Exclusive: Ciara Signs With Alicia Keys & John Legend’s Management

Published: Monday 1st Aug 2016 by Sam

Ciara continues to make major moves.

The R&B siren is taking an all-new everything approach to her professional and personal life.

Indeed, after tying the knot with Russell Wilson, the newlywed has entered into an exciting managerial marriage.

Full story below…

The ‘Promise’ performer has signed with Friends At Work – the management firm that Alicia Keys and John Legend call home.

Renown industry force Ty Stiklorius heads up the company, which was set up last October. Her previous gig was as co-president of Atom Factory, the firm set up by Lady Gaga’s former manager Troy Carter. 

That Grape Juice
can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that Blythe Scokin will serve as the singer’s in-house manager.

For Ciara the partnership comes at an interesting junction of her career.

After testing times with the release of ‘Jackie’ last year, she severed ties with her previous team – which included a departure from Epic Records. A move which left many questions as to her next step musically.

With this signing, it’s clear she’s taking a brick-by-brick approach to re-building her brand and we’re uber buzzed to see what’s next.

Hopefully, that’ll be insight into which label she’s signing with.

Stay tuned.

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  1. RihNavy August 1, 2016

    . . . . . .

    • Truth August 1, 2016

      Why? 19k

  2. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 August 1, 2016

    As much I want her to re-focus her energy into rebranding her self as a fashion house. I know she is going to get another record deal, I said it before no matter how many flops, set backs, or bad experiences you cannot dem Ciara’s fire for music. Good luck Cici

  3. Realistic August 1, 2016

    She had the talent and potential to be bigger than Rihanna she just never played her cards right. Rihanna is just a token black that’s why white media doesn’t call her out

    • The Great Lacefronce. August 1, 2016

      What talent does CEDRIC have?

      • Ayyseify August 1, 2016

        That 2006 backbend

    • Rihboy August 1, 2016

      Token? Rihanna is heavily endorsed outside of music tho? So what’s Ciara’s excuse. She now acquired a modeling endorsement after all these years. And even that nobody is here for. Ciara just didn’t have the star quality. It’s that simple. The best of the c list celebs.

      • Zyon August 2, 2016

        Ciara’s been modeling had a contract with Jay z a ten-million-dollar contract with Wilhelmina models

  4. MUSICHEAD August 1, 2016

    She should start her own label and partner with a distributor like Warner to push her music. Until black girls not named Beyonce or Rihanna are in style again, there isn’t anything a major label can do for her.

  5. john bieber August 1, 2016

    Musically She is done!

    • Vidiii August 1, 2016

      Youre just an another hater… Good for you ahhahaa. Haters Gonna Hate, Till Cici turn you on head

  6. #JACKIE August 1, 2016

    Ciara is making moves! Slay bih!!!

    • Terny August 1, 2016

      Comments like this don’t fool anyone.. Ciara is a big BIG HUGE FLOP… I applaude u 4sticking by ur flop fave tho.. Ki

      • #JACKIE August 1, 2016

        And you are…??? An irrelevant like your drunken fav.

  7. King B August 1, 2016

    She has more platinum singles than Keri. Her total album sales destroy Keri’s sales as well.

    • Terny August 1, 2016

      Keri’s IAPW slays her whole discography.. Sit!

      • King B August 1, 2016

        What’s that? A trash?

      • Lea August 2, 2016

        Both Keri’s albums s*** on all Ciara’s post goodies era! And her next one, if it ever hit stores, will too!

  8. The Great Lacefronce. August 1, 2016

    She didnt severe ties with her record label she was DROPPED ????

    • MUSICHEAD August 1, 2016

      LA Reid would not have dropped her. She did not like how things were done over at Epic especially with Breyon the crook Prescott as a VP.

    • Zyon August 1, 2016

      first of all if you’re going to talk about something please have valid information La Reid himself said that she chose to leave he did not want her to go but she wanted to go it’s one thing to be a hater but to be a hater and spreading false information that’s a whole new low

      • Lea August 2, 2016

        Bye lil girl, she was dropped!

      • Zyon August 2, 2016

        I’m a grown-ass woman let’s get that crystal clear right now you got some nerve trying to call somebody little girl don’t get mad because I called you out on spreading inaccurate information and how was she dropped? when I just told you LA Reid said she wanted to leave but he wanted her to stay out of his own mouth so like I said before it’s one thing to be a hater but to be a hater and spreading inaccurate information just because you dislike somebody is sad like you want them to fail so bad that you start posting lies?

  9. Janyoncé Turner August 1, 2016

    She’s going to keep flopping no matter the management. Ciara, gurl. You might have three stans (all on TGJ’s comment section) and that’s it. So, stop making fetch happen and enjoy collect checks from your baby daddy while your husband spends his coins on you, boo. No T no shade.

    • MEand you August 2, 2016

      another Ciara hater that isn’t coming to me with facts! just bull headed insults…

  10. #justsayn August 1, 2016

    Management cant help and will not help her musically. The only thing management can help her with his getting deals

  11. Terny August 1, 2016

    This CERTIFIED FLOP creature is still trying?! Hahahaha.. NEXT?! ?

    • Vidiii August 1, 2016

      Maria aint doing s*** these days.. Have a several seat nitch. Even Cici had a platinum single and your fave not! Do not talk about history, cause Maria was then a boss, but now cant even get a platinum single of album which diva are we speaking off? LOOK TO THIS TIME NOT THE PAST PLS!

      • Love August 1, 2016

        Mariah have done enough for a lifetime she’s a legend

  12. #JACKIE August 1, 2016

    Why are y’all soooo mad though? Kii. Say whatever you want about Ciara but she’s WINNING regardless. Stay pressed uglies.

  13. Wash yo mouth pls August 1, 2016


  14. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy August 1, 2016

    Ciara’s musical career is done-zo like Britney Spears brain function. Ciara’s last moment of superstardom was when she released Body Party, but she decided to become a fifth hood n*gga’s baby momma. It’s sad because she really could’ve been something more, but she didn’t bring it like she needed to. I remember that year at the BET Awards, there was no Beyonce, so there was ample room for her to make her moment, but she didn’t. Instead, the performance was mediocre as if she was performing on the 106 & Park stage.

  15. smh August 1, 2016

    She can sign with GOD and she still will flop until she learns to SING!!!!!!

    • Vidiii August 1, 2016

      She sings and dances circles around you b****.

  16. Drizzie August 1, 2016

    Ciara is gonna do just fine. She knows what’s up!

  17. Rihboy August 1, 2016

    Home to Alicia and John legend? She will fall deeper into oblivion.

  18. Nicole Slaysinger #I hate that piece of s*** chris brown August 1, 2016

    I don’t care that she’s a flop, but the girl cannot sing! New management can’t do anything about that now can they? If she at least made good music and not a bunch of pop-ish or hoodrat songs on every album now.

    But cici ain’t got a vocal in her body!

    Even scary Killsong sings better than her!

  19. Lake Erie August 1, 2016

    My girl ain’t playing NO GAMES!! CiCi Gains!!!! She definitely has the haters pressed I see as usual smh.. And they can STAY MAD like usual… ✌

  20. 4everBrandy_Ci August 1, 2016

    Okay Ciara! I’m READY for you to slay!!!!!! Let these miserable naysayers keep bird chirping! Get them upset because at the end of the day she’s thriving!

  21. Danzou August 1, 2016

    I love ha but I’m not about to be delusional. She needs to bring it visually. Remember when ride came out? The world loved it. It was controversial, it was edgy, and it was something that girls weren’t doing at the time. Fast forward to 2016 and rihanna is literally performing with her boobs out.

    • The Legend Called Missy Elliott August 1, 2016

      Be quiet s*** stain.

  22. Danzou August 1, 2016

    Ci needs to get on the studio with certified hit makers and stop trying to prove that she can sing. She needs to consider having stellar visuals with choreography that won’t compromise her vocals. If Beyoncé or rihanna was dancing half as well as Ciara they’d be out of breath too. She did really good at the bet awards with body party but she should’ve performed at the mtv awards too. She was nominated that year. I just don’t get her management sometimes.

    • The Legend Called Missy Elliott August 1, 2016

      Who asked you with yo p*** flavor breath!

      • Zyon August 1, 2016

        who in fresh hell are you talking to? because I know for damn sure you not talking to me let’s clear this up right here right now don’t get too comfortable sitting behind a computer talking s***

  23. Bitchpleaseeee August 1, 2016

    Ciara should just get some superdupa hit makers that’s all. Management is just an attachment ……??

  24. 4everBrandy_Ci August 1, 2016

    She’s a great chance to redeem and have a successful album plus era. Ciara can work with whoever sees her musically. There has to be chemistry and I don’t mind she works with underground producers. The thing with Ciara is the unnecessary hate and bias towards her is the ISSUE. However I think she needs to work with people that can CREATE magic and innovative stuff. Instead of her following the trend she needs to capitalize herself and SET her apart from other artists. This will give her enough time to analyze her promotion strategy and develop more artistry. As of now she’s working on this new album and I’m tired of the TIRED excuses from people that don’t support her when they obviously know well enough that Ciara is going to do what she wants. This management team needs to get it right and give her every outlet she needs in order to thrive. I’m here for you CiCi!!!! #C-SQUAD

  25. Mark111 /.\ August 1, 2016

    SMH, well I mean you do need a team. I don’t think she had one in years. And yea, she was clearly dropped, TWICE. They say she’s a top model, but what does she model? What covers other than a shoe mag has she covered so far?

    • Zyon August 2, 2016

      She brand ambassador to gucci,Cavalli,Givenchy,Ralph Lauren and possibly working with Stuart Weitzman

    • MEand you August 2, 2016

      hahaha you’re coming for her but don’t know s***!!! why are Ciara haters so LOUD – and no nothing about her??

      • Zyon August 2, 2016

        you better preach like how you don’t know nothing about the person or the situation but yet you speaking on it and speaking it on it so negatively ?

  26. ow Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely Ukuyikiji August 1, 2016

    Good for her

  27. Andres August 2, 2016

    Some ppl need to grow some f***** balls. If you dont like the artist keep on moving no need to shade or bring others down. That is whats wrong with the rnb and hiphop community always comparing and dissing each other. Anywayz i live ciara and all she do. To me she is talented and one of the best that music has. Go cici!

  28. Ciah’s Turtle August 2, 2016

    For one thing..the girl is STUNNING !

  29. Jasmine August 25, 2016

    Her music career is done! I’m not hating, just being real. Ciara is now pushing 31 years old and the new generation does not remember her hit records (which were made over a decade ago 2004 – 2005). She is seen now as a 31 year old new artist and that does not work. Her track record of flop after flop releases makes record labels not want to sign her. Yes, she can get a record deal at a small label but it will very likely be a 360 deal. Her best bet is to open a dance studio or become a choreographer for other artists because outside of dancing her talent clearly lacks (singing, youthful modeling, etc). It is too bad she did not make more hits when she was younger because now it is too late.

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