Hot Shots: Ciara Drops Jaws At ‘Last Witch Hunter’ Premiere

Published: Tuesday 13th Oct 2015 by Rashad
ciara last witch hunt tgj
(source:  GettyImages)

‘1,2 Step’ singer Ciara turned many-a-head when she stepped onto the red carpet for the premiere of ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ tonight.

Donning a sleek, form-fitting black number (a clear ode to her tune ‘Paint It Black’ found on the film’s official soundtrack), the Grammy winning stunner posed it up with the movie’s stars Vin Diesel, Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood, and many more ahead of its October 23rd theater release.

See more of Ci’s unforgivable slayage below:


The appearance comes just days after the songstress announced the long-awaited second leg of her ‘Jackie’ tour, which kicks off November 27th in Atlanta.

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  1. Drive by Comments October 13, 2015

    Cute AF!

    • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB October 13, 2015

      Oh what a day it is to be a Lil Kim fan. She hyped up that Diddy single like a mf. Thought we was getting a treat this time but she’s back to basics. *sigh*

    • I support great music October 14, 2015

      Shes slaying that look!! #fashionista

  2. Drizzie October 13, 2015

    Ciara is really doing her thing! I’m glad she’s finding that balance between Motherhood, Relationships, and work! STAY ON YOUR GRIZZY!

  3. Lake Erie October 13, 2015


  4. Coolness October 13, 2015

    She look INCREDIBLE! Nothing beats a s*xy long black dress.

  5. The Great Lacefronce. October 13, 2015


    My jaw did INDEED drop faster than Jackie dropped off the charts!

    • #JACKIE October 13, 2015

      Faster than Rihwhøre’s h***** outbreak spread? F**.

    • Mr. CEE November 5, 2015

      Faster than Rihanna’s PF team keeps coming up with excuses as to why that album is MIA.

  6. J-Mar October 13, 2015

    Love Her Or Hate Her U Can’t Deny Ciara Is Doing Her Thang Big Things Coming Her Way Very Proud Of Her.

    • #JACKIE October 13, 2015


    • Diego October 14, 2015

      What is she doing big besides Walking red carpets In nice dresses that’s doing it big ?

      • Badghal_intent October 14, 2015

        But what exactly are you doing? I mean, besides being added to her viewership?

  7. #JACKIE October 13, 2015


  8. stop October 13, 2015

    She has such a horrible shape. line backer shoulders, no waist…..Just a descent face

    • #justsayn October 13, 2015

      ???????????????? I can’t! LOL!

  9. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans October 13, 2015

    It’s truly amazing how much she’s transformed from her humble and hood/street beginnings with her classic and memorable “Goodies” era now to her vulnerable and emotionally-invested “Jackie” era. I’m so unbelievably proud of this woman. She’s truly grown into a beautiful, elegant swan that also happens to be untouchable. Since we’re in the time of soundtracks winning and dominating both the singles and albums charts, let’s just hope that she can win again with the song she recorded for the movie. If the movie does well, the single most likely will too. It’s kind of like how some actors get Oscar nominations because the movie they were in sweeped up and struck gold. I’m rooting for Miss Harris!

  10. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 13, 2015

    The fact that CERROR gets to tour off this flop album Android even for a 2 Android leg annoys tf outta me. Even if he by sum miracle stands to gross 1 million he still has to divide that by atleast 10 lol. Lol MATTERS this tour being a flop b4 tickets even to on sale.. #ONLYCERROR

  11. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 13, 2015

    Cerror can’t even sale out dollar tree parking lots. He didn’t even sell out the 1st leg full of theaters… not arenas… theaters. Lmao more. Can’t to on a REAL tour solo even in her debuting (prime) days.

    • 4everBrandy_Ci October 14, 2015

      Damn are you the NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!!! Congratz on giving Ciara her shoutout!!!!! PRAISE where it’s due!!!!! #Pressed undercover fan!!!!! 😉

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans October 14, 2015

        Yes! Indeed! What type of sly, subtle, calm clocking is this? I’m here for it!

  12. ❤Queen Molly❤ October 13, 2015

    She’s so pretty and a true fashion icon.

    • #JACKIE October 14, 2015

      Omg sis the girls are fuming in here. They cannot take Queenara.

  13. What now October 13, 2015

    Drops jaws? Wat is Ciara showing us that we haven’t seen with her sisters Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne C**, & B. Scott over the course of the last 5 years?

    • ❤Queen Molly❤ October 13, 2015

      You’re an immature lil bum bitchhh

  14. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 13, 2015

    Funny how CEDRIC breaks so many records.. all the records tour don’t want to break..

    First artist to go on tour for Android album to an audience higher than what the album sold.

    First artist to have 4 albums flop in a row Android not get dropped

    Forst artist to have a flop tour b4 tickets even go on sell

    Lmao. Atleast its making sum history.

  15. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 13, 2015

    Lol @ manlyerror being jaw dropping looking like WAYDA SIKES on a worser day. B- itch already looks 40 with that Hard looking face Android manly jaw bone. Smh she used to look good when it 1st came out looked like blk paris hilton idk what happended all this flopping aged him terribly.

    • Arianator Barb October 14, 2015

      What is it with you and the word android? The s*** you say doesn’t even make sense

    • #JACKIE October 14, 2015

      You retarded non spelling fat ass troll….why you so pressed over Ci? Are you angry because she’s slim and beautiful while your an M&M away from a triple bypass? B**** be gone.

  16. ❤Queen Molly❤ October 13, 2015

    The fat troll has nothing better to do than spam Ciaras post.

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 13, 2015

      B- ITCH DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans October 13, 2015

      Molly, PLEASE drag it for filth! I’m tired of seeing it rear it’s ugly attention seeking head. It needs a good spanking and tongue lashing.

  17. Lover of music October 13, 2015

    Awwwww….she looks so beautiful, She always kills the red carpet… Eventhough I didnt fully like the album,God knows I enjoyed DLWAML,that music video made me buy her album because i didnt remember the last time an artist dedicated so much energy in a music video……But God bless her fans!

  18. I support great music October 14, 2015


  19. 4everBrandy_Ci October 14, 2015

    Yesssssss Ciara is showing you PRESSED haters how she does s***!!!!! Hahahaha the trolls are getting every OUNCE of Ciara’s presence and I love it!!!!!

  20. @JanetCIARA_ October 14, 2015

    Ci always turning heads!!!!

  21. King Mark111 /.\ October 14, 2015

    She’s always misplaced, why is she here as if she’s a cast memeber? Yea she’s everywhere, yet it’s doing nothing for her music career. A friend asked be what happen to Ciara? I said she’s around. He went on to say he haven’t heard anything since Goodies, lol.
    And her fans, the few lil fans she still have. Wants her to have Rihanna’s level of success So BAd, lol. You called her a model with a mic (as if that’s a bad thing” now you want Ciara to be respected in fashion more than her. lol

    • #JACKIE October 14, 2015

      She’s there because she sings the theme song dumb f**. Your so obsessed with Ci.

    • 4everBrandy_Ci October 14, 2015

      And your an Aaliyah fan coming at Ciara for what purpose? She doesn’t want Rihanna’s success and she has been in her own LANE since day one. It’s really funny how you and others want to be slay and discredit her. But she remains relevant despite what y’all think about her. It’s a shame we can’t support more than one female artist. People have to choose one or a few ones in order to embrace their “stan” card. Ciara isn’t worried about anything boo and she’s going nowhere. And the same recycled broken record can be said about her not giving a f*** about her music career when she STILL releases music. Sure you don’t check for her and the “little” fanbase that she has is still riding with her until the end. So, honey please stop trying to make Rihanna to be more than what she already is. Yes, Rihanna is more successful to a certain degree but let’s NOT forget she was sharing the same stage with Ciara on tour back in 2007 during the U.K. tour. Y’ll want Ciara and Rihanna to have this on going feud but Ciara has paid her dust and she wished nothing but the best for Rihanna. The same thing can’t be said with Rihanna though because she’s been constructed to feel superior to her peers. It’s all good Ciara will stay hustling and your pressed folks will DEAL.

  22. StrawberryMuffin24 October 14, 2015

    She looks like A dude look how big her arms and feet are she should never wear open toe shoes are sleeveless dresses!

  23. Sundayluv October 14, 2015

    Rose Leslie AKA Ygritte. That’s my girl! Ciara is beautiful and a shape that make shade with envy!

  24. Chile Please!!! October 14, 2015

    There is a difference between having a feminine fit body vs. a masculine fit body!! Ummmmm….I’ll let ya’ll choose!

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