Hot Shots: Jennifer Lopez Performs At The Qatar Airways Atlanta Press Conference

Published: Wednesday 18th May 2016 by David

Jennifer Lopez rubbed shoulders with the movers and shakers behind Qatar Airways in Atlanta recently.

There, at a private venue at the Fox Theatre, the bilingual bombshell performed for the airline’s investors as she continues to craft cuts for her ‘Ain’t Your Mama’-fronted new album.

It’s an exciting tim for the entertainer. For, she recently learned that her hit TV series ‘Shades of Blue’ had been renewed for a second season after its first cycle fared very well on NBC.

More snaps below…

This performance wasn’t the only Lopez-related event which caught the attention of her fans this week.

Click here to find out what Mariah Carey had to say about their long-running feud.

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  1. Cinnamon Girl May 18, 2016

    Glad Jennifer is not paying Mooriah any attention

    • Mariah May 18, 2016

      Exactly! Cause remember that time when JLo was on Andy and Wendy answering questions about Mariah? Yeah that was so not paying her any mind. You’re acting like Mariah went in there and just said “and let me tell you about Jennifer Loez….”
      Have several seats

      • Cinnamon Girl May 18, 2016

        But Jennifer answers questions about Mariah with pure class. She doesn’t act like a child

  2. Educated May 18, 2016

    Some sit down and talk while others perform.

    • Cinnamon Girl May 18, 2016


    • Mariah May 18, 2016

      you’re delusional

    • OMG Logic!!! May 18, 2016

      Some just came back from a spontaneous and very successful European+South African tour while others put on cheap wigs and pat their pu55y for a bunch of old Arabs.

      I’m sure you know which is which.

  3. Mariah Carey May 18, 2016

    Oh dahhhhling she looks like one of the maids I fired. I think her name was Jai Ho, J. H** or something… I don’t know.

    • Cinnamon Girl May 18, 2016

      Keep wasting your energy on J.Lo while she continues paying you dust dahling

    • Stephon Jackson May 18, 2016

      Yaaaas Mariah!

  4. Stephon Jackson May 18, 2016

    She’s basically Bey without a voice, good music & respect.

    • Suicide Blonde May 18, 2016

      Good music from Beyoncé ???

      • Stephon Jackson May 18, 2016

        Paul, you know you be poppin’ that PINK p**** to Queen Bey. Stop playing girly…

      • Suicide Blonde May 18, 2016

        You don’t know me at all, and don’t use your gay talk with me, thank you.

      • Stephon Jackson May 18, 2016

        Never said I knew your pink salmon ass. And, if you don’t want “Gay talk”, then get the f**** off a website full of gays, girly…..

      • Suicide Blonde May 18, 2016

        I have nothing against gay people, in fact I’m very gay friendly but you should know what are your limits, especially with straight guys, save your girl, p**** or whatever word you use in your daily life to your girlfriends.

      • Stephon Jackson May 18, 2016

        Ha! So, you claiming to be straight now, Pauly???… Please, just three years ago on this blog you was typing like a gaping flaming loose booty Madonna stan f*******. Now, all of a sudden I should watch how I talk to a “straight guy” on a blog full of Homosexuals. Hmmm I mean, I guess… girly….

      • Suicide Blonde May 18, 2016

        My mistake, I forgot not to take things seriously on this blog, keep making an ass out yourself.

      • Stephon Jackson May 18, 2016

        You’ve been on this blog for almost 5 years now… And, you’re just now realizing it’s all entertainment? Interesting…

      • Just being honest May 18, 2016

        Drag him mister Jackson, drag him!! He’s just mad because you’ve been putting him in his place as of late, (Exposing his bull s*** left, right, and center). Also his gay ass isn’t fooling anyone, talking about “I’m straight”…please.

  5. Gee May 18, 2016

    Jlo and good music don’t even make sense. On another note others perform while other sit funny one just came off an international tour, going back to Vegas, headlining Essence than embarking on a Latin America tour among other things and this 26 years after her debut so by the looks of things the legendary songstress is winning.

    • Cinnamon Girl May 18, 2016

      But Moorish is being petty. That takes away from her winning anything

      • Mariah May 18, 2016

        How is MARIAH being petty? Because she is stating facts about not knowing Jennifer Lopez personally? you’re just brainwashed and believe the hype. Where I come from they call you a follower.

      • Cinnamon Girl May 18, 2016

        What happened to “No Comment”?

      • Faf May 18, 2016

        On the floor
        I’m real
        Waiting for tonight
        If you had my love
        Ain’t it funny

        Isn’t good music? Don’t let her new s*** fool u she ruled 2000-2005 and had a successful comeback while dominating tv

  6. Suicide Blonde May 18, 2016

    Best female performer ALIVE.

    • Stephon Jackson May 18, 2016


      • Suicide Blonde May 18, 2016

        Certainly it’s not Beyoncé.

      • Stephon Jackson May 18, 2016

        Oh, but a sold out stadiums world tour proves otherwise… Ha! Btw, if Beyonka continues to add more shows… Madonna’s record maybe in trouble! Heheheehhehehe

      • Suicide Blonde May 18, 2016

        If that what it takes to be the best then Madonna is the best performer, BeyHive logic.

      • Stephon Jackson May 18, 2016

        Sis, but Beyonka can actually sing & dance live. Can’t say the same for Granny. But, I do adore the best selling female of all time.

      • Suicide Blonde May 18, 2016

        I feel like I’m talking with a child ?

      • Stephon Jackson May 18, 2016

        That’s your problem, not mines…

      • Suicide Blonde May 18, 2016

        You were a much nicer person before you became a Beyoncé fan.

      • Stephon Jackson May 18, 2016

        I’ve always loved Beyonka. She’s the artist of my generation. I just have a deeper connection with Mariah & Michael Jackson. And, you were a much cooler person before you became a sober, arrogant, backhanded narcissistic undercover part time racist.
        I miss, drug addict Paul. You know, back when you were “Onyx” & “Pop Royalty” used to clock you about those late night drug filled party’s. Mmmhm

  7. RICHIE_RICH May 18, 2016

    Work for the Fox!!!!!

  8. Mariah May 18, 2016

    Some stans are just stupid dumb. JLo gets asked questions about Mariah and throws shade but it’s not recognized. Mariah answer questions more real and she is “worried about JLo” where does this make any sense beside in the land of dumb and dumbest?

  9. Anti&Lemonade May 18, 2016

    Why J.Lo look a lot like Bey on stage now ? Who copy who ?

    • Jhonny Kravitz May 18, 2016

      Beyoncé Owe Her Image to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Latina wanna be ass. B steal from everyone- even from Solange.

  10. toeknee May 18, 2016

    ^^ stupid b1tch syndrome. J low steals form others a lot including beyonce(see booty video). Plus she practically does same dances over & over.

  11. JOHNVIDAL May 18, 2016

    Jennifer Lopez cannot get a hit post in TGJ (or anywhere at anything) and that´s why Sam always writes articles about her only when Mariah has been addressed that same day LOL It´s so obvious.

  12. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 18, 2016


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