Hot Shots: Topshop Throws New York Fashion Week Party In Honour Of Ciara

Published: Friday 11th Sep 2015 by David

 Ciara‘s partnership with Topshop saw them honour her with a New York Fashion Week party hours ago.

The fashion forward company celebrated their union with the ‘Body Party’ belle after she became its latest ambassador following the release of her latest LP ‘Jackie.’

Peep more from her time with them after the jump.


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  1. Robert September 11, 2015

    Ciara looks more and more like a t***** each time I see I photo of him.

    • Barb-wire September 11, 2015

      He must’ve stopped taking his hormone pills..

    • Glorious Sun September 11, 2015

      THE HATE IS REAL!!!! Umm, that Swag-Jacker just release photos with the SAME styling as this “t*****” yall speak of. Ummm…..

  2. Weezy Tha G.O.A.T September 11, 2015

    Congrats CiCi, she’s has been looking so healthy and refreshed as of late.

    • I support great music September 11, 2015

      Yasss Queen Cici????
      Loosers be hatin’ they should get a life.. poor things lol

  3. #JACKIE September 11, 2015


    • BeyBarb September 11, 2015

      i mean her music is not selling so yes

      • Diego September 11, 2015

        Exactly they just knew dance llke we making love would smash n no surprise it tanked lol

  4. Barb-wire September 11, 2015

    Take the weave, make up and clothes off and what do you left with? A naked guy with a tucked penis.

    • What now September 11, 2015


  5. What now September 11, 2015

    KIIII! Topsham? Really? Chile that is so first quarter Beyoncè 2013. Ciara stay late af.

    • Sarah September 11, 2015

      & Whats YOUR claim to fame?? …..Sit on the internet and hate on b****** who actually have a thats the REAL KII

      • What now September 11, 2015

        Chile if I wanted 2 b famous, I’d sell my soul to Satan, but I don’t need fame 2 feel special and relevant. How tf r u going 2 tell muah abt muah life wen ur here doing the same s***? Exit with ur late ass shade.

      • Sarah September 11, 2015

        Im not hating though! Thats a big difference..Your hating and your life aint sh*t LOL..the irony..Ciara can buy your life 10 times over

      • What now September 11, 2015

        Yr still here worried about muah tho, so no u r not any better b****. And since Ciara can buy my life and is so rich, y doesn’t he buy his own records since no one iz. KIIIIII

    • Sheila September 11, 2015

      Why are you so bothered than on what she is doing? You got your own queen to worship hater!

      • What now September 11, 2015

        Ain’t no hate bih. Just don’t like the b**** and her delusional fans.

  6. Sarah September 11, 2015

    She looks amazing…you guys are some hating b^tches

    • Sheila September 11, 2015

      You know you’re doing something right when the haters come out. Keep doing you CiCi!

  7. Lake Erie September 11, 2015

    Lol Hating early in the morning though. smh. No life.


    Go Go CiCi! You so s*** mama.

  8. WRTW? September 11, 2015

    Well since the music thing isn’t working out… I love #jackie tho, but Ciara’s promo campaign was dated, you can’t just go to a few daytime talk shows and expect your album to do well in 2015. Maybe she’ll get it after she flops 3 or 4 more times. Love you Cici????????????

  9. Ann September 11, 2015

    She looks more and more like Kelly Rowland in a way. Chin implants and nose job she looks do different period!

  10. 4everBrandy_Ci September 11, 2015

    Go Ciara!!!! This chick never fails to amaze me no matter how match hate and shade is thrown at her she CLEARLY gives no f****!!!!!! #C-SQUAD.

  11. DeeFlyy September 11, 2015

    The hate is real , Yall just MADD she WINNING ???????????? that s*** is sad


  12. african music lover September 11, 2015

    Why is she currently more relevent than the fourfive head?

    • Chile please September 11, 2015

      Relevant how? Explain please you nasty african scumbag trying to start a war you can’t back up

      • african music lover September 11, 2015

        So you know who fourfive head is coz i dont remember calling names??

  13. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 11, 2015

    Did y’all hear about that new, expensive ass house that Russell just bought? If Future ain’t seething by now, he will definitely have steam coming out of his ears soon when he finds out her snd the baby will be living there with him. I’m so proud of Ciara and I want her to start winning again. Bring on the HARDCORE pop hits and leave the soft r&b alone!

  14. JMar September 11, 2015

    I Notice All This Hate Coming From The Navy Fans How Are U Going To throw shade and bash her when your faves flopping even harder its almost a year and still no album yet 3 flop singles back to back only thing your faves have to talk about is her fragrance and sock line to stay relevant im so glad ciara dont respond to these petty ignorant ass haters.

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