Janet Jackson & N.W.A Lead ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ 2016 Nominations

Published: Thursday 8th Oct 2015 by David

There’s good news in store for fans of ‘Rhythm Nation’ leader Janet Jackson…and it’s of the epic persuasion.

Find out why she, her creative partners Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and N.W.A have good reason to celebrate below…

Ms. Jackson and the ‘Straight Outta Compton’ creators stand tall as two of the acts who are being considered for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class of 2016 following the former’s chart-blazing comeback and the latter’s success with the aforementioned ‘Compton’ biopic.

The general public will be given the chance to vote for who they believe deserves to be honoured alongside the 800 historians, artists and industry insiders that make up the voting board’s body.

‘Rolling Stone’ reports:

The nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s Class of 2016 are in, and the list includes Chicago, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, the Cars, Janet Jackson, N.W.A, Nine Inch Nails, the Smiths and Yes. The rest of this year’s hopefuls are Chaka Khan, Chic, The J.B.’s, Los Lobos, Steve Miller and the Spinners. The top vote-getters will be announced in December and inducted next April at a ceremony in New York. HBO will broadcast the ceremony later in the year.

In order to have become eligible artists had to have had their first single or album released in 1990 or earlier so news of Jackson’s potential inclusion will come as a welcome surprise to her supporters who have been campaigning for her work to be acknowledged by the ‘Hall’ for well over a decade.


Fortunately, or unfortunately, this is the first time has been considered for the prestigious honour and the fourth time around for N.W.A.

This isn’t the only piece of good news Janet’s supporters have eaten into this week.

Click here to find out how and why she’s set to score her latest U.S. #1 album with the critically acclaimed ‘Unbreakable.’

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  1. Arianator Barb October 8, 2015

    It’s gonna go to some white artist(s) that I never heard of, NWA and Janet are for hype and hype only this year

    • OMG Logic!!! October 8, 2015

      Racism rears its ugly head again.

      • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB October 8, 2015

        I find it funny how Janet gets all these nominations the same year her album is released. She may have had nothing to do with this instance but the others she did. They love using black people to promote. See how they love to use lio kim’s lesser for award show promos and the Grammys and she don’t get s***…..which she doesn’t deserve a solo grammy b4 kin anyways but that’s beside the point lol

  2. Barb-wire October 8, 2015

    She should’ve been there a lo0ng time ago tbh… The woman is a Legend.

    • Arianator Barb October 8, 2015


  3. black eagle October 8, 2015

    Janet should have been inducted in 2007 but the industry can no longer look pass her. #janfam are so happy for our queen. Finally she gets an nomination and now to the voting process which she already has over 5,000 votes and the 8 to 10 artist will be pick in December and ceremony in May. Great time to be a Janet fan the most prestigious award in music.

    • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB October 8, 2015

      They do the blacks so dirty

      • TheOneTheOnly October 8, 2015

        Lil Kim Queen Is The Queen Of Rap …. JANET Is The Queen Of Pop …. More Than One Queen In The Land FYI

      • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB October 8, 2015

        Girl……Don’t come for me. The Queen Bee term is referring to Thiefoncé.

  4. Shady81 October 8, 2015

    2016 definitely will be Janet’s year especially because it’s the 30th anniversary of Control I just hope she gets in if she does I would really like to see her Brothers bestow that honor to Janet it’s just long overdue.

    • Lake Erie October 8, 2015

      I hope someone have something like MJs 30th anniversary special in store for her. That would be epic.

      • Shady81 October 8, 2015

        I totally agree @Lake but Janet might be brewing up something especially reuniting with her old dancers.

      • Lake Erie October 8, 2015

        (Hollering) lol

  5. black eagle October 8, 2015

    Congrats to Chaka Kahn nomination as well ????????????

    Now waiting for Anita baker induction

  6. Sandra October 8, 2015

    Janet should NoT be inducted, what has she done to deserve that? Who’s next, Paula Abdul? I vote for Chicago to be inducted. Even Chaka Khan is more worthy.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) October 8, 2015

      Check her resume you cheap trick. She is a Legend and has 30+ years in the industry giving quality work.

      No offense to Paula but, she had one impacting album. Not 5 to 6.

      Maybe they should take back Medusa’s induction and hand it to Stacy Q, or Debbie Gibson, according to your dumbass logic.

      You are here once again because you love and respect Janet’s genius.

      You can’t stay away from your faves post! 🙂


    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) October 8, 2015

      U cheap trick

    • Coolness October 8, 2015

      You’re always on Janet’s posts ranting and raving about she’s undeserving of this and that. I would suggest that you channel that energy into being more productive like focusing on artists you DO like.

    • TheOneTheOnly October 8, 2015

      ROFLMAO ….. What Damn Rock Are You Living Under ….. #FoolishTalk To The Finest ….. LOLOL

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare October 8, 2015

      You don’t believe these lies yourself. Janet, unquestionably, deserves to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Check her resume. Should’ve been inducted YEARS ago!

      “Such juggernauts as Rhythm Nation 1814 and janet. secured Jackson’s position as a global icon, as she explored themes of social justice and daring sexuality in her lyrics. With over 160 million records sold, she is one of the best-selling artists in history, and she still holds the record for the most consecutive Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 by a female artist with 18. Jackson’s sonic and visual style loom large over the generation that followed…”

      Their words, not mine. So, who should I believe?

      Them > You

      Your level of pressedness has no limits.

      • Sandra October 8, 2015

        Janet hasn’t sold no damn 160 million records… The inflation. If you add it all together she lands at 120 million at most.

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) October 8, 2015

        Once again check their records you dimwit.

        We (logical people) choose to believe a credible source and not some internet troll, psycho bittch, who has no job but to hate on a Legend’s posts all day..


    • Florida Evans October 8, 2015

      Girl you act like Janet ran over your dog and stole your bike.

      Khia teas.

    • Cory October 8, 2015

      Maybe Janet’s Oscar nomination should be the reason. Or the fact she is the only artist ever to be nominated for Grammy awards in Pop, Rock, R&B, Dance and Rap. Or her Golden Globe nomination, or her 18 back-to-back Top 10’s on the Hot 100 the most ever for a female and a record that will probably never be broken. I can name about 200 reasons. MTV’s First Icon, BET’s First Icon. VH1’s Queen of Pop winner. I’ll just stop there for now. #DUST

      • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare October 8, 2015

        Read it!

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare October 8, 2015

      Dear, again, those receipts were provided by the The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Selection Committee, not me. Just because you don’t LIKE the receipts doesn’t make them less true. It is what it is.

      You can’t come for her status. It’s already cemented.

      One more time:

      THEM > you

  7. Stephy. October 8, 2015


  8. Meka October 8, 2015

    Janet, if only we could get a video for Burning up, then release BROKEN HEARTS HEAL with a tribute to Michael.

    then the grammys and flip it on them—Do After You Fall and kill them with emotion.

    Janet’s cd has given me life….i Can wait to see this CD live. Loving this collection. the best CD of hers since VRope

  9. Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) October 8, 2015

    The same sad bittches in here hating early in the morning with their fake ass pseudonyms..

    Y’all are sad tbh. You can’t wish this woman well because she makes you so insecure about your bland faves.

    I don’t waste all my time on people I ‘hate’! You negrooes need Jesus, therapy, or something..

    Congrats to all the people up for induction. Every artist or group I saw is well deserving.

    I especially wish the best for Janet Chaka, Chicago, and the Smiths(Morrissey, woo hoo!)..

    • Lake Erie October 8, 2015

      Early tho lol smh.

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) October 8, 2015

        Lol. Yes! They wake up with nite terrors about her going #1, like ‘Nooooooo!!’.

        Sad Muppets..

      • Lake Erie October 8, 2015


      • Shady81 October 8, 2015

        Like my mama always say Misery loves company and the trolls are certainly miserable.

  10. Lake Erie October 8, 2015

    Yes!! Finally! She deserves it. My girl is defeating ALL ODDS (to really no surprise). This is so good for her. I am in awe right now. Go Janet!

  11. JanStan October 8, 2015

    Why do I have a feeling if they do induct her she’ll pay them dust? Janet cant be bothered with the industry these days lol

    • Shady81 October 8, 2015

      No I think she’ll show up I mean she should. To show that the Jacksons dominate the music industry and there the real musical dynasty it started with the Jackson 5 being inducted first then Michael there after and last but definitely not least Janet now that’s Jackson family power right and she’s the final one to be inducted she better walk her ass up there with a pretty flowing gown with the split coming down giving serious leg action. And she should walk across that stage like she did at the BET Awards in 2006 or 2007 when she reunited with the cast of Good Times yes she did that and to give her proper thank you’s to the people that help carve her legendary career and I feel if her brothers can’t bestow that honor to her then maybe her godmother Gladys Knight could I would just love it either way.

  12. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare October 8, 2015

    Let the seething continue! I love it!

    They said she would debut with less than 50K. Lies.

    She’ll NEVER get another #1 album they said. Lies.

    They said she was local. Just added a European leg to her sold-out Japan dates. The “local” queen who has only sold 40.5 ALBUMS (more that most people’s entire careers) outside of the states. Lies.

    Receiving glowing reviews for her BRILLIANT new album when they said the critics would hate it. Lies.

    Now, she’s up for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame for this year’s incoming class.

    This is a bad, bad week to be an Icon naysayer. Your delusion has to be running full throttle to survive this one.

    Keep playing the album JJ fans! It gets better and better with each listen. 😀

  13. Janatic October 8, 2015

    I have mixed feelings about this. For one, I thought she deserved to be nominated years ago and now I feel like they may be using her name because she’s back with a new album, new tour and she’s what everyone is talking about. They just want her to bring her huge following so they can have better ratings. I actually could care less if they induct her at this point because it was travesty they waited this long but inducted Madonna in the 1st year she was eligible. You see how they do? So I’m happy for Janet but don’t care for this Rock Hall, it’s not what you know but who you know, popularity contest.

  14. r October 8, 2015

    Janet has everyone hating. I was on another board and they are mad just she got a nomination.

    Janet deserves it. Control and RN 1814 are the reason why R&B became so big in the 90’s and she also help inspire the “New Jack Swing” sound.

    Let alone Janet has done almost every genre that RRHF nominates for Disco, Pop, R&B, Country, Rock and Hip Hop.

    Let not forget her tours or how she change music.

  15. jj October 8, 2015

    42 years in the industry longer than madonnas 30 years and almost 10 years younger dust to rrhof

  16. @JanetCIARA_ October 8, 2015

    They need to quit trying her and pay homage!

  17. What now October 8, 2015

    I ain’t no Janet stan, but she deserves 2 b inducted. Her and the other legends that haven’t all need 2.

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) October 9, 2015

      I respect that ish! I’m not a fan of some legends, but if they put in the work, they deserve the acknowledgment..

      You keeping it all the way real on this…

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare October 9, 2015

      Now see, I like this. Why can’t others be like this?

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen (aka T.I.T.S.) October 10, 2015

        Ok?!! I think because trolling has become a drug for some of these fools, and they won’t ever kick the habit..

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