Watch: Lil Kim & Puff Daddy Perform ‘All About The Benjamins’ At ‘iHeartRadio Music Festival’

Published: Sunday 20th Sep 2015 by Sam

As Diddy Puff Daddy has proclaimed on many a day, Bad Boy really is for life.

Through highs and lows, the iconic collective have maintained a connection – which has been celebrated increasingly in recent years.

The latest of such showings took place last night at the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas.

During the mogul’s high-octane set, he surprised those in attendance by bringing out the Queen Bee Lil Kim.

Together, the pair performed a spirited rendition of ‘All About The Benjamins.’

Check it out below…

Enjoyed this primarily because of the nostalgia.

But beyond that, we’ve seen this exact same “surprise” quite a few times over the last year (see: BET Awards etc).

We’re still holding out hope for something new from Kim (and we don’t mean free mixtapes).

Your thoughts?

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  1. al September 20, 2015

    Kim aint gotta prove shitte…. Shell be shown love forever as she is the queen biatchh!

    • You tried September 20, 2015

      Queen B looks GREAT AND SHE REIGNS and will forever be respected as the Queen! Kudos to her stylist!!

  2. Shhhhh now September 20, 2015

    I love her she is a living legend and can do no wrong. I hope that bad boy can bring the heat back like they done before.

  3. Arianator Barb September 20, 2015

    is that the Asian midget who’s obsessed with Nicki Minaj?

    • Christian September 20, 2015

      You mean the other way around. Nicki Minaj is Kim 2.0 and she still hasn’t outsold kim. Kims first 3 albums are double plat followed by plat and plat. Meanwhile romantic retarded has yet to cross 1m sold and the pinkprint will never see platinum

      • Ciara+Alicia-Nicki= CAN September 20, 2015

        STFU h** both albums were released this decade not last century, so let’s not… And Roman Reloaded is platinum

      • Christian September 20, 2015

        Reloaded SHIPPED PLATINUM BACK IN 2012. They gave her platinum around the 600k mark. She hasn’t sold 1 million of that album. She stalled around 800 or 900k. You don’t have to sell platinum for them to give it to you. Just ship 1 million copies to stores.

      • Christian September 20, 2015

        They did the same thing with Beyonce when she released 4. They gave her a platinum cert at 700k sold.

      • Arianator Barb September 20, 2015

        @Christian/Satanist sweetie, Nicki’s not dedicating entire mixtapes to someone she hates and claiming to break PayPal records with it, she’s notthe one horribly Photoshoping covers to singles she’s freestyling on with off pitch audio to avoid getting sued, she’s not the one who still thinks it’s 1847 and is still fresh, that’s all that botched north Korean delusional has been kimmy bleached-o

    • Shhhhh now September 20, 2015

      Arianator Barb like most people the first time I heard Manaj, and I still remember the immediate sense of repulsion I felt when she opened her mouth to do that stupid little kid verse.
      However, it’s doubly annoying that Nicki goes and gives Vibe a quote about how she doesn’t want or need to w**** it up. Not true starting with that annoying name. Speaking of her claims about not using s**… Her Lack of Respect for Her Obvious Direct Influences “When I grew up I saw females doing certain things, and I thought I had to do that exactly,” she says. “The female rappers of my day spoke about s** a lot… and I thought that to have the success they got, I would have to represent the same thing. When in fact I didn’t have to represent the same thing,” Nicki said.
      This is an obvious shot at ladies like Lil’ Kim who is too old, deaf and incarcerated to play the part of competitor anymore anyway. You’re basically the only chick in the game right now, Nicki, so, please, show a little f****** respect for the person you stole your entire black Barbie image and girly-girl flow from.
      Speaking of her flow… Her Awful Verse on “BedRock” Might Be The Worst in the History of Rap Look, “BedRock” is a s***** song to begin with the surest sign yet Young Money has become the next Bad Boy but it’s Nicki Minaj’s s***** verse that really makes it f****** unlistenable. Yes, Gudda’s stupid line about being “that Red Bull” is trite and Lloyd’s T-Pain impersonation bothers me, but it’s Nicki singing about being “the bestest” off the top (is the next line actually “like asbestos” that’s what I’ve always thought?) that really f****** kills it.
      If Weezy never met her and thought she was hot she would be working at McDonalds now she ruined Make Me Proud she is demon possessed and her fans will get possessed she didn’t kill anyone on Monster… Hov had the best verse by far she’s probably making teenage girls act like stupid s**** who think the greatest thing to be as a female is a bad b**** and all that s***. s***** pop artist not a rapper idgaf what anyone says about her past work like she dropped some O.verly D.edicated or Warm Up s*** AND even if she did…. her current work is f****** trash she’s a HUGE contradiction, she claims to be a “role model” but she makes music like stupid h**.
      She thinks too damn highly of himself and his fanbase is composed of dumb ratchets and thirsty fools

  4. Ciara+Alicia-Nicki= CAN September 20, 2015

    Wait….. She booked a stage?

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) September 20, 2015

      When will nicki??

      • Arianator Barb September 20, 2015

        When will you clean that stank ass pum pum

  5. WRTW? September 20, 2015

    This is Kims time to come back, now that Onikas steam has died down. Kim has one more chance to do it right but she’ll probably f****** it up

    • Barb-wire September 20, 2015

      Get it together girl, Onika’ steam will never die down no matter what y’all non-believers say… She’s still the same Nicki who wrote that monster verse and made a million off a mixtape.

      • Shhhhh now September 20, 2015

        Lil’ Kim is everything. Nicki Minaj got everything from Lil’ Kim. Lil’ Kim came on the scene and made everything change for women-she made it feminine and s*** and hardcore. She is a champion.
        Yet there absolutely is no more annoying personality in current popular music than S8!tie Manaj. Her fashion, her flow, her dumb little voices, her stupid f ing name is the trashiest, most annoying act going.
        But Minaj? This chick’s real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, which sounds like it could do the job. Instead, she switched a few letters to make it sound vaguely dirty — Ménage obviously being a French loanword co-opted to mean threesome. It’s trashy as hell, and every time I hear it I think it sounds like a really dumb pun. At the very least it makes it impossible to take her seriously.

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) September 20, 2015

      Fu ck u. Kim has nothing to prove buitch

  6. Gee September 20, 2015

    This blog is definitely bias as had this been Nicki Minaj bringing out Meek Mill, Drake, or Lil Wayne you would claim this to be nothing short of epic greatness. The whole entire point of this bad boy reunion is for the purpose of nostalgia. Honestly speaking this twenty year old hits sound better than anything rocking on radio today and getting this experience live is even better. I can’t for the tour because it’s nothing but hits on top of hits. As always Kim’s presence and command of the stage can not be denied.

  7. Cough Cough September 20, 2015

    Kim ripped it… Legendary stage presence, hype and NO LIPSYNCHING

  8. Barb-wire September 20, 2015

    Kiii, She looks horrible af! She’s giving me Chucky meets Jigsaw Teas. Chucky>>> Saw>>> K** Su Ling

    • Ciara+Alicia-Nicki= CAN September 20, 2015

      Kiii drag it

  9. Oscar September 20, 2015

    her face looks good but her body is a no from me

    • Kii September 20, 2015

      well you a teenage bottom f** so of course you would not approve of her body

  10. What now September 20, 2015

    Who’s the fat Chinese cat next to Puffy?

      • What now September 20, 2015

        My fav is Madonna, so exit w/ the Riri “shade”

      • Tyler Makiavelli September 20, 2015

        @what now
        B**** bye! U stan hard for Rihanna. So stfu

      • What now September 20, 2015

        – NO ONE is talking 2 ur irrelevant a**
        – U DON’T MUAH, so don’t assume

        – I Stan 4 Riri, but Madonna iz muah ultimate fav & icon.

  11. Fancy BISH September 20, 2015

    I’ll listen to Puffy and Kim’s classic songs…ya’ll can listen to the knock-off Barbie and Meeka Mill lol

  12. Lake Erie September 20, 2015

    Kimmy can do now wrong, such a realest. Love her. She really needs to sign to a record label and release a few albums cuz her fans miss her and the indie platform ish isn’t doing her justice. Plus female rap just isn’t exciting like it was back when kim, eve, Trina, and Missy was out. We need to get back to that.

    Whacka Flocka mom may have been on to something when she said fendy is not for her and her team is living off her pretty much. I “like” but even she had some sense to basically go with the winning team cuz fendy sure wasn’t.

    • Lake Erie September 20, 2015

      *I like Nicki but even she*

  13. RICHIE_RICH September 20, 2015

    Yess Kim come thru!!!!!

  14. CSAZ September 20, 2015

    Kim has always been one of the best female rapper and that’s a fact, no matter what haters can say. BUT even if i’m a fan of her since a long time, I have to admit her vocals are clearly not at their best and I think that if she want to make a great come back she should work on that firstly. Nicki and Azealia Banks are killers on stage, put your game up if you want to follow… we need more and a new album would be great, she can do it still.

    • Cough Cough September 20, 2015

      Nicki sucks on stage. She uses LIPSYNCHING tracks, cant dance and could never do a performance with just her on stage like Kim did and rock it. She needs a buch of dancers and distractions to be mediocre

  15. Slim September 20, 2015

    She looks beautiful! So ready to see her and Missy nominated for best female rap categories again. They still have a lot left in them. The disrespect this site give Kim is really unnecessary. However you may feel, Kim is the original and have done amazing things in her career.

  16. Chillitsjustpizza September 20, 2015

    Do yall realize the queen is on her way back..

  17. Ace September 20, 2015

    Kim the queen.nicki stole everything from kim and if it wasnt for nicki pop hits and safaree writing her shyt and take away her fake booty shed be nothing just like these other female rappers with their natural body.nicki cant outflow dance or perform better than kim though kim a few yrs older.nicki stiff a** cant perform unless she shaking her fake booty.i was glad iggy came out and went number one 7weeks 5million sold and nicki hated her everysince.nicki got what 100 songs and none hit numberone sad.iggy took all her awards last year and i loved it.

  18. It’s Barbie B**** September 20, 2015

    Messy and why do her eye lids look taped back

    • Shhhhh now September 20, 2015

      Why does Nick bleach his skin..?

      • It’s Barbie B**** September 21, 2015

        the same reason kim su ming bleach’s hers hun

    • Shhhhh now September 21, 2015

      As you can see from her LIVE performance she does NOT bleach her skin honey boy.

      • It’s Barbie B**** September 21, 2015

        umm you can clearly look at kim chow su’s old pics and tell she was 9 shades darker then she is now, plus she’s had 7 different faces since then too.

  19. nicko September 21, 2015

    ugly n out of breath. Btw Nicki outsold her n outcharted her ;D for the haters in the back

  20. nicko September 21, 2015

    Crying at that little Nicki hater saying that Nicki steam died down when she’s CURRENTLY the only female rapper on the billboard 100 n billboard 200 lmao yall are funny, not to mention her successful ARENA tour 😉

  21. nicko September 21, 2015

    Only on this site ppl think Nicki isnt “respected” lol. Nicki is respected enough to get plat n gold albums, top 10 hits, many plat singles, win major awards n sell out arenas. But I guess putting out free mixtapes that nobody cares about makes u more respected.

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