Ciara Shares Thoughts On The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Published: Friday 4th Sep 2015 by David

While many artists opt to remain silent on issues outside of their bubbles the R&B singer Ciara has stepped out to share her thoughts on the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.

What she had to say about it?

Watch the video below for context and read her comments after the jump…


What do you think about the crisis?


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  1. king September 4, 2015

    instead of absorbing refugees from a very different culture that at least half of them will have culture problems make a safe zones in those muslims countries you dumb world

  2. The Great Lacefronce. September 4, 2015

    She needs to pray for her nonexistent career!

  3. S****** Blonde September 4, 2015

    People have no clue of what is happening here in Europe, Syrians aren’t the only problem, there are people coming from others countries too, this is an Exodus, in Italy everyday more than 400 migrants arrive from Africa, from countries where there is no war, they are abusing, Italians are scared of them, they come here and behave like savages, in Sicily an Ivorian immigrant killed an ancient couple in their own house, but the Italian goverment can’t just send them back cuz that would be racist or unhuman in the eyes of the world. We have to see both sides, this is an invasion, they are forcing Europeans to accept them at all costs, why they don’t go to rich muslim countries or to South Africa?, i tell you why, they want Europe, they don’t want to go to Qatar not matter how rich it is, they dream of Europe.

    • Ovo Barbie September 4, 2015

      Did the killer you speak of kill the people because he is an immigrant or because he is a killer?

    • Paulo September 4, 2015

      of course they dream of Europe – you fucktards have colonized the whole world and were the first “American Dream” before there even was one. Y’all have exploited and still do to this day African natural resources and cheap workforce and now that they want a piece of the pie you call them savages! The f****** nerve. Did you study History at all at school? This dumbass paragraph just confirms that you’re nothing but a hideous racist r*****. go choke on Kurt’s rotten d*** and die. xx

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig September 4, 2015

      … Oh for the love of Zeus, save your bigot essays for a CNN blog. You know for a fact that you would get destroyed if you argued this point on a news blog or article, but you wanna trick these lil TGJ gurls into thinking your opinion is valid.
      How can you make a generalisation about an entire race or country? He is one person out of an entire culture but you want to judge his entire community. Need I remind you that back in South Africa there are Xenophobic murders of innocents civilians (and the victims all have different races). In Europe and the Middle East there are terrorist attacks being performed by migrants that are born and raised ln the same soil. The main concern with migration in Europe is the state of the economy, not whether a psychopath is going to kill someone else (because this could happen in any race).

      • who’s xaxa?? September 4, 2015

        Still got big hopes in Hungary and other countries that will team-up to build this tall wall medias been talking before. I don’t care if Europe is the state of the economy or not, they’re either respect our culture (they don’t) or get the f*** outta here. And to mind you Europe isn’t only UK/SE/GR but also Slavic coutries like Ukraine, Belarus, other poor countries like Romania, Moldova and I could go on and on – we as Europeans have got ENOUGH problems in our society than to care for others. I don’t care for immigrants and I don’t want any of them there! Islam isn’t a religion. I got friends living all around europe, family in Stockholm, best friend in Rotterdam, besties in Glasgow and London, Some lives in Dortmund-Essen and I met a cool dude from Jassy (s*** one btw) and everywhere is the same s*** with muslisms! WE GOTTA GET RID OF THEM! Stop and go educate yourself

    • JOHNVIDAL September 4, 2015

      Here in Europe?
      Since when are you European???

      • S****** Blonde September 4, 2015

        I’m in Italy right now, my mother’s father is Italian, he’s dying so the family is here, my mom lives here since 2012, i decided to stay in america, i moved to L.A, of course i’m european, my father is swedish, my mom is half italian/half swedish, i was raised with a very european culture since both my parents are, i used to spend every summer in Sweden since i was a kid, i consider myself a european american, my parents would kill me if i say otherwise, lol.

    • gooooooooooooogle September 4, 2015

      He has a valid point

      And if you have a problem with that then take some immigrants into your home – Losers!!!

      Stupid people you dont know what’s going on in the world outside of the USA!

      • Professor Keating If Ya Nasty | Annalise September 4, 2015

        Immigration rates are at an all time high in Britain, so I can speak on whatever tf I want to. LMAO suicidebottom is not even from Italy, he’s just staying there….: so is he not an immigrant too? Or is he just taking an ‘extended vacation’ KII

      • Professor Keating If Ya Nasty | Annalise September 4, 2015

        [Correction] suicidebottom IS European (or a ‘europid’ since he loves to use offensive evolutionary terms) but moved to America. The Immigrant comment still stands.

      • who’s xaxa?? September 4, 2015

        How is he an immigrant when his both parents are Europeans? He’s the citizen of Europe whether you like it or not, that’s how the law works here you american yolo pregnant thots. Shut your legs.

      • Professor Keating IF Ya Nasty September 4, 2015

        @Who’sCaca was he born on American soil? DUMB TRICK!

    • Thando September 4, 2015

      Well I say more refugees should go there and occupy the streets in every major town in all of Europe. The greed for Africa’s natural resources has come back to haunt the European capitalists. Almost a 1000 years of land theft, culture destabilization, genocide, raping, pillaging, and economic exploitation is spreading through Europe like a viral thrush.

      These civil wars that these god-forsaken people are escaping were directly or indirectly caused by Europe in their bid to satisfy their lust for money and obscene wealth.

      You came to Africa uninvited and settled (colonized) and you thought it would all be in vain, NO! Just like you brought discord in our lives we shall reply in kind through refugee status. You and your other Caucasian counter-parts will have to suffer the “savages” for they are your doing, lest you leave African things to African peoples. They will not go to Qatar because Qatar did not steal anyone’s wealth, it’s their own oil that makes them rich, they have never invaded any other country with the intention of taking all the mineral resources in those countries.

      I harbor no sympathy whatsoever for what id happening to Europe for THIS IS YOUR DOING. No they are not going to come to my country South Africa because we have our own problems, such as trying to build an economy that is 100% independent of the gluttonous consumerism of the West (Europe and America) plus South Africa is thousands and thousands of Kilometers away, Europe on the other hand, is just a breaststroke away. DEAL!

      • gooooooooooooogle September 4, 2015


        you are a loser a racist and a stupid dumnb man

        who the f*** do you think you are?

        natural resources ? like what kind?? SAND?

        LOL brainwashed MF!

        before the christians came to africa – muslims was taking half of the world by force including africa so you should do your mate MF on who took your real Culture

        out of arabia all the way into africa and even europe

        LOL you want to talk about history and you dont even know that in you core you are just a pagan believer

        school yourself b**** before you are bashing people just because they are in your mind “white”

        and im not even “white” LOSER

      • OMG Logic!!! September 4, 2015

        Culture destabilization? Girl you are reaching! Africans (excluding Egyptians who were always in contact with Europe) didn’t even have a written language before the Europeans stepped foot on their god forsaken continent. They were literally thousands of years behind the rest of the world in every single aspect. Even the damn Aztecs with their bloody merciless culture had developed farming, written language, calendars, and other necessary technology.

        Stop attacking Europeans for doing what every single culture did back in the day – CONQUER weaker cultures.

      • Ovo Barbie September 5, 2015

        Africans didn’t have a written language? You fool. Africa has thousands of different languages in it so why would there be one.

    • OMG Logic!!! September 4, 2015

      Cherish your culture Blonde because immigrants, especially the Muslims, will take over and force their backwards lifestyle upon you all unless you take a stand.

      • Professor Keating If Ya Nasty September 5, 2015

        @OMGIllogical wins the prize as being the one b*tch I absolutely cannot stand. You do realise that the reason why Europe is allowing immigrants to come over to their country is to help their own economy and work for them, right? Immigrants =/= Refugees idiot, if someone is invited over by the government to seek asylum in a country, then it’s a completely different process than applying for a stay (i.e. migrating over).
        For example, the state of the UK’s economy was pretty abysmal after the last War and suffered several recessions/credit crunches afterwards, hence why the Queen invited commonwealth nations over to help rebuild the workforce. Britain wouldn’t have been able to sustain themselves without immigrants. Let’s not even discuss the joke that is called America, and how every race has ran over to the US to pursue the ‘American Dream’, which was only achievable through the genocide of the Native Americans.
        The world would not be what it is today without each culture contributing what it has to society, so for you to go and claim that African’s offered the least makes you an arrogant egotistical deluded c****, and I would see your ass outside this post.

      • Unprez February 29, 2016

        You dumbmass, there are western Muslim countries like you UAE, Qatar as well that is filled with ‘white’ americans that do everything that happens here. Its called diversity. The fact that you choose to focus on a third world country and its culture under severe poverty…your nothing but a minddless trump nazi follower who listens to whatever he says. You all just need to bend over and let him f*** u in the ass already.

  4. Barb-wire September 4, 2015

    Jack off sold 30k yet?

  5. Mark111 September 4, 2015

    Boo, I love when these people are quick to speak about issues across the world, but are hush about issues in their own damn country. When an unarmed Black person is killed, these artist say NOTHING til the very end.

  6. Mark111 September 4, 2015

    I find it funny that Whites from all over the world are crying because non whites are “invading” their country, forcing their lifestyles on them. Well that sounds familiar. The sins of the father is real, lol.

    • OMG Logic!!! September 4, 2015

      Except Europeans could throw their asses back to Africa and the Middle East if they wanted to, so your comparison is null.

  7. What now September 4, 2015

    That is extremely sad wat iz going on. I literally can’t stand Ciara and his valley gurl accent he now has.

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