Ciara Sheds More Light On ‘Share The Meal’ Initiative


Last week’s ‘American Music Awards‘ did more than just invite the Grammy award winning diva Ciara to mix and mingle with her fellow chart-rockers.

Keen to use the platform for good, the ‘Hotline’ provider raised awareness for the ‘Share The Meal’ charity initiative she has been a part of during an interview with ‘Billboard.’

Watch what she had to say below…

Her appearance at the awards ceremony came as she prepares to return to the studio to create fresh material for a brand new studio album.

This set will follow 2015’s ‘Jackie‘ which delivered the R&B hits ‘I Bet’ and ‘Dance Like We’re Making Love‘, both of which served as driving forces behind her partnership with ‘Topshop’ who recently invested in her latest live show.

Read more on that here.

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  1. #JACKIE November 29, 2015

    Queen just keeps on WINNING while her haters keep SEETHING!

    • TOMS November 29, 2015

      That is a very attractive young man but he looks so young, isn’t he in his 20s he looks 17.

  2. Mimi/Celine/Whitney/Madonna November 29, 2015

    Who is this ugly flop b****?

    • #JACKIE November 29, 2015


  3. Hur November 29, 2015

    I’ve always loved CC. I’m not sure why everyone on this site feels like the have to bash her. She’s beautiful, makes good music, has a great heart you can just see it.

    • Sweetnothings78 November 29, 2015

      Because everyone on this site behaves like a child. In fact children in a playground are better behaved

    • Black power November 29, 2015

      You lost me with good music but other than that she’s cute

  4. Barb-wire November 29, 2015

    She needs to talk more about Flopkie and stop pretending like it never happened. It happened and it flopped like most of her discography.

    • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

      Your obsession is unhealthy sis.

      • YES I SAID IT! November 29, 2015

        The irony at this Ciara fan. If anyone’s obsessed, it would be you, seeing how you are always perched in a Rihanna and Monica post trying to shade. Yet when people come for Ciara, you want to cry wolf. Girl please.

  5. BeyUp November 29, 2015

    What’s her talent again, I mean she can’t dance “Janet tribute”, and she damn sure can sing. The chronicles of a flop.

    • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

      But she carried her own baby?

      • BeyUp November 29, 2015

        How does a T***** carry her own baby, science isn’t that advanced.

      • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

        Your dismissed, ugly.

      • BeyUp November 29, 2015

        Lol B**** you I wish I was ugly. Stay mad h**.

      • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

        B**** your beyond ugly…. Your grotesque. Goodbye irrelevant ass b****.

      • BeyUp November 29, 2015

        Lol b**** just because you’re ugly, doesn’t mean everyone else is, Patrick Ewing. Stay mad you bum b**** lol

      • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

        B**** your face looks like a chewed up p**** stuffed with guacamole. Gtfoh f**.

      • BeyUp November 29, 2015

        Lol b**** you’re weak as hell, is that the best you got? What, are you mad because your fav is a talentless FLOP. Keep having that melt down you bum b**** lol, it’s cute.

      • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

        I’m not mad at all scallywag. You came in MY favs post fuming. Go help your fav steal some writing credits and quit being pressed sis. ?

      • Black power November 29, 2015

        Lmaooooooooooooo clockedT

      • BeyUp November 29, 2015

        Lol b**** no one’s fuming over your flop fav. Now instead of always wasting all your time on your knees sucking your father and brothers d*** “You nasty inbred b****”, go out and buy you fav’s flop ass cd’s. LOL Good day h**.

      • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

        Sis why are you still here? Go away gremlin.

      • BeyUp November 29, 2015

        And why are you still here Patrick Ewing, still seething I see.

      • iLoveMusic November 29, 2015

        What’s the point of arguing back & forward? Ciara ain’t worried, so why are y’all? Just state your opinion on the topic, & keep it moving. Calling each other out of name & saying someone is ugly is childless… especially in the comment section of a blog. It’s pointless. People come to the comment section to see other people’s opinion on the matter… not to see bickering & name calling. #Grow up!

    • iLoveMusic November 29, 2015

      You have to be either deaf, blind or just plain retarded if you don’t recognize her talent. She is one of the few artists who can perform live, WITHOUT lip-syncing. & her music is not bad at all. Her voice is versatile, so she can sing any genre well. The best thing about her though is she doesn’t let her millions of haters stop her. Every time we see her, she’s always smiling, & in a good mood. She’s a very strong woman, & for that, I’m here for her.

      • BeyUp November 29, 2015

        @ I love music, i’m sorry, but in my opinion, Ciara can’t sing, nor can she dance. You’re entitled to your opinion, as well as I. Enjoy your day.

  6. #JACKIE November 29, 2015

    And the hating ass b****** have arrived

    • Ben November 29, 2015

      they always come to ciara’s posts hahaha

  7. Sweetnothings78 November 29, 2015

    Everyone needs to grow up. Calling her a t*****, floo etc.
    Shes the one driving a lambo and living in a beautiful house, where are you?. Yup still living with your momma, sad little children.

    • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

      So many people on here are jealous of her sis

  8. Lake Erie November 29, 2015

    O oooo! ! I think a new album is in the works! Come on CiCi!

    • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

      Queen never stops working!!

      • Lake Erie November 29, 2015

        True that!

    • Adele’s reign November 29, 2015

      LOL, why, it’s just going to FLOP again, like the last 3 or 4, I literally lost count.

      • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

        Fake ass Adele stan goodbye.

  9. MinkDraggingTheFloor November 29, 2015

    How is she allowed to flop so much….?

    • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

      and Ciara don’t even belong in the same sentence sis. She is a boss and more relevant than most of her contemporaries. Now go back to your corner and think about wtf you just said, f**.

  10. Ben November 29, 2015

    i’m ready for new music from her! hope she gets back to the studio with jazze to reclaim her spot, her last album was okay

    • Rowland November 29, 2015

      Jazze Pha is irrelevant just like her. He hasn’t been relevant since 2003.

  11. Dora November 29, 2015

    Jackie is dragging these bitchessssss lmaoooooo #csquad

    • BeyUp November 29, 2015

      B**** stop cosigning yourself. You’re not dragging a single soul, the delusion.

      • Rowland November 29, 2015


    • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

      Sis these b****** are so pressed ?

  12. Rowland November 29, 2015

    The c-Squad is so delusional lol. Ciara is done

    • Ben November 29, 2015

      aren’t you a kelly rowland fan?

      • Rowland November 29, 2015

        As a matter of fact I am. Is there a problem?

      • Ben November 29, 2015

        because kelly and ciara are practically in the same boat right now. instead of hating on ciara and spreading negativity you could support her or ignore this post

      • What now November 29, 2015

        @Ben I can’t@ ur positivity b******* comment. Every CSquad member on this blog shades every artist, so if we need to shut up, ur fellow flop fanbase needs to do the same. FOH.

      • Ben November 29, 2015

        grow up 🙂

      • King Mark111 /.\ November 29, 2015

        Kelly’s past flops outsold Ciara’s past flops by 100K each. And she had the bigger hit in the top 20 woth Motovation Vs top 30 Body Count.

      • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

        Lmao kelly doesn’t even have a platinum album. She can’t sit with Ciara sis.

      • Sip that tea November 29, 2015

        Another serious question, again no shade. So who exactly can Ciara sit with???

  13. What now November 29, 2015

    This iz EPIC. I BET she’ll serve 20k-55k meals within the next 7 years. 🙂

  14. King Mark111 /.\ November 29, 2015

    R&B hits I Bet and Dance Loke We Making Love. Hits as in plural. Lol the delusion.

    • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

      Ciara’s biggest fan has arrived!

      • King Mark111 /.\ November 29, 2015

        How does it feel that ANTi is going to sell circles areound Wackie? Or all her past 4 flops?

      • King Mark111 /.\ November 29, 2015

        Runs away from the question like always.

      • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

        Bum b**** anti can’t even get a release date.

  15. stop November 29, 2015

    Boring as usual……

  16. Trannyara Harris November 29, 2015

    The Csquad is a bunch of crybaby hypocrites? How is it that trolls such as Molly, Jackie and JanetCiara can throw shade and hate on every artist, but cry victim when the tables are turned? Ciara is a flop t***** and you b****** better deal 😆

    • 4everBrandy_Ci November 29, 2015

      How are the Ciara fans hypocrites? The only hypocrites are you bum miserable peasants barging into every Ciara post with your nonsense! Ciara y’all mad as f*** because she isn’t giving up on music and she continues to put out records while y’all still TRY to claim that she’s a “FLOP”. Well guess what? This “FLOP” will still make her money and get that dough. So you peasants can stay mad!!!! LOL!!!! #C-SQUAD

    • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

      Ain’t nobody crying troll, but you seem steam pressed over the queen.

      • Sip that tea November 29, 2015

        Serious question, no shade. What exactly is Ciara the Queen of???

      • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

        Ciara is OUR (CSquad) queen sis.

      • Sip that tea November 29, 2015

        Oh ok, I see. Shouldn’t you also incorporate that she’s also the Queen of FLOPS? No shade.

      • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

        No but I should incorporate my foot in your loose ass if you don’t get out of my reply box, b****. All shade.

      • Sip that tea November 29, 2015

        Lol It took your slow ass that long to get it, didn’t it LOL, dumb b****. No shade lol.

  17. King Mark111 /.\ November 29, 2015

    Oh snap! DLWML actually charted, I mean it peaked at #100 on the Hot 100, but it’s still a feat that Pretty Flops has yet to do. And the sCoops were talking about AO? Hahahahahaha

  18. 4everBrandy_Ci November 29, 2015

    I see y’all PRESSED bummy wack b****** hating on the ONE and only Queen motherucking Ciara Princess Harris!!!!! I love #C-SQUAD holding it down and clocking these miserable undercover fans! LOL!!!!! I know Bey, Nicki, Rihanna, and other fans from their faves stanbases need to get a grip because Ciara isn’t going anywhere. The same old recycle lame ass shade will NEVER stop her from ding what she loves and that’s making #C-SQUAD happy. Seriously the hate for this chick has been nonstop since day one! I mean you can talk about her album sales and all this other irrelevant s*** but the FAT that Ciara is one of the talented and gifted artists of this generation speaks volumes!!!! She’s been in the industry for over a decade ad still has people fuming!!!! I can’t wait to see her in April!!!! Go Ciara!!!! #C-SQUAD

    • King Mark111 /.\ November 29, 2015

      “I know Bey, Nicki, Rihanna, and other fans from their faves stanbases need to get a grip because Ciara isn’t going anywhere.”
      The best definition of a flop I ever seen. Ciara is going NOWHERE, not on the charts, not on the stage, not on the grammys acceptance stage or not on the radio.

      • Danny November 29, 2015

        That’s what i’m saying Mark, read that f**.

      • 4everBrandy_Ci November 29, 2015

        You can’t come for me boo because I READ your ass through a damn book. #Sitdown and stay MAD. #C-SQUAD

    • Danny November 29, 2015

      LOL Stfu! Ciara’s a f****** flop, and so is that other has-been in your name.

      • 4everBrandy_Ci November 29, 2015

        Your raggedy ass needs to sit as well and Brandy OUTSINGS these non-vocal chicks today. #Hush

    • #JACKIE November 29, 2015

      They are soooooooo upset for no reason sis. You’d think Ciara pissed in their cereal or something. Damn. Half of these trolls stan for trash ass Rihanna too.

  19. ?Queen Molly? November 29, 2015

    This post is a mess ki

  20. .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2015

    The biggest flop in pop music.

    • #JACKIE November 29, 2015


    • Ben November 29, 2015

      i’m sorry but rihanna wishes she could perform like ciara. rihanna is basically a model on stage not capable of dance moves or delivering vocals. she has some nice songs though

  21. Beyonce The Beached Whale November 29, 2015

    The Squad is dragging hunty

  22. .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2015

    Lets look at Ciara’s acheivements:
    -No tour
    -No baby daddy
    -No edges
    -No walls (the NBA’s biggest “cheerleader”)
    -No memorable hit
    -No memorable album
    -No success
    -No career highlight
    -No hype
    -No legacy

  23. .:: Centurion ::. November 29, 2015

    But she’s winning tho… ummm… according to the #Csquad

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