Beyonce Fan Foils Alleged Murder Plot

Published: Thursday 21st Jan 2016 by David

An alleged plot to harm the Pop icon Beyonce was foiled hours ago.

A shocking story below…

The entertainer’s mother, Tina Lawson, took to Instagram to share a picture of herself with her followers and to throw her support behind the ‘Tylite‘ product she’d recently purchased.

However, it wasn’t long before the pleasant comment section beneath the photo became a hotbed for concern when one Instagram user using the alias Aviante4921 posted this message:

I’m going to assassinate your daughter master plan I could only imagine what that blood smells like that movie Carmen  she played in is coming back to hunt her.

It wasn’t long before one of the singer’s fans, using the alias Jfintel, spotted the message and alerted the authorities. Little did this fan know that Beyonce and Tina had done the same.


It is now claimed that the threatening Instagram user was investigated by the FBI but is unlikely to face any legal heat because he was spared by the Pop singer who learned of the threat shortly after it was made.


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  1. Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB January 21, 2016


    • Christina Aguilera January 21, 2016

      Always seekin for notice… Sad Girl

      • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB January 21, 2016

        Don’t be mad because Slagtina well never be accepted by black people and she tries to steal black music.

    • Ughhhh January 21, 2016

      I don’t condone violence, but this isn’t news and it happens to all celebs. They are called trolls, this website is the home to many of them. Is it okay, no. Should we take precautions, absolutely. What kills me about this incident is that, Beyonce’s beehive is always attacking, harassing, insulting and threatening any and everyone on social media, but the minute Beyonce is threatened it’s “let’s bring in the FBI and take all actions necessary.” You may argue that Beyonce can’t control her fans action’s, but it is her responsibility to speak against their them.

      • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 21, 2016

        Biitch. I’ll kick yo ass ho. Now go report THAT tramp.

  2. RihYonce January 21, 2016

    Freaking idiot lol how dare he

  3. Surprise..(DEC 2013) January 21, 2016

    Damn!!!!!!! these RIHCOKENNA fans have no chill. Look at their dumb deranged assess threatening to kill bey. SMH!!!

  4. Grande the Way January 21, 2016

    Sadly comments like this happen all the time on the Internet for celebrities. People are crazy

  5. bonBon489 January 21, 2016


    • MsYonce January 21, 2016

      S*** the hell up

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) January 21, 2016

      U’re one those idiotic people that would have blamed BEY, if this lunatic actually carried out his supposed PLAN. Get the f*** outta here fool!!

    • Royalkev January 21, 2016

      Stealing what Janet moves hun? … It’s night and day when it comes to their general styles of dance!

      You can trace the wind blowing machine all the way back to Diana Ross. If you single out Beyonce for that BS you’re on, than many other divas are guilty as well… It’s not even that serious!

      ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘Proud Mary’ says hi!

  6. MsYonce January 21, 2016

    Tina did what any mother would do if someone is threatening their child.I’m glad she reported it you gotta take these things serious these days people are crazyyyy.They really kicked it up a notch

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) January 21, 2016

      Do u wanna bet it was a RIHCUNT fan who wrote that!!!!

      • blue January 21, 2016

        with comments like that you are one comment away from making similar threats to rihanna.

  7. DanYiel Iman January 21, 2016

    Whoa that’s crazy luckily Mama Tina isn’t playing around with her kids….

  8. What now January 21, 2016

    Some people actually believe that it’s OK to talk like that. It shows how deep their mental health issues truly run. I may poke fun at Beyonce from time to time, but comments like this even disgust me. What a sicko.

    • Surprise..(DEC 2013) January 21, 2016


  9. Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB January 21, 2016

    Queen Nicki totally out shines Theifyonce in that picture while Drag queen Theifyonce looks so manly.

    • ?Queen Molly? January 21, 2016

      Beyonce gave your fav an extra 15 mins of fame..

      • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 21, 2016


  10. Ughhhh January 21, 2016

    Is this news?

  11. blue January 21, 2016

    obviously its a disgusting thing to say to someone but what made this threat more real than the countless im sure bey usually receives? And why is this ‘beyonce fan’ getting any recognition for noticing something on a public forum?

  12. ?Queen Molly? January 21, 2016

    Screams this was probably mark or that bitter psychotic tinsahe stan.

    • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB January 21, 2016

      What are you..?

  13. Barb-wire January 21, 2016

    This is disgusting! Sadly he’s not the only one out there who makes these kinds of nasty statements and thanks to that fan for spotting him and putting his ass on check and actually calling the feds.

  14. DIABETES UNBOTHERED January 21, 2016

    WhyTF would Giselle spare him… she Aint Goku Or Batman… shes not the president, a rapper or even a man for that matter. A attack like that coming from a Guy towards a woman especially is EXTREMELY SERIOUS. We already lost Aliyah & SELENA this way. Beautiful woman are very targeted in hollywood. Especially as perfect as Bey is her death would do serious psycological damage to even non-fans.

    • SdotB January 22, 2016

      @ DIABETES UNBOTHERED Aaliyah died in a plane crash, not from assassination…

  15. brazio January 21, 2016

    Another story of Beyonce saves the day?

  16. DIABETES UNBOTHERED January 21, 2016

    Lol @ that ICONIC death scene in carmen being reference. Its ironic that Beys chracter dies in both her 1st and last movies (carman & Epic). But on a serious note… why couldnt they pick RIHANNA? Didnt that Bish die in her cameo apperance in the movie i cannot remember the title of? LMAO

  17. CollectingPrivates January 21, 2016

    This was probably a kid lol. Anyone with brains would know not to use their own ip address or send this from a place where the police would find you. Amatures lol.

    • blue January 21, 2016

      seeing as everyone died in that story and they were all playing themselves in universe like our own, i would assume in that movie universe there is a beyonce too and she like everyone else died too, but her death was not important enough to document…according to the movie.

  18. Kii January 21, 2016

    LB has no chill

  19. Kii January 21, 2016

    Was wondering when Sam would post a Beyoncé related story

  20. Weezy Tha Goat January 21, 2016

    Mark it’s not that serious babe.

  21. truthtea January 21, 2016

    But yet the Behive is allowed to send death threats to everybody else and their mother if they’re not a fan of hers! SMH!!! I’m glad that this user was reported though!

  22. Authentic January 21, 2016

    Y’all better get right!!! Famous people are human just like us….

  23. Career Ender January 21, 2016

    looks like something Centurion would post

    • Memz January 21, 2016


  24. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 21, 2016

    CentiPedo triedT it! sick sicko!

  25. FC/JC January 21, 2016

    People are just sick and twisted….. I wonder If I can report disgusting racist to the FBI and see what they’ll do about them…..

    On the other hand, how lucky this person must feel after almost being sued by the Carters lol

  26. Tyler Makiavelli January 21, 2016

    One word, CENTURION

  27. .:: Centurion ::. January 21, 2016

    I don’t use Beybøla but that wasn’t remotely funny.

  28. .:: Centurion ::. January 21, 2016

    Wow. Just because I scalp the entire slum-dwelling rat-p***-smelling no-life-having-āss-høe-hive, they think its me. ???? Yikes! ????

  29. Carry On January 21, 2016

    Ugh! This is so fake; who would say the actual word “murd3r” when they are after somebody. We got all th!s racial tension; then all of a sudden after all the crown and glory of acceptance. ALL OF A SUDDEN, a rac!st person with no warning; no unbearable offense comments, no stalker alert but a dumb idiot direct quote around this time. I hope she find out who the h3ll it is and carry on!

  30. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 21, 2016

    The fables that picky-headed niqqa @IStandForCosby tells. Sick Sicko!!!!!

  31. Oscar January 21, 2016

    centurion thinks beybola is funny lmao

  32. .:: Centurion ::. January 21, 2016

    Awww. AnaShitWigs is still obsessed with me in 2016. This bish is still campaigning for the Centurion Hate Club. You can clearly see its doing the absolute most, still trying to convince people that I’m sick or whatever antisocial phāgs do for acceptence and acknowledgment.
    PS: We don’t know each other nor have we ever met. Dafuq? ??? ???

  33. .:: Centurion ::. January 21, 2016

    We seriously need new TGJ commentators. I can’t with these sensitive ass weak phāgs. Jesus Christ! 🙄

  34. .:: Centurion ::. January 21, 2016

    Well… I cannot wait for the no-life-having-āss-høe-hive to try and get me banned for the 9847888363639th time in 2016. This time, you have my blessing. ?

  35. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 21, 2016

    YAWNNNNNN.. B*tch you just said a whole lotta of NOTHING! The only ‘sensitive’ person here is you, since you are getting your menstrual cycle over these comments. Is that all it takes to piiss CentiPedo off?! LMAOOO, he’s so easy.

  36. Royalkev January 21, 2016

    People are just creepy when it comes to Bey! I don’t even know how these people allow themselves to get to the point of being so bothered by a celebrity (that they do not know personally), that they would threaten to take someone’s life. It would be wrong to wish that this individual be air-lifted and dumped in the middle of a stadium where they can receive a “warm welcome” from the Hive at a Bey concert. Bey is so gracious when it comes to these cretins. Where does she find the tolerance?!

  37. Tyler Makiavelli January 21, 2016

    Only somebody as sick as Centurion would be capable of doing something like that.
    Psychotic ass b****!

    • BEY>RIH January 21, 2016

      Centipede is a mentally demented p*** !!

  38. Neutral January 22, 2016

    Ugh, if he hadnt posted it online, she would be dead and we could all be celebrating a music stealing, washed out, untalented piece of shits death. But naw she still alive ?

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