New Song: Rihanna – ‘Work (ft. Drake)’

Published: Wednesday 27th Jan 2016 by Sam

Rihanna has put rumors of retirement to rest with the arrival of brand new single ‘Work.’

After a string of unsuccessful attempts at securing a hit, the 27-year-old has enlisted ex-lover Drake for the latest taste of eighth album ‘ANTI,’ which arrived as a “surprise” moments ago.

The pair’s previous team up resulted in chart-topper ‘What’s My Name,’ naturally begging the question of whether they can recreate the same magic that made the 2010 track such a smash.


With the latter being exactly what Ms. Fenty’s career has been thirsty for over the last year, is the Drizzy duet enough to mop up the mess?

Take a listen below and let us know…

Click here to LISTEN!

Cute, but will “cute” cut it at this junction?!

Clearly born out of the womb of ‘What’s My Name,’ ‘Work’ ultimately works because it’s melodic, hook-heavy, and has ample sing-along-song appeal. It’s also Island-kissed too, which is a markedly smart play given it’s a lane few of her contemporaries can authentically slide into.

Yet, after several plays (and we have been listening since last night), we’re left wondering if it packs a potent enough punch.

The chorus, catchy as it is, translates lazy and lacking and there are multiple points where the slow drawling diction delivery  makes it sound as if she’s sleeping.

Whatever its shortcomings, the track is no doubt destined for the upper echelon of the charts – especially given the all-out label campaign erected to support it (radio deal, played every hour on the hour).

Will it be enough to sell an actual album, though?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Funkyyyall January 27, 2016

    Trash, as expected.

    • Anita January 27, 2016

      King David likes so that’s all that really matters.

    • rosy January 27, 2016

      Rih don’t need your support she got a f****** navy behind her and your p**** is trash because all those men you slept with for money sued you for their money back

      • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 27, 2016

        DEATH!!!!! ???

    • rosy January 27, 2016

      Your mama is trash

      • truth (Honey Adele is a FAT COTTAGE CHEESE eatn ho!) January 27, 2016


    • You tried January 27, 2016

      It makes me dance! And I’m ANTI RIH but this makes me move! Although I don’t know what she talking about ????

    • maurice January 27, 2016

      once the video and she performs this at the Grammys, y’all will DEAL with this forthcoming platinum record.

      • Tinie January 28, 2016

        Gold as usual. Stop dreaming.

  2. Tinashe Army January 27, 2016

    Beyonce is coming back so this song won’t cut it. Four years for this 2010 realness? Hmphh

    • rosy January 27, 2016

      What is your point then wait on bey music why you stalking rih post get a life maggot get some meds for that anger you have for rih be patient and wait for bey music no need to come here with your bipolar ways

    • Anthony January 27, 2016

      Omg lol

  3. #JACKIE January 27, 2016


    • BeyTheGr8 January 27, 2016

      You would know about flops wouldn’t you boo boo? Your fav should just change her stage name to that…

      • #JACKIE January 27, 2016

        And your fav should change her name to THIEF. Goodbye b****.

    • rosy January 27, 2016

      What is your point then wait on bey music why you stalking rih post get a life maggot get some meds for that anger you have for rih be patient and wait for bey music no need to come here with your bipolar ways

  4. Madame Ashewo January 27, 2016

    Oh hell no. A year of confusion for something we could have gotten four years ago !!! The peasants cried!

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016


  5. Neliahah January 27, 2016

    Yawn The song is a flop. Not even drake can save her, ha artpop era 🙁

  6. JT January 27, 2016

    Come thru wi di dancehall queen!!!

  7. IggySzn January 27, 2016

    No ones gonna download Tidal for this crap. No thanks.

    • HistoRih January 27, 2016

      How’s Iggy’s Grammy doing? Oh, that’s right. **LaughsinObnoxious

    • RihYonce January 27, 2016

      It’s on iTunes now

      • Karsten January 27, 2016

        She can keep this GARBAGE

  8. fatusankoh January 27, 2016

    No good ririhoo

  9. Bey Sting January 27, 2016

    Wooooh chile!!! Personal album right?

  10. sick of stresm exclusives January 27, 2016

    just becuase she decided to premiere the track on streaming services that require subscription or trial- i’m pirating the mp3 and not giving 1 cent to purchase….. i tefuse to trial tidal, ihearteadio or any other fkn stream svc just to hear a track to see if i even like it. fkn greedy artists- this is why i dont buy your s***

    • Kev Kev January 27, 2016

      Greedy when they created the work you’re complaining about paying for? You get paid at your job right?

      • XYZ January 27, 2016

        Put it in iTunes, let me Listen to a snippet, then decide whether to buy of Not. But i won’t subscribe tidal

      • why is R Kelly not behind bars January 27, 2016

        i’m with sick! forcing us to trials and subrscriptions just to listen to something new is as unethical as pirating and justices the later… i’ll gladly buy it if i like it. I wont gladly buy a fkn tidal subscription when this track is literally DATED NONSENSE…

  11. Cake like Lady GaGa 25 January 27, 2016

    I heard it and I’m not here for her trying to bring back LOUD (one of her most successful eras). She is going backwards instead of forward.

  12. trellbeylike January 27, 2016

    Rihanna please don’t let jay talk u into releasing Anti on tidal.

  13. Rhonda January 27, 2016

    Not interested in downloading tidal or iheartmusic to hear her basic music. Flop

  14. King B January 27, 2016

    I told ya she’s copying Beyoncé’s suprise tactic that the navy called “Gimmick”. She’s so ORIGINAL.

    • Kev Kev January 27, 2016

      How is this a surprise when she released singles in 2015?

      • rosy January 27, 2016

        All of u on here are bey fans who hates on rih for everything she does and we her fans gonna support her no matter what

  15. THE WORLD IS WAITING FOR ANTI!! January 27, 2016


  16. Bryant January 27, 2016

    Like someone else said: I’m not downloading Tidal for this, but from the preview I heard. Meh. “First Single.” Lol!
    Release “Higher!”

  17. Lou January 27, 2016

    I LOVE IT.

    The chorus is CATCHY as hell and the melody is enticing.

    Drakes verse is FIYAH too.

    Go head Riri’!

    Top 5 smash or… 14th #1 here we come…



  18. rosy January 27, 2016

    All of u on here are bey fans who hates on rih for everything she does and we her fans gonna support her no matter what

    • BeyTheGr8 January 27, 2016

      It’s so obvious. I love them both, but even if the Beyonce fans like it, they’ll still write negative ish about it…Grow up already.

  19. noacid January 27, 2016

    First thing i c n comments is tinashe ciara iggy stans….. not today fattys

  20. Rihboy January 27, 2016

    Here for the Caribbean vibes! Trending at number 1. I don’t care what anyone says. She just brought back and slaughtered the dancehall vibe that so many horribly do. I see the video dropping by Friday. Anti isn’t dropping until Super Bowl weekend. Tidal users like myself might receive as early as this week. By the way she said this is the first single. Let’s see how it does. Overall I’m in love. So much better than the other releases.

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016

      Do u honestly think this is what will be referred to as “TIMELESS MUSIC”??…NO SHADE, JUST CURIOUS.

    • Rihboy January 27, 2016

      Why are you guys so sunk into timeless number 1. I mean people still sing pin de replay or boo when it comes on. So timeless? Let her turn 50 first before we start trying to see whether or not it will be timeless. This is now’! And so far it’s breaking the Internet.

      • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016

        The fact that it’s breaking the internet, does not equate it to it being GOOD or “TIMELESS”. Whether u want to admit or not, it sounds a LOUD reject from 2010. I was hoping she would have elevated into a more mature and progressing type of music. Don’t get me wrong it is enjoyable and something i would dance too, but with all the wait she put you people through; u would have expected some groundbreaking type shitt. NO PROGRESSION JUST AN EASY OUT TO GET A NUMBER 1.

  21. Who gonna check me boo?? January 27, 2016

    So is this dated recycled mess supposed to be part of that “timeless” album? that song is stale and boring as f*** and has no climax

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016


    • rosy January 27, 2016

      Your p**** is recycle and dried up

  22. MadonnaThaDinosoaur January 27, 2016


  23. Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016

    All this waiting and pushing back and this is what she comes back with. Of course it’s a easy hit that will probably chart very well because of Drake. However, i would have thought she would have produced or released “TIMELESS MUSIC” as she promised her fans.

    • Kelvin January 27, 2016

      Lool so drake’s why this will be a hit? Just cause beyonce always puts jay-z on a track to make a hit don’t mean rih is the same.

      She’s bigger than drake incase u forgot

      • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016


  24. Cough Cough January 27, 2016

    Pure mediocrity. This song is super boring. Not catchy at all , blah.

  25. Indie January 27, 2016

    YAAAAAAS!!!!!!! Bringing me back to the island!!! I Love it, it’s a nice raga beat with a modern day feel and Rihanna always kills it on her I stand track and usual drake smashes the verse! I downloaded it fro iTUNES straight away, there is not a club in the world that will not play this!!! Trust me, she’s just hit fire!!! Welcome back RiRi

  26. nicko January 27, 2016

    Disappointed tbh. Drake kinda saved the song.

  27. NoName January 27, 2016

    How is this her first single? Is she just gonna pretend the other 3 singles didn’t exist? Lol btw this song sucks. The chorus is terrible lol.

    • JT January 27, 2016

      FFS & American Carbon Monoxide deserve to be paid dust, but B**** Better Have My Money? She’s wrong for that! Te album BETTER be out in a few days (Friday) like BBC1X said!

  28. KingNavy January 27, 2016

    Yo no lie this s*** is fire!! Not even just because I live for her but like Sam said this is a lane ONLY she can slay and it’s the Caribbean thing that so many others have tried and failed. COME THROUGH RIH! Can not wait for the video and ANTI!!

  29. Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016

    A mess of a song!!!!!!!! I love how her accent shines thru in the song tho. But it a mess, i don’t care what the NAZI thinks….All those writers and they could only come up with her repeating “WORK WORK WORK..” TIMELESS MUSIC UP MY CUNTHOLE..LOL

    • rosy January 27, 2016

      Your p**** is recycle and dried up

  30. Shhh she’s coming!! January 27, 2016


    • Bruno On Marz January 27, 2016

      The fact you wipe back to front? I know.

  31. DATED 2005 January 27, 2016

    Hi Rihanna,
    Can we please have our leftovers back?

  32. RihannaNavy January 27, 2016

    y’all Bey fans always have some negative to say , uptight as y’all are , ain’t nobody checking for Bey right now & y’all always try to make it about her , when it’s her time it will be her time , right now it’s Rihanna time ?. I’m loving it I knew I would. told you she’s coming hard & this is just the beginning so don’t do too much BeyHive ?✌

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016

      LOL!!!!!! IS this ur definition of coming “hard”. You need to evaluate ur taste in trash music, FOURFIVEFOURSTD’S tho not a masterpiece of a song is miles better than this. This sounds like something she would have made during loud era, you can tell she is trying to have another number 1 song with this mess. 8 songwriters and all they could come up with is a repetition of word “WORK”. P.S if the song was actually amazing, i would have given her credit. I ACTUALLY AM JUST BEGINNING TO APPRECIATE THE BRILLIANCE OF “RATED R”(Her best album to date)

  33. Lake Erie January 27, 2016

    Wtf! ?! LmaOoooo! !! Smh. I don’t like it. She went from #BBHMM to this?!? Smh this literally sound VERY dated. Smh. I use to laugh when people on here would say her time is up but now after hearing this? That may be far from a lie.

    Good luck to her tho.

  34. Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016

    Is it just me or does this song sound like a leftover from her LOUD era!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RihYonce January 27, 2016

      I like the song but you’re right this does sound like a leftover from LOUD I hope the album doesn’t give this vibe

  35. Azealia Bankable January 27, 2016

    Wait. Who wrote is song? It has no structure. Drake really did her a favour because he’s the only person worth listening to on this. It’s a crying shame! A shame I say.

  36. ~The Arcade~ January 27, 2016

    Song: lackluster

    Performance: Pure struggle (especially from the beginning, when she’s sing- talking ‘work’ over and over again) ??

  37. SCREAM QUEENS January 27, 2016

    Timeless music my A$$ ?

  38. Lupita Fiasco January 27, 2016

    What kind of Nina Sky album track mess.

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016

      LOL..DEATH AT THE SHADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Who gonna check me boo?? January 27, 2016

      Yooooo I almost choked on my cereal ???????

    • RASHAD January 27, 2016

      Not Nina Sky!” oh your body girl makes the fellas go” lol!

  39. Da January 27, 2016


  40. One Man To Pum Pum January 27, 2016

    Yasssssssss Timeles Classic! ?

  41. Shirley January 27, 2016

    Underwhelming. Riri’s done.

  42. Who gonna check me boo?? January 27, 2016

    Anyway back to the queen who is about to have her second performance at the Super Bowl which is very difficult to get not everybody has that

  43. StrawberryMuffin24 January 27, 2016

    Wtf is this GARBAGE? All her singles this era are trash her vocals sound a slurred lazy mess worst song of 2016 so far go back to studio with this dated mess!

  44. Ronnie January 27, 2016

    Not what I expected tbh. Maybe the video will help it grow on me but BBHMM and FFS were better than this. None of these songs however sound like they belong on the same album, nor do I get a classic vibe.

  45. Nutjob January 27, 2016

    It was like, I was waiting for the bump that never came… Come on RiRi’ ?

  46. ~The Arcade~ January 27, 2016

    Is it true that 8 people wrote the *cough* ‘lyrics’?

    What a shame!

  47. RihYonce January 27, 2016

    Yes Rih!! I know this is going to be huge on the charts , I love when her & Drake collab!

  48. Mo January 27, 2016

    Im insulted. What the f*** is this

  49. SLAYhanna January 27, 2016

    So you mean to tell me that this site couldn’t even wait to upload this song in HQ?


    Anyway, this song is fantastic; I love it! Very minamalist but catchy.

    Maybe the rumors of ANTI being reggae/dance hall driven is true. OMG.

    I love the dancehall vibes and she and drake sound great!

    14th NUMBER ONE.

    • rosy January 27, 2016

      The haters on here feel threaten they hate all of rih music all her career and now she worth 160 million keep hating but she will always win

  50. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 27, 2016

    It’s a cute a reggae joint…I can def hit the blunt to this. I’m still looking for my banger though

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016

      is this what u wanted to hear from her??? Because if so then fine, but if u wand a more progressing “TIMLESS” music from her then u might be on the wrong train sis.

  51. Mo January 27, 2016


  52. Al Sheikh A Beech January 27, 2016

    This song reminds me of the time I waited two hours in my school lunch line to get the deserrt of the day only to find that the Dessert was watery custard. I still have nightmares about it to this day and this shiddy song has brought the painful memories back. The only way to stop these nightmares is to buy Beyonces music. Yes, that’s what I’m going to do and if you care about me you will to. #waterycustard #shiddysong

  53. Danzou January 27, 2016

    I love it

  54. Grande the Way January 27, 2016

    I’m sorry but this wasn’t it. This sounds like an album filler. Drake was the only redemptive part of the song.

    • HistoRih January 27, 2016

      Please keep your opinion to yourself. We’ll call you should we need advice on the art of donut licking.

      • Barb-wire January 27, 2016


  55. Slay_Hive January 27, 2016

    Werk Rihanna. I can’t believe im giving her life. I can WERKKK my hips to this s*** right here… yasss biiiitchhh. WErk werk werk werk werk!! cutie!!!!!!!

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 27, 2016

      ??? I’m going to need your to pick your tongue off of the floor.

      • Slay_Hive January 27, 2016

        lmaooo cute but i’ll do that when she gets that double platinum plaque. This song is cute enough where i see a gold plaque in ha future tho!! Werk Rihanna 😉

  56. coolness January 27, 2016

    Aw, y’all aren’t feeling it? I kinda like it, lol.

  57. LillyB January 27, 2016

    LA Reid come get your girl. She has no ear for music.

  58. blue January 27, 2016

    yess!!! Love the island vibe. Is this a tidal exclusive?

    • Indie January 27, 2016

      No it’s on iTunes 🙂

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016

      Again.. the also love the island vibe, but id does not mean it has to be with messy non-progressive song. Man down had an island vibe and is one of the best song I’ve ever heard…YES, THAT IS COMING FROM A BEYONCE FAN.

  59. Danzou January 27, 2016

    ANIT IS ABOUT TO S*** F.UCK SALES THIS ALBUM IS GONNA BE FIRE. When artists have nothing to prove id ont hold sales over them. Rihanna is about to put raggae and dancehall back on the map like the early 2000s with sean paul and wayne wonder and elephant man and beanie man. Yall say this a flop but when justin released sorry(an sad excuse for a dancehall record) you p.issed your pants. To be honest if youre white then i dont wanna hear your comments on my cultures music not as long as you continue to ignore appropriation. now that bey is on her way shes abut to put REAL rnb soul/pop on the map. Rih is holding down the carribean side of things . im here for it.

    • Lady Saw is Queen January 27, 2016

      Let’s not. This is a poor excuse for an island song.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 27, 2016

      PREACH! The island vibe is killer.

      • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016

        Yes.. but what about the sing itself sis. I can tell u don’t like it, you’re just afraid to admit it. LMAO

      • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016


      • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 27, 2016

        @surprise To be honest I didn’t know to accept and process it, which happens with every new Rihanna single. At first, I was expecting a WFL pop smash and this isn’t it. This is a mid tempo reggae song with that singing n*gga and while I see it as that and listen to it more in high quality it’s ??

    • Surprise..Dec 2013 January 27, 2016

      Yes she is..but i just wish it was with rbetter produced and wrriten music not a repetitive sack of dog mess.

  60. Mo January 27, 2016

    Sounds like a filler track. This is what happens when you try too hard and over think. She should have just stuck to her formula but doubted herself and took the microwave music insults to heart and convinced herself she was lost when she wasnt and now shes lost her magical reign It was nice while it lasted i suppose. 4-5 seconds still makes me cringe. BBHMM almost redeemed her. Now this crap has done her in again. Le sigh

  61. HistoRih January 27, 2016

    I want to cry!!!!!! What is this s***?!

  62. Barb-wire January 27, 2016

    Lol bye! The f*** is this?

    • Betty Bieber January 27, 2016

      It’s called a Hit dear. Has Nicki had one of those recentky?

      • Barb-wire January 27, 2016

        Gayber still getting fuxcked in the ass, sis?

      • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 27, 2016

        Barb wire…If he was under age we could ask ur faves brother. How is Jailani “R Kelly” Maraj

  63. MsYonce January 27, 2016

    I expected wayyyyyyyy more but its a cute bop. It will be her 14th #1 hit

  64. Bad Gyal Fifi January 27, 2016

    Beyonce must have put some juju on her because this song is horrendous. It takes me back to the summer I met my cheating ass husband who looked like Rihanna sounds… a goat!

  65. Pray for the Youth January 27, 2016

    THIS is what the navy has been waiting four years for?!?!? Death. The struggle is more real than I thought. Fourth single and not a timeless track documented. #AntiSuccess

  66. i’m backbitches rihanna’s biggest fan January 27, 2016

    rihanna i love you boo i swear i do but im not paying no streaming service for this i work too damn hard for my money and i waited over two yeears for your damn album what The F***

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 27, 2016

      It’s on iTunes

  67. RIP January 27, 2016

    TF is this? Really?
    F*** all that Stan s***,this song is straight garbage!

    Even drake’s verse is wack and lackluster. I was expecting something…decent at best!
    She needs Def Jam!

  68. #justsayn January 27, 2016

    This is a really nice song! I just dont want Rhi to gear far from her pop r&b sound. Such as diamonds, umbrella bcuz tht is her niche.

  69. Proffessor Dumbledore January 27, 2016

    3.5 years….waiting……t drops….downloading…..listens……………….#DISSAPPOINTED

  70. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 27, 2016

    Now that I just downloaded this on iTunes and heard the HQ and the song is ???. It’s different from what I was expecting

  71. beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 27, 2016

    This puts the tank in no thanks

  72. BieberFever January 27, 2016

    I’m still awaiting the timeless music…..

    • beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 27, 2016

      She could never

  73. beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 27, 2016

    My faves only release worthy good misic that is classy

  74. Bruno On Marz January 27, 2016

    I predict she’ll sell 100k first week

  75. beykim loves bieber one direction beyonce miley and gaga January 27, 2016

    Where is LB,he is going to have to pawn his heels to be able to afford this mess.He waited a whole year for it.I aint hating

  76. UPGRADEBOY January 27, 2016

    Listening STANDING ON THE Sun right now ??????????? a real island vibe??

    • RihYonce January 27, 2016

      Yes ! I still hate that she didn’t release that song ! Even if she was to release this year it would smash smh but I’m glad she took a different route for self titled

  77. That LND Girl January 27, 2016

    You know what, I don’t like the track. It sounds very lazy and rushed, but it will get to number one and will be played in clubs all around the world because it Rihanna.

    In all honesty Rihanna has an ear for hits, she’s not an artist or a craftsman when it comes to her music. She just wants to remain relevant and make her money, which is OK. People just need to accept her or the pop star she is and stop expecting her to come amazing vocals

  78. Anti-Garbage Singing vioces January 27, 2016

    And this was what her fans was waiting for, for more than 1 year?

    Bwhahaha Omgggggg.

    That B-/ch can not sing, her voice is soooo , sound like a drowning goat, mmemeeEHHH.

    Its over for her.

  79. Anti (hives scared of R8) January 27, 2016

    I’m getting a 90s reggae vibe from this song and cover.This was beautiful, bring on the video queen!!

  80. Slay_Hive January 27, 2016

    I’m actually quite surprised that alot of people dont like this song. I think it will smash mostly on urban, which is fine. I don’t really like Rihanna’s music but i love her dancehall/reggae inspired pop songs. They are very catcy. Reggae/dancehall might be her saving grace this era. We all know she’s not on Beyonce’s level but , I can appreciate her small talent for what it’s worth. Cute bop. Ayyyeeee!! I ain’t gone lie. I love it!

    • Rihnaj January 27, 2016

      I’m shocked you have something positive to say about her,this is very mature coming from you but then again you’re a grown ass man kudos:)

  81. Mr. CEE January 27, 2016

    Houston. We. Have. A. Problem.

  82. UPGRADEBOY January 27, 2016

    Sounding like thé great value version of jlo iam into you

  83. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 27, 2016

    To be completely honest, this video must be fire for this song to have lasting chart success

  84. BOOBIE January 27, 2016

    Sounds like a 2010 bop

  85. Grapejuice fan January 27, 2016


  86. Meteorite January 27, 2016

    Reminds me of “Don’t Tell ‘Em” by Jeremih

  87. Vans January 27, 2016

    anyone else noticed that Rihanna wants us to forget BBHMM and 4,5 seconds as singles to Anti she tweeted that this song is the Official first single. This lowkey reminds me of a great value version of Rude Boy. Of course radio play will FORCE YOU to like it but yeah it’s not her greatest and I’m worried. This seems rushed. She had her chance last year and missed the moment. When Beyonce drops her new music and does the Superbowl, Anti will be forgotten about.

    • blue January 27, 2016

      dont get people still saying ffs, bbhmm and ao where singles… She already said they were buzz single a long time ago. Get over it. This is the official first single.

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 27, 2016

      Beyonce can NEVER make Rihanna be forgotten. They are completely different artists and have different niches in the music world. As long as Rihanna is putting out music, there will be people listening.

  88. Erotica January 27, 2016

    i thought u could only release music on iTunes on friday?

  89. Rosie January 27, 2016

    Just woke up to this, what the hell is this, her stans waiting all this time for her to drop 3 minutes of incoherent mumbling over this What’s My Name ass beat?
    I have to go to class now so that is all for rn

  90. Danzou January 27, 2016


  91. What now January 27, 2016

    I like it, but don’t love it. However, at this point, I’m here for it (mainly bc Rihanna’s videos always push me into liking songs that I originally didn’t care too much for – Rude Boy, Diamonds, Where Have You Been, and etc.) due to my thirst for new music. If this is the song that she’s performing at the Grammys, then I won’t be watching (with the sound on anyway).

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 27, 2016

      I like your honesty. At first, I wasn’t feeling it as I didn’t know how to process it, but it’s definitely catchy as hell. I’m waiting to hear Love On the Brain and A Night. I just know that they’re bangers

  92. Yamz January 27, 2016

    Wtf is this??? lmaoo Rihøe is done. Bîtch had to call up Drake to save her.

  93. Danzou January 27, 2016

    It’s #1 in 26 countries!!!!

  94. RihYonce January 27, 2016

    Song definitely gives me 2010 bop. But in my opinion the song is good, it could’ve been better , hopefully the album gives us a different vibe. Still waiting for “Only If For A Night” but the song will definitely sell , hopefully the video is amazing. I’m surprised a lot of people don’t like it…..maybe it will grow on people

  95. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 27, 2016

    Well that was quick. In a matter of 1 1/2 hours it’s already #1 on iTunes…Something Beyawnce hasn’t seen since the birth of Blue Ivy, North and Saint combined! #WorkWorkWork

    • RASHAD January 27, 2016

      Beyoncé surprise album hit #1 in 127 counties with in 24hrs which I know is something Anti won’t do when it released! Now sit down & enjoy your 2010 rejected single from her Loud era!

  96. Dante January 27, 2016

    Love Rihanna but not her best… It’ll still be commercial hit though, just because of the two big names on the song. Its already #1 on iTunes.

  97. RICHIE_RICH January 27, 2016

    I’m sorry, no hate or shade but this is horrible ….

  98. Ciah’s Turtle January 27, 2016

    I actually like this song. Its very..Rihanna and Drake. lol

  99. DIABETES UNBOTHERED January 27, 2016

    Wow i cant belive RIHSCHEDULED Blessed the gods with this garbage. & i thot whatsmyname & mandown was generic. Smh all of 3 1/2 years and this is what we get from ANTI-Añticipated???? BOWDOWN & 7/11 is way better than ANYTHING I heard from Rihfund in the past 2 years. Only 2 of rihs albums are even REAL (not mac) Albums (gggbr & RR) i dont see Antichrist being the 3rd. maybe her music would be better if she could atleast contribute arrangements & key changes like bey. Those 1st week sales predictions of 150k was due to xmas season. Now that the record is coming out probably spring/summer those figures will be adjusted to 98k but i dont have my calculator. Kiii BIONIC 2.0. This song lame asf that raegae carribean sound is so tired. I only heard 20 seconds of it on the radio but this is rihfund we talking about it must be garbage. mine Is so much better and that song was lightweight compared to others on selftitled. This album better sale atleast 1 tenth of 25s first week, thats atleast 300k but i dont have my calcultor tho lol

  100. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy January 27, 2016

    The problem is that Work isn’t that comeback, first smash that we were all expecting. It’s a mid-tempo track made for black people. I’m interested in seeing it’s longevity

  101. RihannaNavy January 27, 2016

    y’all so pressed cause this song is #1 in other countries like a lot of people is rooting 4 Rihanna & you say you won’t buy her music but stick around for a ear full to see what her new music is like ” B**** YOUR A FAN ” , I can’t stand you other Stans make it about another artist when the main artist can’t shine cause of negative feedback ass BeyHives trolling , like it’s not about Bey let Rihanna have her time …. I like Beyoncé not her overrated 34 y.o + fans base too old to be shading while you wait 4 Bey to drop a single , y’all judge Rihanna album cover & everything. ANYWAYS

    Back to the trending topic , I love it Rihanna , it’s different it’s giving me ” Music To The Sun ” era. can’t wait to hear more …. for future reference to ” THOSE WHO JUDGE B4 LISTENING 2 ANY MUSIC ” listen to it 4 a few times b4 you give your honest. opinion.

  102. How Many Drinks January 27, 2016

    LMFAOOOO so this is what she’s been torturing her fans for a year for? I’m dying. This is trash. I thought she’s supposed to be the black Madonna according to her fans, constantly reinventing herself? Instead this sounds like a LOUD reject. TRAGIC. Back to the drawing board… again .

  103. Anti (hives scared of R8) January 27, 2016

    I don’t get why people are saying Drake is saving her. Lol Rihanna gave him his first #1 hit.Haters looking for any excuse.

  104. aretha January 27, 2016

    im here for RIRI but not trashy beyonce . i mean the song 1st listen is like hell no , the second one is very catchy … let see where this will go . i like it . 4/5

  105. Jay January 27, 2016


    • JT January 27, 2016

      The “timeless music” was an idea before she re-done the album, she now decided to make music that’s popular and will be played out but I’m glad, I need urban/turn up like BBHMM songs not that FFS mess, Traphanna needs to come through!

      • RihYonce January 27, 2016

        I agree , I’m glad she didn’t take the “timeless” route we are in the era where you have to keep up or get lost. Sad but true. I love when Rih gets ratchet & take it back to island with her music

  106. LDN Chick January 27, 2016


  107. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 27, 2016

    It’s missing something. She usually has a RIH-taarded chorus or catch-phrase that everyone can remember (Like ‘ella..ella.. aye’, or ‘oooh na na na’), This is forgettable and the beat is hella dated. and I’m LAUGHING at it being called ‘the first single’, as if she didn’t release 3 already.

  108. LB January 27, 2016




    *RUNS TO iTunes*

  109. WINTZ January 27, 2016

    Lol I juśt came for the melt downs and delusional hating comments. Y’all know this is an intenarional hit right? Kiiiii

    Carry on…

  110. T January 27, 2016

    Lmao! Wtf is this crap? You have to be deaf of you think this is a good song. Not even drake can save this. Idc if it’s #1 on iTunes ppl will forget about it next week and it won’t go #1 on the real charts. I’d be pissed if I was navy. 4 yrs and 8 unlocked rooms for this garbage 1st fourth single. Lol I can not

  111. RihNavy January 27, 2016

    How does it feel to witness another #1 from Rih? The HATE will NEVER hold her back!!

  112. Oscar January 27, 2016

    like flop flop flop

  113. Golf bajan January 27, 2016

    Who every runs this site is a hating ass fagget !!!

  114. J-Mar January 27, 2016

    This Horrible to my ears wtf i just listen to one of her worst song she has ever put out this trash rihersal needs to have several seats this will not be number 1 for long when bey release her single its gonna be over for her enjoy while u can.

  115. JOHNVIDAL January 27, 2016

    Another collab with a big name? LMAO She´s joke.

  116. FC/JC January 27, 2016

    So nobody will admit that the song sounds like it belongs in the “Rated R” Era……. this shitt is dated as fvck and certainly NAWT timeless nor classic….
    The beat is cute though!

    Furthermore we are on to her gimmicks and tricks, by clinging to Drake and throwing him on a lackluster dated song, to help it chart is desperate and tired…. I just want her team to know we see right through her mess…. Shes not moving forward, however looks like her label forced her to go backwards to what used to work.

  117. FC/JC January 27, 2016

    The good news is that its much better than “Four Flop Seconds”…

  118. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music January 28, 2016

    The song isn’t that bad

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