Britney Spears Announces New Album ‘Glory’ / Will Release This Month

Published: Wednesday 3rd Aug 2016 by Sam

Britney Spears is back!

In a shocking move, the Pop icon has announced her ninth studio album ‘Glory.’

With its title and cover revealed moments ago, so too was its official release date. And let’s just say it’s much sooner than you may think.

Details below…

In a press statement, it was confirmed that ‘Make Me’ led LP will officially hit retail on…

August 26th 2016

Available for pre-order at midnight TONIGHT, folk who purchase early will receive recently teased track ‘Private Show’ immediately.

‘Glory’ follows 2013’s ‘Britney Jean,’ which spurned the hit ‘Work B*tch.’

Are you pumped for New Britney?

Your thoughts?

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  1. #JACKIE August 3, 2016


    • Danzou August 3, 2016

      People talk so much trash about Ciara but it’s a real wonder how Britney made it this far. Ciara is the black Britney.

      • #JACKIE August 3, 2016

        Ciara is far more talented and sane than Britney. No shade.

      • Bee August 3, 2016

        Ciara don’t make better music than Britney that’s a fact & Britney team market her better

      • #JACKIE August 3, 2016

        That’s an opinion. Britney’s catalog is mostly forgettable and her whiny orgāsm vocals leave a lot to be desired.

      • Danzou August 3, 2016

        My point is that public opinion of Ciara is that she can’t sing yet Britney Taylor selena and countless other white women have thriving careers so I don’t get how any of them got this far and are still getting promoted on mtv or whatever. It’s so political and white washed. Making fun of Ciara for her lack of vocal ability is just another black woman being disrespected if you ask me.

      • Beei August 3, 2016

        Is you serious ? You a joke if you think her catalogue is forgettable, you can say. What you want but her music is recognize around the world from oops to stronger to slave you tried doe

      • #JACKIE August 3, 2016

        Ciara has way better vocals (and everything else) than all of the women you listed, but I get your point and I agree. People have hated on Ciara for no reason for years now. She doesn’t bother anyone, but people remain pressed. She’s a fighter so she’ll be okay.

      • Janyoncé Turner August 3, 2016

        The fact that these loose power bottoms put The Greatest Flop of All Time (Ciara) on par or above Britney in this thread gave me so much to laugh about.

      • #JACKIE August 3, 2016

        Her bubblegum pop music is forgettable. People only check for her these days for cute 90’s nostalgia.

      • Beei August 3, 2016

        But it’s not politics it’s people like you & me, you ca t get mad cause people spend they money Britney & not Ciara & before Britney went robotic she made and impact that’s why she still sell and she makes good music, it has nothing to do with media if you supported Ciara and she fill out a arena she would be in the media point blank

      • SMH August 3, 2016

        Its called White privilege.

      • Beei August 3, 2016

        Y’all kill me with that has nothing to do with it nobody check for Ciara it’s not nobody fault that white people buy music and blacks don’t or they just don’t see it for Ciara that’s it!! Gwen, Charlie X, Cher Lloyd or all white and has flop as much as Ciara look at fergie you either got it or you don’t

      • Danzou August 3, 2016

        @Bee @jayonce h** why is u here? No one asked yall anything for one and for two it’s OBVIOUS why Taylor selena ellie golding Britney etc are all getting music played on to forty but they literally can’t sing. But people will say Ciara is less successful but she honestly sings better than all of them. It’s white privilege. Light skin artists and white artists only get played on top forty unless they’re rap artists.

      • SMH August 3, 2016

        Deny all you want, fact remains that white privilege is what kept this girl with less than minimal talent and no common sense to manage her own business affairs past her expiration date.

      • Bee August 3, 2016

        Y’all are ignorant in order for you to get to top 40 you have to have request for the song nobody checks for Ciara that’s why it don’t appear on radio people got to like your music and request Ciara body party slayed radio because people like it!!!

      • Nicole SlaySinger > fleaonce >>>> r****** August 3, 2016

        Lol ciara really is the black shitny. I saw it from the start with all her goodies, it was cool for a minute but after a while it got old and ciara had nothing else to offer.

      • Mariah Carey August 3, 2016

        Ciara can be seen at the #G******** with Britney poking his penis through for Britney to serve dahhhling!

  2. Danzou August 3, 2016

    Keep it

  3. IG : @mixedboy August 3, 2016


  4. LIL’ KIM BIRTHED YO FAVES August 3, 2016

    The cover art looks disgusting. I hope the music sounds as good as “Make Me.”

    • Danzou August 3, 2016

      Your fave looks disgusting h**.

    • Danzou August 3, 2016

      Britney will sell better and sound better than anything your fave releases in this day and age.

    • Nicole SlaySinger > fleaonce >>>> r****** August 3, 2016

      Yes, it looks how her music sounds. Disgusting!

  5. LB August 3, 2016

    If Make me is any indication of what this album might sound like, I might consider it.

    The sample for private show sounds too Selena Gomez same old love to me, will wait to hear the full track though.

    • surprise..dec.2013 August 3, 2016

      I don’t think this will do well at all…i do think it might be good. I thought make me was cute but that song is over at this point. But i don’t know about this one….apparently she is going head to head with Streisand and u know who will win that battle. Good luck to her tho

      • LB August 3, 2016

        Don’t care how it will perform, mostly interested in how the music will sound like.

    • Danzou August 3, 2016

      Is your father proud of you?

      • LB August 3, 2016


      • Danzou August 3, 2016

        Does he look like the men in ya avi? LOL

      • LB August 3, 2016

        I have three degrees, who wouldn’t be proud. You’re too focused on simple things.

      • Danzou August 3, 2016

        What does a degree have to do with what I’m asking u? Honestly what?

      • LB August 3, 2016

        You asked if my father is proud, and I answered your question.

        You’re in actual fact disgusting for trying to bring my family into your petty issues and self esteem problems.

        This is the last response a vile person such as yourself will get from me.

        Good day.

      • Danzou August 3, 2016

        So u think I have esteem issues yet you’re attracted to men you’ll never f*** or look like? The self hate is obvious you can deflect all u want.

    • Reality August 3, 2016

      Well, you maybe on to something with Private Show. Selena Snap Chatted/ Twitted something about doing a duet with Britney and Britney retweeted it so…

  6. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch August 3, 2016

    I just want KP4 tbh

    • Danzou August 3, 2016

      Shut up h**. I sees you took blm out ya name like I said to? You weak h**.

  7. pat August 3, 2016

    i like brit, but being that she’s no longer relevant to music’s current generation…it’ll be intesting to see her first week sales

  8. 👠👡👢💄💅👑💍Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!🐝🍋🍹🎈🏮🌺🌸 August 3, 2016

    The cover reminds me of the “Circus” album cover mixed with a little bit of “Femme Fatale” and “Britney Jean”. I’m not feeling the new song like everyone else is, so I hope the album really lives up to its hype. At least “Femme Fatale” was a pop hit machine.

    • Danzou August 3, 2016

      Femme fatale was a great album.

      • 👠👡👢💄💅👑💍Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!🐝🍋🍹🎈🏮🌺🌸 August 3, 2016

        Yes, I wholeheartedly agree! “I Wanna Go” and “Gasoline” are pop perfection tracks.


    Britney started the “no promo” trend in 2007, but in 2016 not having at least the video out for “make me”, is ridiculous. It’s not the same for artists over 30.

  10. Anastasia Beaverhousen August 3, 2016

    Wishing Britney the best. She has proved he worth.

    P.S. I’m not crazy about the album cover. They got her looking like Stevie Nicks in heaven..

    • Anastasia Beaverhousen August 3, 2016


  11. Jay Jay August 3, 2016

    I wonder what promo she has lined up for the next 3 weeks b/c her single is #72 on iTunes….

    I predict 70-85k pure sales, 105-110 with streams

    Not shading her just factoring her last release and lack of impact of Make me

  12. truthtea August 3, 2016

    She needs to quit smoking cigarettes! And why does every album cover of hers the same tired headshot? Cheesy!!

    • Danzou August 3, 2016


    • Dem Lessers August 3, 2016

      We want to stare at her beautiful face that’s why hating ass b****!

  13. Chileplease August 3, 2016

    She just better have something I can shake my ass to

  14. Beei August 3, 2016

    She cancel her show on the release date I’m guessing promo and vmas

    • Dem Lessers August 3, 2016

      Hopefully *crosses fingers*

  15. Janyoncé Turner August 3, 2016

    No shade. Either Brit’s photo is heavily retouched or see had a lot of work done to look like a mix between Kesha and JLo on that album cover.

  16. Indie August 3, 2016

    Britney is going to SLAY! I love it when an artist gets to that point when they no longer have anything to prove or lose so just do what you want to do without caring, in that moment Beyonce created ‘Lemonade’, Mariah created ‘The Emancipation of Mimi and with the sounds of Make Me and Private Show, britney has created Glory. I feel this will be one of her best albums and smart thing to do is to release the video closer to the album date

    • Bee August 3, 2016

      I agree this is going to be one of those albums that’s going to get critics talking in a good way!!!

  17. Jdek August 3, 2016

    Truly don’t see it for her. Britney no longer has IT tbh

  18. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ August 3, 2016


  19. Lake Erie August 3, 2016

    Hmmmmmm…. Album release confirmed before the debut of the lead single’s VIDEO is even released? … I mean… …. .. I guess. “Make Me” is a strong lead. I hope she doesn’t mess this up.

  20. SMH August 3, 2016

    This girl should hve been put out to pasture 10 years ago. Her audience that once thought she was cute is grown up now and know better.

  21. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ August 3, 2016

    i feel like this is what her lead single should have sounded like. “make me” is a bit weak for a lead and feels like it shouldve been the cool down single. ie: single 4

    • Dem Lessers August 3, 2016

      Taeyeon WHY would’ve been my choice!

  22. Nicole SlaySinger > fleaonce >>>> r****** August 3, 2016

    I smell a flopeny!

  23. StarXavi August 3, 2016

    I think this will definitely do better than Britney Jean….depending on how the videos and promotional rollout is. She may just slay. Either way she’s winning right now.

  24. Mark111 /.\ August 3, 2016

    A lil too soon, right? That video better be right tho. When is the VMA’s? If this is the same week as the award show and if she’s opening, then nevermind, great date.

  25. BeyonceIsASlut August 3, 2016

    Glory Hole will flop

    • Danzou August 5, 2016


  26. Dem Lessers August 3, 2016

    At this point all this matters is that she delivers good music that her fans love, being a fan since I was 6 years I’m loving the direction she’s taking this time round. RCA are finally doing her some sort of justice despite putting a dent in her career with BJ and that song with Igloo. Sales don’t matter too because she’s already a legend, she just needs to sell enough to not get dropped like other artists with toes of a raptor and that thing that can only gain relevance from being a talent show ‘judge’…Queen looks beautiful on the cover tho, B-Army Better come through!!!

  27. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji August 3, 2016


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