Diplo Dishes On Tinashe’s “Banger Filled” Sophomore Album

Published: Friday 21st Aug 2015 by Sam

Tinashe is wasting no time setting the wheels in motion for her sophomore album.

The last year has seen the newcomer cement her name into the minds of the masses off the back club jams ‘2 On’ and ‘All Hands On Deck.’ She’s also enjoyed success with features on hits such as ‘Drop That Kitty’ and Kid Ink’s ‘Body Language.’

Speaking to That Grape Juice at the 2015 BET Awards, the the 22-year-old revealed the follow-up to debut album ‘Aquarius’ will be arriving this year.

Confirmed producers on the project include Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and now Diplo.

The latter sat down with TIME magazine recently and gushed about his involvement with the as yet untitled set.

See what he had to say below…


Also coming sooner rather than later is his work with R&B upstart Tinashe. Diplo says one song he recorded with the “2 On” singer will be out by the end of the summer before her banger-filled sophomore LP arrives later this year. “She’s also an international act—she tours all through Europe, she goes to Africa, she goes to Asia—and when she performs live, she wants to keep it uptempo,” he says. “We’re giving her records that feel good. She’s beautiful, she can sing really well, she can dance and she lives right by my studio in Burbank, so it’s not hard to track her down. I really want to do more with her—I really believe in her as an artist.”

We’re buzzed. Ms. Kachingwe is easily one of the most exciting new talents in the Urban-Pop arena. As such, it’ll be interesting to see if she can build on the solid foundation she set on her first swing of the bat.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MissImpartial August 21, 2015

    I think she is Rihanna’s replacement on the charts.

    • Monica Stan August 21, 2015

      Rihanna is a has been but tinashe is a one hit wonder

      • MissImpartial August 21, 2015

        “Has been” a little strong don’t you think?

      • Thomas August 21, 2015

        Coming from a Monica Stan ????

    • who’s xaxa?? August 21, 2015

      No need to pit them together, Tinashe proved that she’s totally different act on her own and I thought the same when she came out. Yet on the charts you mean hehe but I doubt it.

    • Rihboy August 21, 2015

      The charts? 2on was the only song that charted from miss tinashe. An assisted cut by the way. Furthermore if anyone should be scared, it should be Ciara and bey. Rihanna is in a way different lane. Rihanna has dominated all genres. That urban brat will never be as internationally known or big. She has to atleast surpass Ciara stage and then nelly furtado.

      • MissImpartial August 21, 2015

        It took Rihanna three albums before she became the IT girl.This girl just needs her own “Umbrella”.

      • Rta1913 August 22, 2015

        But Rihanna was way more successful from the start. Before Umbrella Rihanna already had 5 top 40, 4 top 10, 1 #1 and a gold and a platinum album. What about Tinashe? Even Music of the Sun was more successful than Aquarius and MOTS was a demo compilation

  2. LB August 21, 2015

    I cannot wait

    • adelefan August 21, 2015

      i actually like her. my opinion but she sounds more of aaliyah then the other girls remaking her songs.. drake “on a wave “gives me babygirl..

  3. Indie August 21, 2015

    I Love her!

  4. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy August 21, 2015

    Another blonde dancing bobble head better watch out…

    • Tyler Makivelli August 21, 2015

      No! A non dancing, non singing, non talented Ronald McDonald looking ass b**** better watch out

  5. xtina fan August 21, 2015

    Love her since forever, so glad she is making her dreams come true. She seems like a lovely girl and Aquarius is really good. Can’t wait for this!!

  6. BeyRihLiyah August 21, 2015

    Tanisha is so 2014 natalie la rose been overshadowed her

  7. Centurion August 21, 2015

    I can’t wait. I still listen to her mixtapes.

    • #Istand4urban August 21, 2015

      Which one is your fav? Mines is Amethysts.

      • Vinny August 22, 2015

        Mine is In Case We Die and Black Water! Classics

  8. SipTheTruth August 21, 2015

    Whats a natalie la rose?

  9. Dev August 21, 2015

    Okay Diplo, we will be the judge of that.

  10. Mark111 August 21, 2015

    Her music is so good. If her team play their cards right, she’ll be that next IT.

    • adelefan August 21, 2015

      i completely agree. shes looks young , cute and dances her ass off. jus the right direction and team behind her..

  11. Barb B**** August 21, 2015

    Hmm I don’t see it for this chick. Theres nothing WOW about anything she does. Shes overhyped on this site. And Jhenes album was better.

  12. Theman August 21, 2015

    She’s ok. But something is missing.

    • Tyler Makivelli August 21, 2015

      Vocal talent? Lol

      • Janice August 21, 2015

        She doesn’t lip sync like Beyonce though

      • Lolz August 21, 2015


  13. RihYonce August 21, 2015

    I think she just might blow up, if this Album hits , I personally am in love with her debut it was so underrated I hope she gets all the recognition she deserves with her sophmore album

  14. african music lover August 21, 2015

    She is such a talented and beautiful flop

  15. 4everBrandy_Ci August 21, 2015

    Tinashe is coming for it and I can’t wait. She is one of the new and best artists out right now that has quality and authencity. Her debut is one of the best r&b albums that came out and for those that are comparing her to Jhene and Rihanna can have plenty of seats because they know she’s that damn good. I hope we get the new single by the end of the summer and the promotion for the new album is consistent. She has proved herself to one of the greats of her time. So let her be one of them and stop with the “Flop” comments. It’s like people are so invested into whether an artist will continue making noise after his or her first debut. It’s okay to let others do their thing and have their shine because at the least Tinashe is acknowledged for her gift and it’s paying off. Go Tinashe!!!!! #TeamTinashe

  16. Rima August 21, 2015

    Jhene slays her

    • 4everBrandy_Ci August 21, 2015

      Jhene and Tinashe are two different artists but to be open to this I always wondered what is the hype around Jhene? I never was interested in her music. I feel like she’s missing that SPARK but the comparison to Tinashe is evident that Tee has been making moves for herself since her mixtape eras and debut album.

      • Jhené Aiko Stan August 21, 2015

        Jhené is a completely different artist than her. Jhené writes from the heart and soul. Tinashe clearly wants to be a star with hits, she’s making music for the charts. Jhené isn’t about the glitz and glam, costume changes, high end videos etc. She’s mainstream while not being in a niche. Thats the hype around her. She’s a mainstream R&B chick that isn’t a run-of-the-mill artist like Tinashe. That’s no shade to Tinashe though. There will always be a spot for artist like her. It’s just she isn’t delivering anything we haven’t seen before. Jhene is something different.

  17. Keith August 21, 2015

    Excited but cautious. Tinashe, Jhene and Rhianna are completely different artists so I’m not sure I understand the comparison.

  18. BEY>RIH August 21, 2015

    Rihanna better watch out she is already fading. Tinashe might do to rih wat rih did to ci!

    • 4everBrandy_Ci August 21, 2015

      Tinashe is doing her thing and she’s slays period. Rihanna is doing her thing and she slays period. Ciara is doing her thing and she slays period. What is it with the competition? These women are slaying things musically in their own right.

  19. Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

    Go for it girl 2on was my s***

  20. Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

    Loool y’all so shady! I don’t think Rihanna is fading I think she tried to go a direction that wasn’t for her. Now that Kanye is not apart of it anymore I think she go back to what’s comfortable for her.

    • #Istand4urban August 21, 2015

      I agree. She’ll bounce back. She has no choice! Although, I’m upset with her lack of urgency when it comes to this album. Sometimes is doesn’t need to be perfect. New and different is good too. I don’t think she understands that

  21. LDN Chick August 21, 2015

    Shes not a threat to either Beyonce or Rihanna. Most stupid thing i’ve read. She first needs to get an actual certification and authenticity.

    • Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

      Lmaoio???????????????????? true tho

  22. MuscleTech/Nyc August 21, 2015

    I’m looking forward, she’s a talented and beautiful girl, I like her.

  23. adelefan August 21, 2015

    no lie. this girls album entertained me all this year.. one of my most played besides drake, chris b and of course still beyonce lol 2 yrs later

  24. #Istand4urban August 21, 2015

    Hey, everyone. I’m new here so please be kind lol. This is my first, official comment on here. I’ve been reading TGT for years but never had the nerve to comment because the comment section is a war zone, but now I’m ready lol.

  25. #Istand4urban August 21, 2015

    I stand for all urban acts, so don’t expect a lot of stan wars from me. The favs are Beyoncé, Rihanna, Tinashe, and all other urban acts that I can’t think of right now lol. Anyway, I love this girl! I’m just waiting on her to blow up so everyone else can love her as much as I do.

  26. Jhené Aiko Stan August 21, 2015

    When she said she was doing an uptempo album, I didn’t want to believe she would go that route but she clearly is. She makes it very clear that she wants to be as big as Beyonce and Ciara and she has the moves to do so but I feel like she’s going to lose her artistic credibility in the process. Making music for the charts never ends well

    • 4everBrandy_Ci August 21, 2015

      But that’s not the reason why she makes her music. She has put out quality work and if you listened to her mixtapes you will have a better glimpse of who she is as an artist. She’s the real deal and I think what makes her special is that she’s doing her and doesn’t try to be too over the top. Tinashe wants to be big as Tinashe. Ciara and Beyonce has accomplished a lot in their careers and it’s okay for Tinashe to get hers too. The comaprisons are irrelevant in my opinion because why can’t we make room fore all women artists instead of putting them against each other? However, your opinion is fine.

  27. Chillitsjustpizza August 21, 2015

    Remember Mya? Thats who she reminds me of. This nicki tour is just what she needed. She will be a commercial star in due time.

  28. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) August 21, 2015

    *Walks in* I still don’t get it……*walks out*

    <) )╯ 'Cause I just wanna look good for you
    / \
    good for you
    / \

  29. StrawberryMuffin24 August 21, 2015


    She has the it factor the whole package and she works her ass off! I love all her mixtapes and her Debut album was dope i stan so hard for this girl she’s a star to me!

    She’s also so nice and humble so happy she’s opening for Katy Perry tour next month she keeps on WINNING!

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