‘Empire’ & ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ See Continued Ratings Drop

Published: Sunday 11th Oct 2015 by Rashad
empire how to get away with murder viola

Critics are already projecting the sophomore slump on two of TVs favorite newcomers.

Despite their respective season 2s premiering to fantastic numbers, the Terence Howard-led FOX hit ‘Empire’ and ABC’s #TGIT junior ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ (Viola Davis) are seeing ratings get further and further away from their blockbuster openings.

‘Empire,’ which experienced its first ever drop in ratings last week, dropped even further this week as final reports reveal (despite still reigning as Wednesday night TV’s champion).  Elsewhere, ‘Murder’ didn’t exactly make a killing with its ratings either and delivered its lowest numbers to date.

Get the data below and weigh in:

‘Empire’ – 13.1 million viewers (down from 13.7 from last week)

‘How To Get Away With Murder’ – 7.2 million viewers (down from 7.53 last week)


While fellow TGIT shows ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Scandal’ (Thursday night TV champion again) also slipped, their numbers are consistent with seasons’ past.

‘Scandal’ – 8.8 million (down from 9.12 million last week)

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – 8.1 million  (down from 8.58 million last week)

Your thoughts?

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  1. Lil Kim thee ONLY QB October 11, 2015

    I still haven’t gotten to Empire but HTGAWM is banging. I’m so anxious to see who bodied Analise.

    • You tried October 11, 2015

      The numbers are lying most of the world is watching these shows! Either way it’s still impressive numbers

    • truth(Janet is QWEEN, MaDINOSAUR is a flop! Deal!) October 11, 2015

      Honey, is this sh!t even a story?? GA dropped too and so did Scandal so please stop trying to make a story out of no story. F**

  2. Jamie October 11, 2015

    People ain’t paying their cable bills because they saving up for the holidays

    • kingintrovert October 11, 2015

      ABC and Fox arent cable shows. Any one can watch with a antenna. So thats not an excuse.

  3. Crystal Vidal October 11, 2015

    Empire is such a terrible terrible show. From the acting to the storyline, it’s awful and vomit inducing. It was entertaining in a cheesy way last season (nothing to be taken seriously), but this season is wet stank garbage. They should be embarrassed. Scandal has seen better days. HTGAWM is the best of them all …. from acting to storyline. Everything is A1. Viola did that!!!

    • BEYTHEQUEEN October 12, 2015

      The shows are just to much gay storylines … I hate that America all they do is to force people with all these gay stuff always in your face they make the whole thing look like is a choice and not who people are really… In uk a lot of people understand that some people are gay or different . But you will not flip every tv channel and in less than 5 mins there most be something gay is more like a popularity contest it puts some people off.

  4. MISHKA October 11, 2015

    I love this pic.

    What kept Scandal afloat for 5 seasons was the once impossible romance between Fitz and Olivia. Just like Meredith and Derek, people keep coming season after season to see if they are finally going to be together.

    Empire and HTGAWM are in their sophomore year, this season will define if the shows are meant for the long run. What is that thing that will keep us coming back for the next five years? That’s what the audience wants to know.

    First off, both shows need to focus on the core group of character and to reduce cameos to real story arcs not just celebrities popping and dying.

    Second point, both shows need a Jake Ballard, an Addison Shepperd, a Captain Hook, somebody who is coming to shock waves, to fight the lead character then to become a fan favorite. About Empire, Adam Rodriguez is not that one, maybe they shouldn’t have killed Vernon so fast. And where is that man from Creedmor? So many loose ends.

    HTGAWM stands a better chance to keep the pace since it’s a Shonda show, but Empire showrunners need to get their ish together before turning this show into a Glee 2.0.

  5. Minajesty@live.com October 11, 2015

    Last weeks episode of Empire was so boring I just hope the writers have got something good planned this season

  6. What now October 11, 2015

    A little drop like this is nothing 2 worry about. Especially for How to Get Away with Murder. That show iz going 2 b around 4 years 2 come. I think Empire will b the next Glee n about 2 years.

  7. Barb-wire October 11, 2015

    HTGAWM still remains in unbothered tho, as long as the numbers aren’t lowering enough for the show to get dropped then I could care less. I love Empire but this season is just not working for me, new writers are needed asap.

  8. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 11, 2015

    HTGAWM will be fine, Viola is receiving award after award and is constantly breaking barriers through this show. It made history for being the show that had the first black actress to win outstanding actress, so Annalise and her wig ain’t going no mvthafvxking where!!
    [Essay alert! don’t @ me, you already chose to read this far, so you may as well continue????]
    As for scandal, I’m only interested in the Mellie4President storyline, but apparently Fitz still has 18 months left of his presidency…. So that’s at least 2 more seasons of having his boring fuddyduddy ass as a main character. The show is pretty much done, in all other senses.
    I can’t speak for Empire, because I’ve not seen one episode, but I hope it does well. From what I hear they are overdoing the celebrity guest-stars but other than that it is still doing good. It’s super popular in the UK, which is big since scandal flopped on Sky1 and Htgawm is only shown on the universal channel.

  9. Kermit Dermers October 11, 2015

    F*** Empire! I don’t watch ghetto trash!!!!! I stay with Scandal and HTGAWM #A***

  10. DA BEYHIVE October 11, 2015

    Empire is too gay and has too many celebrity cameos. The ghetto glee tbh. HTGAWM>>>>

  11. JT October 11, 2015

    I understand with Empire but HTGAWM is better than both Empire and Scandal right now!

  12. StarXavi October 11, 2015

    I think the problem is that there is so much good tv this season on every network channel. My dvr is bangin and full to the max. I still dont watch Empire either and I really don’t feel like catching up. And thursdays are full with Heroes Reborn….Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and all of TGIT

  13. blue October 11, 2015

    those drops are nothing and hardly count as drops… Thats stable… From just the 3 episodes of HTGAWM we have seen sooo far i can already see that emmy in viola’s hands

  14. Sundayluv October 11, 2015

    HTGAWM and Scandal are great shows the last episode was so damn gripping I had to watch them both again. And this is coming from someone who is OBSESSED with the greatness that is Game of Thrones.

    I watch Empire but it’s really targeted towards that LAHH audience.

  15. Theman October 11, 2015

    But these aren’t really steep fall offs. They’re all still doing amazing.

  16. Casual-T October 11, 2015

    I think both shows are doing well. I do not see foresee further drops. I think both shows are about at cruise level. And in the case of Empire, the show is up against stiff competition on both network and cable TV.

  17. @JanetCIARA_ October 11, 2015

    Because both these shows keep trying to force the gay agenda into everyone’s home! Not everybody is with that shitt! If they need the gay agenda to stay afloat then I fear both these shows won’t last long.

  18. Glinda the Good Witch October 15, 2015

    Too much gay content all around. There are not that many gays in America for every other character to be one on tv. Enough already.

  19. toughcritic February 13, 2016

    Both Scandal, Empire and How To Get Away With Murder
    are based on immorality and vice. The acting and production values are poor in most cases. Really good shows, like Forever, were canceled after one season and that show had great acting,good story lines that in most cases were uplifting and made you think not to mention great production values. It seems it makes a difference if the casts are mostly black whether a show makes it or not.

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