Yale Professor Explains Why Beyonce No Longer Needs Interviews

Published: Friday 21st Aug 2015 by David

Interviews may be the foundation for many a star’s bid to wow and woo fans before an album release but recent years have seen the performer Beyonce steer away from them.

Now, after shocking fans by not giving ‘Vogue’ an interview to accompany her spread in its September issue a Yale professor has stepped forward to reveal why the star no longer needs them.

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Hits Daily Double reports:

What’s noteworthy about this cover is that the standard accompanying Q&A with the subject is nowhere to be found, the piece points out. The absence of the obligatory interview “may be unusual for Vogue, whose representatives declined to comment, but it is no longer unusual for Beyoncé. At some imperceptible point around 2013 to 2014, she appears to have stopped giving face-to-face interviews…

Daphne A. Brooks, a Yale professor who teaches a class on black women and popular music culture that includes Beyoncé’s music (she is on sabbatical, finishing a book that will, in part, discuss Beyoncé), views her inaccessibility as a hard-won privilege, a reclamation of privacy not historically accorded to African-American women. ‘She’s been able to reach this level of stardom in which she’s managed—in a way that I really think is unique even among other black women entertainers—hyper-visibility and inaccessibility simultaneously,’ Professor Brooks said.

“She called it ‘refreshing’ to think that Beyoncé’s reticence in the news media would challenge her listeners ‘to think about the art first,’ as opposed to fostering a presumption about ‘getting closer to the entertainer.’”

After watching the star’s former manager Mathew Knowles use Benny Medina‘s notebook to turn Beyonce into a Jennifer Lopez-sized solo star we have to say it’ll take some time for fans to get used to a truly “mysterious” Yonce.

For, fans who’ve been around since the singer’s earlier days will know that every album campaign came armed with an accompanying movie, cosmetic commercials and a gang of interviews that would dominate the media from all angles.

However, things have changed and the work put in during this time has now given the icon the luxury of placing her music (and not her personality) to the forefront.

This wouldn’t have worked two or three years ago but her recent transition from ballad-belting diva to polished Hip Hop vixen has armed her with a coolness that allows her to be as elusive as she is being while using social media to keep her visibility live and kicking.

Will things change in the coming years? Undoubtedly, for an older Beyonce will have to switch things up once again when a younger, fresher batch of chart threaten to outshine her in the way she did her idol Janet Jackson back in 2006.

Until then….

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  1. BeyIsKing August 21, 2015

    This air of mystery and surprise she has doesn’t need interviews. The hugeness of her name and brand doesn’t tie in with answering questions. Beyoncé is the biggest thing in the world right now, she’s in her own stratosphere. Long story short she’s a boss ass b****!

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) August 21, 2015

      Honey she a stuck up biitch

      • Dawn March 1, 2022

        bru how

    • obsidian August 21, 2015

      Correction!!!……Unfortunately, Taylor Swift is the biggest thing in the world right now.

      • Legend B August 21, 2015

        Correction……Taylor Swift is an “It Girl” right now. It girls are never bigger than the icons of the generation.

      • Legend B August 21, 2015

        You can compare, since the dumbarse above is saying Taylor is the biggest artist right now because of sales. Sales are a part of the factor that makes someone iconic or legendary. It has to be something that artist bring to the industry, they haven’t seen before or rarely see. Taylor hasnt done that.

    • Legend B August 21, 2015

      Yes Indeed! She has reached that legendary level!! There is Power in her name!

      • Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! August 21, 2015

        Pfft taylor swift has been in the business 10 years…. She has the biggest selling album since Adeles 21. 1989 has sold 8 million worldwide… Which I think makes 1989 the most iconic album to come out since adele released 21!

      • Legend B August 21, 2015

        Chile byeeeeeeeeee. Record sales doesnt make u legendary or iconic. Look at Rihannna. Would u call Taylor bigger than Tina Turner or Janet Jackson, just because she has sold more records??? HELL NAW. Taylor Swift is a pop tart it girl. She is no where near The Queen level.

      • Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! August 21, 2015

        … Those acts are from a different era. You have to compare artists from this era… And sales do make you iconic…. The sales are what shows the impact you’ve made in an era… Taylor swift has slayed everyone with this album, and the sales back this up…

      • Legend B August 21, 2015

        You can compare, since the dumbarse above is saying Taylor is the biggest artist right now because of sales. Sales are a part of the factor that makes someone iconic or legendary. It has to be something that artist bring to the industry, they haven’t seen before or rarely see. Taylor hasnt done that.

      • Barb B**** August 21, 2015

        Ummmm 1989 is not iconic. Its just popular.

      • Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! August 21, 2015

        taylor swift has gone from a country star, who makes music normally only popular in the states, to having the biggest selling album., since adele 21 that is quite something… Her last 3 albums have sold 1 million plus in their first week… No one has done that… That’s what she’s done.

        Let me know when a female has 3 million seller albums back to back… Because it won’t never be Beyoncé…

    • You tried August 21, 2015

      What a beautiful photo TGJ! No lies at all told in this post! She is Queen and has worked her ass off to be in the position that she’s in! As a black minority I am incredibly inspired by her success!

    • fatusankoh August 21, 2015

      Well said thanks for saying what I was thinking

    • Kina August 21, 2015

      Can everyone in the media stop with the is fake Beyonce is the biggest in the world BS! Taylor Swift has already outsold “Beyonce” with 1989 X3 and didn’t need a secret album to do so. At the same time she scored 3 number one hits from “1989” while nearly every single from “Beyonce” missed the Top 20 excluding one! Also in the last 8 years Beyonce has only TWO top 5 hits… How is it she’s the BIGGEST star in the world. Yet over the last 8 years has only had two top 5 hits???? Her HBO concert special couldn’t even bring in 1 million viewers.. She couldn’t even bring in 900,00!! Janet’s Velvet Rope had 15 million though! STOP it already. The singles from “Artpop” performed better than most of the singles from “4” and “Beyonce”. Somehow Beyonce is still king of the world? Last time I checked “Single Ladies” couldn’t even get to #40 in France!

      • Legend B August 21, 2015

        Bwahahahahaha The biitch right here is about to bust a blood vessel kii. BEYONCE is The Queen and you will Deal. There u go with the sales as the other dumbarse. Just because Taylor has scored all these #1s and top tens dont mean nothing over a artist that has been successful for decades. Taylor isnt iconic, nor a legend. Her popularity really grew because of The Queen. If Kanye would’ve did that, she still be this country girl. The Queen has been churning out platnuim albums, since Taylor was a little kid. Lets see if Taylor can still remain successful after 2 decades. Till then, get behind The Queen and salute biitch.

      • Legend B August 21, 2015

        Taylor is just like R****. She gets put up their with The Queen because of her sales. The Queen is highly respected, has power, longevity and sales. Taylor have the sales. Never compare her to Greatness Durrling.

    • Fez August 21, 2015

      The biggest thing in the world to this Gay blog!!

  2. Arianator Barb August 21, 2015

    Y’all be doing the most with the very least. She famous as f*** and if she don’t wanna do an interview she ain’t gonna, the hell y’all going into depth about that for??

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) August 21, 2015

      Fu ck u

      • Legend B August 21, 2015


  3. PeaceMaker August 21, 2015

    To hell with all that long paragraphs, The reason this b*tch is scared to give interviews is because she’s slow as hell, everyone knows she can’t express herself fluently. You keep hiding Slowyonce!

    • IOWNTHEWORLD August 21, 2015

      U mad? lol

  4. blue August 21, 2015

    basically she has nothing new to tell… And in this twitter world, its the same problem facing most celebs, the is nothing new that we dont know about already

  5. Arie August 21, 2015

    The truth is Beyonce sucks at interviews but she is a good singer and performer so she is letting her talent do the talking. It is highly likely that she did an interview with vogue but had nothing new to talk about so they all agreed to scrap it. FYI none of these popular artists need interviews I mean have you heard the dumb questions they ask on these radio shows. Twitter an Instagram got all of these artists covered.

    • AmbeRussell August 21, 2015

      true, but interviews, for most, i feel can help many explain their work. robin thicke explained “paula” flop and it is jjust fun to hear from your fav. celeb.
      no artist is above doing interviews. it most def gives n artist chase to speak in more than 140 characters, explain a project and interact with the public’s fav talk show and radio personalities.

  6. S****** Blonde August 21, 2015

    I think she’s going through that phase when the artist think they’re above the media and the public, it has happened to a lot of artists, she will give interviews and promote music in the old fashioned way once she can’t sell records solely based on her name alone, an examples of this could be Britney post Blackout. (She was an egnima), althought her case was more of a “fear of the lights”, Beyonce’s case is more of a superiority complex.

    • Legend B August 21, 2015

      Delusional as always kii

    • Mark111 /.\ August 21, 2015

      Spot on!

  7. Shady81 August 21, 2015

    They really needed a Yale Professor to explain this though? (Crickets) I feel like if she doesn’t want to give interviews she doesn’t have too SMH.

    • TinaMinaj August 21, 2015

      Judging by the comments by some simpletons in this post, it was necessary. And even then, some people still don’t get it. Smh

  8. Barb-wire August 21, 2015

    But we all knew this though! Yonce doesn’t like to give interviews coz she believes she’s passed that and that’s on her. If she don’t want to do it, then she won’t! She’s Beyonce…. TF did need you a professor for ?

    • S****** Blonde August 21, 2015

      She’s Beyoncè…..Remember that the medias have the power to send a Pop star to heaven and hell whanever they wishes, she’s a media darling but if she f**** with them with this “i’m too big 4 you” attitude, they will destroy her career, few artists have survived a media backlash, not everyone knows how to manipulate their asses like Madonna.

      • Barb B**** August 21, 2015

        Beyonce has bee manipulating the media since day 1. Shes never been an open book and they’ve tried time and time again to destroy her by making up stories and its never worked.

  9. lets be real August 21, 2015

    i remember Madonna was like this for awhile. she even told Ricky Martin to “stop giving interviews” during the height of his success because people knew who he was. Also interviewers always ask Beyonce the SAME QUESTIONS. Womanhood.Motherhood.Music.She has no scandals. Beyonce has entered territory very few can claim and that NONE of her contemporaries can

    • S****** Blonde August 21, 2015

      That’s what i’m saying, they all go through this phase, not for too long though, the medias always have the last word, unless you’re Madonna.

  10. Don’t hate B!TCHES. Nicki is the queen not Heyonce August 21, 2015

    He’s going to fall so hard on the ground. His $h!t fans want to know what’s going on in his life and he basically telling them to $uck his d!(k because he don’t need them.

    • TRUTH SERUM August 21, 2015

      @truth, stop with your troll accounts

  11. the right one August 21, 2015

    it’s because beyonce is not the brightest berry in the bunch.

  12. Legend B August 21, 2015

    Queen Bey is a Legend. Point, Blank, Period! Just the fact she dropped an album out of no where and shook the music industry, with no interviews after or leading up to the album. That just tells u she has reached that legendary level. The woman broke a touring record, touring off old songs. Her Name has Power in it!! Shes definitly the biggest of her generation!

    • S****** Blonde August 21, 2015

      This is not her generation, she’s part of the Britney, Xtina and Justin’s generation, and we all know who was the biggest star of that time.

      • Legend B August 21, 2015

        Kii Kii…..And The Winner is BEYONCE! Billboard spilled that tea in 2009 hun. Nice try though lmao ????????????????????

  13. lets be real August 21, 2015


    beyonce is in no way “slow” she may not speak like a college professor but interviews like this(which i feel is her most raw ever) is probably how she is when conducting business.but yall continue to be fooled

  14. jj August 21, 2015

    Shes an imposter and her last interview found out she was faking a pregnacy . Janet on the other hand hide a 10 year marriage and maybe a child and she does wtf she wants now thats a true boss b****

    • Legend B August 21, 2015

      Um….were you in the delivery room when Princess Blue was born? Or did you rub The Queen’s stomach???? That would be NO to both questions. So have a seat ???????????????????????? delusional kray kray biitch.

      • igotstatellithowiseeit August 21, 2015

        Were you? No. So we have to go by what was shown. We saw a stomach fold on national tv. We never saw a true baby bump (don’t even bring that one pic where it looked like she ate too much). Now we know that baby is biologically her’s. Did she carry is another thing. I won’t shame her or think less of her because who knows why that needed to happen and at the end of the day it is her choice. But fans need to stop talking like they were in the womb or at the hospital we just don’t know

      • Legend B August 22, 2015

        Well if u don’t know, you cant make those statements also. People love believing something that sounds like a lie, than something that mostly likely the truth. Mind your own damn business.

  15. TRUTH SERUM August 21, 2015

    It’s a marketing strategy.. Bey is smarter than people think. Contrary to what some dead blonds want you believe, it has nothing to do with a superiority complex. She’s been doing this for several years now and she understands the media. Remember, she sold more music with Destiny’s child. If she wanted to have a diva moment, it would been done years ago.

  16. Truth B Told August 21, 2015

    Wow she’s dumb! Whoever this professor is doesn’t have the brains to be a professor at Yale. Beyoncé doesn’t give interviews because she’s unintelligent! No education probably never read a book in her life. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s illiterate. The only way Beyoncé could sell her self is the same way a prostitute does s** and nudity. She has nothing going on upstairs!

    • TRUTH SERUM August 21, 2015

      The irony!!!! ????????????

    • Legend B August 21, 2015

      Biitch don’t miss The Queen of up with your Wore Out Pussiee mother. How can someone illiterate become one of the richest female musician of all time??? The illiterate biitch is you, with your dumbarse, idiotic comment.

      • Legend B August 21, 2015


  17. Xav August 21, 2015

    I think the answer is much simpler than that. She has nothing to say. She doesn’t write the bulk of her music so she can’t tell you where the idea came from. Watching her interview is cute and hard to watch. Her trying to articulate something… Forget it. She’s better off just doing the music and photos.

  18. XXX August 21, 2015

    Looking forward to her next Era I just hope she comes back with more timless music like she did when she dropped 4

    • Barb-wire August 21, 2015

      I miss the year of 4, it was just fantastic from start to finish..

  19. Royalkev August 21, 2015

    I’m actually glad Beyonce’s in this position. She don’t have to deal with the manipulation of her words now or people asking her uncomfortable questions for shock value. The are plenty of people that have an unhealthy obsession with Beyonce (and other artists of her caliber). When you’re as big as Bey is, it’s best to do things on your own terms.

    • Royalkev August 21, 2015

      *There are plenty

    • Lake Erie August 21, 2015

      Yes! I agree. I feel bad for some of the artist that go on the breakfast club cuz sometimes they ass can get real ignorant and we all know Charlemagne is the ring leader. But the other two can get just as ignorant too.

      • Royalkev August 21, 2015

        ^ I’d personally hate to be subjected to that! I don’t understand why people even answer some of the questions thrown at them on that show, it’s often TMI.

      • Lake Erie August 21, 2015

        Lol! Right. Smh .

  20. Legend B August 21, 2015

    POWER: This is unusual for Vogue. A review of five years worth of cover articles indicates that she is the only celebrity cover star not to submit to some type of interview. When models appear on the cover, as in the last September’s issue, they typically do not get the same profile treatment. Not only did Michelle Obama agree to an interview, when she appeared on the cover in 2013, she even brought along her husband. #LivingLegend

  21. TRUTH SERUM August 21, 2015

    Notice how TGJ is now pitting Bey against Jamet. First it was Rihanna. Anything for the hits….

    • TRUTH SERUM August 21, 2015


    • Royalkev August 21, 2015

      ^ LOL. Wasn’t that so random?

      Slay_Hive seems to be the only one from the Hive that really dislike Janet. That actually doesn’t bother me, but I’m sure this might be what provoked write-up’s like this. I don’t think the Hive is feeling threatened, nor should JTribe be by Bey as well.

    • Lake Erie August 21, 2015

      Lol! I noticed. I was puzzled as f-u-ck after rereading that part. But idc, I already know what it is.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 21, 2015

      EXACTLY @TruthSerum stay woke! I noticed that too, and it’s unfounded because Beyonce has never been pitted against Janet before by any other media outlet. Them TGJ bîtches are using stats; I.e. They noted that recently they can only get 300-400 comments If it’s a post about Janet, and the majority of commenters on the post are hive (navi seem to be ghost on Janet posts for some reason).

  22. iheartbeyonce August 21, 2015

    Beyonce is far from slow. The things she is doing,should couldn’t possibly do if she was illiterate. The thing with Beyonce,she is very conscious of what she saids,and very careful,which makes her uncomfortable she rather not be there discussing her personal life. Her most relaxed interview was with Terrance J from 106 and park,very comfortable. He did a great job. I think she was promoting one of her fragrance,she was pregnant at the time. I get her, I mean her interviewing may not be the best but atleast she knows how to talk properly.

  23. Free Mind August 21, 2015

    She doesn’t need to give interviews because she’s ignorant.

    She always sound dumb in interviews because she has bad diction and a very limited vocabulary.She sits there with that goofy smile on her face,when she has nothing to say.

    Interviews are something that need to only be done by people who are smart of interesting or a combination of both. It’s a waste of time to see a dumb fake hair weaved blond, who is boring and dumb do interviews…Oh the horror.

    • What now August 21, 2015

      EXACTLY!!!! PREACH DAT S***!!! She has always been a jealous a** butch w/ ha bleaching a**. The b**** is so shady she stole songs and sorted thru Amerie’s reject pile just to record a weak a** album in 14 days to make sure Kelly Rowland, Letoya Luckett, & her own blood sister didn’t pop off in 06. Ha delusional stans r going 2 thumbs us down, but the truth hurts. .

      • bru moment March 1, 2022

        I don’t think anyone asked for your opinion don’t be calling people names u c***

  24. Da realest August 21, 2015

    Yeah right, as soon as Beyonce sees her position is threatened by other black female artists like Janet or Rihanna because they’re coming, her behind will be out there trying to do every interview on every media outlet. We know Beyonce is a very calculated type of person, all smoke and mirrors. Janet just came out with her behind the scenes album cover shoot, they were talking about it on Good Morning America. Now all of a sudden this so called Yale Professor says she no longer needs to do interviews. Why does this does need to be announced, hmmmmm? I usually don’t post about Beyonce, but we all know her game and she needs to start covering her tracks little better. Just keeping it real.

    • Keri Qween August 21, 2015

      I see no lies

      She is very calculated and knows how to manipulate the media. Just like the “surprise album” was a gimmick in itself, she/her team puts stuff out( like this irrelevant article) for attention

      • Legend B August 21, 2015

        Meanwhile, Big Bird Hilson is somewhere slobbing on nuuts for a spot on someone’s stage.

    • Legend B August 21, 2015

      Dumb a*** F*** kii kii. The reason for this is her Vogue shoot. Read the artictle next time Pressed F**. And I dont hear anything but ???????????????????????????????????? coming from them other biitches eras kii. Why would The Queen be threaten by ????????????????????????s.

  25. What now August 21, 2015

    Chile stop da essays!!! Da REAL reason iz she doesn’t have Matthew writing ha cue cards and Kelly Rowland holding them up on the side of the stage so those tired color contacts can see dem anymore… no such thing as mystery wen it comes down 2 did b**** and ha delusional a** stans!!!!!!

    • Legend B August 21, 2015

      I didnt know Matthew was their during the 4 Era during interviews. I didnt know Kelly was their during her solo eras for interviews. Wowwww, cant believe u know so much about the background, while you have been scrubbing McDonalds floors on your knees. Someone should hold up a Card that says,”HOEIANNA WHERE IS THE ALBUM”???

  26. MUSICHEAD August 21, 2015

    I have been saying this for years. When an artist reaches superstar status like Beyonce, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, the music should speak for itself. It should be a rare opportunity to hear the thoughts and personal opinions of your favorite artists. That’s what keeps u looking forward to more from them. This can only be done successfully if the music is still good. Once an artist places themselves at common level with the fans (like Ciara, Brandy, Fantasia, Lil Kim etc) we no longer hold them in high regard. They become just regular ole folks and that’s bad for business.

  27. SMH August 21, 2015

    LMAO. Honestly, you would have to be as moronic as beyonce to believe this blatantly obvious PR bullisht.

  28. xedos August 21, 2015

    she never have anything of substance to say anyways. so it makes no difference to me

    • Legend B August 21, 2015

      Must be talkin bout your fav kii kii. #CarryOnThough

  29. Terryb August 21, 2015

    Who cares though? ???? And it’s funny how a lot of you all are calling her slow and illiterate when she’s rich and successful and you’re not.

  30. Slay_Hive August 21, 2015

    Beyonce is just a super bad biitch!! She is only showing these girls who the true reigning Queen is and I love it!!????????

    • Legend B August 21, 2015

      Yesssssss Spill It!

  31. Groceries August 21, 2015

    Anyone one this long would be tired of interviews, its not like this is something new, many artists with a longevity in the industry stay away from interviews. This isn’t a special case, or a science discovery. Beyoncé will still be here but just behind the scenes, and some must understand that. I personally think Bey is tired of sitting behind the laptop and getting inspired on YouTube or taking visual concepts or ideas from other individuals and put it in hers. Beyoncé has done and expierenced so much from surviving Destiny’s Child and firing her dad and having her own business after that. Things can get tiring and boring, I think she was really trying to shade all these pop stars, but as smart as a individual she is, she still get love and support from the people she shaded. But many are not into her “image” she portrays. And Beyoncé should leave the L.A. scene, the only acting she good at, is acting in her music videos. She can win a video of the year, but an Oscar? Her acting lacks emotional artistry.

  32. StrawberryMuffin24 August 21, 2015

    Beyawnce is a NARCISSIST and a stuck up bish of course she think she don’t need interviews!

    • Legend B August 21, 2015

      You mad that your fav have to fuuck a horse on stage to get people talkin???

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 21, 2015

      None of the celebrities or regular people that have met her have said that, however Mary J blige, P!nk, Lady Gagme, Britney, etc have talked about OinkTina’s pïss poor attitude. Who’s even trying to visit a stable and interview XXXLtina anymore?! Girl GONE!

  33. MsYonce August 21, 2015

    Rihanna fans Beyonce slow looool stop not when you fav be taking long ass pauses when she’s speaking

  34. MsYonce August 21, 2015

    Beyonce is the only celeb to appear on the cover of Vogue without giving them an interview… Her powerrrrr yo fave could never

  35. MsYonce August 21, 2015

    You know Beyonce haterz has to be the dumbest people on earth (especially the Navy). “Beyonce doesn’t do interviews because she’s slow” has to be the dumbest s*** I’ve seen. She’s been in the industry for over 15 years and has done plenty if interviews. Like y’all so stupid

  36. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 21, 2015

    She can make the world feel engaged with her, without revealing a single detail about her personal life that she doesn’t not want to put out there. 20 years in this business, and she has not slipped up once. We think we are getting secrets, but it’s only things Beyonce wants to reveal. I think it takes pure strategy, marketing and business management to achieve this. Tell your faves to make notes!

    • Royalkev August 21, 2015

      Love your avi hun!

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 21, 2015

        Thank u sweetheart x! Whitney’s music has been speaking to my soul lately.

    • Royalkev August 21, 2015

      Wow! It’s been the same for me lately, may be because her birthday passed earlier this month. I’ve been playing All At Once & Where You Are nonstop.

  37. Mark111 August 21, 2015

    This is nothing that Britney, MJ and even Kanye West haven’t done. When you’re HUGE, you’re bigger than am interview. If she start flopping, she’ll be right back at it, just like Britney and Kanye.

    • Legend B August 21, 2015

      You mean how Aaliyah did access granted and Diary and other shows, because she was flopping. Hoeianna should be doing interviews also.

      • Mark111 August 21, 2015

        Random, go play in traffic.

      • Legend B August 21, 2015

        Kii But my comment falls into your opinion of artists flopping and doing lots of interviews ????????????????

  38. TinaMinaj August 21, 2015

    Beyonce stays making history while some of you stans stay bitter! Spin it whatever way you want, Beyonce still wins.

  39. fatusankoh August 21, 2015

    Omg can queen bey live she don’t have to give no interview we her fans understand her only the haters are making a big deal out of this long live queen bey good luck and more success in all you do

  40. Stephy August 21, 2015

    Bey ain’t worried about y’all. I’m sure she’ll do a lil sit down special soon. We don’t need no mo interviews from her. That’s what you do during the start/mid term of yo career. Now, she’s at that Oprah/Diane exclusive only interviews.

  41. Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

    Beyoncé been over a lot of things for some time now. She’s been over photoshoots, interviews and promo basically. The Beyoncé era promo was basically Grammys for DIL , Brits for xo and VMA all the way in August 2014. Sure she did two tours but don’t they help ,basically tours are fans who already know/ have the music. I’m think every Beyoncé fan have noticed that since she became a mom she’s not into it like she use to be. It just seems like she making music because that why she loves to do but she seems like she’s over everything else. Hopefully her next era she’ll have her mojo back

  42. Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

    It’s good to be back!! Is that ho @Red wine still using my pic and is @Lb still a hating ass f**

  43. RICHIE_RICH August 21, 2015

    Only a true queen can do this

    • MsYonce August 21, 2015

      Her power is undeniable

  44. Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

    “She called it ‘refreshing’ to think that Beyoncé’s reticence in the news media would challenge her listeners ‘to think about the art first,’ as opposed to fostering a presumption about ‘getting closer to the entertainer.’”

    Couldn’t have said it better

  45. StrawberryMuffin24 August 21, 2015

    Beyawnce is an overrated fake ass bish!

    • MsYonce August 21, 2015

      Shut your ass up and exit to the left

  46. Rihboy August 21, 2015

    Because she is illiterate. Can’t form complete sentences. She just laughs and paraphrases in the most sloppy way possible

    • Tyler Makivelli August 21, 2015

      You say that as if Rihanna has good interviewing skills her damn self lmao. She hasnt even mastered the english language….

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 21, 2015

      @Rihboy wanna talk about illiteracy huh, why don’t you transcribe this conversation Rihanna is having because I can’t understand a single word. Even when she was getting interviewed by Diane Sawyer she spoke in broken sentences. Anyways have fun with this complex task I’ve set you – you have 10 minutes to complete it XD


      • Slay_Hive August 21, 2015

        Death @ Annalise????

  47. Truth August 21, 2015

    She’s a f****** zombie !!!! She’s on some good s*** . Her masters have her under control . You f****** are just too asleep to realize it .

  48. Centurion August 21, 2015

    The Yale proffessor is clearly a fan. She acted so unprofessionally, like she isn’t some highly educated individual.
    Like the others above have said, she thinks she’s bigger than the media. It’s nothing new; MJ, Kanye, and Britney have done that, plus she’s a performing arts dropout. Her command of the English language, the only one she knows, is so poor. And who drops outta performing arts school anyway? SMH

    • Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

      What has Beyoncé done to you? Why are you so mad?

      • Centurion August 21, 2015

        Mad? #bishwhere

    • Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

      You hate on Beyoncé every single day even when it something good . Does that get exhausting ? Like damn

      • Tyler Makivelli August 21, 2015

        You would think so. Aint nobody got time for that lmao

      • Centurion August 21, 2015

        LOL. But I don’t leave a comment everyday. Dafuq are you getting at hmmm redwine? Are you still mad at that scalping you received for trolling?

      • Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

        B**** plz @redwine had the same pic as me and I’m not going over this s*** again its pointless

      • Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

        @Centurion You’re just a sad, pathetic loser… I’m just wondering what Bey has done to you that has you so mad. How can one person hate someone they have never met so much. Who the f*** has the damn time? You even take jabs at little Blue like do something productive with ya life something outside of TGJ…

  49. Oscar The Grouch August 21, 2015

    kii at the navy calling anyone illiterate when their fave doesn’t even have a diploma

  50. Mark111 August 21, 2015

    Mainly because interviews today are just “who you dating”, “these rumors” and blah blah blah. A hater brought up Aaliyah last era of interviews and I love then because those interviews are timeless. She talked about her MUSIC and music only. Today artist talks about everything BUT the music. Now with Beyonce, she’s boring. She can’t conduct a complete sentence, she don’t talk about her personal life and even when she does, it’s boring as well (looks at Life Is But A Dream). I could post a interview from 2003, 2006, 2008 and now and it’ll all sound the same. So you have no choice but to “love the art”, because the person behind it is lifeless.

    • Tyler Makivelli August 21, 2015

      Shes not boring. Beyonces fans dont stan for her personal life. We love her because she is arguably one of the best entertainers of our time. Her talent speaks for itself. Unlike Rihanna who has to stir up controversy and beef with other artist. Since she cant back her s*** up with raw talent.

      • Lolz August 21, 2015

        Only the shallow ones say shes boring Tyler. We’re not all dramatic gays who live for drama. Yet they will still be the first to watch any and every interview or documentary she releases.

    • Barb B**** August 21, 2015

      Nah. Im sure if Beyonce wanted people to think her life was ‘interesting’ she could easily go into the T surrounding the elevator, Her half siblings, Mathew Knowles as a control freak, Her relationship with Jay Z, illuminati consipiracy etc etc. But she don’t CARE about what people think of life.

  51. Lolz August 21, 2015

    She doesn’t need to. Thats why people love her. Thats why she is the most followed celeb on instagram. Because of her mystery. She does no t have to be in scandals for people to still follow her EVERY move ove 10 years later. LOL @ people saying shes illiterate when its a magazine interview that can be edited. I swear the only ones dumb in here are the haters. Beyonce is now above that. And not Beyonce having a YALE professor as a fan (But I thought the Hive was dumb)

  52. Lolz August 21, 2015

    And as for people saying her life is boring. No. Its just normal. Thats whole problem, people are too wrapped up in the drama of celebs personal lives and stan for them as people over the actual talent. I love seeing Beyonce lead a normal, stable happy life instead of walking around looking depressed 24/7 while the media questions who she is dating. And Beyonce still has one of the biggest, most loyal fan base ever so she does not need to change a thing. Even the haters stay intruiged by anything she does.

  53. Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

    How can you say Beys life is boring when you know nothing about her life? We don’t know what happens in her life so shut up.. Bey plays it the right way she plays it old school. These days people think that they have to share everything and that’s not the case.

    • Barb B**** August 21, 2015

      Beyonce has enough drama and rumors surrounding her to easily make her life ‘interesting’ and thats probably only a small % of what we know. Just because we don’t know what goes on does not mean its not there. These people are fools.

  54. Barb B**** August 21, 2015

    Do people even know the definition of illiteracy? It means you can’t read or write. Illiterate people can still do interviews. #DumbMofos. Bey honestly does not need to do interviews at this stage in her career. She is Queen and the haters are mad at this truth.

    • Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

      They will always find something to hate on even when she’s doing good its sad

  55. Centurion August 21, 2015

    Beyonce is a dull and boring person. Who does she hang out with anyway? Her hairstylist? Her make-up artist? Her backup dancers? Nobody. She betrayed and backstabbed people to became what she is today. Don’t even try playing the “she’s married” card. Was she giving you life when she was in her 20s and/or single? No. Now STFU and stop lying to yourself.

    • Barb B**** August 21, 2015

      Do you know her personally?

    • Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

      Thats none of your business who she hangs out with she clearly doesn’t want the public to know. Lmao like why you you wannaa know who she hangs out with and what she does ???
      1. You ain’t a fan so why you wanna know?
      2. It’s none of your damn business
      3. Get ya own life and stop worry about what Bey is doing so much

  56. Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

    @Centurion You’re just a sad, pathetic loser… I’m just wondering what Bey has done to you that has you so mad. How can one person hate someone they have never met so much. Who the f*** has the damn time? You even take jabs at little Blue like do something productive with ya life something outside of TGJ…

  57. Barb B**** August 21, 2015

    And she looks STUNNING in that picture…

  58. Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

    I’m telling y’all @Centurion a low key fan bruhh. He/she/IT hates on Beyonce all the time but wanna know who she hangs out with and what she does im done ????????????

  59. Centurion August 21, 2015

    Literally in tears. I can’t @ this sensitive ass heaux. ???? ???? ????
    Why is it coming me? I don’t even remember the last time I commented on Beybola. Is it some kind of retribution or something? ???? ???? ????

  60. Mark111 August 21, 2015

    The HIVE needs to learn how to read.”Now with Beyonce, she’s boring. She can’t conduct a complete sentence, she don’t talk about her personal life and even when she does, it’s boring as well (looks at Life Is But A Dream.”
    I said WHEN she does talk about her personal life, it’s boring. Where did I say I wanted drama? My top 5 favorite artist rarely talks about they personal life, from Aaliyah to Janet to MJ to Usher. Yet their interviews (well Usher’s are) are not boring. No one wants to listen to a person that can’t talk. Even the biggest bey fans says their tired of the same old boring interviews she gives, so why do them? You guys are on here acting like this other person’s opinion is God sent, but no one cares. Some people have interesting interviews and some don’t and in this case Beyonce don’t. Done, move on. 🙂

    • Lolz August 21, 2015

      And your opinion is not God sent either. I like watching Beyonce interviews for multiple reasons. But Im sure the next interview or documentary she has out, you’ll watch…. The irony of it all.

      • Mark111 /.\ August 21, 2015

        “I like watching Beyonce interviews for multiple reasons.”
        Yet you didn’t list any of them. Hahahahahaha

      • Lolz August 21, 2015

        Ok. Because I find her cute, goofy in her interviews. I also like listening to what she has to say about her WORK ethic (because its one of the best in the industry) and she intruiges me, also if she has any revelations (since she is so full of mystery). As a female, I also like to wait and see of she will say anything about Blue or her family because its refreshing to see a celebrity lead a nice and stable family life. Is thag good enough?

    • Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

      I don’t think her personal life is boring its just the only questions she allows them to ask are bout performing and motherhood. Her life is definitely more exciting than she let’s on she’s just very selective about what she let the public know.

      • Lolz August 21, 2015

        Exactly. She pulls the strings in all her interviews.

  61. Theman August 21, 2015

    She isn’t the biggest artist in the world. These “Smoke & Mirror” titles are hilarious. She’s not that interesting in interviews anyway. When she wants to shove her brand in everyone’s face she’ll be everywhere. She’s very calculated. People overhype this chick so very much. Gaga’s marketing was something noteworthy enough of being studied. They make all of these overblown titles for this woman, when musically & sales wise she aint…. Never mind. It’s the hype & popularity that makes people get carried away with her. Janet is music royalty. There is no comparison between she & Beyonce. Janet has help shape the music industry. Beyonce’s a legend? Lol for what? What has she done musically that’s groundbreaking?

    • LDN Chick August 21, 2015

      Janet is overrated. Shes only big with hits in America and Japan. Beyonce is a bigger international star than her.

      • Shady81 August 21, 2015

        How is Janet overrated and she’s rarely seen inquiring minds want to know oh by the way Janet is also international is boo hoo to your logical delusional thinking and if you wanna talk about an Asian Market Janet is truly big in it’s China then Japan.

  62. Centurion August 21, 2015

    Literally in tears. I can’t @ this sensitive ass heaux. ???? ???? ????
    Why is it coming for me? I don’t even remember the last time I commented on Beybola. Is it some kind of retribution or something? ???? ???? ????

  63. Theman August 21, 2015


  64. Lolz August 21, 2015

    Its funny the same people who say shes boring and dull are the same ones following her every move. Even clocking who she does/does not hang out with.

  65. Centurion August 21, 2015

    And I will drag you further than the Kuiper Belt if you accuse me of stanning for a thief. I am disgusted.

  66. Lolz August 21, 2015

    And 20 years later in the game and still with major interest, its safe to say Beyonce is more than hype.

  67. Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

    Beyonce tells you what she wants you to know.. People think she’s boring cause she doesn’t let them know s*** all they got to go on is rumors and she doesn’t even address the rumors..

  68. Rima August 21, 2015

    No one checks for a Beyonce interview she’s way too boring.

  69. Rima August 21, 2015

    Where is Dykesie? We still can’t get over Lana thinking she had a hit for 2.5 seconds.

  70. Centurion August 21, 2015

    She doesn’t have a life or a “soul”. There’s nothing to like about her personality because she has none. Simple enough for you? I hope so. Get it together. ????

  71. Kingbeybitch August 21, 2015

    They just want Bey to be like Rihanna, Miley or even Madonna. The public are so over their antics its nothing new or exciting.. If they posed topless people have seen that s*** over and over they’re over it. If Beyonce does it the world would stop Y’all see where I’m going?

  72. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 21, 2015

    So the Nazi are linguists now? Since you all have a high command of the English Language, why don’t answer this simple question…

    “Can the Nazi transcribe this conversation Rihanna is having with her friend?”

    I’m even willing to give you all an extra 10 minutes on the sand timer 😆 #ItCantBeThatHard


    • Lolz August 21, 2015

      DEATH! Rihanna doesn’t even sound smart and eloquent in her interviews so I don’t know where tf they think they’re going. She just comes across more confident than Beyonce (which is ironic because she has less talent)

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 21, 2015

        Let’s take the Diane Sawyer interview for example. That single interview was the most important one of her career, since she was speaking about leaving her abuser to set an example for young women (only to hook up with him 3 times afterwards). For such an interview, you’d expect preparation, fluency and poise, but she spoke in broken sentences and was largely incoherent. So the Nazi will have to eat that cinnamon dusted humble-pie I baked for them, whether they want to or not ????

    • african music lover August 21, 2015

      well i couldnt give a damn about her personal life,i mean the woman gives me her full potential when she performs, she gives me countless music videos per album, what more do i want?not all of us are into the whole celebrity dramas and controversies……the little i get about her personal life is enough,,i guess thats why i enjoyed life is but a dream.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 21, 2015

        I miss the 90s before the social media age, when celebrities had a mystique about them and could communicate info how and when they wanted to. I am tired of generic interviews artists give where they claim ‘my new album is my best work yet’, and they conveniently leak out personal info before their album is released. B is beyond that!

        She already proved with selftitled that she can excel without them. I do want her to visit Oprah every now again to spill some tea tho ????

  73. Lake Erie August 21, 2015

    Lol, I don’t think nobody on here is hating on Beyonce when it comes to her interviews. All of them are all the same and it may have something to do with her selecting what she wants to reveal. But more so it just seems like communications isn’t her strong suit. It’s like test taking, some people just aren’t good test takers.

  74. Janice August 21, 2015

    Y r Bey stans so sensitive? Everyone knows bey has no personality.

  75. Janice August 21, 2015

    Maybe if Bey was interesting like Rihanna and Gaga then she’d probably have a number 1 hit this decade.

  76. LDN Chick August 21, 2015

    She has always been old school and now shes got to a stage were she does not need that kind of exposure, she’ll still be loved and followed if she didn’t breath another word to the press ever again. Thats just the type of celebrity she is. She’d do more damage to her brand if she overexposed herself with interviews.

    • Lake Erie August 21, 2015

      I don’t think no one on here said they wanted her to do multiple interviews. They’re simply debating on her being boring and her articaulation when she does do interviews. And that’s what this article touches on is her not being able to talk to the press or whoever and still be successful, so what is your point?

      • LDN Chick August 21, 2015

        I don’t care what anyone else said. I am commenting on the actual topic hand. And my point is, she is at the stage of her career where she does not need to do interviews for people to still be interested in what she does. What was your point in replying?

      • Lake Erie August 21, 2015

        On that note ,I guess you were summarizing the article which was and is my point. So no point was made by you because thanks to the Ole Yale professor, some of us now know that. 🙂

      • LDN Chick August 21, 2015

        Translation: Your response was absolutely pointless and you’re just bothered by my comments.

  77. theboss August 21, 2015

    I would have to agree, sales has nothing to do with your iconic status. It’s your longevity and staying power in this industry. Who do you influence,? If sales were the only thing, Alanis Morriseette would have been considered an icon over Micheal, Janet and every other star during the 90s. She good and her music is timeless but I would call her an icon based off of her sales. She outsold every major act 10 fold during her reign of the 90s!

  78. Theman August 21, 2015

    Janet is an Icon because of her music & artistry & influence. Her music is classic & speaks for itself. Beyonce’s popularity & hype creates a lot of spin for her. She’s talented. But it’s nothing new. Beyonce just simply isn’t interesting.

    • LDN Chick August 21, 2015

      Speak for yourself. Shes interesting to her massive fan base and the GP who have kept her career alive for over a decade.

  79. Lake Erie August 21, 2015

    Lol. Point proven.

  80. SCALPING THOTS August 21, 2015


  81. XXX August 21, 2015

    Beyonce is the greatest of her generation. She has outlasted all of them time and time again not Britney, Not Alicia, Not Gaga and Not Rihanna could knock her off and thats why shes now in a league of her own. She is a true, classic talent with generation defining songs and thats all there is too it. Hate and discredit her all you want, won’t stop her from going down as a legend. I don’t see her going back to regular interviews, more TV specials and the odd exlusive with each era.

  82. Kyle August 21, 2015

    She told NO LIES. I see why the Navy is mad. Talent and artistry is not something they stan for.

  83. Theman August 21, 2015

    There’s Justin, Pink & etc. she isn’t the greatest. She’s one of in terms of performing/entertaining. Musically she has some good music. But that’s it. Her hype succeeds all else. Again, hype, is what helped her last album. A lot of her sales from her last album were frontloaded. That album didn’t have longevity, with, the massive hype that it had. They can try to gas up all of these titles if they want. If she’s so huge she should be able to sell a million units her first week out. If she’s so huge she should have a single that instantly goes to number. She simply has a great PR & marketing team.

  84. Theman August 21, 2015

    She doesn’t have mystique. She’s simply not that kind of artist. Nothing interesting…. Beautiful Absolutely….

  85. Kourthney August 21, 2015

    Point is good or bad she got yall talking

  86. martin miller August 22, 2015

    The statement on behalf of Professor Daphne A. Brooks suprises me!

  87. Marc August 23, 2015


  88. BEYONCE4LIFEE September 26, 2016

    idk if u guys know but beyonce has profited more the 800 million since the 90s. she is #1 on the forbes top 10 female artist since the 90s. shes been there and will be there. so u taylor swift fan need to shove it. I dont see taylor making over 300 million on an album in a week but tahts none of my business

  89. Truth Seeker April 9, 2018

    Beyonce never really gave interviews in the first place–even when she was with Destiny’s child. I think that there may be a deeper reason why she has chosen to no longer give interviews, and, it may be an esteem issue. Yes, an esteem issue. We are who we are–after we lay down our ego, and we allow ourselves to be our “naked” selves, our True Self, may be lacking privately. Rumor has it that she doesn’t know how to read. Is this true? I don’t know, but people talk and money does not silence everyone.

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