Tinashe Suggests That She Has A Problem With Her Record Label?

Published: Monday 4th Jan 2016 by David

Is there trouble brewing between Urban Pop starlet Tinashe and her record label, RCA?

Find out below…

The singer’s debut LP ‘Aquarius‘ saw her rise to become her genre’s leading lady and touted as the new Beyonce by some publications impressed by her live performance style and the machine created to promote its material.

Unfortunately, the LP opened with sales of 17,000 units and is yet to cross the 30,000 traditional units sold point which may be the reason RCA are reluctant to pump support into the campaign for her second studio set ‘Joyride.’

Read the tweets the singer published (and endorsed by ‘liking’ them on Twitter) below…



What do you make of the messages?

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  1. chesterhe January 4, 2016

    Unfortunately, in this day in age, with the right publicist anyone can be “the next big thing”, and we believe it. I follow this blogsite, pop music, RB music, hip hip, etc, and I have never ever once been interested enough to even listen to one of her songs. We are told which artist to like by the media, record labels, and radio stations. I hate to say it, but Tinashe just doesn’t have “it”. Next. Where Mya at?

    • Indie January 4, 2016

      That a because your a hater! She is one of the most talented, promising, hard working new artist out here right now! I have been blessed enough to see her live in concert and she is amazing! Her current track All My Friends, is killing it in Europe right now, I will admit Player with Chris Brown was bad timing, considering Rita Ora had just released a duet with Chris, people don’t want the same trick twice in less then a month,All though Party Favours should have been promoted properly as it is a banger!

      • Dev January 4, 2016

        Where in Europe?

      • Sam January 4, 2016

        Look, if Tinashe is failing to sell regardless of publications and endorcements this means that she doesn’t have “it” for the masses.
        If you feel that she has it for you, thats great! but that doesn’t have to apply to everyone. I purchased Tinashe’s album and now only listen to two of the tracks, and don’t care for the new material. People need to realise that a good performance doesn’t translate on cd. If she can dance, great! if she sings okay, spectacular! but if on cd you listen and things become average voice and music wise then you have a problem.

      • AJ January 4, 2016

        I live in Europe. It really ain’t blowing up anywhere darling. K

    • credits January 4, 2016

      You know what? I watched one of her performances on GMA I think it was and this girl blew me away! She was dancing, she went on the floor, got back up and was doing such heavy choreography and never lost her breath once! But still even though I know she is talented, I’ve never listenned to one of her albums or bought any of her music and I’m not sure why….

    • Everyone’s A Critic January 4, 2016

      Hush your gums!

      You better stay up, b******. You better keep up, biiiitch. Cos tinashes a game changer. You better keep up up biiiitch!

      She’s not a seller but come on, you know a tune when you hear it. She has critical acclaim & the CRITIC loves her

      • credits January 4, 2016

        Just so we are clear, I don’t know this girl’s music from a hole In the wall but at the same time I was giving credit where credit is due, that one performance I saw looked like pure talent but could the music industry do without her…YES! If I can’t recognize her sh*t it is probably because her music sounds like all of the other urban pop artists. So hush your gingivitis gums b*tch!

    • Drae January 4, 2016

      How can you know or not she has a “it” without even listening or knowing s*** about her music or style? Your comment is call prejudging. The Error you know nothing about her background, music or style.

      You just compared her “Mya”….. other comments are comparing her to “Ciara” both of which are ignorant statement of her style. She has more in common with The Weeknd, Sade, lauryn hill then does with Ciara or Mya. A lot of Tinashe music is actually deep about over coming adversity she was bully when she was younger. I find a lot of her inspirational.

      Also Tinashe is not a label puppet she’s the underdog, most artists don’t write there music Ciara, Mya, Rihanna and etc Tinashe got a deal because she taught herself how to write and produced and directed videos. Other wise she didn’t just get a deal she earn it,

      And this article is misleading before Aquarius dropped her label was dragging singles and videos, She literally released 2 singles with in 10 months before Aquarius. Each video was released a month or two after the song.

      Which means her label is dragging and you got huge incorrect image to her style and music. In which mean her label is lacking with promo to fund and accurately show her style.

      So it Tinashe case it’s not label puppet it’s an artists who worked her ass who taught her how to write, produced, and direct something 90% of Young female R&B artists don’t do.

      And you also got her whole style f*** up…. You think her style is like Mya meanwhile Tinashe has a mixtape about politics 1/3 of her songs are deep and meaningful. Her productions are abstract. Basically your prejudging the s*** out of her.

      • Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans January 4, 2016

        Ciara doesn’t write her own music? You just did not try her like that! Girl, please REMOVE those fingers from that keyboard and have several seats in a corner with your face towards the Wall. Now be quiet and think about what foolishness you just said.

      • justme January 4, 2016

        Your right she can’t be compared to Mya.. Mya has more talent. And people actually bought her music and wanted to play it. Mya had a problem with her label that’s why she still ain’t like that. But she still making music. Is tinashe music even gold yet. Mya has plenty gold.platinum and multi platinum to her name.. She ain’t local she is international look it up. I don’t like comparing but don’t discredit what Mya has done.

      • Drae January 5, 2016


        “Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans says”

        Ciara has 5 to 6 song writers on all her songs she consider a co writer, With big known writers being listed. Tinashe actually wrote over 40 songs on her mixtape by herself. And Co wrote a few songs of her album, And Maybe a writing on fifth harmony next album. One them is really writing the other not really.

        I grew on Ciara, Mya I love their music you can’t school me on them. You missing the point, Most artist don’t write their music you can’t even shade an artist by saying they don’t. The point was Tinashe is an extremely hardworker and went beyond what artists normal involved.

        The point why are so decided to talk down on Tinashe an artists that yall can’t even 5 of her song to talk of on, And have no idea how her music is like it first place.

        And stop the stan war stuff this isn’t about Ciara Vs. Mya Vs. Tinashe. All 3 are black woman that worked hard.

        Also Ciara and Mya can’t sell is the same reason Tinashe is having trouble. Artists sold better back then because label put more money in artists.

        Since 2009 we strangely have pattern of 17 white women going gold vs. only 3 black women. Before 2009 it wasn’t like that. So this stan war stuff shading another black female artists especially when yall don’t know much about her is stupid.

  2. Lou January 4, 2016

    There is a clip of her on YouTube singing the Jazz/Pop standard “Cry Me a River” and it truly showcases the enormous potential she has as a singer if she were to go in that direction. She was elegantly dressed and gave an impromptu performance in a restaurant. She even once said in an interview back in 2013 that she loves jazz music and enjoys singing it as she’s been doing it since she was little, so what happened?


    She wanted quick fame.

    Either her friends or management tried to feed her the BS that she could be the next “Big Thing” if she were to follow urban music and it isn’t working out because it JUST doesn’t suit her. She can dance and give a nice performance but that’s all their is to her. There’s no depth and no star quality in that genre.

    It’s a shame that these artists give up on their true, musical integrity just for a fast fortune. Oh well… she’ll learn the hard way.

    • Everyone’s A Critic January 4, 2016

      Hush your gums! Tinashe is fire

  3. truthtea January 4, 2016

    Tinashe may be a talented dancer but that’s where the train stops! Why does she think she’s any different from the likes of Mya, Cassie, etc…??? This is what p*sses me off at the likes of thus generation of performers. They feel they’re entitled to anything and everything!

    • Everyone’s A Critic January 4, 2016

      True. People in general feel entitled to things without putting in time, work or EFFORT! She puts all 3 in. So tinashe and the other beautiful ladies all deserve a break but unfortunately their chart fates lie in our hands or pockets should I say!
      So why you mad son? If you don’t thunk she deserves shine, keep doing what you’re doing. But don’t make yourself look like a bitter Betty

      • Dude January 4, 2016

        she can program a beat.


    • Drae January 4, 2016

      1. Tinashe is down to earth and sweet, that fact you think she feel “entitled” rather thinking she just following her dreams…. Means you already had a negative notion about her that you shouldn’t. Tinashe is very humble responding to fans a lot.

      2. Tinashe style is nothing like Mya, Cassie… Tinashe has a mixtape about politics. A lot of her music is meaningful, her production variety but is often trippy this means you knew nothing about her music or style before you comment. She has 5 projects over 60 songs, not 2 or 3. She has a mixtape that apocalypse theme her style is a lot different than Mya and Ciara

      3. Tinashe is a writer, and producer. You probably just though she sings and dance NO…. Most artists don’t even write, Tinashe taught herself to produced and recorded mixtapes and earn a deal. Which makes the comparison to Cassie beyond weird. She also sung the national anthem at pro sports game over 5 times, and was runner up on Kid got talent as child.

      So basically your assuming her talent abilities and style with out knowing or listening to much of her music, or knowing anything about her background. Tinashe issue her style, talent, background is largely unknown to the mainstream. People assume her style and talent different than what is. Her label needs to promoted “her style” who she is more.

      The fact that she write, and had produced, and has a mixtape that’s political theme but you comparing her to Ciara, Cassie, and Mya and saying what does she does different? show ignorance is bless. Makes Tinashe point but this article is just being messy.

    • Junior in Jamaica January 4, 2016

      Don’t even put this girl in the same sentence as Mya who has been in the game over 16 years and still doing her independent vibe.

      When Tinashe gets a grammy, executive produces, writes, dances, acts, owns her own label and foundation and has done the work Mya has then we can talk.

  4. Rebelious Soulster January 4, 2016

    Her problem is that she’s not a remarkable performer which is why her hype fizzled out. Her label has probably already found her replacement

  5. Minajesty January 4, 2016

    This Tinfish girl is so stupid.
    You got all these social media platforms yet you don’t use them to your advantage.

    • Everyone’s A Critic January 4, 2016

      She should quit nagging and moaning but she is human and has feelings. All these artists need to learn to do things for themselves

      • credits January 4, 2016

        But I thought the whole point in being signed to a major label was so that you don’t have to do anything by yourself? Your girl should just go Independent. 17k independent, she would have some money in her pocket.

  6. Barb-wire January 4, 2016

    When the public says no they mean N-O! period! When they aren’t interested, they aren’t! Just like when you don’t have the “it” factor, you just don’t have it, PERIOD!!!

    • Dee January 4, 2016

      Your avi is obnoxious as hell. Fyi, how’s Nicki’s rapists brother doing. Just like her brother, they’re both DISGUSTING!

      • ZeZe Kunty January 4, 2016

        The fact you would use an assault on a 12 year old to throw shade shows just how low you are as a person.

      • Nicki Minaj thee ONLY QB January 4, 2016

        It’s not Nicki’s fault her family is scum at least she has nothing to do with them.

    • Drae January 4, 2016

      There’s a difference between rejecting and not knowing an artist. You can’t reject what you don’t know. This just mean a lesser known artists is on come up. And you would be surprise at the artists that start off slow, Janet first 2 albums were consider flops yet she became a icon.

      But The error with what your saying but you don’t realize… the public is saying NO or they not interested in another Ciara, Cassie, and Mya.. good thing for Tinashe her overall style is nothing there. There a lot more to Tinashe the public has grasp yet, a lot of people are underestimating will. Tinashe is just starting.

      Also If you don’t know Tinashe is not a label puppet artists, she was releasing music before she was sign.

  7. Vidiii January 4, 2016

    For me, Ciara is more like a artist to me and Tinashe not. I like her but she doesnt have the IT factor me.. Both can dance and sing, but Ciara has the artist feeling for me and Tinashe not.. No hater.. ✌?️

    • ZeZe Kunty January 4, 2016

      Sorry that’s where I must stop you. Ciara has no artistic direction and will do whatever she is dating at the time tells her to. She is however more talented and interesting than Tinashe.

      • ciara-s online publicist January 4, 2016

        For whatever reason you all love to discredit Ciara. I’ll just say this; 12 years in the industry and still earning platinum plaques. Outside of Beyonce & Ciara, what other R&B female artist that came out around their debuts is doing this? I’ll wait. Give Ciara her mfn credit with yall hating asses. Ciara’s a flop, Ciara’s irrelevant, Ciara can’t sell… But guess what? *insert Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard “But I’m Still Here B****” gif here* I wish all u hating ass h*** well :). p.s. As for Tinashe, poor dat, oh well, on to the next poor man Ciara “replacement.”

      • #JACKIE January 4, 2016

        DRAG SIS!!! These b****** stay pressed over the queen

  8. chris January 4, 2016

    She is very talented; she writes and produces a lot of her own music. You probably only know her for her more pop-leaning hits, but if you took the time to listen to her wider catalogue you would fully see how great, deep and authentic an artist she is, but all you care about is numbers and ‘relevancy’ and chart positions.

    • ZeZe Kunty January 4, 2016

      She cares about the numbers just as much which is why she’s upset her label isn’t supporting her. If she didn’t care about sales she wouldn’t have a record deal so let’s drop the “artiste” act please.

      • Pray for the youth January 4, 2016

        ……Did you actually read what @chris wrote before you commented…???

      • Drae January 4, 2016

        Just cause an artists want to sell doesn’t mean the artists doesn’t care about the artistry of her work. Outside of Singles. Tinashe is known more by her fans as being an alternative artist.

        Tinashe mixtape and album got high reviews. Some of Tinashe best songs are too abstract to be a an single. Just cause you heard one or two singles doesn’t mean you heard enough to get her style.

        There people who heard 2 on and All hand on Deck, think they get or discover her overall style. no. She writes a lot of deep songs, and a lot of production are experimental. She also like a lot of old school R&B.

        So there’s audience of people who would like that sound who like The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, Jhene, Miguel sound but think most of her music is like Ciara which is wrong.

        That’s the problem people are trying to just judge Tinashe by singles then write her off or not base off those………. when her larger body of work there so much more to her. Tinashe has more in common with The Weeknd, Sade, lauryn hill than she do with Ciara.

  9. Pray for the youth January 4, 2016

    I really like tinashe and she could use more promo but player just isn’t a good song. It’s not good enough to be a hit no matter how much promo they use to try to push the song. She needs to needs to come with something harder because player is to basic and generic to lead this album, especially when she doesn’t have a huge fanbase that will buy her music no matter how it sounds.

    • Pray for the youth January 4, 2016

      Omygawd what the hell did I write..?? ….??I’ll just pretend like it’s correct…

  10. Ajm265 January 4, 2016

    RCA is a terrible record label period. I’m not sure why and how they are still in business, Sony needs to break up this company. Too many artist and no real staff to push old Aritists and polish new artists such a sad situation.

  11. Who gonna check me boo?? January 4, 2016

    Records label are not magician.s it’s the supply and demand law no label is going to fully invest in an artist with such lows numbers I mean her first album didn’t cross 50k for f*** sake

  12. jec2 January 4, 2016

    She can’t drag the label on this. She is not connecting as a major recording artist for a variety of reasons…her tunes aren’t that good. She’s not that great of a singer and her janet tribute was a joke. She has never sold well, yet the the label has continued to fund a series of expensive performances and appearances that turned into more lackluster moments from her. She should go back to being a soundcloud artist.

    • Drae January 4, 2016

      1. “She has never sold well” Bruh she only solid album.

      2. She actually can sing her ass off, you wouldn’t know if just saw a performance of 2 on, or All hand on Deck, cause those songs don’t show her vocal ability in the first. I made video of her singing on Youtube …. “Tinashe Voice of a Aquarius “Singing Compilation”…..

      3. It’s label job to promo artists, if label don’t the artist can’t sell in the first place…. And your whole narrative that she was ever hugely funded is off.

      If people keep comparing her to Cassie, Ciara, there’s a image error, cause her music literally nothing there’s that is promo issue.

      With in 10 month before Album released she only released 2 singles. She released video 2-3 months after the single premiere. She has only made two TV performance before the album released both of which is the same song. She paid for her album trailer self. The label is clearly not funding much for promo from the jump.

      3. So what I notice Tinashe biggest critics are unaware how they not remotely actually criticizing her. They don’t know anything about music or talent abilities, and just prejudge her. That is label promo.

      She releasing 2 on everybody think she just dance and make twerk music. So they wrote her off mean while her album got high reviews and she write deep meaningful music but it didn’t sell because 2 on mislead people. That is label promo. She need break these weird comparison.

      But Tinashe stated she cool with her label this article is just trying to be messy.

      • jec2 January 12, 2016

        I’ve seen the label budgets. trust me. she is FUNDED. she’s just mad she doesn’t connect.

  13. Indie January 4, 2016

    Tinashe is an incredible artist! for the last 2 years she’s made a powerful impact at a time when it is extremely hard for any new black artist to come through, she writes and produces, she sings great live and is an incredible performer, if any of the hating fools that have talked trash had seen this girl live they would be singing a different tune! In general labels are not spending money anymore and that is pivotal when launching someone new and she has managed to push through regardless by funding her own music videos!

    The thing that works to her benefit but is also a little hardmful is that she cannot be pigeon hold musically, she has done some brilliant collars lately with Indie artist and Aquarius was far from being labeled an R&B album she has her own sound and thats what makes a great artist yet it means the label are going to have to use fresh ideas to market her, the only mistake she has made so far was Player with Chris Brown, the song and duet was to predictable and generic for her, and i can guarantee that was all the labels idea!

    • ciara-s online publicist January 4, 2016

      I stopped at a powerful impact. B*tch, where? Ki.

  14. Gun January 4, 2016

    TINASHE is in it for fame, not the art. She’s constantly complaining about being overlooked. I wannabe famous looking ass. She’s willing to water down her music and do a song with whoever, that’s why ain’t nobody checking for her.

    She is in it for the fame instead of focusing on the music. I’ve seen people say her music use to be good,when artists starts to care more about how successful the music should be instead of just being true to themselves they lose something.

  15. Slay_Hive January 4, 2016

    This b**** is wack, her music is wack and I’ve never seen it for her. I even tried to like her by forcing myself to listen to her music. Blah. She is so boring and disposable, I can’t believe she was touted as the new Beyonce. No!! I knew as soon as I heard Player, she was getting ready to flop. Her taste in music is corny and she may only appeal to a small cult of people.

    • Lol January 4, 2016

      Her PR team paid for those comparisons to Queen Bey ??. She got dragged for consigning them

      • Slay_Hive January 4, 2016

        Lol i remember..I was one of the ones dragging her ass.. I couldn’t believe it.

    • Drae January 4, 2016

      The level that yall into stan war s*** is ridiculous

      First Tinashe doesn’t want to be a new Beyonce she want to be first Tinashe.

      Second off since you known so much about her music please tell the meaning and concept to 5 projects or at 3 projects……. you can’t because you never listen to much of her music in first place, you her 2 to 3 of her songs but already hated her before you heard music. Meaning you want to dis like her. Cause your into stand war s*** and upset by article that means nothing.

  16. Pops January 4, 2016

    I do feel she is talented. She has a nice voice, and she can produce. Producing is something a lot of these girls dont have to their name. But, she is not playing on her strengths. The music that made her original fans love her is nonexistent, and in turn, shes out her trying to be 2005 Ciara. Its not genuine and people can see that. The cherry on top is her obvious desperation to not just be recognized for her talent, but to be a huge star.

  17. StrawberryMuffin24 January 4, 2016

    Tinashe is amazing she definitely has the IF FACTOR you HATERS are just bitter and pressed and don’t wanna see this talented and pretty female win! Tinashe music is great, she can write,produce,make beats.sing and dance she has a GREAT PERSONALITY and she great to her fans unlije some other female artists! All Tinashe needs is that 1 BIG SINGLE TO BLOW THE FAWK UP she has EVERYTHING IT TAKES TO DO THAT! JOYRIDE has to be great i’m sure it will be since all her Mixtapes and Debut album are great I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HER LIVE SHE AMAZING! She’s been performing and singing since she was 4 so she loves the music and it’s ger passion every singer wants fame to what the fawk are u jealousy dumb hating asses posting about! You Know Tinashe doibg good cause she’s getting haters SLAY TINASHE and shut these haters the fawk up with an AMAZING ALBUM!

    • Lol January 4, 2016

      There’s a difference between “I don’t like her music, I don’t really care for her” and “I don’t like this b****, I hope she goes away and dies. She sucks” The former states an your opinion, rationally. The latter is disdain towards her as a person. I guess the joke is on me if I expect TGJ to be rational though.

    • ciara-s online publicist January 4, 2016

      She absolutely does have the IF factor. IF I could get a hit, IF I could go platinum, IF I keep complaining I might get noticed. Everything about her is hypothetical.

  18. ?Queen Molly? January 4, 2016

    The life of a one hit wonder ki.

    • ciara-s online publicist January 4, 2016

      Can we talk about your life as as a flip flopping a$$ b*tch? I feel that makes for a more interesting story. *Whispers harshly* But not really, b****.

  19. StrawberryMuffin24 January 4, 2016

    Yall notice nothing but Beyawce and C-Eerror Jealous threatened ass fans hate on Tinashe cause they see the POTENTIAL this girl has she’s Amazing and there hating asses know it!!!

    Tinashe is a great artist not about drama at all i actually think she gives alot of female artists a run for there money as far as talent goes and the overall package! When she performs it’s hard not to keep yo eyes on her she has her own style and she refreshing and dope can’t wait for her new album!

  20. Jhené Aiko Stan January 4, 2016

    The label isn’t the issue here. When she first came out her team had her branded the next big thing by Rolling Stone, Billboard, Vibe, and just about every urban blog. Like someone said above, record labels aren’t magicians. RCA sucks and labels overall don’t push R&B except a select few but if the public isn’t here for it then they aren’t here for it. 2 On was a smash hit but her album still hasn’t passed 30k? She had good promo for R&B standards plus the media hype but hasn’t passed 30k? Jhené had roughly the same promo and debuted with 70k. August Alsina had much less for both albums and both debuted better than 30k. The problem isn’t the label. The problem is Tinashe is so thirsty for hits and success that she puts out subpar generic music expecting a quick hit instead of showing people who she really is as an artist. When a generic bea with Chris Brown feature gets you nowhere, the problem is the artist (that can applied to Miss Ora too)

    • Jhené Aiko Stan January 4, 2016

      *beat with a

    • Drae January 4, 2016

      Again she promo 2 single for 7 months before the album, she was releasing video 2 to 3 months after the single premiere. She payed for her Trailer herself. Artists normally get interviews that’s nothing special. She clearly wasn’t funded all that well.

      The label is part of process of determining singles. And they would only funded certain tracks.

      The issue is people not knowing what type of music she make, People think she’s like Ciara 2.0 when her music actually is abstract and closer to the Weeknd, Miguel and etc. That is a clear promo error.

      Why would the people who like her style of music buy her music if they don’t she that type? That’s my bug it is promo, So receive so much invalid criticism for prejudging that not actually her style. And people are not seeing why her fans love music Tinashe is very talented and works hard.

      But I hate articles like this because it’s messy, Tinashe is sweet and down to earth but article like these are trying get people who half already got ignorant views of her style to come say some bull s*** to why they don’t like her. 90% of the people commenting are not keeping up with her to even same s***.

  21. StrawberryMuffin24 January 4, 2016

    I love how driven TINASHE is she works hard and it will pay off it’s already starting too she just has to keep going and put out an amazing album and she will be good! She’s only 22 she has time to get that hit and amazing albums she has EVERYTHING it takes to achieve that I love her 2 On and All Hands On Deck turned me into a stan!

  22. DeadlyMidget January 4, 2016

    No one hates Tinashe though. lol. Everyone has an opinion and most people don’t think she’s that great of an artist. The numbers show that. This girl is constantly comparing herself to Beyoncé and Rihanna when she’s not even in their lane. She’s in lane with Rita Ora. lol. All of these girls look and sound the same, light skinned, tomboy, wannabe Aaliyah/Janet Jackson with weak ass vocals over trap beats. TInashe is no different.

  23. StrawberryMuffin24 January 4, 2016

    Go TINASHE and shut these bitter and jealous haters the hell up with an amazing album they know how great you are that’s why they hating and don’t wanna see her win!

    Tinashe music is DOPE i love all her Mixtapes and her Debut album was amazing I’m sure JOYRIDE WILL BE AMAZING TOO!

  24. StrawberryMuffin24 January 4, 2016

    Tinashe as never compared herself to anyone it’s other people that are doing that so don’t post lies trick! Alot of people see the POTENTIAL she has she’s amazing you haters are mad and jealous and don’t want to admit it!

  25. StrawberryMuffin24 January 4, 2016

    I love the song ALL MY FRIENDS by Snakehips and Tinashe such an amazing song! PLAYER AND PARTY FAVORS ARE DOPE TOO now her 2Nd single should be the banger so everything can fall in place! All Tinashe needs is that 1 sibgle to just explode I love her she’s so amazing live and all her music is so good!

    You haters know TINASHE is talented as hell that why yall hating in the first damn place!lol


  26. Casual-T January 4, 2016

    Tinashe’s story is typical. She had ONE big hit, but nothing really strong to follow it up. When you do an album, you need to stack it with smashes. Success in the music industry isn’t as random as people believe it is. You have to make the right moves. She had her label behind her, but she didn’t pop off. It’s kind of a wrap unless she submits a song her label feels is a smash.

  27. LB January 4, 2016

    She needs to be bigger to be honest, she has so much talent. She can write, sing, dance, etc.

    Another artist who I see great potential is Zendaya.

    • lady January 4, 2016

      Zendaya is nothing but a rebore Teyana Taylor. It’ll take more than her spray tan and dreadlocks to make me forget that she doesn’t have good material and didn’t understand why people didn’t want her to play Aaliyah. She’ll get my vote when she comes with an authentic sound.

      • LB January 4, 2016

        I knew about Zendaya before the Aaliyah movie, I always knew she just needed better material but she has great potential.

        She already has the fashion game on lock, check out her instagram. All she needs is a producer who will deem her her muse and write great material for her.

        With good promo, she would be on her way.

    • OVO Aubrey January 4, 2016

      The only reason people think Zendaya has potential is because she jumped onto the pro black bandwagon when she found out she would need the “urban vote” once Mainstream pop paid her dust. It’s so funny that her skin suddenly got darker right after the Aaliyah mess and she started driving around singing In love with the coco shaking baking soda because she thought she looked cool. I reassure you that her songs will be just as basic as Tinashe when she decides to release them

      • LB January 4, 2016

        Oh please, I knew about her potential once her self titled album came out, it has some OK material though I think she can do better, but considering she wasn’t as heavily promoted as her peers (Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, etc), it stands to remain she most likely had a difficult time finding producers to give her iron clad hits.

        That said, with the right material and team behind her, she can be huge.

      • OVO Aubrey January 4, 2016

        That’s the point. She’s trying to serve authentic artist but spends more time on red carpets than she does on stage. She has no direction which is why her team is trying to distract us with all these appearances and hairstyles.

  28. AJ January 4, 2016

    Nicole Scherzinger is hard working yet struggles to muster up hits as a soloist. Unfortunately some people are just a bit generic or redundent (granted Scherzinger has a nice tone and pitch).

    Look Tinashe can sing (okay). She can bust a move, she’s pretty and she’s young but let’s face it her music ain’t ground breaking and she’s done nothing that the Ciara hasn’t done before. Being able to sing and dance don’t guarantee you a success.

    and for all you blame labels, her music is otherwise here. You can buy the record or stream for free.

    • Kris January 12, 2016

      This is very true!.. Tinashe is Extremely talented but we are living in a faster time oppose Ciara’s times back in the earlier 2000’s when most were just hoping on board with the internet to listen to music whiles the majority back then listened to music via Cd’s, radio’s and even nightclub then.

      Now, realizing that a lot has been failing from Cd’s and nightclubs no longer being how they once were factor in the struggles that Tinashe is going to go through in these times especially with her exceptional talent that exist. People have to wake up and realize that you can’t compare Ciara to Tinashe because when comparing the times of higher then normal Cd sales now a days that is like comparing Apples vs. Oranges.!!

  29. MUSICHEAD January 4, 2016

    Tinashe is bland and boring which is why no one is checking for her.

  30. Drae January 4, 2016

    The author is dumb as f***, New artists get less founding than 10 years ago, And Authour is making it seem she was being heavy founded before her album dropped.

    1) 2 on was released in January 21, 2014 but didn’t get a video until over two months latter

    3) She was promoting only one single 2 on for half the year, her single only drop a month before release and second video didn’t come out til week before her album

    4. She payed for her album trailer herself before the album dropped

    5. She only been TV 3 or 4 time before Album dropped.

    blow during the summers meaning she was only promoting one single

    Before Tinashe even released her album she only released 2 videos, In which she was promoting 2 on for half the years.

  31. 4everBrandy_Ci January 4, 2016

    Let me start of by saying Tinashe is talented and she’s NO where near a Ciara reject. STOP, and this is where the nonsense and bickering back and forth with the stan wars. I love Tinashe and Ciara and BOTH are f****** talented in their OWN lanes. Ciara’s name is mentioned EVERY time but it’s all good because she’s still relevant for people to bring her up. Tinashe needs people in her camp and on her team to MAKE sure she gets what she deserves!!!! Yes, Player didn’t really grab the attention like it should have. I think the solo version would have been a better CHOICE. She should have done it without a feature! However, I know she has a plan and when “JoyRide” arrives I will buy more than one copy because she deserves success.

    Yes people have their opinion and musical taste but Tinashe has people that like her music. Also, for the haters she’s still one of the anticipated artists! I see #TeamTinashe schooling these pressed individuals!!!!! Lol!!!! Tinashe is amazing and she writes, produces, and makes her s*** relatable. I guess people settle for NO substance these days. It’s alright though because Tinashe will get hers where it’s due!!!!

  32. #JACKIE January 4, 2016

    Nobody outside of this blog cares about Tinashe!!! Half of the people commenting are probably Tinashe herself kii. Ciara remains unbothered f***.??

  33. mary January 4, 2016

    1. She s a special artist but she would blown up n Europe before the US.

    2. She needs to start blamng herself now b/c she hasn’t gotten a new PUBLCST or CO-MANAGER yet.
    3. Her label won’t promote her so she has to promote herself now.
    4. Take notes from Rta Ora. Her manager does everythng but Rta Ora just can’t perform.
    5. Tnashe needs to do lots and lots of UK/European TV appearances/performances and a pre-album club tour before her next CD release……………..
    RCA doesn’t care about RNB or AA females.
    6. She has to take control and stop expectng RCA to help her.

  34. King Mark111 /.\ January 4, 2016

    Sad because her first album was the best R&B album of 2014. I heard Playa on the radio, give it time. And she should be pushing Party Favors to Urban radio.

  35. Nate January 4, 2016

    This is exactly what the powers that be want us to do: fight over what makes certain people pop with the public over others. It should it be clear as day that for black performers there is no longer funding. They are purposely having white stars singing r&b songs to elimate black presence from music as a whole. Blacks have ruled pop charts since Motown days, and I believe in the last 12 years the whitrout in pop music is undeniable. There basic batches getting play all day, while the blacks ones(unless chosen) are starving for play and funding. It has nothing to do with talent or connection, it’seems all planned.

  36. K$Y January 6, 2016

    should have signed wit Epic Records

  37. Kris January 12, 2016

    Cd’s just don’t sell just as mp3’s are becoming something of the same. What Tinashe has to do is ‘STOP’ Being a ‘Jack of All Trades in Music’… YES!!!!… I said it.
    She should just stick to singing other ‘Good Songwriter’s songs and getting on some good solid produced songs by others as well. Anyone can be a Jack of all Trades but as the old saying going they are a Master of none in the long run!.. I will factor in that she did Write her only hit song, ‘2 On’ a couple of years ago so if she does decide to write then stick that formula when writing. If it ain’t broken don’t fix or change anything because it works… This is the key in music people love the redundancy and proof of this is Trap songs are still hits after 6 years of a tiring length..!!!!

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