Digital Domination: Adele Tops iTunes Globally With ‘Hello’ / ’25’ Hits #1 / ’21’ Returns To Top 10

Published: Friday 23rd Oct 2015 by Sam

Adele sings “Hello…it’s me” on her comeback single and, as anticipated, the masses have answered in earnest.

Details on the ’25’ track’s blockbuster debut below…

As at writing, the song – which was penned by the singer and Greg Kurstin, has reached the summit of both the US and UK versions of the digital retailer. It has also topped the tally in Australia, Italy, Belgium, Brazil, and Spain, among others.

Similarly, its housing album ’25’ (due November 20th) has blasted to #1 in North America (and many of the aforementioned regions) based on pre-orders alone.

But there’s more.

2011’s earth-shattering ’21’ (which has sold a mind-blowing 30 million copies…11 million of which are from the US alone) climbed back into the top 10 of the American store.


The track’s video also sits atop of the iTunes video chart.

At this point, it’s fairly obvious the slayage has just begun. Ready for the ride? Let the wig snatching commence!

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus October 23, 2015


    • Sweaterz October 24, 2015

      Beyonce could never. LOL
      Now, 1989 can put to rest.
      RIP Taylor Swift

  2. BOY October 23, 2015


    • Fancy BISH October 23, 2015

      lol, your comment is everything 🙂

  3. coolness October 23, 2015

    And so it begins, lol. I can’t say I ever disliked Adele but she just sort of bored me in the past. I remember being unfazed by the SLAYAGE she committed for two years straight with the ’21’ album. Her new project drops on my birthday and I’m surprisingly feeling this new single. Here’s to another two years of wig-snatching!

  4. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 23, 2015

    RIP ANTIpresperant. #pray4R8

    • Anne October 23, 2015

      I just had the same thought. How far will Rihanna have to push back Anti after releasing 2 major radio singles, the album title, and the cover artwork? With no album leading hit and Adele coming so strong I’d say the answer is indefinitely.

  5. Bey Is Grown October 23, 2015

    Adele is overrated and that is a fact, as much as I don’t like Rihanna I think she is a better artist.

    • Kayla C October 23, 2015

      Lmao little BOY, sit

      • Bey Is Grown October 23, 2015

        No I won’t sit, the truth is thee truth. There was nothing special about 21 and I think 19 was the better album. Beyoncè and Rihanna s*** on Adele. And by the way I don’t dislike Adele, just putting out facts.

    • Diego October 23, 2015

      She’s very overrated sad that blacks supporting her but won’t support real soul sisters like Mary j blige and Jill Scott if this were there single it would flop song is avers get only good part is chorus totally selling off her name it’s clear people brainwashed support white artists that sing soul but say f it to black artists sad world

      • ImKing October 23, 2015

        Don’t forget Jazmine Sullivan and Jennifer Hudson. Adele can sing, but it’s so many black artists that’s much better. The industry is full of s*** and blacks need to support their own…..Also big artists like Beyonce and Rihanna need to work with other black R&B artists which can help.

      • Delroy Dussard October 23, 2015

        Maybe more black people should by songs legally instead of illegally I no I buy legal records regardless of the acts race good music is good music I have legal Mary Jane records Alicia Keys Beyonce and many more old and new ish problem is a lot of new acts are carbon boring copies and that crosses all genres and race

  6. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 23, 2015

    AS long as the holy trinity bey adele tswift still own a toilet rihs career hangs in the balance.

  7. ????Queen Molly???? October 23, 2015

    Yes Adele relying on nothing but that voice to sell she’s a true artist.

  8. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 23, 2015

    I’m usually bored with adele aside from chasing pavements but HELLO is so much better than rolling in the deep Android video slayed my soul. I refuse to hate on adele even tho I think her voice is overrated and. Lacking in power. Steal great artist and best new artist of this generation by far.

    • Faf October 23, 2015

      I don’t think it lack power she just hits the same notes

      The content is why I like this new song

      • Anne October 23, 2015

        I don’t think her voice lacks power either. I would say that it sort of lacks versatility in the pop sense but it doesn’t seem to hurt her at all because her impeccable abilities in other genre blends like blues, to country, to AC is so well received. As long as she sticks to what she is good at she’ll continue to soar.

  9. Ronnie October 23, 2015

    She deserves it. Adele is a true artist, and it’s exciting to see somebody talented slay so effortlessly. 25 first week sales are going to be insane. Probably will go Diamond before 2016.

  10. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 23, 2015

    Still no release date for Anti… is she waiting for a safe date to surprise release it… she loses no matter. What she does at this point.. the go loss interest in this project looooong time ago.

    • ????Queen Molly???? October 23, 2015

      GOD you’re annoying!!!

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 23, 2015


  11. October 23, 2015

    watch all these fakes jumping on the waggon again,none of them isn’t giving a d-mn until Adele started to killer everything in sight.they are even flinging there favs under the bus for Adele. Adele got mad skills and she prove it over and over again, but it’s these billboard stan who is acting like they were fans from day one, who is disgusting.
    show love yes but don’t lie and act like you was there for her from day one.

    • Adele’s flawless cheek bones October 23, 2015

      Nothing but the truth! There are a couple of them who at first said she was overrated, now they’re stanning with no shame. One is a none @## kisser and flip flopper, the others, you will see pop up in this post later on.

  12. No favs, just here for the music October 23, 2015

    She’s going to SLAY the charts

  13. obsidian October 23, 2015

    I took the time to actually listen to Adele’s new song before offering my biased opinion, and it did not dissuade me from changing my mind about her—she’s overrated! Yes she can sing, and she’s a great songwriter; however, she should not be going Diamond for lackluster music and performances! The public’s fascination with this chick is utterly disturbing! I challenge all of the Adele fans to examine why you really enjoy her over a Ledisi, Jazmine Sullivan, Tamar, Jill Scott—women who can sing circles around her! Black women(as well as hispanic) can’t have basic looks, voice, and body and still sell records, for record execs and the white mainstream will not accept it! I am all for the Adele’s of the world having thriving careers; however, the opportunity to be successful in music should be accessible to women of all races—not just those who are absent of melanin…..That’s all folks!!!

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 23, 2015

      Noone asked u to put white ppl on a pedastal. Adele looks aren’t basic the ones yyou named embody basic. How many white singers actually have SOUL? Xtina is a terrible singer… she’s white and even family guy took out an episode just to mock her terrible voice and music. Adele doesn’t see color either so why do u?

      • obsidian October 23, 2015

        @dDiabetes….apparently you failed reading comprehension in grade school, for the last thing I did, in the diatribe I posted, was put white people on a proverbial pedestal! What I did in fact do was try to compel white people to examine how they appropriate and commodify black culture for profit. In response to your retort about what I said about her looks, Adele is basic in appearance in comparison to Beyonce, Jlo, Rihanna, and even Katy Perry! I wasn’t necessarily attacking her, I was simply making an assertion that if we are going to accept Adele’s basic looks then we should be willing to accept the Jill Scott’s and Ledisi’s of the world! Black women shouldn’t be forced to look like supermodels to sell records if we are not going to hold white women to the same standard… carry on!!!

    • Diego October 23, 2015

      Agree blacks supporting this but don’t support black soul singers smh

      • Nothing but FACTS October 23, 2015

        Black people are like that, they hate seeing their own succeed, yet they >>>>COMPLAIN when black artist aren’t given recognition. For example, Rihanna and Beyonce are constantly torn apart by the black community, yet, want to complain when they’re overlooked. Now I like Adele, and she can sing, but what’s the difference between her and Jazmine Sullivan.

    • ImKing October 23, 2015

      I really like your thoughts/opinions on this.Keep speaking truth…..Thanks.

  14. shakira stan October 23, 2015

    Can’t lie the song is very good and deserves every success it is enjoying now….take note pigyonce that’s how legends are born not by spreading their crush and debasing women but making quality music.

  15. Apples October 23, 2015

    @shakirastan go sit your hating a*** down somewhere. Everyone have their niche. Beyonce is a FN great performers and should get her credit for that. Adele is a great vocalist and is given credit for that. Riri was given credit for making radio friendly hits so get the FOOH with your hatred.

    • Jennifer November 17, 2015

      Please look at the history of rock music. How it started off with artist like muddy waters , chuck berry, and little Richard. Then ever since the invasion of white British bands like the Beatles rock music has become completely engrossed with white artist. Think about it when was the last time you saw a current successful black rock singer besides Lenny. ..:. Exactly meanwhile we sit and let white artist jut take over r&b music then we can’t praise Jill Scott or jasmine Sullivan. There is no reason they shouldn’t be on the same level as Adele who is viewed as a vocal God.

  16. JanStan October 23, 2015

    I called it. Not only was 25 going to drag the competition but I knew 21 was gonna come back and add unnecessary domination. This era is going to be EVERYTHING.

  17. Lover of music October 23, 2015

    Where is Skyfall? He/She must be sooo happy

  18. Apples October 23, 2015

    @shakirastan why slander others to elevate another. Beyoncé is great at what she does CSI is Adele, Gaga, Tatay, Riri, and Katie dam even Shakira. Your hatred for Beyoncé should be investigated. Lord knows what you haven’t done already. Your heart is a dark place you need extermination

  19. Nothing but FACTS October 23, 2015

    Black people are like that, they hate seeing their own succeed, yet they >>>>COMPLAIN when black artist aren’t given recognition. For example, Rihanna and Beyonce are constantly torn apart by the black community, yet, want to complain when they’re overlooked. Now I like Adele, and she can sing, but what’s the difference between her and Jazmine Sullivan.

    • Lmfao_Hoe October 23, 2015

      I agree to an extent but I wouldn’t generalize such a comment on the entire black community when Bey and Riri are supported by black ppl. I know allot of females and males that love them, it’s the stans NOT BLACK PEOPLE. And another note is its not much of trying to tear but to also acknowledge there are other talented R&B singers that deserve recognition such as Jaszmine, Jhene Aiko, Tinesha, and Tamara including male singers too. The arguments are usually not of hate but pointing out there are other artists out there too. At least in the 90s Janet, Whitney, Mariah, Toni, TLc, Destiny’s Child, En Vogue, SwV, Lauryn Hill, Tamia, Kelly Price, Chante Moore, Brandy, Aaliyah, Monica ect. There were enough room for all black women. Why is it now they only shove Bey n Riri in our face is the problem.

  20. MsYonce October 23, 2015

    I’m in love with this song she deserves every bit of success she’s getting. Y’all just haterss

  21. james October 23, 2015

    Omg riri , justin and one direction gonna suffer a lot . Adel is the true legend . Hello is everythin

  22. Lmfao_Hoe October 23, 2015

    Lol I kinda feel bad for JB that boy though with a 1 single and crazy pr stunts he was gonna hit victory. Lol not this go round here comes the slayage and I pray to God she outsells Taylor basic ass with real talent and quality.

  23. al October 23, 2015

    All i wanna know is what wikk the worldwide first week sales going to be? Am saying 1.2M US and easily 500K in UK hope it does 2M

  24. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! October 23, 2015

    This is going to beat Britney Spears first week total amount. I think 1.6 million in the states

  25. Lake Erie October 23, 2015

    I really like her new song. It’s on the level of a couple other great soulful songs I’ve heard this year that pretty much went unnoticed like Tyrese’s “Shame”, & Jazmine Sullivan’s “Let it Burn”. Some people may say “you like what you like” but I think that case may prove the “voice” just simply isn’t enough.

  26. chanel October 23, 2015

    Go Adele who in their right mind would put album when she dose yes she going to dominate entirely I love rih and bey Justin bieber she going to stay number 1 for awhile unless everyone else has some better material I’m thinking all can win at least the top 20 all is my favorites so who knows

  27. @JanetCIARA_ October 24, 2015

    Im so ecstatic because RihThotnna is almost forced into releasing her album at this point… She has pulled out all the stops already… Another push back (Because of Adele) could be fatal for her.

  28. Incredible October 24, 2015

    Beyonce could never

  29. Truth October 24, 2015

    Honestly I think the beauty of her music lies in the fact that her voice, lyrics, and emotion are at the forefront. With a lot of urban artists including Jasmine the beat takes over the song and u lose meaning. I don’t think Adele is overrated I feel she is refreshing. Her music is beautiful and just fresh.

  30. Apples October 24, 2015

    I agree and it doesn’t hurt that her pipes are all kinds of awesome. The production of her music has such high quality. Adele is great and reminds me of Amy Whinehouse, pure talent. But FOH to those putting others down. Shine on Adele

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