New Song: Kelly Rowland – ‘Dumb’

Published: Monday 26th Oct 2015 by Sam

Kelly Rowland drips all sorts of swagger on new song ‘Dumb.’

Presumably the first taste from the singer’s fifth studio album, the bouncy number debuted moments ago and, as ever, That Grape Juice has your first listen.

Get all the way into new Ms. Kelly after the jump. She’s taking it to the club…

Definitely different for Kelly! Very daring.

Playful, infectious, and on trend, ‘Dumb’ packs a potent punch. If indeed Rowland’s lead single, we’d love to see her show all the way out on its accompanying video. Turn up time!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Kelly#1 October 26, 2015

    Now this is fire she’s back

    • You tried October 26, 2015

      Swag kind of sounds familiar on so many levels! Not trying to be shady but this ratchet .. Fun yet cocky and bad girl and sexual young song has been done by ????? A lil flattering to the original artist I’m sure but ok

  2. Beyond Amazing (Cause Bey Really Is!!) October 26, 2015

    Sounds like every other DJ Musatrd/Mike Will Made rachet club song. Really Kelly??? She’s been in the game for 18/17 years and this is the best that she could do??

    • Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) October 26, 2015

      I love Kelly but I must agree. I am disappointed smh.

    • When Rihsus Says Yes… October 27, 2015

      I can’t with this boy p*ssy/thot music. This is a much better look for Teyana Taylor than Kelly Rowland.

      • Dev October 27, 2015

        Clearly you haven’t listened to Teyana’s album because if you did you would know it slays…. probably everything that Kelly has ever done.
        As for this song… it’s not even buzz worthy.
        This is a young up and coming/indie act.
        Kelly why?

    • Rowlandstones October 27, 2015

      Shut the f*** up yes she is in the game for 15 years and she did a f****** great job with her last 3 albums you can’t say anything about her last album and she is allowed to have fun with this buzz song it’s not a single f*** you and f*** your negativity.

  3. Everyone’s A Critic October 26, 2015

    Yaaaaaaaaas bish, now when you’re done with these fun songs, slay me like its 2002 with something like Stole or Dilemma

    But real talk this song is pure swagger

  4. Credits October 26, 2015

    I’m always hopeful to see this girl win and get out of you know who’s shadow but as soon as I heard that same overused bass that’s in everybody’s song right now, I turned it off.

    • Rowlandstones October 27, 2015

      bye b**** it’s a buzz song

      • credits October 27, 2015

        That won’t create any buzz! I’ve heard ms. kelly, here i am and talk a good game, i know what she is capable of but this here just isn’t it.

  5. #JACKIE October 26, 2015

    Whack and incredibly corny. Come harder Kellz.

    • my girlfriend October 26, 2015

      if u don’t like ut get the f*** out of this page. I love it and am sure other people will love too.

      • #JACKIE October 26, 2015

        Sis I’m voicing my opinion like everyone else. You mad? I said what I said.

      • Ciah’s Turtle October 27, 2015

        Yes NeNe ! ^^

    • my girlfriend October 26, 2015

      Am not upset sis u know what this time ur wasting going over all kelly posts u should spend it to encourage all the csquad to buy ur fave album lol coz I heard it’s didn’t sell much lol I bought that cd it’s great lol

    • Beyhive October 26, 2015

      How’s Jackie doing sis ?????

      • #JACKIE October 26, 2015

        How are all of Kelly’s albums doing?

    • Meh October 27, 2015

      Yall b*tches out here mad when Kelz buzz single better than your gave lead single. Now thats the real kii

      • Meh October 27, 2015


    • Rowlandstones October 27, 2015

      Kelly sold 30 m record solo and Ciara 18 m record so do the math yourself..

      • credits October 27, 2015

        ^^^back this statement up.

      • my girlfriend October 27, 2015

        Kelly sold 30 millions record worldwide so i ll say kelly’s albums are doing just fine. But its not the case of ciara ‘S last album” jackie” that’s why I see ur ass in every kelly’s articles writing nonsense, I guess it’s called being a hater so girl bye

  6. Kylie Jenner Stan October 26, 2015


    • my girlfriend October 26, 2015

      While ur broke ass is typing nonsense this girl is making lots of cash, stupid fan

  7. ~Monica’s Dove~ October 26, 2015

    No ma’am! This is LATE! Kelly this sounds like some s*** that should have been on your album that came out in 2006. Another flop is on the horizon.

    • Meh October 27, 2015

      Yall b*tches out here mad when Kelz buzz single better than your gave lead single. Now thats the real kii

    • my girlfriend October 27, 2015

      In case u don’t know kelly’s album in 2006 sold over 2 millions record worldwide so stop taking nonsense I think the real flop here is u Monica ‘ dove. By the way this song is DOPE

      • sandro October 27, 2015

        Ms kelly sold around 5 million copies

  8. Leon vs. LEBO October 26, 2015

    That’s hott! Yaaasss!

  9. wait… October 26, 2015

    I don’t understand whats up with these artists today! making music to sell and thats it. Atleast Adele, Bey and Jazmine make music that means something to them I mean even Rihanna and Katy make pop s*** but they seem to be all in it.
    Kelly just making a track to get some attention. Go away, start again then come back

    • Rowlandstones October 27, 2015

      Please go to hell Kelly did a solid R&B album with TAAG most of Kelly’s songs about her own experience and situations in life she is more relatable than Beyoncé will ever be. Damn you she was so honest and stripped with her last albums but she can’t have fun in one buzz song .

  10. DIABETES UNBOTHERRED October 26, 2015

    Kelly was never meant to be a profitable artist.. with such a forgetable voice. No producer would ever give her or Cerror their best material it they don’t even want to give it to rihanna these days. Once again looks like Bey hogging all the good tracks for herself

    • #JACKIE October 26, 2015

      Sis your totally obsessed with Ciara. Do you want to eat her?

  11. Ronnie October 26, 2015

    Song would benefit from a feature. Sounds crazy, but Ciara came to mind. Female collaborations aren’t done enough today. The song is a cute little bop.

  12. Lake Erie October 26, 2015

    O SH!T!!!! This is fire for real for real! I love it! They should push this! Club banger no lie!

    Bring it Kellz!

  13. DIABETES UNBOTHERRED October 26, 2015

    Bey got these urban producers ON LOCK lol she gets DRUNK & PARTITION while these lessors get flopping myself I bet & b**** better have my sweet potato.

    • Ciah’s Turtle October 27, 2015

      Feeling Myself was Beyoncé’s song Originally. She gave it to Nicki as a favor for blessing Flawless. Try Again Precious. “Take yo ass down to the welfare. School ain’t gon help none. Youse a dummy b1tch”

    • Rowlandstones October 27, 2015

      Sit your ugly face somewhere

  14. #justsayn October 26, 2015

    As a Rowlandstone i dont like it to be honest! This is not strong enough for a single! She always miss it with her single choices… Danm!

  15. #TeamTinashe Stan October 26, 2015

    I`ve tried to turn my back on Kelly Rowland but her voice is just magnificent but sadly she doesn`t have the songs to go with it. This song isn’t all that bad and for sure it’s a buzz single but hopefully she works with Rico Love again and some other producers to give her that grimier track like “Motivation.” I actually see her and Drake doing a nice collab as-well although I find him annoying a bit these days.

    Anyways TGJ, this midnight we will see the return of Keke Palmer back in music as she is releasing her first single & music video for “I Don’t Belong To You” on the label “Island Records”!!!!

  16. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 26, 2015

    Kelly……I tried……*leaves post*

    • Meh October 27, 2015

      Yall b*tches out here mad when Kelz buzz single better than your gave lead single. Now thats the real kii

  17. No favs, just here for the music October 26, 2015

    Nothing I haven’t heard before

    This song lacks everything including originality

    It’s not necessarily bad it’s just a repetitive copy and paste sound. I know Kelly has the potential to do so much better then this.

  18. Beyhive October 26, 2015

    Clearly this is a buzz single and it works everybody is talking s*** in their songs today. I can definitely hear Dumb on the radio. I’m ready Kelly this is what Ciara , Tamar & others should have done… Oh well

    • #justsayn October 26, 2015

      Dumb will not get any radio play! This is a filler on an album! Lets be freakin real man!!! Yes were glad for new music but this just isnt it! When Bey release horrible music her fans R HONEST! Rowlandstones need to be honest instead of excited about her releasing any single! This aint it! I pray this is only a buzz track cause im not supporting if i dont like it! I expect better from these artists!

      • Beyhive October 26, 2015

        Dumb is a club & radio kind of song. This isn’t about us being happy she released something this is about a different side of Kelly we have never seen. I’m a Music Fan and yes I knew from the jump this was a buzz single ( filler on the album ) hell no Kelly is way smarter than that. You’re not a real Kelly fan if you can say your not supporting her so this back and forth is Done.

      • #justsayn October 26, 2015


        I have been a Kelly fan since her very 1st album simply deep! Im not mad about the sound and her doing up beat i am actually a fan that told her in her birthday video chat that her last album should have had uptempos and she is now doing it! I just do not believe in this single. I just do not think it is strong enough to sale an album. As a true fan im gonna keep it 100% not feed her what she wants to hear. Yes i am a rowlandstone!

    • #JACKIE October 26, 2015

      Kiiii Ciara is just fine. This song won’t do s*** on the charts anywhere and Tamar slays Kelly.

      • #justsayn October 26, 2015

        Im kinda glad ur on here being a hater! Hopefully she sees these messages and dont release this as an official single bcuz this song want do well not even on r&b charts! I cant let her make this mistake!!!

      • my girlfriend October 27, 2015

        Oh girl now u stan for tamar I think as o said before u just a hater, it’s not our fault if ciara album didn”t sell lol

  19. Cheryl Cole October 26, 2015

    Okay mama. I see you inspired by my “Dum Dum” track. Kisses from the UK <3

  20. Naomi’s Edges October 26, 2015

    Cute track ! I wanna see a vid

  21. brazio October 26, 2015

    Kelly noooo!!! I’m so sick of trendy music!!! Kelly you and all of Destiny’s Children can do better than music like this

  22. Gee October 26, 2015

    To me this song sounds dated. Honestly Kelly is better than this type of material hopefully she has something better in store.

  23. B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare October 26, 2015

    Oh Kelly…smh

    Why?! Run FAR away from this sound. I love her but this song shouldn’t be anywhere near her album.

  24. Farrah Franklin October 26, 2015

    Kelly you’re a lame. This song is very early 2000’s in a bad way. She’ll forever be in beyonces shadow.

    • Meh October 27, 2015

      Yall b*tches out here mad when Kelz buzz single better than your gave lead single. Now thats the real kii

    • my girlfriend October 27, 2015

      Says who a farrah franklin fan, I guess u guy are still mad that farrah was in destiny’s child for 2 weeks lol after that nobody never heard of her except when she was arrested last year, so the flop here is farrah franklin

  25. Sarah October 26, 2015

    One thing I can say is that kelly is a target for hate..everyone’s first reaction to her shot always something negative…this s*** will go hard in the club! And the haters will deal ..their just so dumb du du dumb dumb dumb

    • #justsayn October 27, 2015

      I agree about the hate comments but this song will not take her far! Especially as a lead single on a album! She havent tweeted about it yet so hopefully its just a buzz single!

  26. Nick October 26, 2015

    Why do people hate Kelly so much? I don’t unders it. This is a very catch song and if she combines it with a good video it could go far.

  27. Sunny October 26, 2015

    I love it

  28. Aaron October 26, 2015

    Yes it’s to much hate going into. I love the song.

  29. Rihboy October 26, 2015

    Ehhh! Bad timing. This beat boxy sound is dying off. It’s cute but not what I expected from her. Hope she doesn’t turn away from r&b. We see how that worked for Jackie.

  30. xedos October 26, 2015

    The song has the right name

  31. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans October 26, 2015

    Here we go again with these Hip Hop songs! If she really wants to slay again, she needs to serve up a quick “When Love Takes Over”, “Commander”, or “Forever and a Day”. She honestly should know this by now. Kelly, sis, I think it’s time to call Guetta up again.

  32. Aaron October 26, 2015

    I looked at the comments before I played the some. I feel the hate. This is different for kelly and I love it. I just want a video to go as hard as the song.

  33. Aaron October 26, 2015

    I want ass shaking and the end of this video. Get Big Freeda that would be hot

  34. SamIAm October 26, 2015

    This is fire for Kelly. Yes I live. Please do a video lots of swag and dancing.

  35. SamIAm October 26, 2015

    This was a real treat for me today. Yess Ms Kelly

  36. RonD October 26, 2015

    Kelly you slay me. Yess

  37. Habib Kanaan October 26, 2015

    Sounds like a Target holiday ad campaign.

  38. Ann October 26, 2015

    SERIOUSLY THE more I listen the more I like this song! Could have a funkier beat but it’s the lyrics and Kelly’s diverence the sell the song. HATER and fans who don’t like it as a single or filler you need to chill and listen more before giving up so soon! Some songs take time to grow on you! #Rowlandstones begging for new music you got it now try to enjoy!

  39. Shawn October 26, 2015

    Lies, lies, and more lies. This song to me sounds like something I’ve never heard. People talking about it sounds dated that’s a dame like.

  40. stan October 26, 2015

    this sounds like 10 other songs out right now. what happened to creativity?

    i know she can do something ahead of the curve–she’s done it before with “when love takes over” & “motivation”. i need her to do the same with this era.

  41. Toni Child’s October 27, 2015

    Yesssss Kelly, its a catchy song!!!!!

  42. @JanetCIARA_ October 27, 2015

    This is nice!

  43. Sweetnothings78 October 27, 2015

    Love this. Beat sounds like fancy.

  44. dakkylove October 27, 2015

    it’s a fun, buzz single, no need for you guys to start writing essays about this, she is in a fun place in her life and she is recording fun songs. This is clearly just one for the clubs….but mehn did you hear her rap or was that someone else? if that was her mehn Kelly isn’t playing this time around.

  45. Truth October 27, 2015

    FIRE!!!! She better dance her as of in this video! I need Kelly Lose My Breath video go at it!

  46. LB October 27, 2015

    Like a bad rollercoaster. No, just NO

  47. Julian October 27, 2015

    Kelly is only ever as good as her songwriting & production team. With that said, I like it and I think it’s a cute, sassy song. I’m not sure it has hit potential though, but I’m just happy she doesn’t give up on her musical career. Go Kelly!

  48. Mr ???? October 27, 2015

    This is just dumb and a hot mess… Next

  49. Lisa October 27, 2015

    OMG people just get the f$&k over it!! It’s JUST MUSIC! Listen to it and enjoy it.. Damn.. Kelly doesn’t owe anything to a label at the moment so she is putting it out because she wants to. Get a grip. The world will not end. Bounce your a**e$ off and enjoy life!! damn!!!

  50. Kelly October 27, 2015

    I honestly feel that no matter what Kelly release the haters will always discredit her music and label it trash!! That b**** is paid regardless so she don’t give two f**** what yall say. This is a ladies club anthem it go hard. I’f Beyoncé had released everyone would love it. 7/11 was garbage and folks loved it this song is way better. This is not official first single this is just appetitizer till my b**** bring the real heat she packing. #JustWaitOnIt

    • #justsayn October 27, 2015

      As long as its a buzz single im fine with it! But its not a hit! Thats all im saying! I want my fave to win so bad! Im gonna let her know!

  51. Kelly October 27, 2015

    So twerk yall hating ass off this post to this certified banger *drops mic*

  52. RihannaIsMadonna October 27, 2015

    Love it! Her voice is DAYUM! Doe!

  53. Kelendria October 27, 2015

    Im going to need that No Pressure

  54. Chillitsjustpizza October 27, 2015

    Slay Kelly f*** these haters.

  55. sandro October 27, 2015

    I like it a lot. Specially the part she does that little rap.
    I believe it’s just a buzz single… way to go kelly

  56. Me October 28, 2015

    The version that I heard yesterday is different from the one I’m hearing today. Yesterday there was no beat, only a piano rift and some synths, but today there’s an actual beat to ride and the lyrics are more audible and I can actually understand what she is saying. Yesterday they were just harmonies, but no distinctive lyrics. The song didn’t seem complete. That must have been a tease (I had a feeling it was). I couldn’t figure out why people were saying that the song was a club banger when nothing was banging; but today was a whole new listening experience. This song is not ‘deep’ by any means. It is careless and catchy, and quite typical for the time, but not for Kelly. This is something different for her, and frankly, she nails it.
    I’m reminded why I respect this girls artistry so much. It’s because she owns any and every style of music that she tries; whether it’s pop r&b, urban r&b, EDM, or risky ratchet. She does it all and she does it all well. I do prefer the deep, transparent, soulful power house vocalist that Kelly can be. I hope she never leaves that girl behind. I would also love more acoustic records from her, as well as acoustic live performances. Her voice is too beautiful for those over-produced records. I’m not saying she should never have fun with a few production heavy hits, but don’t forget that you are a full grown woman with a husband and a child and full circle life experiences to talk about. Sometimes, all you need is a stool and a guitar girl, a stool and a guitar. I would love to hear her take on a folk record or an alternative soft rock song. I guess I just want the versatile version of Kelly Rowland. I never want her to feel limited or forget that she is an artist and can create and try new things. She doesn’t have to follow trends. She CAN, but she doesn’t have to. I don’t hate this not so new, new sound for Kelly, but I don’t want her to get stuck here. Give the people who actually buy your music something evolutionary.

    Peace out.

    • #justsayn October 28, 2015

      Very well said! Realest most honest comment on here!

  57. Jarboo89 October 28, 2015

    Afta a few listens, I think this is a very nice song… It’s almost like 7/11, sounds like anything Beyonce would do. #stopthehate

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