Katy Perry Bests Britney Spears’ ‘Make Me’ In Hot 100 Debut Battle

Published: Monday 25th Jul 2016 by Rashad

Much like her soaring pop tune ‘Roar’ scared off the competition upon its debut (namely Lady Gaga‘s ‘Applause’), Katy Perry’s Hot 100 dominance shows no signs of cooling if the sales performance of ‘Rise’ – her latest single – is any indication.

Released the same day as Britney Spears‘ highly anticipated new single, ‘Make Me (ft. G-Eazy),’ Perry’s Olympic-inspired tune certainly lived up to its title, not only giving rise to a friendly competition between her fans (#KatyCats) and Spears’ (#BritneyArmy), but also rising to the occasion with strong sales and streaming.

Curious to see exactly where the ladies landed on the refreshed Hot 100?  Find out below:

Via Billboard:

Perry’s “Rise” is the Hot 100’s top debut at No. 11, with the bulk of its points from sales, as it opens at No. 1 on the Digital Songs sales chart with 137,000 downloads sold…

Meanwhile, Spears starts at No. 17 on the Hot 100 with “Make Me,” featuring G-Eazy. Sales likewise account for the majority of the song’s Hot 100 start, as it bows at No. 3 on Digital Songs (96,000 sold),…

Just 10 days ago TGJ readers overwhelmingly voted Spears would be the victor in the battle with Katy (read more on that here).  Granted, those who voted such were incorrect, but let us tell it Spears’ 5.3 million streams and 20 million radio impressions (compared to Katy’s 4.6 million streams and 14 million in radio airplay), the ‘Baby One More Time’ singer is the real “winner” here.

Considering Perry’s stout advertising pull for the triumphant tune (courtesy of the Olympics) as well as her present popularity compared to Spears, the fact that Brit was even able to pull in numbers as impressive as she has is indicative of the strength/resiliency of her fan base and the critical reception of the song.

The truest test of either song’s popularity, however, will be their respective staying powers – a feat that will be determined in the weeks to come.

Your thoughts?

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  1. SWISH July 25, 2016

    rise sounds like a typical Katy song and Britney … well no explanation needed lol

  2. TRAVON M AUSTIN July 25, 2016

    I want to eat both of their salads.

  3. orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana July 25, 2016

    Article on how the Rihanna reject “Cheap Thrills” went number one and if it was a mistake for her to turn it down pls

    • SWISH July 25, 2016

      it wasn’t. work went #1 .. for 9 weeks. cheap thrills will never

    • Ihaterihanna July 25, 2016

      We she is currently setting at #3 and #7 on the Hot 100 after spending 9 weeks a #1 already this year so she good

    • wrosy3 July 26, 2016

      What the bloodclot Rihanna has to do with this get the f*** off her p**** geez will it ever ends congratulate the woman instead yall stinking dry p**** b****** pit her against everyone

    • Dev July 26, 2016

      You can’t determine the impact of the song is it was sung by Rihanna as it might’ve not done as well, so an article isn’t necessary.

  4. Taylor Swift-To-Find-A-New-Man (Slayty) July 25, 2016

    Lol Britbots flooding a TGJ poll. No one really thought she was a match for Katy on the charts. Still, a top 20 debut nearly 20 years into her career is impressive so kudos to her. Especially when she’s been rotting in Vegas for a while. People should keep in mind that Rise isn’t even Katy’s lead single for KP4 and it’s still scalping. I’m predicting a top 5 peak after it picks up on radio and Katy releases her version of the mv

    • wrosy3 July 26, 2016

      White people will support anything these two has white privileged and it ain’t nothing new

    • Dem Lessers July 26, 2016

      Number 11 is hardly scalpage dear, especially when Katy was on the iTunes & Apple Music’s main banner for a the majority of the week and Britney wasn’t. Plus Katy released a version of the music video which would’ve helped her steaming figures too.

  5. Surprise..(DEC 2013) July 25, 2016

    Isn’t it funny how FORMATION a song that was released for free for three months sold more in its first week than any other female single this year. INTERESTING!!!!!!!!!!!

    • SWISH July 25, 2016

      lol formation sold about 172k first and week and work sold 126k in two days

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) July 25, 2016

        Actually it sold 174k and after being free for THREE MONTHS, kinda like how ANTI was bought by SAMSAVE and still sold around 177k first week sales.

      • wrosy3 July 26, 2016

        So what we are in July rih on your mind still she came and slayed get the f*** outer here and none of bey singles went the hell to number one annnnnnnd!!!!

    • SWISH July 25, 2016

      having to join a paid streaming service to hear a song isn’t free lol .. and “SAMSAVE”? .. at least put a little thought and effort into your lazy reads

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) July 25, 2016

        Sure sis!!!!!!!!! WHATEVER HELPS U SLEEP.

      • SWISH July 25, 2016

        ^^^ dismissive behavior is a symptom of a person who has been gathered lol .. and the typing in all caps doesn’t make you right

      • Surprise..(DEC 2013) July 25, 2016


    • FRESH NAVI July 25, 2016

      Work went #1 for 9 weeks Formation didnt. Formation flopped down the charts right after. note also that Work is the best selling song of 2016 and is followed by 5H Work From Home. – lest we forget boo.

    • Ihaterihanna July 25, 2016

      And still couldn’t go #1

  6. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ July 25, 2016

    I mean, I DID say the make me song was better but people but Kunty would win the chart battle. I almost got back into kunty but then I saw the KuntyRats still seethe over the grammys her peers have. Namely gaga.
    And NOT her touring for 3 years. Literally I cant

    • Taylor Swift-To-Find-A-New-Man (Slayty) July 25, 2016

      Did Gagz sell her Grammys to pay back Interscope for all the money the blew on Artpop? Honestly sis, KatyCats no longer care about Flopga. She is a has been

      • The Kpop Guy, Matt~ July 25, 2016

        You bring up gagz in 70% of your post since you’ve returned to TGJ after your hiatus. It’s small things like that.
        And I don’t know why you guys are still on that 2013 fued when kunty and gagz made up at last year’s met gala.

      • Taylor Swift-To-Find-A-New-Man (Slayty) July 25, 2016

        My shade is mainly to get a rise out of Old Man John Vidal who goes off in essays. Monsters dragged Katy for filth prior to 2013 so most got in their lashings after 2013. But the feud is pretty dead at this point.

      • JOHNVIDAL July 26, 2016

        LOL What an obsession! 🙂 If you are happy stanning for Katy Perry and she gives you so much joy and quality, why the need to mention me all the time? It´s not like I remember you until you randomly appear here once in a while to stan for a talentless poptart like Katy Perry. Give it up mate. Now that you INSIST anyway: yes Lady Gaga demolishes Katy Perry at anything. Obviously.

      • JOHNVIDAL July 26, 2016

      • JOHNVIDAL July 26, 2016

    • HailLegendBeysus July 25, 2016


      • Troll Account July 26, 2016

        You talking about the Time when matt sent stephy nudes? Is he the random person you’re on about?👀

  7. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ July 25, 2016

    And Rihnavy. What a friken comeback

  8. CherylSoldierr July 25, 2016

    Kiiii where’s that Shiiiitney Stan the lessor?

    • Molly July 25, 2016

      Girl where is Cheryl on any charts?

      • FRESH NAVI July 25, 2016

        who’s Cheryl? i’m really asking on behalf of the charts, they’ve never seen or heard of her before.

      • CherylSoldierr July 25, 2016

        Girl where’s Natalie? The drags write themselves 😂😂😂😂

  9. FRESH NAVI July 25, 2016

    Its funny how Rise just keeps FALLING down the itunes chart.
    It’s now #16. Katy release the video because i smell a flop for the “singles queen.”

    KP is gonna flop so hard this era, big first week sales and forgotten 2 months after. Bookmark me. Prism was a misstep and the only two singles that did well were Roar and Dark Horse

    • HailLegendBeysus July 25, 2016

      Lol Rise will gain momentum. But the single won’t flop. Everyone worldwide will be in that shít. It fits the Olympics so well. Have you seen the video for it? Powerful imo

      • FRESH NAVI July 25, 2016

        i got goosebumps from the vid boo, i just dont see it for the song in the long wrong i mean its nice and all.

  10. Grande The Way July 25, 2016

    Rise is one her best songs imo! I hope this musical growth is extended to her new album

  11. Mark111 /.\ July 25, 2016

    Like I said, these pop girls are going to learn to avoid Katy music releases. Rise may be #1 in 3 weeks.

  12. HailLegendBeysus July 25, 2016

    Kiii!!! The Shítney Stains must be seething for gawds after all they shít they talked on ChartyPerry LMFAO!!!

    • Dem Lessers July 26, 2016

      Why would we be seething, when Bey ain’t had a hit single since 2008 and Katy will never reach Britney’s album sales? Queen has still got all the credentials, it doesn’t matter when the recipes where made they’re still receipts!

  13. Mark July 25, 2016

    Brittney is no match for Katy.Rise is coming for the top 5 soon. I don’t know what Brittany is doing.Brittney Jean hasn’t been certified copper and work b*tch didn’t see the top 10. The GP was over this trick years ago.

  14. HailLegendBeysus July 25, 2016

    SCREAMING!!! So word is MTV has put in a REQUEST FOR SLAYGEND YONCÉ to appear at the VMA’S as she becomes the most Awarded artists this year!!! BYE MADINOSAUR!!! 😝😝😝😝🐸☕🐸☕🐸☕🐸☕🐸☕🍋🍋🍋🍋👑👑👑👑👑
    WHEN WILL YOUR FAV!?!?!?!?

      • HailLegendBeysus July 26, 2016

        😂😂😂😂😂 while BRITKNEE IS busy oiling up her KNEE’S. Bey will be busy planning a Non Stiff dance routine for her VMA’S she’ll be collecting Aug. 28 while taking a break from her STADIUM TOUR. 😂😂😂😂

  15. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji July 26, 2016

    Britney spears song is amazing and Katy Perry song is nice plus the music video too of Katy Perry

  16. King B July 26, 2016

    FORMATION (3 Months Free) 174,000
    Self Titled (15.99) 617,000
    Lemonade (Tidal + 17.99) 400,000
    Hold Up 123k.

    Congrats Digital queen and Brit! This is like Katy’s FourFiveSeconds, she might randomly release a song like Rih did last year to see if it works for her. Anyway, FFS did 50k in its first week, if I’m not mistaken.

  17. Dev July 26, 2016

    These comments always slide into the same crap as all of the other posts.
    Stans are annoying and don’t seem to have the capacity to have a decent conversation about the subject at hand without bringing in their favs that have no relevance to the conversation.

  18. Saul Tuckey August 26, 2016

    Although most sources praised Katy Perry s new song, there was at least one who didn t. Brandon Caldwell of the Caldwell adds that song just isn t inspirational like some of Katy Perry s other efforts. Perhaps the poor performance of the single will force Katy Perry to make changes to her next album so she doesn t make the same mistake again.

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