Taylor Swift: “I Wasn’t Ready To Be Friends With Kanye West Until He Respected Me”

Published: Tuesday 4th Aug 2015 by David

Inn 2009 the rapper Kanye West slighted the singer Taylor Swift when he claimed she was underserving of a MTV Video Music Award he felt should have been given to Beyonce.

In 2015 their relationship sits on higher ground but Taylor has now revealed that it wouldn’t have reached that point if West hadn’t show her some r.e.s.p.e.c.t.

Full story below…

Swift took to Vanity Fair to share:

I feel like I wasn’t ready to be friends with [West] until I felt like he had some sort of respect for me, and he wasn’t ready to be friends with me until he had some sort of respect for me – so it was the same issue, and we both reached the same place at the same time.

I became friends with Jay Z, and I think it was important, for Jay Z, for Kanye and I to get along…And then Kanye and I both reached a place where he would say really nice things about my music and what I’ve accomplished, and I could ask him how his kid’s doing.

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  1. You tried August 4, 2015

    Really???! Kanye made u relevant UR CAREER IS BASED SOLELY ON THE STUNT HE PULLED! U should be thanking him! Her music can be good but she wouldn’t and wasn’t where she is now before that VMA interruption! H** sit down

  2. Louie August 4, 2015

    I don’t like that bony a** girl!!!

  3. Arianator Barb August 4, 2015

    Seriously, girl sit down. That stunt MADE you, you milked that s*** beyond belief and still do it to this day and your basic ass stans still fall for it. You can’t sing, you can’t dance, you look like plank from ed, edd, and eddy but you’re where your at cuz white people still feel sorry for your flat ass. You’re in your mid twenties and act like your 14 how is an ARTIST as critically acclaimed as KANYE WEST supposed to respect you.

  4. christinastherealtalent August 4, 2015

    She needs to take several stadium seats! Nobody knew who she was till that Kanye incident. That gave her pity fans! Ugh! She’s such a hypocrite too! She demands respect but she shows very little of it when she’s bad mouthing her exes or other females in her songs. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. White supremacy at its best!

    • Arianator Barb August 4, 2015

      Amen!!! F*** Trailor Swift

  5. christinastherealtalent August 4, 2015

    And plus, I love how she threw indirect shade at Kanye by describing “how good my music is and how much I’ve accomplished” and then I could ask him how his kid’s doing. Girl, bye! Kanye has been out longer than you, sold more albums and makes better music. At least Kanye isn’t an industry w****! C’mon, Tay. Commit career suicide. I’m ready to see Janet and Bey end your career!

  6. Prince Kaleo August 4, 2015

    So she is demanding respect from all black artist all of a sudden? Like everyone has said Kanye and Beyonce put this girl at the level she is at now. No one even knew about this girl til that incident went down at the VMA’s. I find it laughable how this mediocre flop star has the nerve to even still be talking about Kanye. I don’t know about this girl she slightly comes off as a crybaby, fame seeking, trouble causing, manipulative daughter of some white supremacy teaching parents. She hops on others coat tails to reach new levels of relevancy. Im over this chic.

  7. Jamie August 4, 2015

    Her face was funny as f*** though. She looked so owned.lol

  8. Prince Kaleo August 4, 2015

    Even Beyonce coming out during her award and giving the floor to Taylor like she did just shows who the class act really is. Taylor needs to grow up get over herself and move on. She hasn’t had to work as hard as these other artists she puts in her mouth such as Jay-Z, Kanye, Beyonce, Nicki Mnaj…shoot even North West is a bigger star. She needs to take several seats and shut her privileged ass mouth.

  9. What now August 4, 2015

    Y iz she still talking??

  10. Prince Kaleo August 4, 2015

    Yeah it was so annoying when she just stood there in shock i would’ve had more respect if she responded at that very moment. She wanted everyone to baby her then for Beyonce to have to lower herself for this girl was jaw dropping. Taylor should be embarrassed the Kanye incident and now this recent one with Nicki Minaj i see a pattern here.

  11. the real xoxo August 4, 2015

    it was 6 years ago, let it go

  12. Prince Kaleo August 4, 2015

    Agreed she should let it go. The only reason we all have things to say is because this girl keeps talking. Shut up Taylor.

  13. Rosie August 4, 2015

    I really like Taylor but to be honest I don’t think she would be anywhere near where she is now without that VMA incident so it comes off as really snooty for her to say this.
    Anyways High By The Beach out August 10th!

    • Rihyeezy August 4, 2015

      Nobody gives a f*** about that FAKE ass Jhene aiko wanna be drunk s***. Stop promoting that b*******!

      • Rosie August 4, 2015

        Just like Herprihs wants to be an Instagram model ass hœ so bad? Kii at anybody being a wannabe Jhene Aiko who the f*** is that? Did her album sell 200K?

      • Rihyeezy August 4, 2015

        Rihanna’s barely even on Instagram dumb ass f*****. But why is Kylie Jenner SLAYING the f*** outta Lana tho can u answer that

      • Paulo August 4, 2015

        Jhené Aiko’s album was nominated at the Grammys countless times. GUESS WHO WASN’T??? womp womp womp @ Llama and its 3 followers.

      • Rosie August 4, 2015

        Lana also has multiple SHAMMY noms ugly fãg. Did Jhene win? No? Then there’s no difference.
        And kii at Herprihs “barely” being on Instagram yet I’ve heard more about her hœ ass carnival outfit in the last few days than I’ve heard about her actual MUSIC total in the past YEAR. Nobody is checking for R8PE anymore other than the Navi; it is literally a model on the same level as Gigi Hadid at this point.

      • Paulo August 4, 2015

        unless you mean “invisible nominations” you’re LYING out your ass as usual. the Grammys paid dust to UltraEarRape just like the rest of the world. Souled Out >>> Sail Out >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Llama’s “career” >>>>>>>>>> your existence.

      • Rosie August 4, 2015

        But did Flopped Out WIN a Grammy? That’s the tea.
        Did H**’d Out get a copper certification yet?
        Did Cocaine’d Out make any critics year-end lists?

      • Rosie August 4, 2015

        How is Jhene beating Lana when her album still hasn’t scanned paper towel? Is that why she was forced to sing about “eating booty like groceries” like the true industry p**** she is and not that fake black Tumblr hippie b******* to make herself look ~deep~?

      • Rihyeezy August 4, 2015

        Jhene slays that BORING ass b**** nobody listens to her in the U.S. She’s a step down from Rita Ora tbh ????

      • Rosie August 4, 2015

        Is that why said “nobody” was performing for crowds of 15-20K just this summer? Is that why Ultraviolence sold over 2x more first week than Smoked Out in the U.S.? Is that why her album scanned gold, something Jhene couldn’t do after sucking every d*** in rap music and all that Urban radio payola? Kii

      • Rosie August 4, 2015

        First week sales
        Ultraviolence – 182,000
        Hoed Out – 70,000
        But Jhene “slayed?”

  14. shakira stan August 4, 2015

    This girl should move on ,it has been seven years already …

  15. shakira stan August 4, 2015

    To think that was the last time Beyonce had a one single ,hahahahahahahaha poor DAT.

    • Rosie August 4, 2015

      Shakira’s last U.S. hit was in 2006.

      • shakira stan August 4, 2015

        Shakira is Colombian you fool …she has one hits in her country all the time.

  16. Prince Kaleo August 4, 2015

    It almost seems like she thinks she needs to be at the level they all are at. They all worked hard to be at the status in which they are today. No children at the grown ups table please. I think she is bitter too because she wasn’t asked to sign with Tidal. Lol

  17. Slay HIVe August 4, 2015

    This girl is really on a roll with her white girl privilege. She better quit while she is ahead because the whole industry can turn against if she keeps it up.

  18. XoMoDe August 4, 2015

    Taylor Swift is full of crap. Kanye basically solidified her career at the VMA’s, and she knows this. Poor, blond haired, pretty, inoffensive, dainty white girl country singer “bullied” by the big, scary black male rapper. The whole industry came to her defense within seconds and has been rewarding her for “surviving” it ever since. And she knows this. She’s the Nicole Brown-Simpson who got away. You can bet that Taylor and her team wouldn’t change ANYTHING about what happened at the VMA’s that night. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Carrie Underwood is probably somewhere wishing some rapper had publicly disrespected her moment too.

    • Paulo August 4, 2015

      what? can’t you realize how disrespectful it is to compare a murder victim whose killer got away with it due to media shenanigans to Taylor Swift playing victim for hits? wtf

  19. Molly August 4, 2015

    Kanye blew up way before Taylor so idk what’s shes taking about.

  20. Paulo August 4, 2015

    she is dragging this out a lot now but I can’t help but wonder if Kanye West would stand up to a white man and pull the same stunt. Taylor has shown that she’s very aware of her white privilege when she directly apologized to Nicki so I don’t get the avalanche of hate her way…

  21. Rosie August 4, 2015

    nn @ that bait Lana post being deleted.

  22. Molly August 4, 2015

    Not “Hoed Out” Lmfao

  23. Biting Truth August 4, 2015

    It’s really annoying how someone as cheesy and lame as Taylor Swift has ultimately become the modern day equivalent to the infinitely superior Shania Twain. Oh well. The industry might be on Taylor’s cIit now, but the laws of physics say that what goes up WILL eventually come down and the bigger they are the harder they fall. She’s on cloud 9 right now with all of these odd hard-to-explain mega million sellers that everyone forgets about the next year, but she’ll eventually put out that album that will be shockingly DOA and no one in her camp will be prepared for it.

  24. CherylSoldierr August 4, 2015

    Wondering what new Lana will sound like tbh. UV didn’t work…

    • Paulo August 4, 2015

      “new” Llama will sound as old raggedy and cracked out as ever. I predict her voice will be so edited it’s gonna sound like Britney Jean The Remix

      • CherylSoldierr August 4, 2015

        No shade sis but not jhene selling out w a pop tarts collab w Jessie j and rixton kiiiiii

      • Paulo August 4, 2015

        why she gotta be a sell-out because she wants the Pop kids to jam to her grooves tho? it’s only a tour… elaborate on this tea, sis. *sips*

      • CherylSoldierr August 4, 2015

        Girl she doesn’t need to be collaborating w RIXTON or Jessie if she wants to make a pop song. Girl…

  25. Paulo August 4, 2015

    the fact you had to stoop so low as to post all those LIES with heavy sprinkles of mysogyny about Jhené just shows that we hit a soft spot there. are you mad about Jhené being a truly talented Tumblr queen while Lana is still trying to find her keys and pen? does it hurt to know your fav will never amount to anything in real music circles because her technique both as a lyricist and as a vocalist are in shambles? does it hurt to know that Llamma can sing about 50 Shades of S&M Desperation but in real life she’s as ugly and undesired as you are? is that why you had to come for Jhené’s s** life – you pressedT about you and your fav sharing the same ugly duckling mug?

    • CherylSoldierr August 4, 2015

      Girl..yall are giving me LIFE right now

  26. Paulo August 4, 2015

    ooh and if we’re gonna compare lyric sets… “eating booty like groceries” for a mainstream feat >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> “my p**** taste like pepsi cola” or every other tired metaphor alluding to domestic violence and spousal abuse being s***.

  27. Rosie August 4, 2015

    But Jhene’s fake deep ass is literally the equivalent of that ugly art major hippie b**** in college who smoked weed and Googled a few Gandhi quotes and thought she was the next John Lennon. You can drag Lana’s songwriting all you want when Lana has actually won LEGITIMATE awards for her songwriting and Ultraviolence made damn near every critic’s year-end list in 2014 other than Pitchfork (who STILL reports on everything she does even though they apparently “hate” her). Like I said earlier Lana literally destroys Jhene who was a B2K groupie (lmaooo) before changing her entire image around 2012 to hop on the whispering black Tumblr artist bandwagon and sucking d*** to get on Drake + every C-list rapper’s tracks only for Hoed Out to get certified patchouli.

    • Rosie August 4, 2015

      All that and not even her target audience aka Black Tumblr uses her anymore, they constantly clock her ass for worshipping Ghandi when he was a massive racist and a child r*****. Guess that’s why she’s sucking Omarion’s d*** again for a hit while regulated to hook girl on Pop Tarts jingles. B**** literally spent 10+ years trying to make herself seem as if she’s some deep b**** who’s ~not like the other girls~ for her career to be defined by “eat the booty like groceries.”

  28. Vandrea August 4, 2015

    Taylor should thank Kanye for what he did because it added another 5-10 years to her shelf life as “America’s Sweetheart.” Had he not interrupted her that night, I suspect she would be in the dwindle zone with Gaga right about now.

  29. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! August 4, 2015

    Fearless debuted with 590,000 with her album…way before the Kanye incident…I don’t think it made much difference to her career long term, maybe short term.

    Taylor swift has been mega successful, seems a lot of people on here dislike that, but that’s okay…. You hate her, because she’s winning… If she wasn’t.. You wouldn’t care..

  30. B. Mike August 4, 2015

    Bye Taylor.

  31. Mark111 /.\ August 4, 2015

    Umm Taylor album came out late 08, along with I Am, Circus and a few others and she out sold all of them, first week and the whole year. So no, Kanye did NOT make her, she was already huge a whole year before AND she WON the award that cause the whole thing.

    • Walker August 5, 2015

      That’s not the point, you homosexual m*****. The point is that that night at the VMA’s bought her enough sympathy points to extend her career well past how long it would have lasted had that not happened. Before Kanye, Taylor was another One Direction/Ariana Grande/Iggy Azealia flavor-of-the-month. Since Kanye, she’s been coddled and propped in ways that most pop and country stars generally aren’t. Kind of like how a certain other illegitimate “singer” was able to use getting her ass beat as a way to boost her fame (although not anywhere near enough to ever come close to selling a million in a week.)

  32. Kukere August 5, 2015

    Girl its 2015 when are you gonna let this go? You like oatmeal with water,personified. Overrated two-faced b**** with corny lyrics. You only famous cuz of Kanye get on his level and cuz of your f***** up relationships. Don`t forget:we made you.

  33. seo consultant October 14, 2016

    i hope she can move on…

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