Watch: Janet Jackson Storms Vancouver With The ‘Unbreakable World Tour’ / Performs New Song With….

Published: Tuesday 1st Sep 2015 by David

The first night of Janet Jackson‘s ‘Unbreakable World Tour’ stormed Vancouver’s Rogers Arena last night and brought new material from the icon along for the ride.

Yes…new Janet music.

Should one hit the link below they’d find footage which captured the performer’s grand entrance and a live version of a brand new song which features a very special guest.

Watch below…

Click here to find out when ‘Unbreakable’ is heading to your city!

Your thoughts?

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  1. kigian September 1, 2015

    HOT HOT HOT!!!

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) September 1, 2015


    • lisa September 1, 2015

      Janet Jackson is an Icon a Legend. Everything Beyonce does has glimpse of Janet jackson. Beyonce’s entire essence is Janet, from the hair, to the attitude on stage to the energy.

      THIS SHOW WAS INCREDIBLE. SHE SANG ALL THE HITS AND DANCED HER ASS OFF….Her Throb was Crazy. This tour was 100% better than her last tour and she’s finally dancing more.

      I did want more skin, but shes a lady now.

    • Royalkev September 1, 2015

      Oh Gawd, Beyonce does not remind me of Janet & I adore both!!!!! I don’t see it! Janet HAS paved the way (open doors), but Janet has her daughters that study her. B’s not really one of them. Bey and JJ are apples and oranges imo. @Truth … I’m going to let you have your fun! Such a s***-starter. LOL

      • Janatic September 1, 2015

        Beyonce reminds me of every female artist…whether it’s Tina Turner, Janet Jackson, Donna Summer, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, etc…Look, she’s a great performer and no one can’t take that from her but she is not original and has stolen from everyone…You name it, she’s done it…She even stole Angelina Jolie’s slide down the skycraper from Mr. and Mrs. Smith with the trenchcoat, paten leather knockoff look and boots for her VMA “Ring The Alarm” performance. Did no one else catch that? To top if off, she stole Miss Janet’s Rhythm Nation breakdown from The Velvet Rope Tour in that same performance…Sorry but she’s way overrated.

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) September 1, 2015

        Lolol @royalkev gooowrl i know i am lol!! Seriously tho, from what i understand they love each other. But where’s the fun in that? Lolol

      • Royalkev September 1, 2015

        ^ Do you babe! 🙂

  2. Jerome September 1, 2015

    And this is supposed to be better than Beyonce? Today’s Yonce? Please…

    • Dev September 1, 2015

      I can’t stand people like you. Look at the venue, look at the people excited to be there, listen to the the guy who’s filming. These people are here to see someone who has been in the industry for decades and has made a significant mark in her own right. People do the same with Brandy. Brandy was one of the first (if not the first) black females to be a cover girl make up girl, she had a doll and a T.V show, she played Cinderella and she opened doors. As much as i’m not a fan of Ashanti she also make her mark with high sales of her debut album. People behave like there was no one before Beyonce and she set the benchmark and opened up the doors for all these artists, but its actually the other way around.

      • danyboo September 1, 2015


      • Lisa September 1, 2015





      • Royalkev September 1, 2015

        Preach a bit Dev! Janet and Brandy had careers that people admired and wanted to expand on. You can’t knock artists that opened up lanes so many artists are standing in today. It just a torch being passed. These ladies themselves owe it to Diana, Donna, Aretha, etc…

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) September 1, 2015

        Dany stfu!! No low budget but ur mom on the corner in front of ur house.

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) September 1, 2015


      • danyboo September 1, 2015

        Lol if you compare a Beyonce production to that than yes its low budget boo don’t get mad just get on the right team????????????

  3. J-Mar September 1, 2015

    Alright Now THIS Look Hot Song Sounds Hot Janet Is Back I like This Way Better Then Her First Single And Im Glad To See Missy Is Back As Well Slay Janet.

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan September 1, 2015

    OMG This is such an ICONIC moment. That is how you open up. It sounded like a great horror movie trailer “….They Must Of Forgot Who I Am”
    YESSSS JANET!!!!!!

  5. MuscleTech/Nyc September 1, 2015

    Yes Janet! No one sets a stage on fire like these four “M.J, Janet, Beyonce, and Tina Turner”.

    • Royalkev September 1, 2015

      Ya’ll preaching!

    • JOHNVIDAL September 1, 2015

      Michael and Tina>>>>>>>>>>>>

  6. Navy Nick September 1, 2015

    Amen amen amen! Love

  7. Renzo585 September 1, 2015

    Yasssssss the Queen was slaying

  8. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) September 1, 2015

    The Queen of Pop is back! I can’t wait to go see her!

  9. truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) September 1, 2015


  10. Mark111 /.\ September 1, 2015

    When will Ciara, Britney, Madonna, Mariah, Gaga, and the rest of those has been/flops? The Return of The Queen! Still got it!

    • Paris September 1, 2015

      OMG play in traffic. You’re just pulling names out of your ass. When will Madonna? Her tour numbers and legendary status answer that. When will Mariah? Really? Cut to the fact that Mariah is not a dancer but still has had a record breaking comeback with the Emancipation also her legendary status answers your question. The real question is, Mark when will YOU?

      • Jana September 1, 2015

        Madonna is the biggest selling female touring artist in HISTORY. She is also the biggest selling female in history. Mariah is officially number 2.

        Janet is a legend, but her numbers are half of mariah and madonna

  11. ayee September 1, 2015

    love her soooo much! this song is a fckin banger!

  12. Thando September 1, 2015

    Like the royal stage presence she is. I cannot wait for the DVD. The original queen.

  13. da realest September 1, 2015

    I heard mother did her thing last night. Looked liked she barely changed wardrobes, just wanted to give her fans all of her. Yes, I can’t wait till September 30th.

  14. bonbon September 1, 2015



    UNLIKE MADONNA – who refuses to sing the original versions or any hits at all — but sings a full show of FLOP songs no one cares about and charges to $200 per seat.

    UNLIKE BEYONOCE — who sings 4-5 cover songs that her fans do NOT care about instead of singing fan fave cd cuts.

    THANK YOU JANET – for remaining true to your fans who love you and yessssss we want to hear WHEN I THINK OF YOU AND PLEASURE PRINCIPAL and see YOU Dance.

    • What now September 1, 2015

      Madonna & Beyoncè hasthe biggest grossing tours in the world…

      • danyboo September 1, 2015

        Get that b**** together

  15. MIKE September 1, 2015


  16. Barb-wire September 1, 2015

    OH MY GOD!!! I liveeeddd… The Queen better snatch these dusty and 95 year old wigs. When will Fossil Madge??? Whennnnn????

  17. Lisa September 1, 2015

    She is 100% covered up and still s***.

    49 years old and dancing her b*** off.

    Werkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Mrs. Jackson

  18. Royalkev September 1, 2015

    F*** it up Janet! I’m here for that opening! I’m here for the song!!!!!! I’m so here for the damn show!!!!!!! I’m so ready to see this kind of slaaaayage over and over on this tour! Again, that song is all kinds of fire! I need it on Itunes NOW. This is the kind of music from Janet that drives me crazy! Love it!

  19. DAVID September 1, 2015

    love janet still the best entertainer in the world

  20. UPGRADEBOY September 1, 2015


  21. UPGRADEBOY September 1, 2015

    SLAAAAAY I LOVED THE ENTRANCE, remind me of beyoncés at revel

    • Lake Erie September 1, 2015

      Or Janets “If” era. Watch the video.

  22. Lake Erie September 1, 2015

    Janet jackson!!! Yes!!! Wardrobe was on 12! Energy was was comparable to her prime days and her voice was on fleek! I can’t wait until she comes to my city!

    • Janatic September 1, 2015

      Yes sir…No one compares…No one else matters…Only one Janet baby…I see her in less than 3 weeks….YAAS! It’s gonna be so hot!

      • Lake Erie September 1, 2015

        WHAT’S GOOD @Janatic!? And right! I know you pumped! She still got. I posted something else on here for you but this damn site is holding my comment for some reason.

      • Janatic September 1, 2015

        Hey boy! I’m good. I am so pumped. Janet is doing this thing where if you bought her album in presale and used that code to buy tickets, then she is letting you go to her museum to get the ultimate fan experience. I am so ready. I’m sorry I missed your comment.

  23. pat September 1, 2015

    The slayage. The new choreo to the old songs is sick too. Now this Missy song is the sound we’ve been waiting for!!

  24. Sarah September 1, 2015

    Queen Motha!!!

  25. Fairreaux September 1, 2015

    If the Super Bowl “incident” never happened, I can’t imagine how much further Janet would’ve went.
    A quick look at the charts from day one allll the way through the early 2000’s illustrate she was only going up.
    Either way, her impact is solidified at this point.
    Why anyone would think she’s comparable to any artist out/that’s debuted in the past decade or two is laughable.

  26. SCALPING THOTS September 1, 2015


  27. Slay_Hive September 1, 2015

    I just can’t at how people hype up underwhelming mediocrity and I am not being shady or even hating. The intro was cool. It did remind me of Beyoncé’s iconic silhouette stance, that she does before every performance.???? The song with Missy is weak. From the production to the vocals, I’m just not feeling it. Sounds a little corny and outdated.???? The choreography was nice, but Janet gave me no energy and was half assing the moves, while her younger background dancers were giving it their all. I was expecting more but ended up bored. #NoShade

    • Janatic September 1, 2015

      You are so lame and such a hater and I can’t stand your alien versus predator looking ass…If Beyonce is so much, why are here?…Because you are pressed…Beyonce is nothing compared to Janet Jackson and I wish her limp wristed stans would get that through their overgrown foreheads.

      • Slay_Hive September 1, 2015

        Not a 40+ year old bitter plus sized snow queen calling anything lame. With your nerdy Big Bang Theory inspired corny try hard ass reads. I’m here because I pay my bills and will navigate any laptop/phone/ tablet, I own, to whatever f****** site I want to go on. This is a blog and I’m entitled to my opinion. They’re like assholes. We all have one, except yours is identical to the hole on your face. Torn, worn, funky and unsightly. I’m not going to be like others and kiss Janet’s ass because I’m desperate for new music, a hit and for her to regain respect/interest after that tired planned Superbowl scandal. The performance was basic to me, she lipped synced for her LIFE and her dancing was as stiff as your geriatric limp diick after you swallow your Viagra pills! FOH hating ass grandpa!

      • Janatic September 1, 2015

        Is that the best your STD infested ass can come up with? Haha…You try and but the reads are always not up to par. B***h, you will never be on my level. Trsut that! You would like to believe I am overweight and uneducated like yourself but I have two degrees and I have the genes that will make you invisible to everyone if I walked into the same room with your late and busted looking ass. This is Premium Nubian here who takes care of his body and looks 10 years younger than the fraud you worship, even though we are the same age. I talk s**t because I can back it up. It’s not my fault that you look like Pumpkinhead on steroids. Seethe b***h! You are late, illiterate and tired, and stalking every Janet video because you are mad that your fave will never reach her. Deal with it b***h! Btw, posting multiple times under multiple names doesn’t make your point any less redundant and asinine, you retarded queen.

      • Slay_Hive September 1, 2015

        Girl blah blah blah blah *In Rich homie Quan voice*
        Here you go typing these MAD exaggerated tired novels about my “reads” yet you find your old bitter ass in my reply box every time. Is it because I’m not kissing your washed out sliced nose queen’s stiff ass? #hilarious????
        You can save the unnecessary LONG lie-filled explanation of what you look like. I mean, I’m honored, but your desperation for me to give a f**** is laughable. A PICTURE is worth a billion words BUBBLES! Post one or stfu biitch. You won’t though. If you’re ass flawless as you claim to be, you should have no problem. Old bitter ugly ass queen! I have no reason to seethe but god has gave you plenty. Find your hypocritical pressed ass way out of my reply box and enjoy this tired ass video. Bye

      • Janatic September 1, 2015

        Hahaha! Like I would show you my picture…for what? What’s the point in looking at someone on a level that you will never reach or something that you could never be. I wouldn’t dare waste the time because you are a non-motherf***king factor. The only bitter one here is you. Every Janet video, here comes the G******** Sissy Of The Year giving her/his opinion where it was not needed or wanted. Have you even recovered from your all night gangbang session where they used you like pincushion? Shouldn’t you be somewhere icing down and resting for the next session? Opinions are cool but what you do is calling trolling and nobody likes an ugly ass bumpy faced troll who is always coming for someone when they roam the bottom of the barrel in every aspect of their life anyways. I don’t see Janet stans posting s**t like that on Beyonce’s posts but here you are, yet again. Janet is the s**t and you just can’t take it. Oh well…Move on. Nobody is asking you to check for her so I don’t see why you bother since she is not what rocks your boat. Oops I meant float, you can’t afford a boat. No matter what you post, Damita Jo is LEGEND. Been there, done it while these late girls of this generation couldn’t hold up her bra strap. Mediocrity galore. Girl bye. Do your “queen” a favor and go get your GED. Didn’t she buy one two years ago? Yea go handle that for her and make her proud…LMAO

      • Slay_Hive September 1, 2015

        Biitch you might as well post a pic. You have all the time in the world to write these long fairytale essays about what you look like to a “nonfactor”. #ironic You might as well. You are such a dumb hypocritical, contradicting late pressed queen. The fact that you keep popping up in my real box with your exaggerated, too thought out reads, shows that you are bothered. Clearly,you don’t know what an opinion is! I’m entitled to that as long as there is no disrespect. My initial comment to Janet was how I felt about her performance. We will not agree, being that we are two different people. Your response, coming for how I look(to you) and how you can’t stand me was uncalled for and shows that you are a hypocrite and PRESSED by my opinion. If janet is the “s***” like you claim, you wouldn’t let a “nonfactor’s” opinion upset you. No matter what your try hard ass has to say, my opinion remains the same sweety! Also check the 2nd and 3rd comment. Janet Stans are bothered by Beyoncé! You really give me ElusiveLamb teas. From your writing style, the tryhardNESS of your reads,going off topic and the damn essays for every comment. You are one sad tranny. F**** you with a sick dikk b****!

      • Janatic September 1, 2015

        B***h I don’t entertain whorish and thirsty bottoms who are looking for the next d**k to suck. That’s the only reason why you want to see what I look like. I’ve already told you….I AIN’T INTERESTED b***h. Awww did I hurt your feelings? I can’t stand you and that is my prerogative. Don’t come to me all b*** hurt after you have so much motherf***king mouth. You are desperate and lame. Most of your posts are on Janet articles where you come to hate and to top it off, you are on here posting under multiple names which is the same MO. Borderline psychotic. I don’t know who the f**k ElusiveL is but it ain’t me, like I’ve told your stupid ass before. You’ve made so many enemies that you can’t keep up with who drags your flat ass. B***h move on. A Janet fan is not threatened by Beyonce sweetie. LOL. And why would they be? I mean just look at the numbers and the conversation ends. Stop coming on Janet posts starting s**t and there would be none. Save the s**k d*** for yourself as I’m sure you’ve probably already rode one too many of them….:-O

      • Slay_Hive September 1, 2015

        Bitchh just stfu. I didn’t even read that stupid long nonsensical mess. Go occupy your free time and write a children’s book with that IMAGINATION. Lies and fairy tales galore. I don’t have the time. Lmaooo smh Toodles

      • Janatic September 1, 2015

        Goodbye w***e…Don’t forget your jock strap and tube socks.

    • Janice September 1, 2015

      Beyonces fat ass will never be on Janets level. Now get outta here and go watch one of Lameyonces recycled performances.

      • Slay_Hive September 1, 2015

        Yea * goes to watch The Mrs. Carter Show* The top five highest grossing tour by a female artist of all time.????

      • Janice September 1, 2015

        Is that the tour were she copied all of Jlos looks?

      • Slay_Hive September 1, 2015

        Umm what is a J.Lo?? Is it a has been like Janet??????

  28. Indie September 1, 2015

    This BISH!!! It’s taken 2 hours for me to comment as I fainted cos The Queen had me in a coffin after seeing that opening!!!! she is EVERYTHING!!!!

  29. #JACKIE September 1, 2015

    The song does not sound appealing, sorry Janet. Her comeback has been boring. 🙁

    • Janice September 1, 2015

      ciaras whole career is boring

      • #JACKIE September 1, 2015

        No shade but Ciara’s recent music slays everything I heard from Janet so far.

  30. Janice September 1, 2015

    I was slayed… Janet is a real queen unlike beyonce and ciara.

    • #JACKIE September 1, 2015

      Please keep it cute. Janet is indeed a queen but I will drag her without hesitation on behalf of my queen.

      • JanStan September 1, 2015

        Your queen just bowed down to her at the BET awards. Next.

      • #JACKIE September 1, 2015

        So tf what. I was not even being disrespectful or shady to Janet. You old pressed b****** tried it and the favor was returned.

      • JanStan September 1, 2015

        It was the idle threat that I had to check. Just needed u to know that u ain’t dragging Janet for ANYTHING on behalf of ANYONE that threw themselves at her feet…

      • #JACKIE September 1, 2015

        Chile cheese Janet needs to throw herself back into the studio.

  31. Bey Advocate September 1, 2015

    But why do people mention Beyoncé? All the girls who are CURRENTLY doing things and yall bring up Bey? Is it because she’s just as great?

  32. Crabs In a Barrell September 1, 2015

    Some of you you are so sad, no better than racists, but worse. You’d rather tear down your own. If Beyonce is so overrated, why do you constantly bring her up? She’s obviously the standard in your small minds where there can only be one successful black musician. You can give Janet her props without going after another accomplished woman of color. Bunch of crabs.

  33. JanStan September 1, 2015

    U know Motha is a legend when the only fanbase that DARE come for her is the HIVE. I think every other fanbase knows their place. Too old for that but just putting it out there lol

  34. Jana September 1, 2015





  35. Sandra September 1, 2015

    I saw some clips from Janets tour and it’s looking good. I might go see her tbh!

    • Janatic September 1, 2015

      After all the s**t you have talked? mmhmm ok

  36. isi September 1, 2015

    Bashing Beyonce to praise Janet, still won’t help.Come October there will be some hurt feelings and it won’t be the hive’s!

    Post titgate Janet performances are overrated as f***, as is this clip. Her performance peak was the all for you era after that meh.

    Her music has been good, performances are just ok though and that’s been since 2004!

  37. Lake Erie September 1, 2015

    Lol! I am so baffled by the hate. Either way, come October, November or July of next year! Janet will still be blessing every nook and cranny of the globe with her presence and unbothered by anybodys THIRST to sTay relevant or make some forced comeback. People just need to deal. The Queen of all queens is back, so drop to ya knees like the BEST or continue to SEETHE like the rest.

    OVERALL, I’m feeling the love on this post. I’m excited too 🙂

    • Janatic September 1, 2015

      Yes sir!! I replied to you above. Sorry I missed it…How have you been?

      • Lake Erie September 1, 2015

        Wow! I didn’t know that! Is it only for certain states? You going? And lol, it’s cool I see you on here reading TF OUTTA these filthy ass haters on here smh lol, so no rush lol. I’ve been good though, back to this school shyt, ready for the semester to be over already. Lol.

      • Janatic September 1, 2015

        Well the people in Vancouver told me they got an email with a code right before the show and that was used to get in the museum…So I’m thinking all the cities maybe?..I hope so…The tour book looks amazing…so many gorgeous photos…I got to have that and probably a t-shirt…Yea I had to go in again…LOL…I can’t stand b***h…I really can’t…Well I know how that is…just hang in there…16 weeks and done and on to the next one…ya know

      • Lake Erie September 1, 2015

        Yes!!! That’s all I did last night! I was posted on twitter and IG, just scrolling through all the pics and videos people were uploading lol. Have you seen that “All for you” dance break video that’s been circulating? SMDH! !! She murdered it! Her and her dancer were still moving on one accord but Janet was looking like shiiid,… it was 2001 again. Ain’t lost it a bit.

      • Lake Erie September 1, 2015

        I aint gone lie, I was looking for something for her to change into that would give me a glimpse of that “bod” lol but she looked gorgeous though. 🙂

      • Janatic September 1, 2015

        Boy, I was all over social media last night…trying to catch every glimpse that I could…Yes I saw that “All For You” breakdown…Everybody went crazy over it…Janet was #1 trending worldwide last night…But I tell you, the best part of the show was when she did If/Scream/Rhythm Nation…OMG…she MURKED it…the energy was insane.

      • Janatic September 1, 2015

        Yea me too…but she really took no breaks…just hardcore all the way through…I saw a lot of the show because some people were live posting…I’m thinking she may have different wardrobes for different cities because I know Zanotti did multiple show colors for her.

      • Lake Erie September 1, 2015

        LMAO CTFU!!!!! YOU said she MURKED that shyt lol. I gota fund that video. (Sigh) that’s our girl. A true stage OX! NO MF lie! Another thing that tripped me out was Missy, I saw her tweeting but I didn’t expect her to be on the Janet joint. Lol. I was like, aaah! missy ass knew lol. Aye, we talking like we was in Vancouver last night lol.

      • Janatic September 1, 2015

        Yea that part was insane…I mean she really went in…I saw that whole medley…It was on a live posting site so the link is gone now but you may can find something on Youtube. The chick is a natural born performer…That’s all I can say…I really wasn’t expecting a Missy joint either but that s**t is hot…I am so ready for this album…I really like what I heard from Great Forever too…I was hoping she would perform that too but there may be a reason for that. I heard two other new songs last night and they both sounded great as well. One was kind of sad yet uplifting and the other is the title track.

      • Lake Erie September 1, 2015

        Wow! I am SALT that you had access to that live stream! Smh lol! Yes, you are absolutely right! And I think I know the sad song you’re talking about, I read somewhere that she had performed another addressing a lot of the social issues going on in society today. I heard the crowd was really feeling it too. I heard the beat was hard cold too!

      • Janatic September 1, 2015

        LOL…I’m sorry…Well you will see more of the show because you know they will be posting videos…She does Calgary tomorrow and I think that is a bigger show…Yes it addressed social issues and had a lot of heartbreaking pictures from around the world on the screen…The song sounded good though…But I have to talk about her voice…OMG…She sung live the whole time…I don’t think I heard a pre-recorded track once and the voice was strong…She really sounded good last night…I Get Lonely was so good…Ugh…But I got to go…lol…You gonna have me here talking about Janet all day…We definitely will be talking soon

      • Lake Erie September 1, 2015

        LMAO! !!!! Aaaw see, you done said to much right there, now I gotta keep you online lol. J/p. Well aight, ttyl then.

    • Lake Erie September 1, 2015

      Smh woe smh 🙂

  38. lol September 1, 2015

    Not slay hive getting dragged for filth by that Janet Stan

  39. Kheiz September 1, 2015

    Thats good

  40. JanStan September 1, 2015

    This Missy song is EVERYTHING. It needs to be released NOW.

  41. QueenNavy September 1, 2015

    Janet’s album is going to flop and she’ll be lucky if this tour even makes it into the years top 10. But I understand being a housewife can be boring, she needed something to do so have fun with this modest “comeback” Ms. Jackson.

    • JanStan September 1, 2015

      In this 4 minute snippet Janet slayed any of Rihs performances EVER. Lolol. The nerve.

      • QueenNavy September 1, 2015

        Blah, blah, blah and yawn at you. My position stands. Her new music has been terrible and her new album and tour most likely won’t perform that great. Ms Janet had a good run but that’s been over for a while. Ol’ girl should go out with some grace rather than embarrass herself with new offerings that few will be interested in.

    • JanStan September 1, 2015

      Oh girl I just can’t with someone Rih stanning ALONE. LOL. You should know better than to come for Janet’s music when your fave has released half her alb trying to find something that sticks.

      • QueenNavy September 1, 2015

        Honey sweetie darling, everything my fave has put out so far has “stuck” better than No Sleep. And that’s not even bragging, just truth. Your fave has spent exactly 2 weeks on the lower half of the Hot 100. Do you REALLY wanna speculate at whose forthcoming album will most likely perform better? Come on now, don’t do that to Janet!

  42. Regina George September 1, 2015

    I AM READY!!! I just can’t with some of the hating ass comments bc clearly, Janet still has IT! Motha is moving and performing like she is still in her twenties meanwhile the haters will find ANY reason to try it. Just pathetic

  43. Sage September 1, 2015

    ROFLMAO @ Tranet Hackson. The stage look stage, she look silly and the song is mega wack. No talent MJ biting infomercial quality Tranny has been from the 80s that nobody care about no more. Awwww! :(. Lol Hurry up and release that flop album. #NOSLEEEPFLOPPED

    • Regina George September 1, 2015

      But you watched right? Keep adding to the views and commenting on people “no one cares” about… She’s booked… You on the other hand… Are here… On your lunch break eating that peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a side of seeeeeethe Trolling and WATCHING her… No question on who’s winning there…

  44. #JACKIE September 1, 2015

    I can’t at the Janet stans going off on the hive and Csquad because we have differing opinions. No one even disrespected Janet and y’all b****** is mad. Her new music is boring and the performance was boring gtf >>>

    • JanStan September 1, 2015

      Hey sis. Was it better than the performance that Ciara did in tribute to her? Just curious.

      • #JACKIE September 1, 2015

        I’m not even making this a Ciara v Janet thing boo. Ciara idolizes her and her performance showed that (she slayed) but that’s neither here nor there. Janet has seen better days performance and music wise. Tf you so pressed for?

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