Work! Rihanna Covers Vogue

Published: Thursday 17th Mar 2016 by Sam

*Pose for the camera, now flick!*

Rihanna may not wow vocally, but there’s no denying her ability to deliver a-front of the camera.

The audio-model graces the cover of Vogue Magazine‘s April 2016 issue and glows gorgeously.

Lensed by Mert & Marcus, the stunning feature is the latest in a long-line of promotional spots designed to right the wrongs of her ‘ANTI’ album campaign.

After seven weeks in the music marketplace, the LP has sold in the ballpark of 279,000 copies in the US – if, of course, discounted the 1 million free units paid for by Samsung and distributed by TIDAL.

How many more covers will it take to sell Gold (500k)? Stay tuned!

For the time being, listen to one of ‘ANTI’s only solid songs ‘Kiss It Better’ below

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  1. Nakiah March 17, 2016

    Kiiiii at 279,000k ???? “How many more covers will it take to sell Gold (500k)? Stay tuned!” Ysygscygscysgcsygcsygc lmfaooooo sam

    • Formation is Rhythm Nation ’16 (Lana Del Fan) March 17, 2016

      STANNING for Rihanna is like STANNING for oatmeal. Basic, not much flavor, but if there’s no eggs, sausage, or fruit available, it’ll have to do.

      • RASHAD March 17, 2016

        I love your food anolgy lol! The cover is fire though!

    • x_x March 17, 2016

      Anti has sold 550,000 according to Billboard.

      166,000 as of 2/7
      96,000 as of 2/14
      79,000 as of 2/21
      80,000 as of 2/28
      71,000 as of 3/6
      58,000 as of 3/13

      550,000 TOTAL.

      • HailBeysus March 17, 2016

        DEATH!!! Your tried with that. Take away the streaming equivalent and you get 270k LMFAOOOO!!!

  2. Metzo March 17, 2016

    Wait she only sold 279k in the U.S after 2 months???? Some people debut with that # lmaoooo

    • coockiness March 17, 2016

      How many debut with that after giving away a million copies

      • HailBeysus March 17, 2016

        Beyoncé and Jay Z say hello! The fact Rihanna has 14 #1s and is a worldwide pop star, why can’t she have debuting numbers of at least 300k or more? Jay-z did the same damn deal has fRih and still debuted with 500k. These excuses for Cheatanna are getting boring and played out. This era just proved she’s the epitome and definition of smoke and mirrors. The so called most anticipated album of 2016 has only sold 279k in 6 weeks LMFAOOOO!!!

      • Rory March 17, 2016

        Exactly!!! I think people easily forget about that lol

  3. Kitteneyez March 17, 2016

    Sam stfu Anti fulla hits

  4. Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) March 17, 2016

    I only like s** with me

    • Skyfall March 17, 2016

      I only like Fancy

      • Formation is Rhythm Nation ’16 (Lana Del Fan) March 17, 2016

        Wrong artist or album lol

  5. Anne March 17, 2016

    Wow, isn’t that less than what Beyoncé’s “4” sold in the first week alone? Yet many Rihanna fans like to refer to “4” as a flop, well obviously that would be a more appropriate label for “Anti”.

    • RASHAD March 17, 2016

      In regards to Rihanna’s albums sales and her tour, I think the Navy will have to run to their nearest bakery and buy the ENTIRE STOCK of *HUMBLE PIE*

    • Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) March 17, 2016

      TPP outsold that in 2 weeks and was already gold by this time but the navy kept yelling flop….

    • Anne March 17, 2016

      Don’t forget, “4” leaked before it’s release so countless people got a free copy similar to the Rihanna giveaway; yet “4” had gold sales effortlessly in a month or less and easily had platinum sales in less than dix months.

      • rosy3 March 17, 2016

        Stfu why you bringing up bey f****** album sales against rih what do you gain from this

    • rosy3 March 17, 2016

      Who is referring to bey album why you must assume it’s a navy doing this I don’t see no navy mention bey you come on rih post with this mess

      • Tyler Makiavelli March 17, 2016

        May 7, 2013 at 9:13 am
        Lovebird says:

        I love all this dodging that is going on. What I want to know is why 4 has got no platinum plaque, why is 4 flopping as hard as heartbreak on hold, why is Beyonce letting Rita Ora slay the s*** out of her in the UK?

    • Rory March 17, 2016

      She gave out a million copies for free!! Lol

  6. RASHAD March 17, 2016

    This cover is sublime! Rihanna always delivers however I still like her 2016 British Vouge cover with the cowboy hate better. Gigi, Bella, Chanel, Jordan, Joan all better be lucky Rihanna is a singer or else Rihana would have l those little heffas in the unemployment line lol! ????????

    • Skyfall March 17, 2016

      The so called “models” are basic as hell. When singers are better models you know it’s a problem Rihanna, Beyonce, hell even Adeles magazine spreads slay these “models”. I still remember when Rih outshines all the Victoria secret models years back.

      • RASHAD March 17, 2016

        I agree! The media is trying to label these basic bittys the “New Era Super Models” which will never happen again. Especially considering (Bella, GiGi, and Jenner girls) are only booking modeling gigs based off their famous parents sisters names. Chanel, Jordan, Joan, and Cara.D deliver but none cane really touch Beyoncé, Rihanna, Lupita, Charlize Therone ect in Magaizine covers or ad campaigns!

  7. Keri Qween March 17, 2016

    Anti is dope

    Kiss it better , yeah I said it ,higher

    Better than self titled tbh which was over sexualized trash

    Rih Is a slow but steady seller she’ll be fine I see all of tgj posts flop until y’all mention Rih

    • rosy3 March 17, 2016

      Ain’t that the truth this blog gets 5 hits a day they need to hate on rih to bring hits up and the hives and ciara one fan come here hating on rih no one cares anymore sam and David poor dat

    • RihYonce March 17, 2016

      I love ANTI from top to bottom. But it’s not better than SELFTITLED, ST only had 5 sexual songs ….there are 14 songs on the album . ANTI has 3 sexual songs yeah I said it, s** with me & kiss it better. Either way who cares sexual or not both albums are great. So shut up . ST is better tho

      • Formation is Rhythm Nation ’16 (Lana Del Fan) March 17, 2016

        Woo and love on the brain are about s** too.

  8. SWISH March 17, 2016

    sam, the funny thing is at the end of the day, she’s getting paid millions while you’re on the internet being shady JUST to get web traffic. The hate you have for this woman as a man is sickening and you need to seek help fast.

    • rosy3 March 17, 2016

      He needs phychotic drugs for his hate I see him trying to off rih like John Lennon killer I watched a documentary about John Lennon and that sociopath wrote how he hated Lennon he was relentless about him seeing Lennon on TV drove him crazy I actually think Sam is mad with hate for rih call security hate is a hell of a drug

  9. Skyfall March 17, 2016

    ANTi has sold over 600k WW so far, and is still in the top 3 since release and is expected to go back to #1 next week, if it does it will be the second time she will have a #1 album the same time as a #1 single.

    Secondly the album is full of hits, and solid tracks didn’t y’all hos say Work would flop.

    Ps. Anti World Tour just sold out two more stadiums (80k & 40k) in Europe.. Stay pressed.

    • rosy3 March 17, 2016

      The haters drive money in rih pocket 2 vogue covers the album is so solid it’s ridiculous every track there is one song rih sings and I swear I’m wondering if prince wrote it for her that’s why it’s in top 5 the album is good the haters hiding and listening to the album

    • Barb B**** March 17, 2016


  10. Emporess March 17, 2016

    Lately she’s been looking a little tired, she seems to be going through a rough time

    • rosy3 March 17, 2016

      She looks natural and pretty no surgery or botox to look happy

  11. DEL BEY March 17, 2016

    Wow, she looks really natural and pretty, I’m surprised Vogue didn’t white wash the s*** out of that cover

    • rosy3 March 17, 2016

      Rih complexion is so pretty it’s amazing I dont think she needs touch up her body nose breast is all natural if they could bottle her skin that girl just glow

  12. ♊Molly♊ March 17, 2016

    Shes so hot. Almost 300k sold plus the 1 million free copies given away go girl.

  13. SWISH March 17, 2016

    and so many of y’all be quick to say y’all stan for the music but be the first ones spewing numbers about tour grosses, first week sells, etc.

  14. Cinnamon Girl March 17, 2016

    I told you silly Rhitards that Anti is not platinum. Having a company buy your albums does not count! OAN, I’m shocked Vogue keeps putting her on the cover. They had the lowest selling edition when they put her on the cover the last time

    • rosy3 March 17, 2016

      Rih stock went way up b****

      • Cinnamon Girl March 17, 2016

        You think being on the cover of Vogue is raising her stock? Lol! Their lowest selling copy was when Rih was on the cover. Beyonce had their highest selling edition

    • rosy3 March 17, 2016

      Look the navy is not in competition with no one we happy for rih it’s you haters keep messing with us trying to start s*** rih answer a question about putting her against bey rih said she don’t have time for negativity she is doing her own thing the haters need to focus on their fav the navy focus on rih get her number ones support her rih biggest audience is overseas so you making fun of her album sales is crazy

  15. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy March 17, 2016

    Two Vogue covers at #SameDamnTime

  16. YOUR MADGEsty March 17, 2016

    1) ‘ANTI’ is full of solid #1 hits. If she were to release ‘Kiss It Better’ and/or ‘Love On The Brain’, for example, there is a high chance that she’d score her 15th and/or 16th #1 Hot 100 single/s – ‘WORK’ already scored her 14th #1 and thus far it’s looking to remain at #1 for a 5th week.
    2) Their is a high chance of ‘ANTI’ returning to #1 on the BB200 next week which in itself is fantastic.
    3) The album has sold 600K+ WW thus far even after MILLIONS of people, particularly in the U.S but also globally, downloaded it for free the day of release. It’s not groundbreaking numbers but it is certainly holding up strong.


    Sometimes, a simple congratulatory notice will suffice and then it’s time to just keep it moving.


    Anyway… SLAY, BIG SIS. You look absolutely GORGEOUS. 😉 😉 😉

    • RihYonce March 17, 2016

      Needed me will slay on urban radio !! Kiss it better is the best song on the album tho

    • rosy3 March 17, 2016

      I agree with you the album and those songs will get her another number one she shooting another video in Miami too it’s on tmz she look so good and all these people hating work but so many people making videos covering the song

  17. rosy3 March 17, 2016

    Girl it’s f****** call fashion people who actually read for the latest trend why you hating your fav can’t get a cover

    • Cinnamon Girl March 17, 2016

      I’m not hating. I’m telling the truth. Rihanna’s Vogue cover was the lowest selling. I wonder how much money her management paid them to get her back on there?

      • Rory March 17, 2016

        That’s a lie. Where are you getting your facts from??? They keep putting her on the cover because there’s an increase in sales consistently

  18. Cinnamon Girl March 17, 2016

    Did they call her a movie star? Lol! Lawd have mercy, the reach! No wonder she gets no respect.

  19. RihYonce March 17, 2016

    ANTI had plenty of solid hits Yeah I said It, Know as It Better , Love On The Brain , Consideration, Needed Me, Despatado , Pose & Same Ol Mistakes . Even work is still a good song stop shading this album musically. Even tho it flopped or whatever the album is still her best musically since RATED R

    • Cinnamon Girl March 17, 2016

      The reason why folks keep shading Anti is because of the lies Rihanna and her camp keep telling. She did not sell 1 million copies on her own, her Anti tour is not sold out, the RIAA gave her a bogus certification

      • Skyfall March 17, 2016

        B**** give it a rest, the shows she has been performing at have been sold out, if someone buys tickets then try to flip them but is unsuccessful doesn’t equate to get tour not being sold out because those were already paid for. Each venue she has performed at has also acknowledged the fact that the arenas have been sold out. It also doesn’t matter if the tickets sell out 5 minutes before the show start either.

        Anti is certified platinum regardless of how you feel, Samsung bought 1m copies and have people free download codes that you have to go to tidal put in your info (name email etc.) wait for the email them download, which is the same process of gifting music on iTunes. The RIAA felt the same and certified the album. The album has went #1 with actual sales and will more than likely return to #1 next week

  20. RihYonce March 17, 2016

    Rih is shooting a video today I hope it’s “kiss it better” or “needed me” ??

    • RihYonce March 17, 2016

      Or Desparado

  21. Skyfall March 17, 2016

    Rihanna just shot another music video, allegedly for Needed Me.

  22. orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana March 17, 2016

    Anti is full of bops and even the weakest song (Work) has been #1 for 4 weeks now

    It’s her best album

  23. Navy Captain March 17, 2016

    Stop it with the hate. These figures are after the 400,000+ illegal downloads from the leak and after the MILLION free copies. That greatly impacted how much this album was going to physically sell. Regardless of what you $8 an hour making haters say Rihanna is still laughing straight to the bank off this album deal and tour.

  24. dede March 17, 2016

    the navy stay making excuses. it is what it is.

  25. King B March 17, 2016

    WORLDWIDE iTunes:
    17. ANTI
    18. BEYONCÉ

  26. Beyonce Bowdown2rihanna March 17, 2016

    Rihanna still winning haters filling Rihanna bank act. When will Beyonce release an album like anti? Never, all she can sing is a blue ivy song I slay I slay I slay OK let get in flotation. Y’all beehive ain’t ashamed of Urself, look what ur fav is singing at 35 & yet y’all think u can come for rih? Y’all should go sit ur F***** ass down & wait for y’all certified flop b6. Meanwhile anti & work will be #1 again, Rihanna is shooting another #1 song video. Rihanna effortlessly slaying while Beyonce is hiding waiting for the mess she caused to die down load.

    • Tyler Makiavelli March 17, 2016

      Self titled was better than Anti. It had better vocals, better production, and SALES too…

    • what? March 18, 2016

      ‘Beyonce’ was her ‘ANTI’ there are plenty of songs on there with a darker beat, lyrics etc. – haunted, jealous, mine. Also Beyonce is a mother but sure, put her down ’cause she wanted to make a song about her own DAUGHTER lol (like the mature 35 year old woman she is btw)

      Formation is a direct look at being black in her industry and references the black panthers in her music vid, she’s managed to create a song that specifically uplifts black women? Don’t try and come for that tune like it’s basic (and go take a history lesson or something.)

      I really like Rihanna but I swear her fans are delusional, you can like Rihanna and still accept that she has a LOT of short comings.

  27. Rihboy March 17, 2016

    I still don’t understand why people feel it would sell a huge amount after a free one million downloads and a leak. It’s just confuses me. Makes no sense. But anyways slay these covers girl.

    • Navy Captain March 17, 2016

      It’s because the BeyHive is grasping for straws. A #1 album after a leak and million free copies, a #1 single for 4 weeks now, sold out shows. Rihanna is winning. Let them seethe.

  28. HailBeysus March 17, 2016

    YAS!!! The gavvy better scramble and grasp for these excuses!!! Im SCREAMING!!! ‘She gave away 1 million copies! The album leaked 3 hour’s earlier.’ HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Not when Jay-Z a rapper gave away 1 million copies and still went gold in a week! Not when Beyoncé had an album leaked 1 WHOLE MONTH prior to its release and still sold 300k in a week. Meanwhile Cheatanna out her not even scanning 300k after 6 weeks KIII!!!!!

  29. RealNegro March 17, 2016

    Rihanna is s***. Most definitely looks like a model.

  30. King Mark111 /.\ March 17, 2016

    Anti is doing what it supposed to do, rule the streaming sites. Why are haters talking about gold when it already went plat in two days shows how stupid you pest are. Rihanna got the check, we got the album and you guys are mad. Win win to me. AND it STILL on top of the 200. Meanwhile Formation…

    • OMG Logic!!! March 17, 2016

      That plaque is invalid. Those certifications were meant to show the public’s interest in PURCHASING an album. Being gifted a code for a free digital album does not fit that criteria, and you know damn well this album wouldn’t even be remotely close to Platinum without that deal.

      She looks good though.

      • King Mark111 /.\ March 17, 2016

        RIAA > Your thoughts.

  31. Barb B**** March 17, 2016

    SCREAMING @ Those tragic ass sales and her fans excuses. If this had been anyone else…

  32. Arx March 17, 2016

    I love sam for his shade!!!!!!! How many more covers till 500k lmao

  33. HailBeysus March 17, 2016

    Im still SCREAMING AT THE GAVVY ACCEPTING THOSE SAMSUNG BULK SALES!!! Not when Jay-Z did it and y’all was talking ish!! This is what wrecked Butthole had to say when it found out Jays Bulk Sales wouldn’t count. They’re plenty of NAVY comments just like it too KIII!!!!

    June 21, 2013 at 2:16 pm
    Lovebird says:

    Ah Yasss, I’m so happy, that’ll mean it’ll FLOP. Yass, so here for Flop Z to be flopping. The truth is musical genius Kanye West has been carrying this illiterate drug dealer this whole time, and now no Kanye means Jay Flop will FLOP. I have been given life, thank you Billboard.

  34. Rory March 17, 2016

    Sam……. “Kiss it Better” is not the only only solid song, and you know it.

  35. Tran anti no honey love time but it okay girl March 17, 2016

    Nice style on Robyn rihanna

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