Report: ‘Super Bowl 2016 Halftime Show To Feature Multiple Performers / Bruno Mars Asked To Perform & Produce

Published: Wednesday 9th Sep 2015 by Sam

For the last five years, the Super Bowl Halftime Show has been headlined by one superstar at a time.

However, fresh reports suggest the mass watched spectacle will return to a previous setup for next year’s 50th anniversary. Even more interesting, 2014 showstopper Bruno Mars is said to be back aboard in a unique capacity.

Full story below…

ET reports that the show will – like in previous years – feature multiple performers instead of just one.

As for Mars’ apparent involvement, Billboard went on to confirm that he has formally been asked to perform and “curate” the 15 minute extravaganza. Put simply, the 29-year-old singer has been tapped to piece together the showing – which’ll air from the brand-new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, on February 7th 2016.


How…interesting. We’re all for change and, to be frank, feel it’s been kind of needed. In recent years, it feels as though the pressure to feature a “chart-topping talent” has seen producers handing out headlining slots like bus passes (hello Katy Perry). Hence, we’re glad it’s being scaled back in favour of (presumably) serving up something for everyone.

Granted confirmation from the NFL is pending, if this is the route they are treading down, we certainly have a few names we’d love to see rock the stage. A few controversial ones at that. But, we can share that another day; for now we want to know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. QueenRiah September 9, 2015

    They couldn’t find anyone else?????????????????

    • Really September 9, 2015

      Not like they’d ask Pigriah

      • All Hail Mariah September 9, 2015

        Check her resume. She doesn’t need the exposure

    • Bets September 9, 2015

      What ????? How old are you? Bruno Mars is the best musician around. Read up on him: writes his own music, plays multiple instruments, sings, dances, produces and he’s great looking too boot!
      He is one of many musicians underground in this debauchery industry of music.

      • All Hail Mariah September 9, 2015

        I’m not knocking that. They need to stop Tryna make him happen and give us some other form of entertainment of hair as great musical quality but he perform the year before last. My whole point of this rant????

  2. Lisa September 9, 2015

    Bruno was great, he really was. When he’s not locked in a bathroom stall with random men doing cocaine, he really puts together a great performance.

    Katy Perry was boring.

    • Lea September 9, 2015

      Bruno on drugs???

  3. Mark111 September 9, 2015

    Bars should had waited a few year til now cause uptown funk would had shut it down. They ran out of artist with catalogs. Beyonce and Madonna have enough and years to put on a show solo. Bars and Katy did not. And we’re not letting Gags on that stage. Mix it up.

  4. What now September 9, 2015

    I guess it makes sense. Still, I fear that it’ll be the worst SB in history.

    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 9, 2015

      It really would. I can see it now!

  5. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 9, 2015

    Please let it be Queen Janet to perform! Give her a do-over that was so long over-due. That would be the ultimate takeover/hostage slayage that night! And if the queen is too busy touring, replace her with Rih, Taylor, or maybe even GaGa because they need their superbowl shine too after Katy’s slayage.

  6. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 9, 2015

    If Miley makes an appearance and performs that dreadful “Dooo It!”, then I swear I will scream, seethe, and change the channel……after a good long kii, though!

  7. ~The Arcade~ September 9, 2015

    At this rate/ state of the music industry, I don’t blame them. To put it quite frankly, there’s been a decline in talent lately so they have to resort to bringing back past performers.

    OAN: I think Lady Gaga would have put on a great show (regardless of her lack of popularity these days)

  8. Lake Erie September 9, 2015

    I don’t think Bruno should perform again. He’s a great musician, I just don’t want to see him again. He made history with his epic performance back then so let it stay history. They should get Ciara or Rihanna to perform. Those ladies have been in the game over a decade and has so many hit’s to cause another power outage at that superdome. If it was to happen, since Rihanna is coming out with her new LP this year, she should go first and then Ciara should go next year and start cooking a new album/roll out promo for next year, this year.

    • When RIHSUS Says Yes… September 9, 2015

      I’m a Rihanna stan and know that she will not put on a great Super Bowl show. Let’s not go overboard with the suggestions, especially with Future’s fifth baby mama.

      • Lake Erie September 9, 2015

        Lol I disagree. IF Madonna Old wrinkle crept creefer looking ass can do it, then it’s not even a thought. As you “stan”, there is nothing wrong with keeping it real, but even I seen Rihanna at her best and I’m not even a big fan of hers. She’d shutting it down. Talk about nostalgia? You can’t be stan lol. And as for CiCi? One word: Ciara.
        Enough said.

  9. When RIHSUS Says Yes… September 9, 2015

    I want to see Pink do a whole show…especially she would have been much better than Laty Peary

  10. Suicide Blonde September 9, 2015

    JT please!

  11. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me September 9, 2015

    I have never been on a website with such atrocious ads and design. This is ridiculous!

  12. Lets Be Real September 9, 2015

    A janet superbowl redo would slay the ratings but she wont do it. The media could not wait to destroy this successful black woman while totally ignoring Justin ripped the strap and thats why i worry when i see these posts about Beyonce and Rih and Mariah because they very well could be next…anyways…i think the next show should be a mix of artists.Heck maybe a trip down memory lane with hits from 50 years ago to now.switch it up.

  13. Dossome September 9, 2015

    He’s the best performer out there right now so It’ll be interesting if true

  14. JOHNVIDAL September 9, 2015

    Unless they ask Lady Gaga, they have clearly run out of good choices (Katy Perry was the first desperate one, although with great visuals and spectacle which has nothing to do with the artists themselves everything can look good).

  15. Meterorite September 9, 2015

    I guess asking Christina is a no? ????

  16. Adele’s Husband September 10, 2015

    It’ll be excellent if they let P!nk perform

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