Kelly Rowland’s Girl Group Announce Name & Release Single

Published: Friday 24th Jun 2016 by Sam

Kelly Rowland‘s girl group officially have a name.

As covered in earnest here on That Grape Juice, the solo Grammy winner teamed with Frank Gatson to piece together the new collective on BET series ‘Chasing Destiny.’

The well-received show followed the ladies journey – from their audition, to their selection, and the honing process.

When the first season of ‘Chasing’ wrapped early this month, the five-piece were without a name.

Fast forward to today and not only have they been christened, they have a new single too.

All is revealed below…

Brienna, Ashly, Kristal, Gabby, and Shyann are officially…

June’s Diary

No word yet on what the name means, but what is certain is that the quintet have unleashed their first official release – ‘L.A.N.C.E.’

An acronym for “Lying Ass N*gga Cheating Everyday,” the cut is available on iTunes (via Epic Records) now.

Click here to preview / buy!


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  1. King z June 24, 2016


    • ?+✈=? June 24, 2016

      Sounds like Iggy

      • berny June 24, 2016

        This is Hott! Sorry but I love the voices…. Ill def support

    • HALF AMAZIN June 26, 2016

      Everything about their name and this single are HORRIBLE. LANCE?????? really??? When their demo will probably be t*** girls. They won’t make it with this s*** here.

  2. #Beautiful June 24, 2016

    I love it!

  3. Pat June 24, 2016

    I like them

  4. #TeamTinashe Stan June 24, 2016

    “June’s Diary”……………….. Idk about that. Like the concept though as I am thinking that their carrying out a story behind the persons name “June”.

    • MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

      Yeah I didn’t like the name either, it’s strange. Could have gotten a much better name that hand more of a ring to it. I suppose its no worse than 5th Harmony or G.R.L.

      • A&R June 24, 2016

        I bet they’re primarily go by JD5 or just JD.

    • Songwriter June 24, 2016

      We didn’t know about a “Danity Kane” but look what happened ? IJS…#LetsBeOpenToNewArt #LetThemLive

      • MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

        Danity Kane was a great name and the concept of a super hero Dawn drew made sense. It was also unique and different. These random words as names are not looking up. GRL, come on. 5H, come on. Little Mix, da fuq! I still haven’t grown to like the name 5H, but I will give June a try.

      • James June 24, 2016

        Sanity Kane broke up, not once! Not twice! But THREE times! They are now Dumblonde featuring 2 of the remaining girls. Maybe not use them as a reference.

  5. #justsayn June 24, 2016

    My babies performing at the B.E.T. Pre-Show this Sunday! Then on ABC with Envogue! Also, their video is coming soon! So excited! #rowlandstone #junebug #chasingdestinybet

    • nan June 24, 2016

      Sorry babe they won’t be performing on the preshow. You heard it here 1st…rumor has it the video will be premiering on the pre show tho. I however did notice the lack of diva star entertainer star power Ala kelly rowland beyonce ciara on this year’s bet awards show…it’s a shame cause they could’ve provide that.

    • FatherIcon June 24, 2016

      REALLY!! WITH ENVOGUE!! on what show??

      • MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

        Greatest Hits on ABC, summer special if they truly did so. Its not the original En Vogue though, 2/4 original members, 1 new member.

  6. #justsayn June 24, 2016


  7. Ajm265 June 24, 2016

    Their vocals are over processed Idk why. Sounds like a group of k Michelle’s and there’s no need to because they can sing.

  8. C@ke June 24, 2016

    Ahhhhhh! Why would you limit your chances of getting top 40 AirPlay by using a song with a title like this! I do not understand why these labels don’t understand the formula by now. You have to give authentic r&b songs with PG friendly lyrics if you want to have broad appeal. I find it so insulting that whoever is behind them thinks that they had to use the n word in their song to seem edgy to black listeners! I’m really angry about this because they have the potential to be huge but are already eating into their own chances by giving the racist dogs at the top the chance to reject them on radio (which they do need) because of this title.

    • Credits June 24, 2016

      You’re right! This definitely puts them in a box.

    • MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

      I didn’t care for it in the song either, I don’t think R&B females in general should heavily cuss because its out of character. I remember when Teairra Mari back in 2005 had a Parental Advisory label on her album and she was 17 when it dropped meaning she recorded it at 16-17… Was very odd for her target audience, like most parents are not going to cosign a little girl their daughters/sons age saying, “that’s why I’m wild and I don’t give a f*ck” and “I’m on some new sh*t.”

      Really annoying when you could have bleeped it since she was “under age, or hell just said “that’s why I’m wild and don’t give a WHAT,” or “I’m on my new fix.”

      That said, I did enjoy that Teairra album and hated she fell off the map two singles in and now resorts to LHHH to be relevant. Lets hope JUNES DIARY doesn’t suffer the same. How old are these girls any who?

      • D June 24, 2016

        I’m so happy other people see this. I’m old enough to have seen the trends and the cursing route never works. The big corporations who have the power to turn a K Michelle into a Toni do not like black women and will use any statistical excuses to justify their decision not to sign or play their songs. This group is the biggest black girl group since DC by default because of their show, Kelly and Frank so won’t be turned away by GMA or Ryan Seacrest if Kelly decides to use her DC time and Beyonce ties as leverage. I can’t understand why you would put yourself in a box all in the name of seeming edgy and rob yourself of the opportunities other girl groups don’t have. The aim is to have your song played on several formats to reach a huge audience so that that audience can make the group money. Top 40 isn’t going to play this and I’m telling you that the song will flop because of it. Some may say “who cares about top 40” but those who do should remember that the biggest black stars in the 90s sold as much as they did because they were cross promoted which is why songs that had curse words in them were never singles. It’s so sad that “artists” don’t have the artistry to serve edginess through unique concepts and themes so jump to vulgarities and cursing right away.

      • MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

        @ D:

        I’m glad we both see why this could be a fault in their start. It would be a great mixtape track, or even as a buzz single, but they already did that with the Drake cover, and the Chasing Destiny iTunes release, don’t know the name.

        I didn’t watch the show so I don’t know or really care for them (least not at moment) but I am always excited to see new talent and groups develop. We need more girl groups and female rappers in todays music scene. But yeah I would have preferred the lead single to be like 60% R&B, 30% Hip Hop, 10% Pop crossover.

        The thing they do have going for themselves is the song is called “L.A.N.C.E.” (so they can say “Lance”…) but I mean, its odd because radio stations can’t really ask what it stands for, or they can but get an awkward response.

      • Credits June 24, 2016

        ‘Phone booth’ is still the sh*t!

    • A&R June 24, 2016

      Wow!! I was scrolling down to make this same comment. I’m low key dissapointed. I support Kelly and hope she didn’t just let this happen. The n word was totally uncalled for and def not needed. They could have made L.A.M.E. = lying ass man everyday into an acronym. This low key cheapens them and robs them of a more commercial 1st single. Damn.. The first hiccup. Grrr fix it, Kells!

      • MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

        Yeah “L.A.M.E.” would have been more versatile and then more non blacks would feel better singing it or it being their anthem too.

        Is Lance even a popular black man name, LOL, or is their Lance a white boy, ha ha! Not that it matters but funny to think.

  9. Credits June 24, 2016

    The melody reminds me of Beyonce’s ‘sorry’. Interesting because it’s subject matter and lyrics seems like a lemonade reject. But it’s okay…a mediocre girls anthem.

    • MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

      LOL I agree with your last statement from the snippet I heard. Could be better could be worse, and meant for the ladies. #shrug

  10. MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

    Note to Sam/TGJ:

    Hi Sam, can you please stop placing ads that automatically play with sound on the pages. Its really annoying and especially when trying to listen to music posted on said page.

    I understand you want to make money, thats fine… Just push to play ads or silent ones please. Thanks.
    I heard the snippet of the JUNE’S DIARY tune…. couldn’t find the full anywhere online. I don’t dig them cussing, seems out of place to me for an all female R&B group.

    The song itself had a catchy beat and certainly was geared toward more Urban audiences, which was a nice change since 5th Harmony is Pop geared and focused with a slight R&B edge, certainly not Urban. They are almost a more rachet (lyrically speaking) version of Cherish at the moment.

    I don’t care for the name TBH, it sounds strange to me. Then again with other girl group names being Little Mix, G.R.L., 5th harmony, and such have not been stellar as as of lately.

    • just sayin June 24, 2016

      you can hear full song on Tidal.

      • MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

        I don’t pay for that BS known as Tidal. Give me YouTube, Spotify, or BYE! No time else wise.

  11. Nonya June 24, 2016

    Um….. Lance should have been an interlude. I’ve heard better from them! Much better from them to be exact! These ladies can sang but this song sounds sloppy and the word chopping isn’t necessary. This is mixtape material not LP! I’m not hating I just expected better after that “hotline bling” slayage. Also “June’s Diary” seems a little too soft of a name for them. They are a fierce group of ladies who deserves a fierce name! Ok Ladies now let’s get in formation! 3…2….1…Geauxxxx

    • MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

      I agree. It would have made for a perfect album intro track (full or short) or an interlude but not a single, let alone debut lead single. The name yeah, pretty bad.

      “I’m not hatin’ I’m just telling’ you!”

    • #justsayn June 24, 2016

      I wish these Beyonce fans would stop trying to tell Kellys girl group what their name should be and what music they should put out! At the end of the day its their group not yours! They chose a name that was significant to them! They love it & thts all tht matters! U either support or u dont! At the end of the day what matters is their talent. Kelly gave them a huge platform off her name! The label as well as Kelly know what they are doing! They have to build a strong urban fanbase b4 they can even think about crossingover!

      • Danny Bey June 24, 2016

        I completely agree with everything you said. People been beggin for a strong female group and now we got one and they already pickin away at it before they done even had a video yet alone and album out! Once again, “fans” focused on the wrong things in todays music climate. Who gives a f*** about a name, long as their music is bomb! Which it is! And they’re talented as hell! So just appreciate and chill

    • Nonya June 24, 2016

      Lol all you selective readers only read about the name and did not get the full gist of what I was conveying. I can have opinion and right now I think you h*** need to go back to school and learn to read, except for musicfan103!

  12. nan June 24, 2016

    It’s weird it’s ratchet but the melody is very pop…need a little more urban..don’t ride the line between ladies FULLY commit to a side.the urban one preferably….mainstream will follow you don’t chase mainstream hence THE POP melody in this song but Rachet lyrics.

  13. Annalise June 24, 2016

    I’m 100% here for Kristal and Ashly. Kristal’s voice is like a blend of Beyonce’s and Aaliyah’s, and she sounds dope af!

  14. D June 24, 2016

    And another thing. Why are their vocals so over processed? I’m sorry, but these girls are too talented for this mess and I believe that the producers and writers are so used to working with non vocalists they are struggling to match the girls’ talent with their material.

    • MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

      Probably to compete with 5H and Camila’s vocals which have to be processed to be audible.

    • Ajm265 June 24, 2016

      Right this has so much auto on it for what ugh. Their other two songs had the same and it cheapens them.

  15. just sayin June 24, 2016

    Ashley is looking like Missy Elliott in the face in that photo.

    The song is okay, but… why so much autotune? They’re much better than this. Sidenote: Gabby rapping was a pleasant surprise. Thought that was a cool aspect of the song. Otherwise…

  16. Molly June 24, 2016

    Harmonizers are gagging.

  17. Adele’s Husband June 24, 2016

    Is it me alone who compare Gabby’s voice to Toni’s voice. Gabby is like mini Toni vocal wise that depth and richness in their vocals is unmatched

  18. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? June 24, 2016

    I really don’t like or understand why they had to use the N word in the acronym, but I really hope they don’t say it in the song. Their goal should be crossover success as quick as possible, and I’m not sure if the title of this song is enough to give them that, bit I still wish them the best. Let them slay a bit and find a place in this industry.

    • MusicFan103 June 24, 2016

      Oh they say it in the song! Yes indeed. There is an edited version that says “Lyin ass cheat cheat everyday” instead LOL.

  19. Jacob June 24, 2016

    They need come harder if they wanna get noticed. sorry but this sounds like Beyoncé reject

  20. 2bad2bme June 24, 2016

    Lies the people tell they are about to bring R&B BAAACCCKK!!!

  21. 2bad2bme June 24, 2016

    Lame music has been dominating the world for the past 10 years. Now that we finally receive a quality girl group again, people can’t recognize it. But they bout to “Shake up the world” – Muhammad Ali

    • #JACKIE June 24, 2016

      And this track is a part of that lame music that’s been dominating….

      • 2bad2bme June 24, 2016

        my point exactly look who is your gravi smh #FellinTheTrap

      • #JACKIE June 24, 2016

        Predictable. Let’s hope these basic b****** have 1/8 of the musical success that Ciara had. Judging by this tired ass song, they WONT. *looks at the YouTube comments that are 98% negative*
        Stay mad trick.

  22. #JACKIE June 24, 2016

    They can’t be serious with this crap. Bye Kelly!

    • Goodmusic June 24, 2016

      hater I wonder why do you even compare them to ciara. If u don’t like good, I like it and I’m sure many people will like it to.

    • Tbo June 24, 2016

      Why do u keep going to every article about kelly or her group to talk s***? Don’t you have a life? Why tf do u even bring ciara in? Did they say their competing against ciara? No. Seriously u need help coz you are crazy.

  23. brazio June 24, 2016

    They should have stayed with Chasing Destiny

  24. B_Roni June 24, 2016

    I will support them but they need to cater to everyone. I’m a guy and I definitely won’t be going around talking about I got a LANCE. It just sounds lame . I wish Kristal would just get signed as a solo singer with a major company. Something is off with the group. The other two songs they put out were better.

    • Danzou June 24, 2016

      You sound stupid. That’s like saying destiny’s child shouldn’t have released independent women because men wouldn’t like it. Or bills bills bills. Or say my name. Those were all women’s anthems.

  25. Kendrick Slaymar June 24, 2016

    They will flop. Nobody will give a ffúçk about them except this blog.

  26. Danzou June 24, 2016

    I just wanna take the time to point out the fact that the biggest fear here is the fact that WHITE people won’t like them lol so? Respectability politics don’t work. I’m soooo tired of people including them in everything. This is our culture so who gives a s*** of they say n**** on a track. White people don’t buy into anything they can’t be a part of anyway why do yall think lemonade was so controversial?

    • C@ke June 24, 2016

      And this is the problem! Who mentioned white people and why do you assume that we weren’t talking about appealing to all people in the way DC and TLc did? White people should not dictate our sound so I agree with you there but I feel it says a lot about how you see your own people if you think we don’t appreciate PG friendly lyrics or catchy songs.

    • C@ke June 24, 2016

      The beauty of the 90s was that you had black singers who weren’t racially ambiguous succeeding with black music on a mass media level. That’s all I want for these girls but I fear that everyone around them is so used to catering to artists who don’t have access to the mass media that they are being given songs that are beneath them.

  27. Iamdiego June 24, 2016

    Love them. ladies take over and carry the torch!

  28. DIABETIC STROKE June 24, 2016

    LOL i dont think i have enuff INSILIN left to handle the song title but that pic is stunning & group name is a grower the more i repeat “JUNES DIARY” in my head the less stupid it sounds. I do think Destinys child is the ultimate standard & literally the highest selling group considering, i dont recall any music group having 3 or more successful members (bey kelly & letoya) to combine with their groups albums/records total which is arround the ballpark of 85 mill albums ww & 250 mill records. Dilema is one if the highest selling singles of 2000s along with single ladies & CIL sold less. I just hope this group is being given solid material & not just a bunch of kellys leftovers

  29. JohnnyGillNicoleScherzingerBrianMcKnightFan#SupportRealMusic June 24, 2016

    Okay next

  30. JohnnyGillNicoleScherzingerBrianMcKnightFan#SupportRealMusic June 24, 2016

    Lying ass n**** cheating? Wow, how original! Like we haven’t heard that from every other bitter female r&b singer today!

    • BEY>RIH June 24, 2016

      Bítch dont do it…. Also you stan for a trashy-flop (Nicole Shitsinger)

      • eeJohnnyGillNicoleScherzingerBrianMcKnightFan#SupportRealMusic June 24, 2016

        At least I don’t stan for beyonshit.

      • JohnnyGillNicoleScherzingerBrianMcKnightFan#SupportRealMusic June 24, 2016

        It just sounds like one of beyondshit’s left over ratchet songs. Stupid lyrics? Check. Stupid hoodrat rapping? Check. Generic trap-n-b beat? Check. Girls who wanna try to act “hood” by rapping but suck at rapping? Check. Except maybe it isn’t as trashy and annoying as beyondshit’s stupid music, I’d still take this over single b******, whormation, diva, or 711, or countless other songs that beyondshit has “sang.”

        And yes, beyondshit > rihject, but is that really saying anything?

  31. DIABETIC STROKE June 24, 2016

    I meant DC is the biggest selling female group. As their success unlike most groups is ultimatley what caused them to split. And each being high level talent & going solo selling records only mean that if they never stoped after survivor they would have outsold Spice girls & Tlc eventually, but none of them had solo success like DC so its all things considered fair to add in solo sales which place them above all female groups. I have a feeling DC3 is probably coming out of retirement soon & this is just prelude & kellys uptempo said to drop this year is also a factor but thats just me. The name destiny child im almost certain inspired Diddys group Danitys Kane. 2 word names like jonas brothers N Synce or jackson Five have always been the standard. My fav BoyzIImen title & Group.

    • BEY>RIH June 24, 2016

      Destinys Child have actually sold more records than TLC according to MediaTraffic and I dont really understand what else you are talking about.

      • TurkeyNoodleSavage June 24, 2016

        Stop the lies , CrazySexyCool is the best selling album by ANY female R&B group .

  32. DIABETIC STROKE June 24, 2016

    I think Magnum Diaries sounds better since i can already tell they will be selling s.e.x left right front centor just like Smelly. Now i want Ice Cream… june is Hot as F*** and its not even july yet.

  33. DIABETIC STROKE June 24, 2016

    I actually like the song (chorus, ablibs & vocals really, too much basic rapping) Its OK but sounds like kelly unless this is some demo kelly recorded featuring Diarys Step child lol. Album title should be LANCE’S EX WITH THE LADY-LESS-LEGS.

  34. Chile Please!!! June 24, 2016

    I love Love LOOVE these girls, but this song sounds too much like a rachet a** Beyawnce song. This is not first single material for a new girl group to come out with, especially with the name of the song L.A.N.C.E that stands for Lying A** Nikka Cheating Everyday!!! REALLY? I thought they would’ve came out with a nice ballad or up tempo song that really means something…not this mess! Ugggh!!!

    • Jacob June 24, 2016

      Preach girl!!!

  35. The Legend Called Missy ElliottI June 24, 2016

    Too many “N’s” for me. Nope. Good luck though, loved the show

  36. Hun June 24, 2016

    Tired of these songs, lying as$ n***** cheating everyday? so stupid. They could have been more original. Bye Lance! (Ebony Voice)

  37. #justsayn June 24, 2016

    Take this song downnnn!!!!!! This is why artists dont sell no more! These blogs posting their song! The goal is for ppl to purchase the single not be able to listen to it free!

    • JohnnyGillNicoleScherzingerBrianMcKnightFan#SupportRealMusic June 24, 2016

      Who cares, it’s s*** anyway. Do you really think people should be spending their money on this crap/ I feel bad for anybody who pays for this trash.

  38. Ayyye June 24, 2016

    Ps: I didn’t like it at the first listen which was a snippet, btw. It’s a grower, and it’s dope. That goes for their name too. June’s Diary ?

  39. 4everBrandy_Ci June 24, 2016

    I want these talented women to succeed and I agree with the majority of the comments. They’re an r&b singing girl group and they’re records need to have SUBSTANCE. They shouldn’t appeal to the trap and hybrid r&b market because it doesn’t suit them at all. They should focus on giving that flavor r&b edgy appeal with substance and reality. When I listened to it and I didn’t like it and what frustrates me is they have the potential to stand out from the other girl groups. Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson needs to go back to the drawing board and fix it because they’ll end up not getting attention from the general public. I hope they put out records with QUALITY from their debut. They have so much talent to showcase!

    • JohnnyGillNicoleScherzingerBrianMcKnightFan#SupportRealMusic June 24, 2016

      “Other girl GROUPS?”

      What other girl groups! There are literally no girl groups today, unless you count fifth harmony, which I don’t cause their music is a manufactured pop mess.

      • 4everBrandy_Ci June 24, 2016

        Fifth Harmony should be included as a group. Aren’t they a singing girl group? I see your point of view and I respect it but these girls right here are on another LEVEL. They should be able to make quality records with MEANING and substance. Little Mix is another girl group that’s out and they make decent records. I heard a few of their records and I think they’re more versatile than Fifth Harmony. But that’s my opinion. There are girl groups today but they’re trying to get their foot in the door. There are underground groups such as XSO, Ceraadi, and DMK that I researched. They’re unsigned but if they all have the opportunity to get a BUDGET and audience they can truly make an impact. It’s messed up how the industry is because at a time where girl groups dominated there was the variety and talent. Now there’s only what like one or two girl groups that’s out? I need the urban and pop girl groups to emerge and slay! We need this to happen. June’s Diary have what it takes but if they don’t get the RIGHT material and don’t start the right way then Kelly Rowland and Frank Gatson need to take consideration to the public’s hearsay and response! These talented sisters need the RIGHT everything! The management, the connection to an audience, and the substance of records. Let’s see what happens but this single isn’t a good route.

  40. J.R.STANLEY June 24, 2016

    Awwww…this is very disappointing. The name I can deal with. I actually like it!!! This single though….no thank you. This isn’t what I thought they were gonna give and I for one think they’re so much more than this tacky track. This sounds like a song Kelly could have recorded and discorded then dug it up for the girls. SMH

  41. JazThatBoi June 24, 2016

    Kelly, you were part of a huge successful group. USE THE SAME FORMULA!!!!!! How hard can it be??? U know it first hand.

    1. Why were u surprised that some ppl wanted less ppl in the group? (I remember Bey and you specifically saying how much easier it was with 3 members in the group

    2. Why is “N****” in the title of the song? You’re automatically making them an urban group but you said u want the group to be the next big thing (DC rarely used profanity I’m guessing to Appeal to a larger audience). You can get more explicit once you’ve established yourself in the industry.. It took you over 10 years to go from Stole to Kisses Down Low

    3. The age range of the member is about 8 years which is a large gap (DC members are only a year max apart). The connection between the members will naturally be tighter if their ages were closer

    4. Your first single should showcase the vocals. Follow it up with a banger for the club. (Ex. No no no part 1 followed by No No No part 2). U can switch the order but the vocals should be dope even in the banger. (Lose My Breath eventually followed by Cater 2 U)

    5. The group name should be catchy. U shoulda just let them borrow Girls Tyme. Y’all ain’t using it and it’s better than June’s Diary. I really thought it was gonna be Chase tho. My bad I guess

    • 4everBrandy_Ci June 24, 2016

      Exactly! Right now they’re starting out and Kelly Rowland needs to make sure they CONNECT with the right audience. For them to release this record isn’t going to get them the attention they need to get. So what they need to do is create more material and figure out which suitable records can really capture the audience’s attention. They have what it takes but it needs to be done RIGHT.

  42. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyi June 24, 2016


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