New Song: SWV – ‘Ain’t No Man’

Published: Saturday 8th Aug 2015 by David

October 30th 2015.

On this day the R&B force that is SWV will release their next studio album led by the single ‘Ain’t No Man.’

The album will drop three years after their last studio effort ‘I Missed Us’ touched dow on R&B ground in 2012 and comes with the full support of the group’s Reality TV series ‘SWV Reunited.’

Enjoy below…

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  1. PeaceMaker August 8, 2015

    Sorry Ladies, this song is a Miss!

    • Monica Is The Xscape Of 90s R&B Singers August 8, 2015

      I Like The Song. It Sounds Different That What I Expected For Watching Them Record It On The Show. It Refreshing To Hear Taj And LeeLee Sing On The Track.

    • khalil August 8, 2015

      what made u come to that conclusion?

  2. Iamdiego August 8, 2015

    I like it.

  3. Kayla C August 8, 2015

    This is really good, better than majority of the mess you queens Stan for

  4. Jessica August 8, 2015

    I like it

    • maholacane August 8, 2015

      but that’s jomanda (rip Joanne)

  5. ~The Arcade~ August 8, 2015

    Ahh! Finally good to hear real r&b voices, regardless of what society tries to shove down our throats.

    • Doodleslug August 9, 2015

      but back in ’93, “society” was throwing sistas wif voices down our throats

  6. True Lamb August 8, 2015

    Happy they are releasing a new album hopefully the show will start back up to push the album

    • WebStar August 8, 2015

      Exactly! I just hope they got rid of that idiot Cory – what a loser! he’s such a girl…

    • Ricco August 9, 2015

      but has their show been renewed?? they’ve been quiet on that front that’s y I thought it got cancelled and they were jus keepin it hush hush. In a way they had to drop this single cos the reality show is somewhat delayed

  7. Antioch August 8, 2015

    Yes I love it. Especially hearing all three sing on the song.

    • Doodleslug August 9, 2015

      which is lelee part? Cos I only heard taj & coko

  8. SCALPING THOTS August 8, 2015


    • BROCKAH August 8, 2015

      It’s taj! U must not b a diehard fan lol kidding… The song is cute isn’t it;) she better sing this loud live cos tho cos can never hear her solos…

  9. Casual-T August 8, 2015

    Yes, this is exactly what SWV should be doing at this stage in their careers. It’s rare that I hear a song featured on this site that I would listen to a second time, but this will get additional listens. I also love that Taj and Leelee are featured on leads.

  10. cocobutta August 8, 2015

    Love Swv

  11. Brazio August 8, 2015

    Love SWV!!! big fan!!! Always

    • Ricco August 9, 2015

      same here ooh and jus look at them they look stunning in that shot! I wonder if you can buy a hard copy? cos I want the actual cd single complete with sleeve jus like back in the 90s lol

  12. breach August 8, 2015

    this song is smoooooooth!!!!! What a comeback for the lovely ladies of SWV, I hope they get better promoted cos I read they’re still on that loser Marcus E1 record label… I’m abit nervous about that.. He jus came across as a slick a#*hole on the show so I hope he comes thru this time cos he’s the reason their last effort tanked which was a shame cos “I Missed Us” was as good a masterpiece as “New Beginning”

  13. BRock August 8, 2015

    10 out of 10 Laides Well Done!!!

    Taj sounds fantastic, is there any room for doubt?? I sincerely hope they conquer the r&b world if nothing else, they have the talent and the look it’s really up to management I guess to push the single and album to capacity and as a result “passions are bound to explode”

    Love me sum Taj Lelee & Coko they have 3 distinctive voices that fuse together so powerfully, they are definitely in the up & up!!!

  14. Omega August 8, 2015

    The song only really picks up when Coko is singing lead.

    • Lyali August 8, 2015

      It is so weird cos taj said in an old interview once “our successful formula was set, coko sung all the leads” so I dnt know why they’re switching it up… Like cosign it only picks up on cokos verse. lelee & taj need to stay in the background cos although everyone in their networking circle are encouraging all three to sing lead, I don’t think the r&b community as a whole would be in agreeance cos the fact is Coko is the driving force behind the trio and without her complete contribution out front, any swv record will fall short of it’s potential…

  15. Breath another Koloz days August 9, 2015

    Nice song it not that bad

  16. Bupa August 9, 2015

    I love it baby but they better bring it live cos I saw them perform this on their reality show and they sucked! taj booboo raise your game and make sure your mic is up loud damn

  17. pharahz August 9, 2015

    This song is dope! However they need another “weak” type ballad to really set things off… but then again I don’t think bambam will make it on this new album… tis a shame really cos he is the master of production when it comes to that 90s r&b and that’s what keeps swv’s brand so genuinely authentic – the fact that they never swayed from their r&b roots. But anyways good luck to the sistas, they look really good now that they’ve shed the extra dilos… I loved me some cosign but they had me on sum weather girls throwback vibe when I peeped the video…. glad yall are back tho xxx

  18. Levhi August 9, 2015

    I thought the chorus was gonna b like “ain’t nothin like someone else’s man” LOL cos u know swv became famous thru their man stealing hits ????

    Cool song though, perfect summer joint! And or nice romantic background music for that 1st dinner date ????

  19. denise black August 9, 2015

    yas ss sssss shade but no shade (ITS ABOUT DAME TIME) !!!! IM READY FOR THE NEXT ONE (bring it ) YAS SSS SSSSS

  20. Blacksista August 10, 2015

    One of my favorite… I will support

  21. Dre August 10, 2015

    OMG Wowwwww this is nice they still sound real good together!!!! And my fav of the group ms taj t-roni I hear u baby I’m so proud of u!!!! this is getting downloaded str8 to my iPod 😉

  22. Chardonnay August 10, 2015

    Awwww more baby makin music from the one and only sisters with voices I love these girls, I’m glad they stayed together and I can’t wait for the new album to drop, I’m gon buy a extra copy for the Burger King jookbox so I can get my groove on while I eat

  23. Reece August 10, 2015


  24. Truth August 10, 2015

    THIS is a real quiet storm R&B song worthy of adoration. Take note Janet. I’m not sleeping with this one like I am yours.

  25. Bilao August 11, 2015

    I hope they wear funky clothes so the old days instead of bloody dresses like they did in cosign! Damn I miss the old swv but this joint is still the jam, I will definetly bump this at the next family cook up. I hear u taj with your beautiful alto, sounds so refreshing…

  26. Noel August 12, 2015

    I wish taj sung the whole song, her voice is so sincere and engaging. I love how her tone reflects her features – simply beautiful. I think this song has a lot of potential.

  27. phondress August 12, 2015

    Hmmm I like it a lot!!! Can’t wait to see them perform this live i hope they have a cute little dance routine like cosign…. Great vocals once again go ahead Taj!

  28. zhazha August 13, 2015

    this jam is f****** awesome Marcus u asshole u better promote this s*** cos I didn’t even know dey dropped I missed us so learn from your f****** mistakes cos these sangin sistas deserve all the recognition humanity can serve! My advice to u, if da shoe fits wear it, if it doesn’t take it off!!!

  29. Clarence August 13, 2015

    Sisters With Voices got chu weak in tha knees all over again baby!!! Here we go again I can’t wait for these fabulous sisters to bring it like they always do I love them!!!!!

  30. B4REAL02 August 13, 2015

    I’m here for this. S-Dub come thru!!!

  31. Blazed August 13, 2015

    this da s*** and I also hope that joint lee sang on their show makes the album “all those nights wen I would call and u wouldn’t even hit me back at all” track has an old skool sample just cant think by who

  32. bebe August 15, 2015

    Another hit to add to your already impressive portfolio ladies, another hit.

  33. tre August 16, 2015

    Nice song I wish they could do a remix with nicki minaj rapping on it, would be so cool!

  34. Kia August 16, 2015

    more baby making music I love it!!! makes a change from all their man stealing songs they were so scandalous 20 yrs ago lol

  35. Heath’62 August 16, 2015

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!

    It’s hard to believe that these angelic voices were born and bred during the toughest period in NYC… Truly inspiring!!!! If you can make it in the South Bronx of the 70’s you can make it anywhere!!!

    Gook luck to you 3 lovely ladies, I will be buying the new album when it drops XXX

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