Hot Shots: Rihanna Stuns Fans At ‘RIRI’ Fragrance Launch

Published: Tuesday 1st Sep 2015 by David

New music isn’t the only treat Rihanna has in store for her fans this year.

Yesterday saw the ‘Music of the Sun’ vocalist make her way to New York City to launch her latest fragrance ‘RIRI’ which nabbed its very own launch event at Macy‘s.

The star dropped the scent with the forthcoming holiday season in mind and posed for pictures with its bottle before meeting with fans who caught her live in promotional action.

You weren’t there?

No problem.

We’ve got you covered.


Random: Are we the only ones who suspect that Rihanna‘s new light and ‘Loud‘-inspired look may be inspired (or inspire) a new light and ‘Loud’ album?


Let us know what you think below!

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  1. Cake like Lady GaGa September 1, 2015

    What about the launch of RIP8? At this rate, Lana Fad Rey will release an album and it will stay in the top 40 for a week (which will never happen) before the submarines get new music from Riherrpes. And Trannnyonce will have lost all that fat before Riherrpes releases an album. And @Molly will have finally found his backbone instead of sucking up to people on the internet that don’t care for him

  2. Christina Aguilera September 1, 2015

    When will she drop that album

  3. ugh okay September 1, 2015

    dave feel like ‘loud’? recycled? i don’t think so. who knows where this’ heading tho. a modern barbie is still just rude and nude under the surface. 😀

  4. MyNameShadyBitch September 1, 2015

    Death @ this loose walled f** camping in here. Sis worry about CaCa and her flop upcoming album.

    I won’t lie, this h** looks looks good(it’s what she’s good at after all, being a mannequin). She better drop the album before Bey, Adele, Katy etc release new material otherwise it’s game over for it. And the dragging will be merciless if she doesn’t have “timeless music”.

  5. Barb Wire September 1, 2015

    Lady Gaga is nothing but an ugly forgotten tramp whose relevancy lasted 3 years. I don’t know why her only stan here keeps trying it. And the worst of it all is, you come from South Africa. The crime ridden, homophobic, poverty-stricken whose head of state wastes tax funds on lavish homes for his his harem of 20+ wives. Don’t try it b****. Barb Wire is back.

    Now back to this b****, let’s face it the only thing R**** is good at is being a good clothes and getting the s*** beaten out of her(she deserves it). She can’t sing, dance, act, write or even keep track of her finances(her 2009 bankruptcy), you’d think with all those no1 hits, 7 albums, she’d top Forbes. Let her drop #R8 and gloves will come off. Now let’s wait for her as equally deluded brain dead fans to swarm my reply section(and divert by mentioning Onika) (and Rosie b****, don’t try it)

    • shakira stan September 1, 2015

      Racist ….must you bring his country into your diss…stupid pathetic f*****…u are just as trashy as your fav.

    • Rihanna’s biggest fan September 1, 2015

      Girl we ain’t gonna flood your reply box cause ain’t no navy care about what a damn onigga fan gotta say your fave has reduced herself to shaking her ass to try make a song sell only to have it flop and forgotten about months later why do they still play BBHMM on the radio and I don’t even hear feeling myself? That s*** is straight ghost not even anaconda is played anymore and she tried oh so hard in that song and video, look at her wax figure a disgrace to all women of color on her knees? The b**** is a slave to the industry with her m***** ass she’s a joke a puppet she went from harajuku junkie to trying to be natural and it did nothing for her have several seats b**** because your fave is nothing but a joke, no one takes her seriously. She can’t even brand herself because she is a joke a cheap ass wanna be wine cooler and ain’t s*** come to me when your fave becomes the face of Dior when your fave has a more than one double platinum album when your fave is a fashion icon BYE B**** you straight tried it trynna come for Rihanna. Not today STUPID HO

  6. Jerome September 1, 2015

    Yaaaasss!!! YAASS!! YASSSS BAE YASSS!!! Even pressed haters are highly anticipating, Take your time with all that slayage!

  7. Jayy Real September 1, 2015

    Blue Ivy will be 38 years old when R8 is released

    • BLUE UGLY CAMEL IVY!! September 1, 2015

      Then she will be same age as her mother is now.

  8. african music lover September 1, 2015

    She looks good except that tired hair style…..Hahahahahhaha… I can just feel the dragging that will take place here once the album drops (whenever that is)

  9. MuscleTech/Nyc September 1, 2015

    I love Rihanna, so beautiful.

  10. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig September 1, 2015

    Looks like the bridesmaid dress Rachel was forced to wear at her friends wedding ????????????

    • BLUE UGLY CAMEL IVY!! September 1, 2015


      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig September 1, 2015

        Look down at your feet (ignore the bruised knees you got from sucking beefcake last night). Down by your manly corny feet is some spare change that I’ve thrown at you… Use it to wisely my dear ❤️.
        P.S. Hœhanna could dress like little bow peep and her slavi would still go and copy her outfit and call it a trend. Go purchase that pepto bismol dress you mindless bum bîtch and exit my mentions immediately #WhenHœhannaSaysYesTheNaziCantSayNo

  11. #JACKIE September 1, 2015

    She is so washed up.

    • What now September 1, 2015


  12. lisa September 1, 2015

    3 flop singles, canceled tour with kanye, CD has no buzz and she still promoting her stinky perfumes.

    Honey, you music was what kept people interested. Now your just a washed up chick whose 4, 5 seconds has run out.

    1. Stop doing drugs with your using friends (melissa supplies the drugs — get rid of her – USER)
    2. Stop endless vacations on islands and get your lazy ass into a recording studio and get a vocal coach to teach you how to sing live

    3. Stop with those UGLY tattoos all over your hands — your starting to look like a Lesbo.

    She’s a burn out.

  13. Lisa September 1, 2015

    She looks a mess. The cd situation is a mess.

    She use to be so hot and cutting edge.

    Now she’s a broken dark barbie.

  14. What now September 1, 2015

    ICONICANNA IS SO BEAUTIFUL! She followed my friend’s fan page on Instagram last nite! ILY Queen!

  15. Bitchpleasssseeeeee September 1, 2015

    Rihanna was pull an almighty Beyinspired when no one is looking for sure.I predict a double album and world tour. Watch this space. ???? ???? ???? ✌ ???? #Champion ????

  16. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 1, 2015

    I can’t even! What kind of slayage is this? Watch when it sells out….just like her Rogue cologne. Got straight men trying to smell like her. Kii, girl!

  17. Rihanna’s biggest fan September 1, 2015

    I live for you pressed as b****** mentioning her album in a post that has nothing to do with her album but her BRAND miss riri is on top of her game and ya birches will still hate this girl has launched multiple perfumes even a cologne line
    Puma multiple lip sticks that have sold out in a matter of minutes and you m************ will still hate

    Stay mad b****** while Rihanna stays building her empire and her brand and stays winning

  18. RihAmerican (hives scared of R8) September 1, 2015

    Lmaoo do you bitter bit ches actually believe rihanna or navy are bothered?? We’ve seen and heard it all before. Flop this flop that until she scalps your fav.Don’t worry #R8 is coming!!

  19. CocoisChanel September 1, 2015

    She’s so beautiful

  20. TheElusiveLamb September 1, 2015

    That hair, that makeup, and of course those eyes >>>>> She is a stunning lady.

  21. EgypttTheMonster September 2, 2015

    Not a Nicki Minaj Stan Coming for Lady Motherfuckin’ Gaga! When ARTPOP(Gaga’s “FLOP”) outsold The PinkPrint, Roman reloaded and the Re-up Sis? Why The F*** has the Fame Monster outsold Onika’s ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY! Tell me b**** why has artRAVE: The ARTPOP BALL TOUR grossed more than ALL of Onika’s Tour Efforts! You know damn well Gaga Shits on your Fave left right and mother flippin’ Center EVERYTHINGWISE! Oh and Since when was South Africa Homophobic? School yourself h** coz Here in S.A LGBT Has had the same rights as any other couple which includes marriage, basic health care and education! Lady Gaga > Nicki Minaj and that is a FACT! $280 million networth, 6 Grammies, Most awarded VMA artist of the decade, Song Writting Icon when will oNiggah!

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