New Video: The Weeknd – ‘Tell Your Friends’

Published: Tuesday 25th Aug 2015 by David


Here comes fresh visual content from The Weeknd.

Excited? If so hit the play button below to catch the video for his new single ‘Tell Your Friends’  which appears on his new album ‘Beauty Behind the Madness.’

Is the video good enough to secure your suport in time for ‘Beauty’s release on Friday.

Watch the haunting release and weigh in below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kayla C August 25, 2015

    Great album

    • Beyoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Formerly RihNavy) August 25, 2015

      It really is quite splendid. Aunt Kanyetta did a great job producing it.

  2. What now August 25, 2015

    Even wit dat deer antler at the top of his head, he still manages 2 b cute.

    • Beyoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Formerly RihNavy) August 25, 2015

      And even without proper grammar and the constant use of capslock you still manage to be incompetent

  3. Banks’ #1 Fan. Chile, go buy Goddess right now! August 25, 2015

    Recently, I’ve heard that Abel’s been going around saying he doesn’t like black women and telling his security guards to deny them access to whatever club he’s in that night. He better get ugly, basic, alternative and pop genre confused, palm tree ass in line! I hope his boring ass didn’t forget that he’s of African descent now that he has little mainstream success. Better wake the fuuck up because those labels will drop his ass at the sound of a bell…….or dog whistle, since his ass looks like a damn bulldog.

  4. Stephy August 25, 2015

    Hmm, I actually liked this creepy ass video. And, his voice not bad either. The song is pretty good too. 6/10

    • Beyoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Formerly RihNavy) August 25, 2015

      No one asked you what you think. You Stan for Mariah, aka a Has Been. Mariah is a disgrace to Queen Beyoncé and NOT on the same level as her. You DISRESPECTFUL K***. Change your avi before the HIVE goes in on that ass

    • Beyoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Formerly RihNavy) August 25, 2015


  5. C.Nelson August 25, 2015


  6. Stephy August 25, 2015

    I did NOT change my avi cause of you… I’m JUST now seeing your irrelevant breakdowns once again in MY reply section. If, you’ve been following me (and you’ve definitely been a stalker) I always change my avi’s from time too time. Also, Mariah Carey is not on what level of Beyoncé’s??? Miss Knowles is ONLY a better touring/performer than her. Miss Carey’s overall career is still FAR ahead of Mrs. Carter.

    • Beyoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Formerly RihNavy) August 25, 2015

      Sure Mariah’s pen game is strong and vocally she had MOMENTS darling but in terms of career and perfection, Beyoncé takes the cake. She’s never had a public Breakdown aka ‘MTV 2001’ or a bad movie review aka ‘Glitter’. She never been divorced or sold under 6 figures her first week, unlike MIAMTEC and Memoirs.

      She’s HUMBLE and doesn’t act like a diva everywhere she goes and she’s CONSISTENT. Everything your fave is NOT.

      • Stephy August 25, 2015

        Beyoncé is far from perfect. And, I can sit here & breakdown (no pun intended) all of her flaws. But, she’s one of my favs, I love Bey. Now, as for overall career. She’s still behind Miss Carey in career musical achievements.

        1.) Mariah’s had more hits than Bey.
        2.) Mariah’s wrote more hits then Bey.
        3.) Mariah’s produced more hits than Bey.
        4.) Mariah’s net worth is still higher than Bey’s.
        5.) Mariah’s album sales are almost 5x higher than Bey’s.
        6.) Mariah’s Billboard achievements (even when you add on DC’s success) are still way ahead of Bey’s.
        7.) Mariah’s GLOBAL sales throughout multiple major markets are bigger than Bey’s sales.
        8.) Mariah’s released 10+ albums that have achieved Diamond, Multi Platinum & Platinum/Gold success.
        She also had MORE than just a few “moments” vocally, throughout her career. Infact, showcasing a 5 octaves range on multiple occasions. And, overall is the 3rd best selling female artist of all time. Which makes her a more successful female ARTIST than Beyoncé. Which is normal, cause Bey’s only released 5 LPs. Now, personal life is a different matter. Whitney, Mariah, Michael etc.. All have their flaws, personal life wise.

    • Beyoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Formerly RihNavy) August 25, 2015

      But siiiiissssss

      1.) Mariah’s had more hits because of Payola, and because Mariah married the HEAD of Sony aka her sugar daddy. OF COURSE she wasn’t going to flop. Tommy CONTROLLER wouldn’t dare let that happen.

      2.) Mariah has written more hits because that’s what she started doing before she was even singing. Beyoncé co-writes majority of her hits, check her album credits boo.

      3.) Beyoncé also produces her hits, so where’s the drag?

      4.) Mariah’s networth is only higher than hers by a cool $75 million. Once Bey & Jay come out with this joint album and tour, Mariah won’t be able to sit Bey on that Forbes list.

      5.) Of course her album sales are higher, she started selling albums in 1990 when people STILL bought them. Beyoncé didn’t start until Dangerously in Love when the music industry had JUST started to flop (see Napster etc.)

      6.) Again…a ’90s artist versus a ’00s artist you can’t compare.

      7.) ***See #5 & #6

      8.) ☝????️

      Beyoncé is STILL that b****** selling out 100% of STADIUMS and ARENA’S. Mariah is BARELY selling out her residency and giving away free songs via mobile aka ‘Thank God I Found You’. PLS ✋????

      • Stephy August 25, 2015

        1.) Payola is used for mostly ALL artists, on a MAJOR label. Beyonce would know about that, since she was signed by TOMMY MOTTOLA. And, he used the same techniques to make sure DC was a success. That’s the job of an executive/president! To make sure their artist are having the best exposure & success possible. Payola dates all the way back to the Elvis Presley days. Even, THRILLER was knee deep into the Payola business. But, still that doesn’t excuse Mariah’s hit singles. Her songs were hits, period. Payola is only there to promote. It cannot force people into buying & purchasing your music, period. “Bootylicious & Independent Women” were on heavy payola rotation. He even discounted (a formula popular in the 90s) the “Bootylicious” single down to 99 cents. That still doesn’t mean it’s not a hit. Mariah’s achieved 28 top ten hits in UK, 50 top ten hits in Japan, 20+ top 10s in Canada etc … She’s scored plenty of REAL hits IN & OUTSIDE of America. So, miss me with that Payola shitt…
        2.) Mariah was NOT writings before she was singing… You should’ve been doing your homework; You should know that MC started singing before she could walk (see the Oprah interview). Her mother was a TRAINED Opera singer. Mariah started using her whistle register, when she heard Minnie R singing on the radio in the late 1970s. She was a SINGER first, then writer when she became a teenager. And, yes Beyonce is a great writer. Love her song “Survivor”. That song is Beyonce’s masterpiece as a writer & producer.
        3.) I am NOT dragging or denying Beyonce’s talent whatsoever. That’s you being extremely bitter & messy. Starting mess with me cause I ignored you on Twitter. But, yes Beyonce is a decent producer.
        4.) Beyonce’s net worth is growing, as it should be. She’s a hard working woman. And, soon enough it should be over 800 million by her 45th B day (imo). But, fact still remains MC’s net worth is still higher NOW.
        5.) Lets cut the BS. Beyonce’s never been a huge album seller. The fact that Rihanna has caught up with her in LP sales is weird. But, then again Rih does have 2 more (although very irrelevant) albums to her credit. But, still 2003 was a HUGE year in album sales. Hello, EMINEM, 50 Cent and even her own husband Jay was outselling her in LP sales. And, not to mention a year later a BLACK album with all R&B music (just like Dangerously In Love) sold over 10+ million copies globally within that year… ala USHER’s CONFESSIONS. So, yes in fact I can use album sales as receipts. It’s apart of her career. Whether it’s from the 1990s or not. Oh, and The Emancipation outsold all Bey’s albums to date. And, that was released in 2005 (2 year AFTER the release of DIL). Also, Alicia Keys also was selling 5x Platinum albums back then too. So, no excuse.
        6.) Beyonce is THAT b****, yes she is. And, I’ve never said she wasn’t. But, this is YOU once again trying to take yo frustration out on the fact that I paid you dust on Twitter. And, Mariah’s residence is doing very well for someone with a damaged reputation & voice. No, Mariah’s not perfect like she was in 1995. But, that’s not stopping her. And, she’s also made millions of dollars this year too. Name one act, from 1990… That is still relevant in TODAYS market (artist that debut with Mariah)?

  7. Beyoncé Giselle-Knowles Carter (Formerly RihNavy) August 25, 2015

    AND Beyoncé can control her child’s behavior and not embarrass her in public. Unlike Mariah’s child throwing a temper tantrum on the walk of fame when Mariah accepted her star. OH MY GOD ???????? OH DON’T DO IT ????????

    • Jamie August 25, 2015

      Why do you keep starting fights for no reason?

  8. Stephy August 25, 2015

    “OF COURSE she wasn’t going to flop. Tommy CONTROLLER wouldn’t dare let that happen.”
    Oh, and before I leave. This is actually a false statement. Mr. Tommy M actually looked at EMTOIONS as a flop. Her DEBUT album sold 10,000,000+ copies within a first year period. But, EMOTIONS had only sold 3 million copies, with a YEARS period. That was a FLOP back then. That’s why she had to soften up her image. And, step away from the aggressive Soul/R&B/Pop sound… And, lean towards more a softer Pop/R&B sound ala MUSIC BOX. That album went on to sell over 20,000,000+ copies. Which was more than her debut, 2nd & live LP’s COMBINED. Also, her global success was incredible too. Selling a whopping 20,000,000+ records in Japan is no joke. That had NEVER been done before, by no artist. Tommy just simply did his job. As he did with Michael Jackson (putting 30+ MILLION dollars in History & Invincible albums), Celine Dion, Michael Bolton etc…

    Oh, and Tommy actually STOPPED. Yes, he STOPPED a natural #1 hit for Mariah. The song “Can’t Let Go” was suppose to go number 1 on the hot 100 (due to STRONG single sales). But, since the album (EMOTIONS) was doing poorly in sales. He snatched all the singles off the shelves. In order, to force people into buying the full album. She’s suppose to have 19/20 #1’s. All I Want For Christmas Is You wasn’t allowed to even chart (due to some weird Billboard rule back then). But, that was suppose to be a #1 hit too.

  9. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 25, 2015

    @BanksFattestStan looking like an obese michelin man/lardman donut boy from Simpsons, and drooling over me. Weren’t you kiki-ing over my comments two days ago, and now you’re indirecting me ????
    LMAO I told everyone who the French white model was in my pic and I’ve talked about my actual job plenty of times, so next time you stalk me get your mvthafûcking facts correct. I will destroy you and make you regret you ever commented on this site, so don’t ever indirect me again piglet bîtch. Too many nobodies on here are trying to use me to get some promo on here, and I ain’t the one.

  10. Theman August 25, 2015

    Beyonce has nothing on Mariah. Mariah vocally, critically, artistically, commercially is superior to Beyonce. Beyonce’s music at best is decent/good. She’s done nothing new. She steals songwriting credits & she is sneaky. She’s had a ton of lawsuits. She’s far from perfect. Her album sales are mediocre for all of the hype that she has. She has very few number ones & she steals ideas off of YouTube. Sit down with the bullshyt. Get TF outta here. Also, Mariah is the second or first best selling women’s artist.

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