Beyonce Dishes On Super Bowl Performance


For many, Beyonce was the Super Bowl‘s MVP.

Indeed her fierce showing during the Pepsi Halftime spectacle has added yet another chapter to her book of stage slayage and was hailed for being the most talked about part of the entire broadcast (the game included).

Yet, for the ‘Formation’ singer, it appears sharing the stage with friend Chris Martin and his band Coldplay was her highlight.

Queen Bey shared said stance with the folk over at Entertainment Tonight, who managed to snag a quick interview.

Check it out below…

Very gracious of her. And, to her credit, she was clearly being sincere:

A video posted by Beyoncé (@beylite) on

Your thoughts?

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  1. HailBeysus February 8, 2016

    Yas Motha!!! Im so looking forward to that Rose Bowl concert!!! My weave is snatched but idgaf i still rock my 1 strand i gots left HA!

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

      You live in California?
      Rose Bowl is in Pasedena right?

      • HailBeysus February 8, 2016

        I live in AZ but will be attending the Rose Bowl showing. I went there for OTR too! Gawd im excited haha!

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

        Oh okay! Never been to Rose Bowl but I’ve heard of it. I’m going to see her when she comes back to the Bay Area in May.
        Ayyyyeeeee ????

    • bonBon489 February 8, 2016

      The Beehive probably like Beyonce has very little education and common sense.

      Beyonce gives the same concert year after year WHILE charging her fans HUGE MONEY for the same show. She’s evil. Why not do a FULLY NEW show and give the fans something new for there HARD EARNED MONEY.

      Beyonce is the most over-rated female performer ever. Janet Jackson swagger jacker. AFRO/PRO BLACK video with her WHITE WOMAN BLONDE hair weave. B_itch BYE. FAKE

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

        B****! Get in FORMATION ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 8, 2016

        BonQuiQui is SEEEETHING hunty! Yes, I would like a number 6 with no pickles and extra fries…. B*TCH!

      • Attack It From The Back Miss Kitty Kat February 8, 2016

        ^^^ !!! This witch!! Loooooool I ALMOST feel sorry for her da-daa-dee-dumb fans over-paying for the same wind machine on stage with the blonde prancing around shaking her booty to the same recycled dance routines.
        Like I read earlier:

        “This special Ed blonde is nothing but a deceitful, underhanded, dishonest, dishonourable, disreputable, unethical, unprincipled, immoral, unscrupulous, fraudulent, cheating, dubious, dirty, unfair, treacherous, duplicitous, double-dealing, below the belt, two-timing, two-faced, B!!TCH”

      • RihYonce February 8, 2016

        You do know her album is coming out soon right ? So we are getting a new show stfu !

    • mariahlambly February 8, 2016

      OMG how racist was her performance. No diversity what so ever! Panther back up dancers! I am disgusted!

      • HailBeysus February 8, 2016

        You’re the definition of stupid! A black person cannot be racists. They can be prejudiced but not racists, because a subjected group cannot be racists dumb hoeee! You must be white or hate yourself kiii!!!

  2. King B February 8, 2016

    Love Queen Bey. Now, album please?

  3. WE FOUND RIHANNA February 8, 2016


  4. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 8, 2016

    Love me some Queen Bey! And she’s genuinely a fan, as you can see from the video. And I love the Black Panther, Malcolm X & Michael Jackson shoutouts she incorporated into the performance. #ICONIC

    • bonBon489 February 8, 2016

      In her WHITE WOMAN BLONDE wig/weave. You sound stupid.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 8, 2016

        RIGHT, I had no idea white women wore blonde Afros and cornrows…. Bîtch shut yo trap, BonQuiQui. Women wear a variety of hairstyles regardless of their race, and in 2016 a large number of white AND black women wear weaves. E.g. I just snatched your wig and I don’t even know what race you are ?

  5. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 8, 2016

    All the hating-ass-hœs had their ‘she does the same choreography’ shade ready, and but when she pulls out a new song and iconic dance out of the bag they ain’t got ish to say. Now they are saying she overpowered the performance… which is a downright compliment IMO. #IDidNotComeToPlayWithYouHŒS

  6. King Mark111 /.\ February 8, 2016


    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 8, 2016


      • HailBeysus February 8, 2016

        Kiii not the toes in the booty! You know damn well MARSHA loves the fist!

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 8, 2016

        KIIIIIII Marsha999 likes the entire arm up there!

      • HailBeysus February 8, 2016

        When it inserts Marsha ???????? RIP Marshas booty

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

        Marsha’s a srewdriver in the bootyhole ass n****

      • Attack It From The Back Miss Kitty Kat February 8, 2016

        Ewwwww so many PH@G references in these lame $hit flavoured jokes from the G** H**.

        Y’all better remember to call each other in your little support groups to take your meds on time for the sake of living.

        Ewwwwwwwwwww omg eewwwwwwww

        Nasty Sword fighting, ewwww $HIT swapping faaaaaaaaaa@@gs!

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 8, 2016

        @WINTZ/SmellyPûssyCat I’m surprised you’re still breathing after the way #Jackie dragged you by your 90’s press”n’curl and the BeyHive scalped you by your three relaxed hairs. @ me when the Slavi have officially accepted you, and check that Vaseline lip-gloss before come for Professor Keating!

      • Attack It From The Back Miss Kitty Kat February 8, 2016

        Ewww this A*** b.tch needs to take it’s meds before it’s brain shrink any further. U worried about Wintz and her natural beauty since she been putting u heaux in check and I’m loving it! Seethe on. ?

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 8, 2016

        Natural beauty?!?!?!? I’M IN TEARS B****!!! I didn’t realise that no-lye Al Sharpton relaxers were natural, but thanx for the update. And you clearly are WINTZ because no-one else thinks that b*sh is beautiful… besides her mama. Bow out, because I’m going easy on your fat ass 😆

      • WINTZ February 9, 2016

        I’m surprised that this A. N. A. L BATTY FV€KER has enough room in her cesspool of $H!T aka that dump hole she wears on her face to be spazzing my name like this! Kmft

        I’m OVERJOYED that you don’t find me manly enough for your taste. WTF kiiiiii

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 9, 2016

        B*TCH i’m SCREAMING at you responding an entire day afterwards like a P-U-S-S-Y, praying that I wouldn’t see it. H0Ë you look like Pumba from the Lion King with your open nostrils, so shut your fat ass up and invest in some Jenny Craig. Ugly ASS HŒ

  7. Madame Whine Out February 8, 2016

    Rihanna who?

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

      Anti what???

      • Attack It From The Back Miss Kitty Kat February 8, 2016

        ANTI- the album that caused many sleepless nights and set the troll alert record by the hives.
        ANTI- the album that caused the hive to go in a blog hopping frenzy all in the name of FEAR
        ANTI-the amazing album that influenced the evolution in the music climate
        ANTI- the album that y’all latched on to so as to promote your fading fave
        ANTI- the album that had your fave firing management
        ANTI- the album with a current #5 hit in BB100
        ANTI- the CURRENT #1 album on BB200
        ANTi- the album that sits solid in our minds

    • Attack It From The Back Miss Kitty Kat February 8, 2016

      Rihanna- the girl with the #1 album in 2016

      Rihanna- the girl with the #5 hit single in 2016

      Rihanna- the girl who spooked your fav into firing management in 2016

      Rihanna- the girl with the album that went diamond in two days (2016)

      Rihanna- the most marketable female (2016 updated)

      The CURRENT chart topper and young MUSIC PIONEER! Continue to silently seethe.

      Let’s see blonde’s PITY-driven accolades!

  8. Bey Sting February 8, 2016

    ??? what happened to Anti?

    • Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) February 8, 2016

      Girl you know the garbage men come on Friday

    • blackdude February 8, 2016

      flopping down the charts ? i thinks Rih will be back unlocking some rooms again, she is not ready. The navy is bombed left and right by Adele, Gaga, and Mighty Bey. They will sink very soon.

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

        Justin Beiber and Zayne have been slaying too though lol

    • Attack It From The Back Miss Kitty Kat February 8, 2016

      Oh u mean that album sitting comfortably at #1 on BB200?

  9. ?Queen Molly? February 8, 2016


  10. Cake like Lady GaGa February 8, 2016

    Trannyyonce slayed #Period #PoorSubmarines

    • HailBeysus February 8, 2016

      Caca slayed too!! Too bad she looked a mess kiii!

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

        Gaga’s vocals were in point, not going to lie…
        But why was she wearing last seasons wig?

  11. Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

    The Mrs Carter Show is the 3rd highest grossing of female tour of ALL TIME, OF ALL TIME *Kanye West Voice*

    Can you imagine how HUGE the Formation Tour is going to be??
    I’m so ready!!!!!!

    • Anonymous February 8, 2016

      No its not Celine dion taking chances tour is the 3rd highest grossing tour your queen is at 5

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

        Nah, The Mrs Carter Show is the 4th highest grossing. Gagas Monster Ball is the 5th.
        My bad.

  12. Meteorite February 8, 2016

    If you haven’t gotten Formation yet go to

    beyonce dot tidal dot com

    I tried to post the link but they get blocking it so enter it in by hand. Sorry folks

  13. SCREAM QUEENS February 8, 2016

    I hope she drops the album before the world tour starts (not towards the end). I really want to see her perform new songs from the album

  14. Coolness February 8, 2016

    Lolol this being her first interview in years. I think the show would’ve been better if they performed when it was dark so the atmosphere would’ve felt more dynamic. Coldplay was good and I loved Chris Martin’s energy! It’s always a joy watching Bey perform because you can she’s made it her craft and as for Bruno… Chile, his stage presence was EVERYTHING. His abbreviated self was so cute last night. The montage at the end was cute with clips of MJ, Bruce Springsteen, Prince Katy Perry, Missy Elliott and I teared up a bit when I saw Whitney because the fourth anniversary of her death is coming up soon. Overall, I really enjoyed the show.

  15. Pat February 8, 2016

    They are trying to boycott her performance, lol. Im not surprised being that the minority has outshined the chosen white act at the superbowl (Katy/Missy) for the second year in a row.

    • Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

      White America is not here for a song about Black pride and radicalism.
      Besides, remember what happened the last time a black girl performed with a lil white boy at the Super Bowl *sips tea*

      • Pat February 8, 2016

        Right, he got no flack at all for that incident, smh!

      • Tyler Makiavelli February 8, 2016

        Janet got black balled. Justin was never held accountable though.
        I honestly think that it was a set up.

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig February 8, 2016

      People are too busy hating to see the significance of a black woman outshining a white bands set
      – especially in America, where racism is still prevalent in many states.

  16. Pat February 8, 2016

    I never thought of it that way…either way they are clearly losing in 2016. Im in no way racists but all hell just broke loose with this formation and black lives matter movement. Its time they know their place in this country and have some respect for the people of color who clearly were responsible for building this country.

  17. Royalkev February 8, 2016

    Bey’s always feeling it when the music hits her! I love that it does that to her, that’s why she can’t help but slay everything she does live!

  18. shakira stan February 8, 2016

    She sounds stupid and illiterate .

  19. trishna2 February 8, 2016

    Beyonce had the worst Superbowl of ALL TIME in 2013!!!!.And she is HYPOCRITE that is why she did this year halftime show …”.maybe people will forget about my SHS 2013″.The biggest DECEIVER ever-Beyonce Knowles.MRS FALSTART!!

    • Jemina Nelson February 8, 2016


  20. SWISH February 8, 2016

    aww bey! ????

  21. King B February 8, 2016

    Good news for the navy.
    @LB 26. 4
    42. IASF
    92.BEYONCÉ (15.99)

    And this is for @Mark111
    30. Off the Wall (MJ)
    86. Back To Black(Amy Winehouse
    88. Thriller (MJ)

  22. Smile February 8, 2016

    The show was cute but nothing to rave about in my opinion. Her last super bowl performance was sick – this was lackluster.

  23. ChampagnePapi February 8, 2016

    The performance was ok. Even tho Coldplay was trending all night It was really Bruno who did it for me. Lol Miss Kat is dragging chile

  24. J-TONE February 8, 2016

    THIEF BEYONCE IS BORING n OVERRATED .. same funky worn out look and stolen dances moves..

  25. No favs, just here for the music February 8, 2016

    I love how everyone just calls her Queen. By default she is Queen lol. Not only here in this video, pretty much everywhere

  26. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 8, 2016

    Can’t wait to see her on tour in Houston TX go queen beez

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