Dr. Dre Comeback Album Set For Major Debut Based On Pre-Orders

Published: Tuesday 4th Aug 2015 by Sam

Dr. Dre has prescribed what the people want and looks set to reap the rewards accordingly.

Last weekend, the Hip-Hop pioneer and media mogul announced that his long-awaited comeback project ‘Compton, A Soundtrack’ would hit retail this Friday (August 7th)

And, despite the short notice, fans have flocked to Apple Music (where the set will be released exclusively…at least initially) to pre-order.

How high have said purchases soared? Find out below…

Industry analysts Hits Daily Double report that the West Coast rap icon is eyeing first week sales north of 300,000 based on current pre-orders.

The feat is particularly noteworthy given the Apple exclusivity and, of course, the current sales climate.

Stay tuned as the story unfolds.

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  1. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig August 4, 2015

    LOL most people with Dre Beats have never even listened to his music, outside of Eminem’s tracks. Guess he wants to prove that he isn’t another Sean Combs Hip Hop Mogul, that can sell anything besides their own music.

  2. Rosie August 4, 2015

    I think he will hit 500K. These are really early predictions and his album is slaying iTunes with just preorders. I really hope he blocks Luke Bryan’s trash ass since he’s also expected to do over 300K.

  3. Shady81 August 4, 2015

    It’s great to see the Legends comeback it’s starting to be a good look for R&B, Hip-Hop Etc.

  4. May May August 4, 2015

    When will Ciara even sell that in total?

    • DOSSOME August 4, 2015

      Seriously,stay on topic imbecile

    • Hur August 4, 2015

      Stop shading Ciara she’s sold 24 million Albums worldwide!! FACT!!!

      • Hur August 4, 2015

        Since her debut in 2004.

      • May May August 4, 2015

        Death any receipts?

      • Slay HIVe August 4, 2015

        That’s a lie. Provide receipts.

      • Al August 4, 2015

        24M u sure child?!
        Debut would have sold 5M ww
        Evolution around 2M ww ( at a push) and other flops will bw about 1.5-2M and thats being nice. Defo under 10M so i want reciepts

      • Oscar The Grouch August 4, 2015

        not when her total albums sold don’t even pass 10 million

  5. DOSSOME August 4, 2015

    Good numbers,i’m sure he’ll surpass those predictions though

  6. Rosie August 4, 2015

    Anyways The Weeknd (who HDD is already expecting to do 250K+) his tracklist just leaked. Lana is on it so his fanbase will eat that up. It was leaked by Amazon so it’s basically 99% real.

    • DTG August 4, 2015

      The Weeknd sucks. Music for degenerate pansexual hipsters who can’t play sports.

      • Rosie August 4, 2015

        Are you stuck in 2011 just like Luke Bryan is stuck in the closet? The Weeknd has been mainstream since 2013.

    • Rihyeezy August 4, 2015

      B**** no one gives a f*** about Lana lmao.

      • Rosie August 4, 2015

        But no one except the Navi cares about s*** hœ’s era already lasting half a year without a release date in sight. I thought Rihslave was going to save the music industry?

  7. Slay HIVe August 4, 2015

    How is Tidal doing? I heard that two top executives abandoned ship, but we know that TGJ will not report that.

    • african music lover August 4, 2015

      Pour us that tea…..

      • Slay HIVe August 4, 2015

        NY Post is on top of it, the Chief Marketing Officer and the Head of Label & Artist Relations just left. SMDH

    • Hush August 4, 2015

      I heard you’ve never met your own father, because your crab-infested old wh(o)re of a mother could never pinpoint which trick he was. That’s just what I heard…

      • Slay HIVe August 4, 2015

        Cowardly words coming from the loose bottom trollop with a mouthful of herpēs who’s been dragged and passed around the TGJ comments section for months. Thats why your parents, an orangutan and a hog refuse to claim you as their tri-gender child.

  8. DTG August 4, 2015

    I love it when hip hop, rock and country stars outsell sissy pop stars that make gay music. It’s like revenge of the beer drinking alpha male snubbing the corny taste of girls and homos.

    • Rosie August 4, 2015

      But you do know 80% of Luke Bryan’s fanbase is white girls who want to f*** him right? Stay mad and ugly closeted b****.

      • May May August 4, 2015

        You Stan for sales. The Wknds music f****** sucks. All he does is whine about p****.

      • Rosie August 4, 2015

        I don’t even stan The Weeknd but nice try. Probably some hyper-masculine closet “”bro”” fuming because he’s STOMPING on every other male artist this year.

  9. Sage August 4, 2015

    When will Tranet? LMAO! Dre is as old as her and has been around practically as long but is killing with this while FLOP SLEEP is somewhere lining bird cages. 😛

  10. Terryb August 4, 2015

    He’s one of the few artist who take multiple year breaks between albums and still sells very well. I can’t take this Ciara shade from the comments ????????????

  11. Oscar The Grouch August 4, 2015

    No Sleeep
    #17 British Virgin Islands
    #43 Grenada
    #55 Bermuda
    #90 Botswana
    #100 South Africa
    #136 United Arab Emirates
    #162 Thailand

  12. orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana August 5, 2015

    Dr.Dre is realeasing his album before Rihanna

    I’m so done with this

  13. sashafromdonetsk August 8, 2015

    Photo – super!

  14. seo melbourne October 14, 2016

    i love dre.. i want to have this album

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