Sales Update: Janet Jackson Set To Sell More Than Predicted / Tamar Braxton Revised Down

Published: Monday 5th Oct 2015 by Sam

Queen of Pop Janet Jackson is set to reign supreme on the next count of the Billboard 200.

As reported, the ‘BURNITUP!’ singer’s new album ‘Unbreakable’ is on course to open atop of the tally with healthy numbers.

Now, things are looking even better for the diva. Why? Because said figures have been revised upwards.

Details below…

Initial industry estimates had the album slated to debut with 90-105k (physical sales) and 93-108k (including streaming).

An update today has refreshed that projection to now sit at 100-110k sales, 103-113k (including streaming).

Needless to say, an awesome feat for Jackson. One that, if realised, will see her as one of a few acts (a list which includes Barbara Streisand) to have #1 albums in the 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s.


Tamar Braxton – who with new album ‘Calling All Lovers’ is one of the week’s other notable Urban releases – hasn’t been so fortunate.

Having been earmarked to sell 38-43k (physical sales) and 42-47k (including streaming), her numbers have been revised down to now sit at: 35-40k sales, 39-44k (including streaming).

We wish her the best.


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  1. Sandra October 5, 2015

    Outside of the US Janet’s album will flop so hard. It won’t sell even 100k combined globally (excluding US sales). She is local to the United States. Most people globally know her as Michael’s sister only

    • Huh? October 5, 2015

      WTF is wrong with you? Janet isn’t even promoting anything and it has hit #10 in over 15 countries on ITunes w/o doing anything, but sociL media. She’s ONLY doing it for fans. She said it time and time again. Btw, these sales don’t include the her preorders from her website and I don’t think they include digital sales.

      • Sandra October 5, 2015

        No promo??? Music video, remixes with J.Cole?? Lyric videos? A tour where she sings songs from the album? Isn’t this promotion?

      • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) October 5, 2015

        Sam….i just got word she’s actually at 300k. Look into it so @sandra and taylor will die of shock

    • Bruce October 5, 2015

      Wow. It’s been 34 years since her debut album and she’s still topping the Billboard 200 AND selling 100k on her own label. That’s so impressive. She hasn’t even promoted this album once outside of Twitter.

      Jennifer, Mariah and Madonna did everything award and TV show there was and excluding Madonna sold half of what Janet is projected to sell.

      • Sean October 5, 2015

        Madonna’s album also leaked in full months in advance and her tour is slaying. I love Janet but Madonna is on a Beatles/MJ/Elvis level and JJ is a level below that

      • Dan October 5, 2015

        Actually Madonna’s first week with Rebel Heart was 121,000 combined in the US, so you are wrong.

      • Music_Over_Life October 5, 2015

        Yeah but at the end of the day Mariah’s album was WAYYYYYYY better than Janet’s. Let’s not be stupid here. Janet might sell more now but lyrically and artistically she will NEVER come close to Mariah. If anything she’s earning her coins as make up for what she didn’t do in the 90’s. Tbh Janet’s album was no better than Ciara’s and that’s not up for debate.

    • Huh? October 5, 2015

      You are such an ignoramus. The version with J. Cole isn’t a remix! It was always going on the album. There were always going to be 2 different versions of the song. This actually came from her producer Jimmy Jam. And how is a lyric video promo? WTF?! The tour isn’t really promo since she only performs about 4 or 5 songs on the album and she didn’t even announce it at the concerts until last week. People really didn’t and still don’t know that she has an album out because, like I said, she isn’t even promoting. You’re a damn fool.

    • Indie October 5, 2015

      your a lying sack of s***! She’s a global Icon I’m from the UK and that grapejuice is a British website, go f*** yourself!

    • Paula6 October 5, 2015

      Why is every target and walmart sold out of Janet’s CD.

      It’s so frustrating.

    • Black Eagle October 5, 2015

      OMG, Sandra! Your pressed-ness is REAL. This is literally good news and your literally came in here to throw hate? Why? What wounds are present in you that need healing that you feel the desire to s*** on other people’s joy?

      Seek help, dear.

    • B**** I Can’t Even Spell Welfare October 5, 2015

      Janet? local? That’s interesting.

      “janet” sold 20 million WW. 7 in the US. Where did that other 13 million come from? I see logic isn’t your strong suit.

      All of this blind hatred for what? A 33 year veteran who dropped an independent release for her FANS who is uninterested in competing with anyone and, yet, STILL goes #1. Why are so many of you pressed?

    • john October 5, 2015


    • Marc October 5, 2015

      To ALL: THE “QUEEN of DANCE” is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO

    • Kiera Heyward October 5, 2015

      You sound stupid asf

    • jjsrb October 5, 2015

      She will probably debut in top 10 and Top 5 in the UK (#8 midweek), Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Denmark, Spain. Maybe Germany, Finland… According to iTunes performance at least. Not to mention the erst of the world. She was always the biggest in Asia and South Africa. And all that without nay promo! Who else? 🙂

    • Vee October 6, 2015

      B*******! YOU DON’T KNOW THE WHAT THE F$!# your talking about! Sit down b****!

    • RealTalkBSWalk October 6, 2015

      And most people globally knows you as a free d*** sucker and a s** carrier janet is clearly winning

    • Scandocious October 6, 2015

      Its clear to me that Sandra here is an angry child who knows nothing. Promotion is doing television talk shows. Pulling stunts, etc. AS FOR Janet… it matters not… but to think you actually believe no one, but People in the United States only knows her is a gross miscalculation! Its bed time child… go to sleep.

  2. LB October 5, 2015

    So more than Moo, Granny, French horn and
    If she does more than Lana, I’ll scream.

    • SamIAmNot October 5, 2015

      And more than youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • Kiera Heyward October 5, 2015

      Haha you mad

  3. LB October 5, 2015

    Dear Sandra, cry some more and please pour your tears into this bucket, I need to wash my car.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) October 5, 2015

      I wonder what R8 will sell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Laquisha latanya jackson October 5, 2015

      Child! The drought is real.

  4. Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

    It’s a pity…. This album is more traumatizing than her twisted looks and dance moves

    • Huh? October 5, 2015

      Go listen to Taylor’s nursery rhymes.

      • Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

        And you go listen to what my dog has been listening……. Whistles

    • Vee October 6, 2015

      Fuuuuuuuck youuuuuu

  5. truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) October 5, 2015

    Haters in 5, 4, 3, 2….KII!!!

  6. ratedxxx October 5, 2015

    Janet is not even releasing this album on a major this is still good news for her..

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) October 5, 2015

      How much do you think R8 WILL SELL THO????No shade…

    • Josh October 5, 2015

      It’s her own label. Janet made history in becoming the first African American female performer to start her own label.

      • eric October 5, 2015

        Uhhh. Missy Elliot. gold mind!!

  7. Slay_Hive October 5, 2015

    Yaaaasss u better slay Janet!!! ????

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) October 5, 2015

      How much do u think RLATE will sell????

      • Slay_Hive October 5, 2015

        R8 will debut at over 100k, reach gold in maybe two months and never reach platinum like ArtPop.

  8. JanStan October 5, 2015

    Omg lololololololol. I just can’t with the haters perched on Janet posts more than her stans. It must be a SLOOOOOOOOW news day/month/year for their faves. KII!!!!

  9. Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

    Rihanna is the new Mooriah she won’t be able to sell albums over 40k like Moomoo after 30+ years in her career and Beyonce affcourse is Janet she will be able to sell albums over 100k after 30+ years

    Taylor on the other hand………..

    • jamon October 5, 2015

      Mariah has sold more then all these artist combined. She doesn’t have to sell another album and will still be one of the biggest selling artist of all time, male and female.

      • jamon October 5, 2015

        BTW all of those artist are doing their own thing. Each one have their own style.

    • Music_Over_Life October 5, 2015

      Girl bye!!!! Hating on Mariah ain’t going to stop her checks from coming in. Keep on hating while Mariah owns the soundtrack to your life. When will your fave outsale MUSIC BOX????

  10. BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

    Janet’s numbers is good considering she’s indie and she havent really promoted their are artist (ciara) who is on a major label and cant sell 40k and her album is a solid album and lmaooo at tamar flopage i guess that reality regin has finally led up

  11. nothing but the truth October 5, 2015

    lmao wow big difference! had this been anyone else people on here would be dragging them and calling her all kinds of flop but it Janet and the excuses are endless. she can’t sing and her music sounds dated and tired.

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) October 5, 2015

      Eat me

    • Slay_Hive October 5, 2015

      ???????????????????? The excuses they come up with are so hilarious.

    • Maudey October 5, 2015

      Girl bye!

  12. I… October 5, 2015

    It’s something seriously wrong with the trash that posts on here, I rarely come here, but when I do, I usually see the SAME idiots spewing trash. Anyhoo, Janet is unbothered and in Paris right now. Janet’s album is actually AMAZING! She made a very mature and eclectic album that a lot of you ratchet idiots will never connect to or understand. It’s a think-piece album. It provokes thought and it’s fun.

  13. Swiftly October 5, 2015

    calling a spade a spade FLOPPP!!

    • truth(nicki the reason A.I. is cancelled and Meek playn ha!!) October 5, 2015

      Y i mad?? Cause Taylor a sllut?? Oh ok…ho!

  14. libra season October 5, 2015

    funny how some artist had bigger first week numbers and were called flops, guess this make them the biggest flops of the decade.

    • Bruce October 5, 2015

      Not so much a flop. Janet hasn’t done any promo and is on an indie label (her own) and is still projected to do as much or more.

  15. vivid October 5, 2015


  16. TURN IT UP October 5, 2015

    I’m sorry but you can’t have a top 40 hit a huge following on the major social networks and have your songs on high rotation and debut less than 150K.

    This is good for Janet I can’t wait to see her claim another #1 album

  17. hmmm October 5, 2015

    These aren’t even official numbers. Smh, at you dummies. And yes, these are only physical sales (CDs). Here’s a little tea, first weeks sales aren’t always important. Janet’s Control did 50k it’s first week and went on to sell 15 million Michael’s Thriller sold 20k its first week, but went on to sell, well, we know that story.

    • vivid October 5, 2015

      you’re smoking on that Whitney Houston if you think this album will sell more then 300k

      • Lmfao_Hoe October 5, 2015

        Don’t you disrespect Nippy b****, and as time goes this album alone will consist of timeless material added to her already amazing catalog. First week ain’t really anything to begin with, as arts that are already over expose haven’t even gone past gold yet.

  18. Sundayluv October 5, 2015

    Wait a minute if I am not mistaken isn’t Janet bigger internationally than in the states? So I don’t know what some of you guys are talking about as far as Janet’s world wide sales.

    • Sandra October 5, 2015

      No. Janet’s biggest market is the United States. 40 million of her 70 million album sales are from the US

      • @Sandra October 5, 2015

        Janet sold more than 70 ww million albums, dummy!

  19. Janet’s Voice October 5, 2015

    Salam!!!! Hey Traneteers!!!!!!! Janet is having a once in a lifetime opportunity for her hardcore fans, since you’ve all went out and purchased 150k copies WORLDWIDE of her latest whispering sensation she is going to be giving away free Unbreakable turtlenecks and head covers #OnOneCondition :

    1.)! U must Convert to Islam

    2.) u must Never eat pork again unless u save Her a portion, as she loves her porkchops

    3.) she has enlisted URSULA THE SEA WITCH (a trans in her own right) herself to remove and replace each traneteer’s voice with a whisper, as no Traneteer should have an octave higher than Miss Jackson-Muhammed-Sharif

    4.) if you’re beautiful, u r Subject to being chained down, r**** and subsequently married by Janet’s husband and possibly become Janet’s sister wife

    5.) u must Bring your own Peruvian Poodle rug or yoga mat to pray on


    • Shady81 October 5, 2015

      B**** eat a d***!

    • Your opinion is BS October 5, 2015

      Girl that was lame. You should try going to work or finding a purpose. Otherwise, you should cease existing and save us all the resources. Toodles!!

  20. BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

    It’s funny how y’all are so pressed over Janet ???? & Slay_Hive, boo, why don’t you like Janet?

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

      You didnt crop it right so try again TROLL

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

      Lmaooo and i have never said “boo” on any post on tgj so once again try again troll and crop the picture right next time

  21. Regina George “BIH Where?” October 5, 2015

    As usual, the weeping willows have come thru to perch and shade. I promise it seems like they WAIT or get notifications for a Janet post because this is ridiculous. MOTHA has sold all of these with NO TELEVISED performances and only showed up once for her Icon award acceptance. She is independent and has been chillin for about 7 years and she has come back slaying and y’all can’t take it. Your favs LIVE for her and she is snatching left to right… I didn’t even post yesterday because it was the Sabbath and I refuuuuused to let the scalawags have it yesterday… But it’s Monday now bih… And I’m ready…

    • Lake Erie October 5, 2015

      LmaOoooo! !!! Yes!!! I second that janet notification and WAITING. Lol.

    • Shady81 October 5, 2015

      I’m just waiting for @career ender to so call drag us as it claims once the whole total sales come to light.

  22. Letmeexplain October 5, 2015

    I’m proud of Janet! Like someone said, this count is not including all of her sales. She hasn’t done any radio or TV interviews to promote. She made this album for her TRUE fans not you flip flop pretenders. Unbreakable is a great album with inspirational songs! Something many of you need. You guys spend too much time hating & blocking your own blessings for people who don’t care if you’re alive unless they’re promoting something they want you to buy. Janet is a billionaire with NOTHING to prove to you ingrates who’s so called favs did nothing but COPY everything Janet! So when you praise them you’re still lifting the Queen of Pop Janet Jackson higher! Be blessed.

  23. Shannon Brown October 5, 2015

    Monica is going to ousell both Tamar and Janet since she outsing them including all this rnb b******.

    • Bruce October 5, 2015


  24. Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

    Looks like that nip slip stunt lasted for more than 10 years

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

      Not when your fave is busy giving head for more top 40 hits

  25. #TeamTinashe Stan October 5, 2015

    I told yall now all we need to do is have her sell more than Madonna’s “Rebel Heart”.
    And speaking of Madonna for the FIRST TIME EVER IN MY LIFE, I listened to her album and it actually sounds good. Her song “Holy Water” has me sinning because it sounds so fun! “Kiss it there kiss it there dont it taste like holy water”. Make it stop! Please help me!!! I’ve never acted like a slųt before!!!

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015


    • queenbee. October 5, 2015

      Rotfl i am going to listen to this now becuz of you.

    • Lake Erie October 5, 2015

      LmaOoooo! Madonna said that? How old is she again? Smh. Shout out to the Troll that said janet was too old to be singing about “rain” (in here 30s) but here you got great grand Madonna singing about HOLY WATER in the WORST way …….. …..

      At what age again? Smh. The delusion tho.

      • Calvy October 7, 2015

        Um, Madonna a granny?! She only 7 or 8 years older than Janet.

  26. Kemar (@S_C_Jr on Twitter) October 5, 2015

    For a black female artist over 40 who was once blacklisted with no promotion and no Top 40 radio hit, I think Janet is doing well. Imagine what she would’ve done if she really treated this album as a “comeback”? To me, from the overall themes on the album, I would think this is a farewell?… Idk but it’s clear she’s doing this solely for her fans + just to promote her tour. She no longer has anything to prove nor is she trying to compete with today’s musical landscape. Just enjoy the music like she clearly wants us too. It’s a great album.

    Tamar’s album is really good. I love Must Be Good To You, Simple Things + Raise the Bar. The promotion for this album, however, was all over the place. Being visible is not enough. She needs to be marketing her music as an artist. But hey, she’s still making money. Good luck to everyone.

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

      I agree with all of this! It’s just sad that Tamar is Aaliyah’s lessor in terms of sales and talent 🙁

      • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

        Lmaoooo if your going to troll crop the picture right lmaoooo

    • Lake Erie October 5, 2015

      Aaaaw no, don’t say that. You making me light weigh man. I hope not. BUT on some real real, it crossed my mind lightly. But then again, she said shes come a long way and still has a ways to go. That line alone could be linked to many things but I hope not. That’s why I said I’ma perseve and enhale this body of work because you just may never know with Janet.

      • Shady81 October 5, 2015

        @Lake girl you know this is her 30th anniversary of her Control album hence when she said Conversations in a cafe go back and watch her very first music video What have you done for me lately she’s in a Cafe with her friends and there having conversations in a cafe which is really code for 30 years of Control 1986-2016.

      • Lake Erie October 5, 2015

        Lol wow, I never put that together Shady81!

    • Shady81 October 5, 2015

      No this isn’t a farewell album this is simply a celebration of her third album Control which that album became the start of a new Janet and solidification of her legendary status over 30 years ago also this is for her die hard fans.

  27. BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

    Tamar’s problem is, her mouth came back to bite her in the b***. If the public doesn’t like you, then you’re not gonna sell.

    • Crazy October 5, 2015

      I don’t agree… stupid b****…so how Rihanna forehead didn’t block sales!!! A mouth or a forehead can’t do anything

  28. Lover of music October 5, 2015

    I still think Tamar’s album is the better one

    • Crazy October 5, 2015

      I think so too…Janet album is good tho

    • Sean October 5, 2015

      I think so too Janet had those weak ass slow songs that she could barely belt…Tamar is the winner of this battle for me…Janet can have the sales…watch how far her numbers dip next week…and Sam just because you old queens syan for Janet…doesnt mean u have to shade Tamar…f*** outta here

  29. What? October 5, 2015

    When Janet is obviously underperforming for her status, her fans lie and over-exaggerate her success. According to the fans, this was a highly anticipated tour and album. Debuting at only 100k is quite underwhelming. What will her numbers look like the following weeks? These Janet fans will try to fool you.

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

      Who do you even Stan for though?

    • Faf October 5, 2015

      I don’t agree Janet is 49 and been in the game 30 years

      This is solid and a #1

      She hasn’t even really done promo and her last album was 7 yrs ago

  30. 4everBrandy_Ci October 5, 2015

    I see Janet haters are PRESSED as hell. Janet is still winning regardless!!!!! The word flop is overused and it’s funny how these pressed imbeciles are coming for a legend that don’t need to prove s*** but f****** SLAY. And Janet is f****** 49 years old going on 50 and she can still pull DECENT numbers. Y’all better hope your faves can have that impact and relevance when they get in their late 40s and early 50s. Janet motherfucking Jackson is WINNING!!!!!

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

      They’re so bothered by her sis, kiiii

  31. Reina Rose October 5, 2015

    wow, she can’t even outsell Rebel Heart or Britney’s last album, sad

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

      Bye, girl, Britney’s album hasn’t even done Tinashe or Ciara numbers this decade. Have a seat.

  32. queenbee. October 5, 2015

    Janet always has music for me to squirt to.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 5, 2015

      OH 😆 *begins whistling*

      • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

        Love your avi sis!

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 5, 2015

        Thank u baby! I slept on Christina for so long… but that bish sure knows how to werk a good camera angle.

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

      LMFAOOOO @queenbee. SIS WYD?! ????????

  33. Gee October 5, 2015

    Janet name alone with the fact she has been gone 7 years should be an automatic 200k alone. These numbers are nice but not great.

  34. kitten October 5, 2015

    for Janet to be such a big name she sure flopped hard.

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

      Stay mad hœ

  35. Dalls Diva October 5, 2015

    “Streaming included”? girl lmao *sips hot tea*

  36. BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

    I’M CRYING @ yesterday’s post. The exposure was toooooo much. Not Annalise gathering the lessors ????

  37. Kitty kat October 5, 2015

    The no promo excuse is dead. Beyonce didn’t promote her album and debuted with 10x Janet’s numbers. Janet is supposed to be the queen. Don’t understand the excuses.

    • @kitty kat October 5, 2015

      You idiot, Beyoncé was EVERYWHERE in 2013! That was her promo! After that first week Bey’s sales stalled miserably and like someone said, these aren’t even total numbers yet! Damn, y’all are dumb!

      • Kitty kat October 5, 2015

        Beyonce only toured in 2013, like Janet. The excuses keep rolling in. Can’t believe 100k is impressive to y’all. Lol

      • @Kitty kat October 5, 2015

        Like I said, you idiot! How did 4 do w/o the “surprise” album release? Janet did those numbers while blacklisted! I rest my case!

      • Kitty kat October 5, 2015

        4 debuted at over 330k and went platinum within six months. Beyonce just came back harder with self titled. Fail to see how that is relevant to Janet only selling 100k and she’s supposed to be this huge legendary artist with this highly anticipated album & tour. When was janet’s last platinum album? Case closed

      • BEY>RIH October 5, 2015

        Stalled miserably? Bey sold more in the 2nd and 3rd week than Janet did in the first week.

    • Faf October 5, 2015

      Beyonce is of THIS GENERATION
      News outlets don’t even talk about Janet’s personal life

      • Kitty kat October 5, 2015

        Not according to Janet fans. Beyonce is nothing compared to her and Janet is queen but debuts with a measely 100k and is praised for it. Lol Beyonce is very private as well, Janet just isn’t interesting. The excuses are continously adding up. Lol

    • @kitty kat October 5, 2015

      Like I said, you IDIOT! She did the Super Bowl, Sang at the presidential inauguration, and didn’t she do an Oprah interview! She was all over the place all year! Keeping herself in people’s faces was the promotion! You guys just aren’t very bright on here. These aren’t even official numbers and these are only CD sales. One is promoting and on TV all of the time and the other isn’t.

      • Kitty kat October 5, 2015

        Excuses EXCUSES E X C U S E S. Beyonce’s album didn’t even come to the end of that year. December. Touring and Superbowl was all she did in 2013. Janet is a legend and Beyonce can never Janet fans are the most delusional.

  38. Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

    @Beyrihliya Bye your faves are try hards and are a struggle one Killed herself to get a #1 hit the other got fisted to stay relevant the last C**** bleached herself and became a Micheal Jackson 2.0 but not career or saleswise but colorwise

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

      GIRL STFU. Aaliyah was in a plane crash because the pilot was drunk.
      Rihanna was a victim of abuse.
      And Beyoncé has always been lightskinned since she was a child, she’s creole you dumb cunnnt.


      Worry about why your fave is built like Plank from Ed, Edd & Eddy

      • Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

        Sorry sis….. I made a mistake Aliyaah was killed by Beyonce and the illuminati while Rih went back to the man who beatup her face and pusssy real bad and Aliyaah killed her pusssy walls at a very young age with a overage man
        All this for what???? A hit and to stay relevant and to be the only black b**** inthe game………

  39. BX Bunni October 5, 2015

    her husband probably bought those 100,000

  40. BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

    NOT THIS TAYLOR STAN COMING FOR THE THREE LEGENDS IN MY NAME, when it’s fave writer microwaveable popcorn hits for teenage girls, and has to auto tune her voice and suck the diiiicks of everyone in the industry for hits.

    NOT you @ing me wen your fave is a NOcalist, with no ass, no stable relationship, or gag reflex.

    NOT when your fave is only selling because she has a huge industry machine behind her with more Payola than Katy Perry’s ROAR era.

  41. Dr. wig fixer October 5, 2015

    She bought that new face and wig for nothing, those sales are bad no matter how you try to spin it

  42. Janet’s Voice October 5, 2015

    The Traneteers are putting together a crew reminiscent of Captain Planets “Planeteers”.. They’re looking for 5 Traneteers to fill the roles of Janet’s core elements;

    Rhinoplasty 1 (Earth)

    Boobjob (Fire)

    Rib Removal (wind)

    Rhinoplasty 2 (water)

    Peruvian Yacky Bundles (heart)

    GO TRANET!!!

    • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

      You’re not funny sis, go away.

    • Faf October 5, 2015

      It wasnt funny the first two times you posted it

      • BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

        @Faf, THANK YOU! Hence why no one responded. These trolls are out of hand.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 5, 2015

        Kind of like how no-one responds to you under your usual name, which is why you have to pretend to be someone else.

      • Janet’s Voice October 5, 2015

        @BeyRiLiyah I’m nominating u for Rhinoplasty 1(fire) because you’re always melting down in your feelings with a fiery rage and that nose needs a Jackson-esque pinch.

        @FAF you’re the front runner for Peruvian Yacky Bundles (heart) because we all know u been Trying to get that Ciara hair hat on lock for a few months now with such a compassionate spirit!!!

        GO TRANET!!!

      • Janet’s Voice October 5, 2015

        @ Annalise: I don’t know u , u cant Sit with the Traneteers sis

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 5, 2015

        @janetsvoice, who are you again?

      • Janet’s Voice October 5, 2015

        @annalise your superior who denied your Traneteer application. Sorry sis there isn’t room for everybody

      • AnnaliseKeatingNewWig October 5, 2015

        promise me you’ll take your medication, you dogfaced clown b*Tch… I can’t help all of you hœs out.

      • Janet’s Voice October 5, 2015


      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 5, 2015

        *chops you in your trachea*

  43. Poet October 5, 2015

    she sounded to much like a man on this album for me, so i just downloaded it for free.

  44. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 5, 2015

    @RATNAVY is at again ladies and gents. This is what happens when institutionalised hœs manage to jump the fence.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 5, 2015

      *at it

  45. WOW!! October 5, 2015

    Do you guys know what projections and physical sales are? Even if it these sales are at 100k it that would still be decent for someone who’s doing everything via social media. Tamar is still relatively a new solo artist and should be beating Janet, but she isn’t. Mariah and Madonna were doing everything to promote, but Janet did not and it looks like she’ll beat them. Janet’s album is EXCELLENT! It’s not for you kiddies. It’s loaded with actually music with very little EDM.

    • Lake Erie October 5, 2015

      I mean like for real tho. Smh

    • Music_Over_Life October 5, 2015

      Says the Stan. The album is trash. Goodbye!!!

  46. JanStan October 5, 2015

    Omg. Back to back Janet hate. It is unreal that y’all soooooooooo pressed. Why does Janet’s 4 decades of #1 albums bother y’all so much!? Maybe cause u know aint no way in hell your fave doin that? Screaming from the rafters!!!!

    • Lake Erie October 5, 2015

      Ayo, haha. They beat the Janet Stans here tho!?!? We know they love them some Ms.Jackson.

  47. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans October 5, 2015

    “Two headlights shine through the sleepless night and I will get you, I’ll get you alone. Your name has echoed through my mind and I just think you should, think you should know…that nothing safe is worth the drive and I will follow you, follow you home. I’d follow you, follow you home.”
    “This hope is treacherous. This daydream is dangerous. This hope is treacherous, and I, I, I,…I, I, I…I, I, I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  48. Mizz Sue October 5, 2015

    her brother rapped all them little boys and her album still flopped like it took a 6 bottles of Propofol.

  49. Lake Erie October 5, 2015

    Women lie

    Men lie

    But numbers don’t. 😉

    So proud of your predictions Janet. Can’t wait to see the officials later later this week.

  50. traveling pucci seller October 5, 2015

    I think it was that matted up wig, it scared away the casual listeners, try a better wig next time Janet dear.

  51. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans October 5, 2015

    “Come on, get up, baby, before you make me change my mind! Let me see you shake all night, baby! Let me see you move all night!”

    “Let’s start anew, I guess that means me and you…but you must give trust a try.”

    I LIVE FOR THE LEGENDARY “All for You” album!

  52. Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

    Aliyaah’s walls were burnt 3 times
    1st by Rkelly
    2nd during plane crash
    3rd in hell

    • TURN IT UP October 5, 2015

      Wow you are going to hell for that

      • Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

        @turnitup Thee lieeees Christians don’t go to hell if anything goes to hell it’s the Dyks,f****,trannys
        Bye little F**

  53. TURN IT UP October 5, 2015

    Okay this janet voice was funny the first time now it’s just plain sad

  54. Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

    Beyonce only studied 3 grades
    1st grade 7 years old failed 3 times
    2nd grade 15 years before taking off her career
    3rd grade 30 years proof- Mathew’s new tell all book and affcourse her interviews tell she never made it to grade 4

  55. shakira stan October 5, 2015

    Still not impressed ….she is no legend ,just another Jackson who didn’t make it into the Jackson 5.she is lucky she got married to bin laden or she would have filed for bankruptcy .
    Who the hell is Tamar ?thought her name was Toni braxton …get it together SAM.

    • TURN IT UP October 5, 2015

      How much did Shakira’s last album sell

  56. JanStan October 5, 2015

    Some of y’all so delusional that dragging u ain’t even fun anymore. I’ll consider checking back later to see if your meds have kicked in and u can actually form some level of coherent thought.

    Janet=Design of 4 decades.

  57. BeyRihLiyah October 5, 2015

    Lmaoooo @the BeyRihLiyah troll crop the picture correctly next time lmaooo you tried and failed

  58. Slay_Hive October 5, 2015

    This post is a mess.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 5, 2015

      Like your walls. #WELP, that’s not even the right pose you stupid twät.

  59. broman October 5, 2015

    Janet snatched all of those wannabey wigs!!!

  60. AnnaliseKeatingNewWig October 5, 2015

    So she wants to be me so bad, that she ran to google images and searched ‘Christina Milian Cornrows’ 5 times to copy my avi. And she STILL couldn’t get the right image. Why must you fail at absolutely EVERYTHING

  61. Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

    Rihnavy you are becoming tooo much by the day…… I hope you die sometime next week

  62. Smh October 5, 2015

    I never knew that a 49 y/o Janet would keep so many people bothered. These are actually only CD sales. We don’t know how many digital copies each have sold. Even if they aren’t just CD sales (which they are) it still wouldn’t matter, people don’t really buy albums anymore anyway. I do because I think it’s important to support the artist if you want to see them around more. Janet has very little promotion. If she wanted to REALLY promote, she would get on TV like she used to do and sing songs for her album,but clearly she doesn’t want to do that. Her album is getting great reviews and the tour is doing well, YES, it’s selling out huge arenas. There is even already Grammy talk for Janet’s album. The album does have its fun tracks mixed with its deep tracks. It also covers different genres of music. Janet even has a country song on the album. It’s great! She’s no legend? Lol, what do you guys smoke? Clearly if she can sell 100k CDs in a week in an era when no one really buys physical copies then she’s doing well especially at 49! Your faves half her age can’t even do that.

    • Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

      I’m one of the thousands of people who won’t read this

  63. Taylor’s Gambit October 5, 2015

    I’m so relieved that @Truth did not make it to this post that biitch is more pathetic than keri kween even tho it’s pathetic not more than Rhislave

  64. Kitty kat October 5, 2015

    The excuses to fool everyone into believing 100k is acceptional for someone of Janet’s status(or so her fans say) lol I’m rolling

  65. StanPolice October 5, 2015

    MIND YOU- this came out FRIDAY- not even a full week. Y’all are trippin if you don’t think this isn’t good. HATERS!

  66. Theman October 5, 2015

    You people call everything a flop. Janet is a vet. These numbers are great for her doing limited promo. She doesn’t have a big single. Imagine if she had a huge single & good promo. Janet’s album is amazing. Tamar’s sales won’t falter too much.

  67. MsYonce October 5, 2015

    Come thru Janet

  68. Career Ender October 5, 2015

    still less than Madonna and Lana Del Rey
    This jigsaw h** aint no kween
    bye with her flushing toilet vocals

  69. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans October 5, 2015

    @Annalise (the REAL Annalise. No trolls please) I’m sorry I didn’t ready your comment earlier in the other Janet post, but I did and I’d like to ASSURE you that our truce is GENUINE and I’m not trolling at SlayAnna and the only reason I can thinking it using my quote in its username is that it probably searched through a week’s old post to claim it as its own. I meant what I said about being sorry for how I treated you and I don’t want you to think that I’m being messy again. I don’t want another war because I really do like you, and I hope that we can work towards becoming friends. Just ignore that troll. I dont even remember seeing it until yesterday literally.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig October 5, 2015

      *in my beyonce voice* “I don’t fancy you too much @chile, I don’t fancy you too much”.
      Kii I’m kidding hun, sorry I couldn’t help myself with that one lmao. It’s totally cool @chile, I have no reason to not believe you. The truce is 100% genuine.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans October 5, 2015

        “Fancy” is my song, though. But “Independent Women” is literally the anthem for women of the 21at century. I swear! I’m glad we were able to work this issue out. Now, that RihSlavy troll and Slayanna troll are on my ignore list. Enjoy the rest of your day, Lise!

  70. Career Ender October 5, 2015

    She’s gonna end up selling less than Mariah, Madge and Celine Worldwide
    Aint nobody got time for facially fcucked up confused arab muslims

  71. OMG Logic!!! October 5, 2015

    The only thing I’m getting out of this is that her billionaire oil prince is buying her album by the shipload. There’s no way 100k people are checking for Janet’s tired ass.

  72. Career Ender October 5, 2015

    Few thousands people purchasing it cos they see Jigsaw puppet resemblance on the album cover , nothing more

  73. Career Ender October 5, 2015

    This b***** built like a fake “MAN” trucks manufactured in the war torn middle east

  74. Career Ender October 5, 2015

    Zero vocal hack and part time Muslim housewife
    She’s one unloyal b*****, she’s the only married muslim who goes around showing her hyena furs sponsored hair

  75. Career Ender October 5, 2015

    This FLOPPING (present tense) b*****’s mug looks like a loaf of bread cut in half

  76. Career Ender October 5, 2015

    After getting that number 1, she’s set for position top 150 the following week on BB200f

  77. Career Ender October 5, 2015

    Flop singles . Flop album. Flop old age athritis excersise tour

  78. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 5, 2015

    What in the name of BEYSUS CHRIST is this Android all else that is holy??? Lmao wow so janet is expected to sell her 100-150 k. Pretty good for a HAS BEEN LESSOR. But Bey blessed these lessors with a special day called FRIDAY Android they still can’t can’t pull big numbers. Seems the Kings in music like bey Android taylor swift them is da only ones reinin with the big boys like drake future pharrel ang Jay z. JOINT CUSTODY in stores dec 13th 2015.

  79. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 5, 2015

    Bey is more successfull than Janet. I’m npt sure how successful yranet is but I dioubt it can compete with this…

    1 billion in film
    230 mill dollar tour
    #1 on forbes
    200+ million records sold
    9 #1s lasting 58 weeks total
    20 grammys
    Billboard female of the decade
    Highest female debut by a black female artist with1.2 mill sold 1st week.only female with 5 #1 albums consectively

    When will t***** jackson?

    • Calvy October 7, 2015

      Where did you come up with those bull crap numbers. Beyonce hasn’t sold 200 million records, barely over 100 mill. She’s had cd’s sell 1.2 mill in the first week….NEVER! HER MOST 600K FOR HER LAST CD.

  80. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 5, 2015

    Bey been in da industry for only half the amount of time Tranet has (18 years) Android already sold more albums (80 million) Android won more grammys (20) Android more hits (9 #1s Android almost 20 top 5s).

  81. DIABETES UNBOTHERED October 5, 2015

    Forgive a H!is for asking but how much is Tranney expected to gross with this BROKENBROKEN tour? I remember she canceled her last tour in tour * cough* cuz she got sick *cough* poor ticket sales. Bey hasn’t even been touring that long Android already grossed half a BILLION in tour gross. Soon KING BEY WILL SURPASS MJ.

    • Kiera Heyward October 5, 2015

      B**** stfu Beyonce pays for awards n**** Janet paved the way for that b**** oh and who she dress up for on Halloween b**** stfu blood y’all Beywance fans stupid asf blood run that fade though

  82. King Mark111 /.\ October 5, 2015

    This is FAR from a flop. This is an inde album, it has to be like 5 or 10 of the few to top the charts. She doing more than her peers and rival and they were on majors with a push.

  83. King Mark111 /.\ October 5, 2015

    Aaliyah Dana Carter says:


    I challenge these delusional Janet Stans to fond me FIVE videos of Janet singing live
    Challenge accepted.

  84. 4everBrandy_Ci October 5, 2015

    Beyoncé fans are the most stupid and DELUSIONAL fanbase! Y’all will nitpick and belittle ANY female artist that Beyoncé is “superior” too. She’s not the greatest and she will not have any more great things to accomplish besides the fact that she’s in a lane of her own. I guess Beyoncé fans are always bothered by Janet because Janet NEVER sold herself to make more than what she is. She knows that true artistry and maintaining her brand instead of selling out to an audience that could give a rat’s ass about her. But she’s not making tacky USELESS music to f*** up her image. Beyoncé has always been good but I would like for her to SWITCH up her image and artistry because she’s falling into the crowd of being accepted by her peers and relevancy. Oh well……’s a Janet post so you PRESSED haters will stay delusional.

  85. Kiera Heyward October 5, 2015

    Y’all some haters listening to this trash out today don’t appreciate real music from a real artist blood that’s what’s wrong with our people Janet is icon that actually cares about the world and OUR people smh y’all need help

  86. @JanetCIARA_ October 5, 2015


  87. Nicole84 October 5, 2015

    All I can do is shake my at a lot of these comments. First off, why are some even comparing a Janet Jackson to Beyonce’, Aaliyah, Rihanna or even Tamar? These young women are an extension of Janet Jackson! Janet blazed the path for these same artists to walk down. Compare Janet with her peers NOT today’s artists. That’s like comparing Aretha Franklin to Jennifer Hudson! It’s so immature and pathetic to compare record sales now considering how music is bought and sold now. Beyonce’ is in her prime right now and is at the height of her popularity,so why on earth would some of y’all compare her record sales with Janet’s? Janet has been there and done that. Her return is for her fans period. I don’t know why some are so ridiculous with this over the top pettiness. After all this is music not freakin’ sports. OMG. It ain’t that serious!

    • Amanda D. October 5, 2015

      Thank you!!! And, think alot of these fools are just young & ignorant (thus, the petty comparison comments). None of these little clowns will be listening to any damn Beyonce in the next 15 or so, yrs. when she turns 49. Hell, I doubt ANYBODY will be listening to Beyonce when she’s 49 (if she is still even making what her stans consider “music” by then.

  88. Amanda D. October 5, 2015

    And, Janet’s 1st wk sales nos. are just gonna keep projecting upward throughout the week b/c whoever is doing these “predicting” is forgetting to put pre-sale orders into account.

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