Sam Smith Blasted By Gay Oscar Winner: “Stop Texting My Man”

Published: Monday 29th Feb 2016 by David

Sam Smith is now an Oscar winner.

Unfortunately , if an insinuation made by one Dustin Lance Black is anything to go by, he may also be a fiance’-chaser.


Full story below…

The ‘Omen‘ performer picked up the Best Original song song for ‘The Writings on the Wall’, the number penned for ‘James Bond‘s ‘Spectre‘ soundtrack.

Unfortunately, he made the mistake of suggesting that he may have been the first openly gay male to win an Oscar.

This isn’t the case.

For, openly gay men (Elton John being one of them) have received awards from the ceremony, but have never seen an openly gay male pick up an award for Best Actor.

Smith rectified his mistake after learning this, but was unable to avoid a diss crafted by the gay Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black.


The scribe surprised fans by sending Smith footage of his acceptance on Twitter…and hinted that the British singer had ben trying to seduce his fiancee’, the athlete Tom Daley.

Smith is yet to respond.

Your thoughts?

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  1. JOHNVIDAL February 29, 2016

    I´m surprised his song won the oscar. All predictions and experts everywhere were placing it as second option.
    At least the Revenant didn´t win. If Fury Road wasn´t to win, I prefered Spotlight or any other to win over Revenent. Revenant is not a bigger cinematic achievemnt than Fury Road… plus Fury Road is an enetertaining film at the same time, while Revenant is overlong and boring at times.
    Overall I´m happy with the winners. Mad Max was the film of the year though and I still think so. Against all odds they created a masterpiece.

  2. YOUR MADGEsty February 29, 2016


    He won for writing a song widely known as being the WORST bond theme song to ever grace the franchise.


    This man annoys me beyond belief anyhow. He truly thinks he’s greater than he really is and his speeches are always so incredibly desperate. Aren’t his 15 minutes up yet?

    • Everyone’s A Critic February 29, 2016

      Even at his worst he’s still better than the average.
      That’s what I interpreted your comment as! I agree boo

  3. Mr. CEE February 29, 2016

    The real TEA is why does Sam Smith have your man’s phone number?

    • Bloop_Bloop February 29, 2016


    • No favs, just here for the music February 29, 2016

      @Mr. CEE my thoughts exactly lol!

    • What now February 29, 2016

      CHILLLLEEEEE!!!!U r pouring tea kettles rite now. I’ll sip on that.

  4. Jamie February 29, 2016

    Sam seems like he can be messy anyways.

    • TEA February 29, 2016

      Real messy. Most, not all, but MOST gay men are. Just ask the owner of this blog you Sam.

      • Jamie February 29, 2016

        Oooh….you know you

      • TEA February 29, 2016


  5. Everyone’s A Critic February 29, 2016

    “I wil… When he stops replying!”
    “OUR man!”
    “Then phuck him better!”
    “You insecure? (Nene voice) I will TEXT, who I TEXT”

    A few replies I would tweet back if I were Sam. Don’t worry Sam, I’ve got you covered boo

    • Everyone’s A Critic February 29, 2016

      I Break Hearts, They Don’t Break Mine Hunty.

      • TEA February 29, 2016

        See, just messy lol.

      • Everyone’s A Critic February 29, 2016

        I agree with you. In all seriousness Sam shouldn’t be coming between a couple. But with that being said the responsibility does not lie withSam and obviously we are assuming these texts are flirtatious, they could be friendly and misinterpreted by a jealous boyfriend!
        And the mature way to deal with this is NOT putting Sam on blast on Twitter! It’s just attention seeking and girly!!
        The fiancé is being messy cos he clearly feels insecure and threatened by Sam and his success. Sam dedicates his award to our “community” and this man tries to shut it down. SAD. DESPERATE. And in your words.. MESSY

      • Kayla C February 29, 2016

        You fem gays are disgusting

      • Everyone’s A Critic February 29, 2016

        The place you found this confidence to come at me is the SAME place you can find your manners. You don’t know me unless you think your RAVEN and are psychic bish! But like Raven you’re just stupid bish.
        Tell your mum to stick to head. She’ll help prevent further stupidity. I know you couldn’t have.been referring to me anyway. I just like to keep you kids in check

  6. Your faves toenail February 29, 2016


  7. shakira stan February 29, 2016

    Messy Queen!!!
    They stay clinging to every d*** …

  8. #JACKIE February 29, 2016

    The girls will snatch your man honey

    • shakira stan February 29, 2016

      Shut up b**** … worry about CI error out in Nigeria whoring her p**** out to the every man in that boko haram country .

      • #JACKIE February 29, 2016

        Kiii why so angry sis? Anti still hasn’t sold 400K yet?

      • Everyone’s A Critic February 29, 2016

        Jackie!! Now I love me some ciara but you need to stop talking about numbers because all of Rihanna’s singles this era equate to the sales of Ciaras last few albums this DECADE!
        You’re embarrassing yourself

      • #JACKIE February 29, 2016

        Last I checked, I could say whatever the f*** I want sis…no shade. The girls know that I will bite back if they come for me. F*** Rihanna’s talentless ass.

      • What now February 29, 2016

        @Everyone I AM SCREAMING!!!!

  9. MsYonce February 29, 2016


    • YOUR MADGEsty February 29, 2016

      Perhaps I’m in the minority here but goodness…

      He was such a cute ass, hairy cub when he was chubby!

      Just right for me, Sis. 😉 (I still can’t stand him though).…2263.4509.0.4648.….0…

    • YOUR MADGEsty February 29, 2016

      LMFAO @ the n*** link.

      • Annalise February 29, 2016

        SIS, LMAO i’m hollering!!!!!! what did I just click on!!! KIII! I think Sam is cuter with the beard, but I like my guys a bit sculpted! Then again, I do like my dark chocolate and my white chocolate too! 🙂 *continues to scroll thru the link you sent me*

  10. Londonhonesty February 29, 2016

    He the messiest bottom of all time

  11. King Mark111 /.\ February 29, 2016

    Sam tried to make his lil “moment” bigger than it actually was. So you didn’t fact check to make sure you wasn’t the first openly gay person to win? No one cares.
    Gags already road the gay train gimmick. Even she moved on from using cutting f*** to now r*** victims.

  12. ???Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans??? February 29, 2016

    “Die Another Day” is the G.O.A.T for Bond themes. Madonna wrote her ass off when thinking of the lyrics for that song. She impressed me with how expressive, yet simplistic she proved herself in the lyrics. Please don’t even get me started on how iconic the music video was too.

  13. FC/JC February 29, 2016

    Over this fvgg, NEXT

  14. who your unpillow talk boy couldn’t have it another damn way February 29, 2016

    Congrats to Sam Smith

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