Report: Chris Brown Robbery Was An Inside Job…Committed By His Friends

Published: Monday 20th Jul 2015 by David

Last week saw the performer Chris Brown learn that one of his homes in Los Angeles had been robbed.

Today, he is said to have learned that it may have been committed by his friends.

A shocking report…

“Sources” close to the star have revealed that he believes close friends are responsible for breaking into his home and pushing his aunt into a cupboard.

Why? The thieves knew he had stored $50,000 stored in the house and when he would and wouldn’t be at the residence.

The Daily Mail reports:

Officer Liliana Preciado told the media: ‘The suspects got away with an unknown amount of cash, electronics and personal items.’ Detectives have been canvassing the neighbourhood around the gated property at the end of a secluded street in the San Fernando Valley and looking for surveillance camera footage.

‘We’re trying to see if there’s any video evidence that might have picked up the suspects,’ Lt. Kirk Kelley told reporters at the scene.

Read more here.

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  1. Rhiannon Fenty July 20, 2015

    Damn this dude is LITERALLY throwing his life away

    • Jamie July 20, 2015

      I mean life…c***…no big deal right?

    • Faf July 20, 2015

      Guess he’s not Konfused anymore

    • Tyler Makivelli July 20, 2015

      So is your fave tbh. Her life consistent of s**, drugs, and violence too. Shes like the female version of him.

      • Alissa July 20, 2015

        Your fave can’t even speak so you need ta sit.

    • Alissa July 20, 2015

      Rihanna is drinking and always high hers away as well they were truly match made in train wrecks hell.

  2. Not surprised July 20, 2015

    Wendy Williams said it first! (How you doin?)

    • Al July 20, 2015

      Hahahaha! Justbdked and to David was and may are two different things

  3. adelefan July 20, 2015

    of course. ????????????HELLOOO

  4. Bitchpleaseeezzzzzz July 20, 2015

    No I said it

  5. Mark111 July 20, 2015

    Actually the baby’s Grandmother called this before it even happened.

    • Alissa July 20, 2015

      BXtch everyone called it sit.

  6. Quinton251 AKA Lil Wayne Stan July 20, 2015

    Really?!? I’m shocked ????

  7. lolhart July 20, 2015

    When somebody steals belongings etc from your house it’s a burglary not a robbery.

    • Faf July 20, 2015

      true but they also said that they tied his aunt up and put her in the closet I think that constitutes a robbery because she was in fear for her life

      • lolhart July 20, 2015

        I may be wrong but I think that’s first degree burglary

  8. Sherry July 20, 2015

    Duh! Anyone with a brain could’ve told you that. Chris is an idiot who needs to grow up and stop hanging with gang bangers.

    • Mark111 July 20, 2015

      If you have to tell a 25 year old to grow up, then it’s already too late.

  9. Monica Stan July 20, 2015

    His country ass needs to stop trying to be a gangsta. That’s what the f*** he gets for hanging around a bunch of bum ass n*****.

  10. shakira stan July 20, 2015

    Karma is a b**** since he laid his hands on an innocent perfect and extremely beautiful woman “rihanna ” his life has been a mess.

    • Legend B July 20, 2015

      You people need to let that ish go. If God already forgiven him for it, then who are you to keep bringing it up???

    • Legend B July 20, 2015

      And theres no such thing as an innocent perfect person.

    • Jamie July 20, 2015

      Girl, karma’s a b**** but Rihanna’s a damn h**.

  11. shakira stan July 20, 2015

    Jay chimp is next

  12. LoveBey July 20, 2015

    Nobody but Christopher is surprised by this information. I would say that he needs to get his life together but if going to prison and having that beautiful daughter aren’t enough to make him change then nothing will.

  13. Legend B July 20, 2015

    Smh Those aren’t friends, those are fake bandwagon friends, who want what u got. Chris should be careful who he hang around with and especially, who he bring to his house. That goes for anybody who is wealthy or have a lot.

  14. Barb-wire July 20, 2015

    Lol @TGJ posting a pic with Tyga in it, shade…

  15. Liam July 20, 2015

    i mean everyone literally knew that…how would they know exactly which closets to raid….even his mom said that on twitter

  16. coolness July 20, 2015

    Literally everyone called this when news of the robbery broke last week. I think it is very backwards of Chris to have gang affiliations AFTER he found success. Think about it, he’s Country boy from Tappahannock, Virginia who became a famous R&B singer at the age of 16 and probably a millionaire by 18. His insecurity and lack of role models have led him to associate himself with a negative lifestyle where the people involved usually have no way out because that’s all they know. This robbery seems like a warning and I hope nothing worse becomes of this because he has a little girl now. Smh, so many folks see it him to better but until HE decides to root for himself, we won’t see any change.

  17. GENESIS July 20, 2015

    Chris has to understand that he is now on another level he can not hang with the same thugs in the hood….they will rob and kill him…

    anyone who has crossed over to riches has to understand…


  18. RiC July 20, 2015

    Tyga’s c*** looks so good! I wanna sit on it so bad! Its too bad he has an ugly face tho :/

    • sips tea July 20, 2015

      turn dem lites off sis & everythang gonna b aite

  19. Everyone’s A Critic July 20, 2015

    These hos ain’t loyal!

  20. Chaelin Lee (p.k.a – CL) is coming | 재 이현 김 July 20, 2015

    I feel bad for him. He’s so hot

  21. sips tea July 20, 2015

    smh. dis is y celebs force themselves n bubbles and tap out of reality. aint no trust bih! he gotta pic a smalller circle

  22. @JanetCIARA_ July 21, 2015

    No shitt!

  23. another bey day something ain’t wrong July 21, 2015

    He is hanging around with the wrong crews and somebody is keeping a tabs on him by watching Him for their own reason hope he get his ishh together like his exes girlfriend karrueche tran & Rihanna have been told him to do

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