Ja Rule On Charlie Sheen’s HIV Status: “I Wasn’t Shocked”

Published: Sunday 29th Nov 2015 by David

Hollywood was brought to its knees recently when the actor Charlie Sheen came forward to reveal that he was HIV positive.

His decision to announce the news came after a number of publications published a number of blind item articles spilling the beans without publishing his name or the identities of the sexual partners who claimed they were unaware of his status when they were intimate with him.

Days later, his fans learned of a story claiming he had paid over $6 million to bury footage of him engaging in an sexual act with a male adult entertainer.

Today, the rapper Ja Rule has weighed in on the drama.

Watch his assessment below…

Watch Charlie’s announcement below…

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  1. iLoveMusic November 29, 2015

    He should be trying to figure out how someone like 50 Cent ended his career…!

  2. Aramis Scriven November 29, 2015

    @iLoveMusic Please!!!I used to be a great fan of Fifty, now he has become more and more petty; always worried about the next man and what not…I mean literally, he just needs a mother figure in his life. Cause that’s what it all boils down to he is miserable because that is the missing piece of his life. So, he does not mind bringing drama to people lives of whom he can bully. He didn’t try it with “Cameron” that’s because he met his match and several others he won’t cross like that.he just has a lot of growing up to do. He better be worried about if someone end his career he on that trip cause he do way tooooo much!!!

    • iLoveMusic November 29, 2015

      Just to correct you, I DON’T like 50 Cent… I never have. He’s wack & cocky.

      • Aramis Scriven November 29, 2015

        No, sweetie you don’t have to correct me at all…we all know that about him and that was my whole point of saying that. Is that is he so childish.

  3. Taylor Tori Azalea November 29, 2015

    Navy must Bey happy
    Remember when this man clocked and dragged her on twitter for being rude to her then HIVnegative girlfriend/wife???

    • What now November 29, 2015

      I wud think that u wud b happier than all of us combined seeing that now u have some 1 to join u on ur fight for the cure. KIIIIIIIII

  4. room319 November 29, 2015

    Much respect to JaRule for using tack and diplomacy. Not so much for the interviewer (bitchassness)

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