Nicki Minaj Covers ‘Billboard’

Published: Thursday 10th Dec 2015 by David

Nicki Minaj ends her ‘Pinkprint’ era with a ‘Billboard’ magazine spread this month.

There, as she prepares to enter 2016 with a new movie and fresh music in her sights she bares all on her feelings towards the project a year after its release and how its achieving success with it (it recently crossed sales of over 1 million units worldwide) was anything but a walk in Pop’s park.

More from Minaj below…

The rapper was recently honoured by Queen Latifah for her contributions to Hip-Hop music before her latest spread with the aforementioned publication hits newsstands.

Find out when and why here. 

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  1. NavyNavyNavy December 10, 2015

    I dont care what anybody says…


    It’s a shame that only her, Rihanna and Beyonce are the ONLY Black females selling platinum/multiplatinum status today but I’m still happy for them!!!


    • maurice December 10, 2015

      So she gets her bum done, her boobs done and her teeth. But she can’t fix that Hazel E nose? Umm ok.

      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

        Don’t insult Hazel E by comparing her nose to Oinknika’s snout! Oinknika’s nose looks like a d!cck and balls. She’s phuccking ugly.

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

      Except Oinknika has not put out a platinum album since Pink Flopday. Pink Flopday: Ramen Noodles Reheated is not platinum in the United States by SALES! The Pink Slip can’t sell 700K in the United States and has sold less than a million worldwide. Oinknika is not on the Rihanna and Beyonce level. But you barfz can keep deceiving yourselves. Oinknika is washed. Five years in with only Iggy as competition, and Oinknika is already washed. SPLISH SPLASH! Karma is a true bitttch.

      • Lil Kim thee ONLY QB December 10, 2015

        You make yourself look dumb and bitter. You’re probably almost 30 and acting a fool online. All of this hate towards Nicki won’t make Kim release music any faster. Do us all a favor and deactivate your account you rotten imbecile.

      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

        The only thing rotten is Oinknika’s puzzzy. Stop using the Queen’s name when you’re a barf in disguise. Phucckk outta here. You barfz are so desperate and childish.

  2. Dc3 forever December 10, 2015


  3. LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

    Only five years into her career and this biatchhh is already washed! The only reason she managed to get lucky and have a career in music is because Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, Eve, and every other female rapper who is better than her lyrically were on a hiatus. She couldn’t compete with them. That’s why she popped so late in her career. Her debut album came out when she was 28. That’s old for a female rapper.

    Oinknika hasn’t even sold one million copies in a full year worldwide. The Pink Slip got so much promo, and it still couldn’t sell. It’s over for Nicki. Now Safaree is gone, she has to venture out and do other things. She won’t have the confidence to write an album without him writing her bars. She is a fraud. Goodbye Oinknika! Time to put the dryer sheets on you. You’re washed…splish splash, biaatcch!

    • maurice December 10, 2015

      Honey, the kiii is that when she was being Lil Kim’s understudy, everybody loved her. But now that she’s dressing more like herself and being who she really is, her music flopping and all her family members going to prison. Her father, her brother — mom on her way next probably.
      I am LIVING for this

      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

        That is right. Haha! Oinknika’s little success is because people miss the Queen of Rap Lil’ Kim. Oinknika is a Lil’ Kim tribute act. She has not one album that people can hold up in 10 years time and say “This is a classic!” Kim has 4 classic albums that changed the game and that’s why 20 years into her career, she still commands respect.

        Oinknika thought she won. She thought she could be evil and karma will never catch up with her. Her silicone azzzz is about to feel the true wrath of karma.

  4. Junior December 10, 2015

    Black girls rule, go ahead Nicki!

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

      Black girls rule, but Oinknika does not.

      • Ciah’s Turtle December 10, 2015

        Ruling Female Rap right now tho! oh

    • December 10, 2015


  5. LB December 10, 2015

    I think the cover is made of more real material than she is

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

      Drag that silicone ho!

    • Ciah’s Turtle December 10, 2015

      and the Cover is still out before Anti..

      • @JanetCIARA_ December 10, 2015

        *Drops Dead*

  6. Islandboi80 December 10, 2015

    This Lil Kim’ birthed your fav account is so gay messy.. Yo you have to be on a Nicki post every time I come to read music news! You f****** annoying! Don’t be mad at Nicki cause Kim was relaxed for 5 years with no one in the game and didn’t release s***. Now she just a thing of the pass be mad at Lil Kim for letting a new hot girl come and do what she did better in less time..

    • CT December 10, 2015

      You better reeeeeeeeead *wags finger like nene leakes*

      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

        That was a read? B******, you clearly are on a first-grade reading level.

    • What now December 10, 2015


      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

        Biiiiitch, you are so easily impressed. No wonder you think Oinknika has bars.

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

      But you stay reading my posts, biaatch! You know who I am, but I wouldn’t know your irrelevant smelly azzzzz if you didn’t mention me. Who the phucck are you? You’re a nobody.

      Lil’ Kim can never be a thing of the past because legends LIVE ON! What you need to worry about is Oinknika the stink puzzzy ho you stan for being washed after only five years in the biattch. The Queen of Rap continues to do major award shows and book major stages solely off the strength of her 20 year old material. Do you think Oinknika will perform Super Bass in 20 years? THE ANSWER IS NO, BIATCHHH.

      Never in your life try and come for me, you fruity queen. I will drag you up and down this thread. Just like Lil’ Kim lyrically dragged your stank p**** fave on Black Friday. Do not phucck with me, biaatcch. The Beehive doesn’t play.

      • Islandboi80 December 10, 2015

        Lil Kim is a sore loser and so are you so just face it that she had her time and it’s over. She should’ve had more of a drive then her lime light would’nt have faded. She was relaxed for five years after she got out and then when She see no one checking she want run to try steal some of Nicki come up shine! She didn’t have a drive you know why because everything was being done for her. All Kim was is rap vocals and wigs if you want to bring SB into it saying he wrote Nicki s***. Then she chop up her face so it’s even harder to take her seriously now.

    • December 10, 2015

      This comment got to sting that troll.

      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

        The only thing stinging is Oinknika’s stank h***** puzzzy.

  7. CT December 10, 2015

    Funny how billboard was trying to save iggys career by giving her awards but they couldn’t now they love nicki again….. I would pay them dust if i was her.

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

      You barfz are so bitter and pathetic. You’re just mad because Iggy came through and snatched a Billboard Hot 100 #1 song with no effort. Something Oinknika has tried to do with 488239828893883248283892834902 different collaborations and she still failed. Your fave is a has been, and it only took five years for her to flame out (with only a white girl from Australia as competition). Oinknika is washed…splish splash. Accept it and move on.

  8. LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

    These barfz are mad because I continue to clock their fraud azzz fave and expose her for the flop that she is. Well, I’m here BIIIITCCCCCHHHH!!! All you can do is whine. You can’t get rid of me. Oinknika is a phuckking FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • December 10, 2015

      you an’t clocking now one but your damn self you f-cking clown.

      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

        Ooooooooop! You mad? Stay mad ho!

  9. Jewel December 10, 2015

    Oh please David we know you’re a huge Nicki fan but please could you provide a recipet of the Pinkprint selling 1 million WW.

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

      He can’t because it’s not true. Oinknika’s Pink Slip has sold 941,000 copies worldwide. It will never sell 1 million. These sites love trying to cover up how much of a flop Oinknika is, and that’s why the barfz hate me because I come with my FACTS!

      • Nicko December 10, 2015

        Nicki on the year end charts: #1 female hip hop/rnb artist of the year. #4 hip hop/rnb artist. #10 artist (overall). Pinkprint: 7th best selling album of 2015 n she has a few songs on the bb hot 100 year end charts too. Nicki outsold ur fave, she had more hits this past yr than kim did in the last 10 years, stop it. Nicki has been selling out arenas,gettin multi plat hits, a gold album n winnin major awards. Poor Lil Hasbeen. #OnlyRapBitchOnTheFORBESList

      • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

        Oinknika has sold singles (in the iTunes era). That’s it. Lil’ Kim has sold more album in the United States and internationally than Oinknika. I know you barfz don’t go to school, so you’re educationally challenged, but facts are facts.

        Kim: Hardcore (2x Platinum US; 5x Platinum WW)
        Notorious K.I.M. (1.4M US; 3x Platinum WW)
        La Bella Mafia (1.1M US; 2x Platinum WW)
        Naked Truth (400K US; 1x Platinum WW)

        Oinknika: Pink Flopday (Platinum; Birdman bought most of the copies sold)
        Pink Flopday: Ramen Noodles Reheated (900k with a rerelease; 1.4M WW)
        Pink Slip (682K US; 940K WW)

        Your fave can’t see the Queen Bee!

  10. Islandboi80 December 10, 2015

    Another thing LIl Kim Birthed . Before you get on Nicki, Lil Kim has no number ones either? No solo hits and her closeted was when 50cent was hot magic stick went to number two but only Missy and Nicki can say they have high charting solo songs for female rappers. Not even IGGy streamed number one hit can top a solo song that reached number 2. What kills me is that you fans think Kim was Queen when Eve Missy and Lauryn ate her alive back in the day . She popped cause she sold plain s** which is what her legacy is. The Marilyn Monroe of hip hop

    • LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES December 10, 2015

      Bitttch get off my d***! Got damnnnn! You stay stalking me like Oinknika stalks Kim to steal her swag. I guess you barfz learn from your stank puzzzzy fave.

    • Cough Cough December 10, 2015

      Kim has 5 mica from the most reputable hip hop cronicle in press? If Kim only sold s** maybe Nicki should only sell s** because she def doesn’t have 5 mica or any universal acclaim as Kim’s albums have.! She has streaming records and iTunes crap. Quantity, not quality. Big diff.

      • Cough Cough December 10, 2015


  11. Nicko December 10, 2015

    She looks so good !!

  12. Nicko December 10, 2015

    Poor Paypal warriors, Nicki completely outdid kim in less time n shes still winning about 6 years after she went mainstream with ‘Bedrock’. Nicki’s motivation is crazy, thats why i love her.

    • Ciah’s Turtle December 10, 2015

      right.. its not even a debate anymore. Kim stans need to be mad at Kim for throwing the towel in. Not the winner.

  13. King Stephy December 10, 2015

    She looks great. I don’t like her music but I do like seeing her win.

    • December 10, 2015

      you don’t like not even one song off the PinkPrint??

  14. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig December 10, 2015

    I’m going to go play Shanghai and decorate my xmas tree with purple baubles 🙂 AB taught me

  15. DIABETES UNBOTHERED December 10, 2015

    What Beyonce did since 2003 with crazy in love has been nothing short of incredible… she monopolized the entirer&b industry. With the help of mariah & usher with TEOMM & CONFESSIONS… her abandoning the traditional r& b sound with b’day and later with IASF forced R&b consumers to rethink r&b and follow more hip hop roots… the reason why only nikki minaj & rihanna are the only existing blk r&b artist pushing units. Bey changed the game in so many ways then again with self titled. #bowdown

    • Ciah’s Turtle December 10, 2015

      two different genre’s so I don’t get your point

    • CiMinaj December 10, 2015

      OMG…. what the f*** are you talking about?

  16. Ciah’s Turtle December 10, 2015

    “it recently crossed sales of over 1 million units W O R L D W I D E”

    Yall can stop saying Pink Print isn’t platinum now. =)

    • Oscar December 10, 2015

      hun platinum=US

      • Ciah’s Turtle December 10, 2015

        a million sold is a million sold

      • Oscar December 10, 2015

        yes. but there is no such thing as WW certifications…

  17. Danzou December 10, 2015

    Im proud of them ALL. Rihanna Bey Nicki Kim Mariah etc. We need them or else white artists are gonna takeover what the black culture started. BLACK people started this industry with motown in detroit and white people(like always) saw an opportunity to capitalize off of something THEY DIDNT CREATE. And now they’re white washing our industry(i.e. iggy, jojo justin timberlake, adele sam smith, eminem etc.)

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