet dumb ass she’s 33 not 40

  46. Slaymar July 20, 2015

    At this point the industry is over Rihanna, Beyonce, and Nicki a new wave of black female artist are coming thru like Tamar, Tinashe, Dej loaf, Tink, Tori Kelly, and Rita ora. Those 3 I named have ran their course look how horrible there music has been. 7/11=GARBAGE
    BBHMM=A weaker version of PIU
    Anaconda=A joke

    • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

      Firstly Dej loaf is tired. We had T-pain, we don’t need the female version.

      Rita ora has been debuting in the US since “hot right now” and it still hasn’t happened.

      Who is tink?

      Who is tori Kelly?

      Tinashe will be big if she keeps momentum up

      Dunno much about Tamar but I heard she slays.

      • Slaymar July 20, 2015

        People are ready for fresh talent look at the charts everyone in the top 10 are newbies. Tori Kelly is a very talented vocalist the new Mariah. Tamar does slay check out her new video If I don’t have you.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy July 20, 2015

      Yet you stan for a chick who can’t even sing…:Like how does your opinion matter?

      • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

        Who can’t sing? I know you aren’t talking about CL?

      • Slaymar July 20, 2015

        Tamar outsings Beyonce and Rihanna definitely.

      • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

        Speak for Rihanna but in order for Tamar to successfully outsing Beyonce, she would have to FIRST learn the art of PITCH/VOCAL CONTROL….which she has not. So bye!

    • nicko July 20, 2015

      Nic definitely is more talented than Tink. N Nic is currently slaying the bb 100+ 200. No matter what happens Nic, Bey n Rih aint going nowhere.

  47. Keri Qween July 20, 2015

    Miii Sam you pressed f** keeps moderating my perfectly fine comments about your overrated fave ????

  48. Justine Skye Loves Rihanna July 20, 2015

    And sorry to the tinashe stan I didnt mean to say tunashe lolz the ‘u’ is close to the ‘i’ I made a mistake I just wanted to prove that even your girl is slayed Beyonces pretty flops edges on the charts. And stfu tyler. the video clearly says “Rihanna accused of snorting coke”. Kiii!!! Not the beyhive trying to use alleged videos to drag. How about you b*tches start telling the truth that you are a bunch of trolls? I’ll be waiting fucktards.

    • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

      Tyler uses that same tired video when he knows she wasn’t doing coke rih squashed that a long time ago the h/I/v is desperate for drags

      But the irony when his fave married a drug dealer and she is a known thief

      • Justine Skye Loves Rihanna July 20, 2015

        I heard he cannot drag just like the other hive members so not surprised.

  49. DIABETIC SUGAbetes July 20, 2015

    The 3 flop singles released so far tells me there is NO DIRECTION for this album. U think 2 years would be long enough yo create SOLID material they must be out of ideas for her creativly. Luckily for her ideal bey has a DYNAMIC voice and can sing anything. Metacritic score 85 >>> vs 62? Musically bey def has the edge over rih. the worse songs on self titled XO & NO ANGEL still better than everything on r8 if these singles are anything to go by.

  50. Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

    Contrivedyonce? You’re one to talk about someone being contrived. Rihanna was nothing more than that big five-headed chick who was struggling to sing “I don’t wanna do dis anymoooore, I don’t wanna be the reason whyy”. Until JAY-Z revamped and revived her dead ass career. He GAVE her that swagged out “good girl turned bad” gimmick that made her what she is today! The b**** was once suffocating so please don’t get cute. You all need to chew it over with Twix and take a trip down memory lane before you go putting your damn pinky in the air!!

    • Justine Skye Loves Rihanna July 20, 2015

      The question is why are you still here? you dont like her right? gtfo of here and support pretty flops. SCREAMS at you lolz

      • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

        No, the real question is, why does Rihanna have such TERRIBLE breath control, 10 years in and she still cant perform live without getting out of breath 000.01 seconds into the performance. SMH girl no ones hating, rih is a superstar with TERRIBLE performance skills, truth hurts

      • Justine Skye Loves Rihanna July 20, 2015

        Are you using the same old video again. Again why are you here? Her breath control sucks but youre still here? Can beyonce lip sync without it being notice? Gtfo here. SCREAMING

      • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

        At least she’s singing live unlike some others

      • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

        Idc if Beyonce decided lip sync for the rest of her life. She still has a wider range and is a better vocal technician than your fave. Who just so happens to sound like a bag of cats!

    • Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

      pinky in the air? What the hell kind of gesture is that?

      There is nothing ORGANIC about Contrivedyonce.

      Fake hair gain on, fake “hood girl” game on, lip syncing the national anthem, fake song writing credits, fake mom.

      She is the Eddie Guerrero of the music industry. . . .”she lies, she cheats, she steals”

      • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

        *In my Barbara Walters voice* Rihanna gurl. You don’t sing, you don’t dance, you don’t act, you’re not an athlete. Forgive me for saying this… But you don’t have any talent #GIMMICK

  51. Justine Skye Loves Rihanna July 20, 2015

    STD_Hive and STD_Dickridermolly knows not f*ck with me or the navy again or else I will drag both of 4 and below inches together and yank the s*** out of it. Lolzzz

  52. Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

    Lmao! NOT swaying like a grandfather clock!!!!

    Please post a vodeo link lmfao

  53. Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

    @Keri Qween/Mark
    Before you try throwing shade, remember who you stan for.
    Keep in mind that keri hilson is touring Walmart parking lots across the globe. At this point she isnt even a singer, but a disgruntled Walmart team member.

    • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

      Oh and also a songwriter unlike your overrated fave

      • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

        You still mad about the fact that those weren’t crystals on Beyonces Met Gala dress but crushed up pieces of Keri Hilson CDs huh!????

      • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

        Oh I remember that tacky dress, rih looked elegant and captured the theme and your fave was naked and trashy as usual at said event

      • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) July 20, 2015

        Lol clocked!!

      • sips tea July 20, 2015

        screamz. I’ll NEVER 4get dat hilariously lipped performance

      • RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) July 20, 2015

        Lol you clocked beyflop

  54. DIABETIC SUGAbetes July 20, 2015

    Rih was better off releasing r-FLOP right after the grammys atleast ppl would buy it based off the mystique of a unpredictably weak 1st single like FFS. It wuld been her largest 1st sales week imo. Now the HYPE has died and by the time r8 finally comes out there will be even more competion ( kelly janet akeys bey adele etc)

  55. Rosie July 20, 2015

    Kii at Bird Bïtch hiding behind an Instagram thot stan while failing to defend its own fave.
    Keri Hilson – Scream [Download Link] – 2,146 views
    Keri Hilson – Scream [NEW 2015] – 1,323 views
    Dead at its label typing a press release and everything for this song and “Keep It 100” thinking anyone is checking for this b****.

    • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

      Don’t you hide behind the h/I/v Roseanne when its known fact you used their drag their queen thief? Kii I’m not a fake scary b**** like you I dont switch teams

      • Rosie July 20, 2015

        Mark, your only receipt for that is literally one old ass comment from 2013, two years before “Keri Qween” even existed on this site. If that doesn’t prove you as a dupe I don’t know what does other than the time you forgot to change your email. And you already KNOW since your ass searched for that old ass comment that I literally only said that because one of her troll stans who no longer post here came for Lana. The rest of the Hive here already know we’ve been getting along since I started coming here Why don’t you bring those old ass comments up, like you searched “site:thatgrapejuice(dot)net rosie” on Google for 30 minutes just to find that one (assuming you aren’t actually Mark, which we all know is untrue)?
        Just like your only receipt for UV apparently not scanning gold is a @chartnews tweet from December, while providing absolutely none for No Sales Allowed selling 300K like you claimed. Be gone f**.

      • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

        The excuses Roseanne Barr! you made more than one comment and it doesn’t matter how old it is I thought you said you were always beyhive? And you made more than one comment Roseanne don’t play dumb. Some of us were reader’s before commenting and/or making a username . now that you’ve gotten that out of the way by changing the subject your still a fake b****

      • Rosie July 20, 2015

        What excuses ugly? Excuses like when you tried to explain why Bird can’t even get 50K views in 2 months? Excuses for why Bird never recovered from when the Hive literally ended its career? Excuses when you had no receipts for No Sales Allowed selling 300K? Excuses for Keri performing at a Walmart parking lot?
        Because as far as I’m concerned, all I posted was FACTS. And in July 2015, the FACTS are that Lana actually has fans who can sell out arenas while Keri Hilson is a f****** flop who won’t even sell 3K first week when her album is released next month.

      • Molly July 20, 2015

        Kiiiiii yaaaaas @Rosie drag the f ag!!!

      • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

        No the excuses like when you said you were always Beyhive when there’s multiple receipts of you dragging her or the receipts you never provided of Lizzy Grant or her following LP ever reaching 50k? Both of Keri’s albums outsold it 10x over

        Or how you can never provide receipts of Ultra boring selling more than 500k which it took nearly a year to do. And I have provided the receipt of NBA selling over 300k but I can easily refresh your memory since you have amnesia today

        And kii that tour that she had to cling to Courtney Love to fill seats?

    • Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Fornerly RihNavy) July 20, 2015


    • Keri Qween July 20, 2015

      Ill entertain you. heres your “receipt” oF NBA selling 300k that you keep begging for although I’ve posted it for you before. But lets me play you game Roseanne.

      Chart News ‏@chartnews 21 Mar 2012
      US album sales: @KeriHilson, No Boys Allowed 296 (312,567)
      Bookmark it this time so you won’t be confused

      And the one receipt you have yet to provide a excuse for in any of your essays

      @chartnews: US album sales: @LanaDelRey, Ultraviolence 10,000 (428,000 total)

      KIII, She can “fill arenas”(which she didn’t , she had to cling to other artists), but can barely scan gold ? i DON’T BELIEVE you. I need “receipts”as you say that

      • Rosie July 21, 2015

        SCREAMING at you having the date and everything for Bird’s sales yet leaving out the date for Ultraviolence’s sales (when I already clocked you for using a tweet from December 2014).
        March 5, 2015:
        @chartnews: US certifications (@RIAA): @LanaDelRey, Ultraviolence Gold (500,000).
        You’re so f****** retarded. Even if it was selling 9-10K a week back then it would’ve been gold by at least Febuary seeing as if it would’ve taken another 2 months or so to pass 500K. Common sense and basic multiplication stupid ass f**.

      • Rosie July 21, 2015

        And LMAO at you claiming Lana had to “cling” to other people to sell out her own damn HEADLINING tour; b****, do you even know what an opening act is? That’s what Keri will be when she opens for Ashanti or some other washed up b**** on their Popeyes parking lot tour next summer. Ddd at you thinking ANYONE was coming for Courtney Love or Grimes when “LANA DEL REY” was in BIG ass font on the top of the tour poster. Anyways, let me know when Bird ever books venues as big as these (which Lana sold out every single one according to every tour review and Live Nation):

      • Rosie July 21, 2015

        May 7 at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, Texas (capacity: 16,500)
        May 9 at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, Texas (20,000)
        May 12 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colo. (9,450)
        May 14 at Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix, Ariz. (20,000)
        May 16 at Sleep Train Amphitheater in Chula Vista, Calif. (20,000)
        May 18 at Hollywood Bowl in L.A. (17,376)
        May 20 at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, Calif. (22,500)
        May 22 at Sleep Country Amphitheater in Ridgefield, Wash. (18,000)
        May 28 at Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville, Ind. (24,000)
        May 30 at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, Ill. (28,000)
        May 31 at DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston, Mich. (15,274)
        June 3 at Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto, ON (16,000)
        June 4 at Bell Centre in Montreal, QC (15,000)
        June 11 at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow, Va. (25,000)
        June 13 at PNC Music Pavilion in Charlotte, N.C. (19,500)
        June 14 at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewoodin Atlanta, Ga. (19,000)
        June 16 at Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, Fla. (19,000)

  56. sips tea July 20, 2015

    ^^ lolz! dis iz actually cute tho. we’ll c wat R8 sound like wen it (if it) get released

  57. JT July 20, 2015

    why is this even a topic/story? This is the same snippet that got posted last year or whenever it was but basically we’ve heard it before. I’m all the way hear for it tho!

  58. Molly July 20, 2015

    So apparently Miley Cyrus will be hosting the 2015 VMAS!!!!!!

    • Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Fornerly RihNavy) July 20, 2015

      Oh Goddddd, I can’t and I won’t.

    • Selenator *Good For You* July 20, 2015

      Lol she’s trying so hard to be relevant again

  59. RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) July 20, 2015

    Death!! Why are the Rihanna haters acting like their favs are on some Madonna slayage!???? Flopyonce,Niki Miflop,flopnica and Cierror.You bi tches got some nerve giving advice when your favs are below RiRi.Lama del gay and her dead beat stans need to get the fu k.She taught your favs how to be a bad bit ch.

  60. RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) July 20, 2015

    A flea used Miley Cirus and Taylor Swift to drag?? Lmaooo yess cling bi tches!!

  61. Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Fornerly RihNavy) July 20, 2015

    @Anãl-Eze Shut that diick suckerr up sis. No one asked for you to speak.

  62. Molly July 20, 2015

    @Slayonce why did you come for Ciara in the Porsha Williams post?

    • Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Fornerly RihNavy) July 20, 2015

      That’s not me. You know I have no problem with Ciara and that people have been trolling as me. I told you who I thought it was doing the trolling too.

      • Molly July 20, 2015

        Well good… and who do you think it is again? I forgot boo

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig July 21, 2015

        This dumb hœ is convinced I give two fvcks LMAO, she’s the same one who claimed to be me and now I’m apparently the one who trolled as her ???? thank you Molly for your comments on the Janet post boo, good to know you’re unbiased and you’re not playing rihSLAVEYS childish games.

    • Slayoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Fornerly RihNavy) July 20, 2015

      Don’t be messy, you know who lol.

  63. Molly July 20, 2015

    I love when Queen Rosie gets these b****** together.

    • Russian River July 20, 2015

      Do you not realize that Rosie has been shading Ciara by making fun that Furure is going 2 sell 100k+ his first week? U truly r the ass kisser of TGJ.

  64. Selenator *Good For You* July 20, 2015

    Why do people act like their can only be one artist on top? Taylor may be running pop but that doesn’t mean Rihanna can’t do pop, as if multiple stars haven’t released around the same time before. Hell, Ariana Grande managed to have nearly triple the success of her first album during Taylor’s reign. Selena released during Bad Blood’s hype and still managed to debut in the top 10. Rihanna can easily do it if she goes pop.

  65. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 20, 2015

    Since december 13th 2013 rihanna career is pretty much finished *eats 10 lb bag of SUGAR*

  66. Lily July 20, 2015


  67. Mark111 July 20, 2015

    Rihanna stays on the pest minds. It’s so boring at this point. Admit that you guys are fans and get it over with.

    • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

      I’ll admit that the b**** is a flop and call it a damn day

      • Mark111 July 20, 2015

        Eat shift career Ender.

    • Stephy. July 20, 2015

      Just like Mariah, Madonna, Beyonce & Chris Brown STAYS on yo mind.

  68. Wolfpack Kingdom July 21, 2015

    Damn, people really think Rihanna will flop? I just don’t see it happening. If she drops two back to back hits she’ll be right back on top. But honestly I’m more interested in the music she’ll deliver rather than how it does on the charts

  69. @JanetCIARA_ July 21, 2015

    Mike Will AINT SHITT! He and Future can go f**** eachother! Both pressed that Ciara left them in the dust, so they go and produce for her arch enemy…. This just also confirms that she fucdked both of them, or atleats gave them both head in the studio…. She dont arrive to studios in silk pajamas for nothing…..

  70. lol July 21, 2015

    Slayonce I dare you to change your avi just to prove that you weren’t the one coming for Ciara

  71. Xtina = The voice of this generation July 21, 2015

    This girl is DONE.

  72. another bey day something ain’t wrong July 21, 2015


  73. V July 26, 2015


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