New Video: Dawn Richard – ‘Dance’

Published: Monday 5th Oct 2015 by Sam

Dawn Richard dazzles in the dynamite video for new single ‘Dance.’

The high-octane cut is the lead release from the performer’s third solo opus, ‘Redemption Heart’ (due next year).

As previously relayed, the track sees the former Danity Kane diva skew more to the mainstream middle after her dalliances with daring EDM.

Watch Ms. Richard rock all the way out after the jump…


Dawn remains indie and continues to show-up some of her major label counterparts with the production value of her visuals.

We may still be jarred at the DK3 drama, but we can’t knock this girl’s hustle.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Really(Beehiveallday October 5, 2015

    Wake the F*** UP and stop sleeping on Ms. Dawn Richard When you love the artistry of a dope female like Beyonce you recognize the same in others and Dawn comes the closest

    • You tried ??????!? October 5, 2015

      This girl SLAYYS agiain and again and AGAIN! Her visuals would mislead you to think that she was signed to a huge deal with COLUMBIA OR D.Jam! Damn she kills the competition!
      Don’t get off into those other mediocre girls please and thank u!

    • denise black October 6, 2015

      lol lol Dawn will never ever come close to Beyonce dawn music is not good at all and rave music sounds better than her music beyonce and dawn how dare you put dawn name in a sentence with beyonce now thats funny

      • Ciah’s Turtle October 6, 2015

        “Dawn’s music is not good at all” Comparing her to Beyoncé is a bit of a reach, but saying her music isn’t good is also. Lets not carry now..

  2. A October 5, 2015

    Sam, why didn’t you post the music video Carry On for Dumblonde?

    I’m just sayin..

    • Really(Beehiveallday October 5, 2015

      Last time i checked they do post about Dumbblonde, cause i dont check for them at all but the stuff Thatgrapejuice post. SO thats a lie

    • T Jay October 7, 2015

      BAHAHAH because dumblonde’s music and visuals are weak af!

  3. YEAKELLY October 5, 2015

    Nice video, but the quality of the video is nowhere near that of Titans/James Dean.

    Also, where is the video for Dumblonde? This site used to be a one stop shop for all things r&b/pop/hip-hop, plus i would love to know what you guys think of it? come on

    • J October 5, 2015

      They just post now to make money, not for the music. All these ads are telling

  4. trose October 5, 2015

    Welll I think they chose dawns side as oppose to dumblonde seeing as they gets zero press on this side of the pond. Which is a shame cause that album is actually a very solid.body of work and they should be celebrated for marching on with their dreams

    • YEAKELLY October 5, 2015

      I totally agree with you, and not only should they be celebrated for marching on, but for marching on with QUALITY. Some may say that Dumblonde is manufactured, but that doesn’t take away from the talent that both girls possess or what they brought to the table when it came to the creative process, even if it wasn’t much.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 5, 2015

        If they were so talented then why did those insecure bums have to book studio time to rerecord Dawn’s vocals? Then why did said bums choose to bring up ancient tea on the Breakfast Club, even though they openly worked with Dawn 6 years after the incident. It doesn’t add up.

    • You tried ??????!? October 5, 2015

      Carry on! “Zero press on THIS SIDE” ???? U must be some blonde little queen.. Dawn WORKS twice as hard along with the other hard working Black entertainers! She has to work her ass off.. Not hop on bandwagons like reality shows every chance a certain other blonde does and talk trash about ppl in interviews on BLACK MEDIA! But Those other girls don’t get black press!??? Sir PLEase lol SIT

      • trose October 5, 2015

        Woah hol on there Sally mae. I Support BOTH 1st and for most I support ART not color and this is not a color issue. Those girls did a great job with a solid product for being independent and this was an epic video for dawn as well being independent I’m simply saying why can’t they all be promoted it’s more then enough room for just 1 as they are all talented. If ypu support them as a SUPER GROUP…support them as individuals now in the Words of Marlo “Fix Your Posture” and have a seat. P.s I’m very much black.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 6, 2015

        Wait…. @trose NO you did not just say ‘fix your posture’???????????? I hollered!!!!!
        But in all fairness, Aubrey still controls the official Danity Kane social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, website, etc) and Aubrey ONLY posts dumblonde updates. In all fairness Aubrey shouldn’t be using the DK fan pages to promote herself, that kind of behaviour is childish and self-serving. Y’all are forgetting about the time Aubrey leaked a staged reality tv show scene between her and Dawn, to fool the fans and make it seem like Dawn was fvcking up the group. She’s a mess!

  5. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 5, 2015

    Dawn y did you have to do me like that Sis. This bish dragged me thru Europe with EDM beat and then she finished me off in Africa with those tribal beats at the end.

  6. J October 5, 2015

    This video is terrible

  7. Ciah’s Turtle October 5, 2015

    YESSSSSS DAWN ! Can yall shut up about DumBlonde.. seriously

  8. andres October 5, 2015

    Nothing compares to a ciara video.. for some reason i cannot get into dawns music the best she had was bombs but from there i dont know..

    • Really(Beehiveallday October 5, 2015

      Sorry but Dawn Dancing videos shits on Ciara. GO listen to DAwn last two ablums and theyyou will find out why there BOTH critical acclaim.

    • Ciah’s Turtle October 6, 2015

      For dance purposes.. get into her “Blow”, “Swim Free” & “Titans/James Dean” videos. all slay

  9. Really(Beehiveallday October 5, 2015

    At the end of the day DUMBBLONE is not better then Dawn Musically, vocally or creatively. SOOOO Dawn Diverlers y because she has a God given Talent that explodes greatness. Sorry Dummees

  10. ImStevenMichael October 5, 2015

    I tried, but I don’t like her music or voice at all. Her visuals are pretty strong for an independent artist and she always looks fresh, but the music just sucks tbh.

  11. cocobutta October 5, 2015

    Visual game is higher than most major signed Artist.

    Was enjoyable

  12. Crash October 5, 2015

    The video is every single thing!! I am proud of Dawn.

    Dance is a strong first single.

    I want to see more promotion and stuff from her. I hope she doesnt disappear like she did last year before Blackheart dropped.


  13. What now October 6, 2015

    It’s a lil low budget, but she still slayed.

  14. Bravo!! October 6, 2015

    Dawn a hot performer, but her music choice has to change…

  15. Nono October 6, 2015

    That video was a hot mess with looks from all over, the first song was awful. There were moments of good in Dance. The second song was good but she ruined it with so much going on. That Kanye mask segment was like a creative puke. She needs to tone it down, a simplified video with a good dance would have sufficed.

    • Ciah’s Turtle October 6, 2015

      YOU CRAZY. Billie Jean is everything. She has plenty of simplified videos with dance scenes.. a b**** gotta switch up every now and then.

  16. bash October 6, 2015

    She probably had a $70 budget and still made this look high budget… Love this Sh*T…

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