Mariah Carey Spills On New Album / Says Original Concept Was Stolen

Published: Thursday 4th Aug 2016 by Sam

When an act ascends to the levels of success Mariah Carey has, anticipation greets every release. Regardless of the performance of previous projects.

Such is the case for the diva, who is currently cooking up the follow-up to 2014’s ‘Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse.’

That project tanked terribly on the charts, yet hasn’t quelled excitement for new Mimi.

During an interview to promote new E! docu-series ‘Mariah’s World,’ the 46-year-old opened up about the as yet untitled LP.

Here’s what she had to say…

On Her New Album:

“I’m taking a different approach with this record because I’m not holding myself to the studio like, ‘I’m making this album top to bottom.’ People don’t really do that anymore. Right now I’m writing and recording and collaborating, and then we’ll see what the best of the best is.

On Why She’s Remaining Mum On Its Concept:

“It’s a secret because then everybody steals the concept. I’m serious, it just happened to me like two months ago. I don’t want to go into it because then I’m gonna be shady.”


Peg us pessimists, but we’re kinda doubtful of this “everyone steals from me” spiel. It sounds like a useful excuse to draw on to explain why recent projects haven’t caught on. Almost as if she’s saying she was either a) forced to scrap a “daring, edgy” concept because someone snatched it or b) proceeded with it but came across like a follower because someone beat her to it.

Not buying it.

Still, we’re amped to hear what she’s been baking in the lab. Her new approach to recording, which is undoubtedly a by-product of her Vegas and TV schedule, is interesting. She’s always taken pride in locking herself away in the studio and piecing together albums in their entirety. A practice which has successfully produced quality bodies of work – including some that were wrongfully snubbed by the charts.

That said, freshness is what she needs. Hence, perhaps the alternate angle taken to mould this album will work in her favor. For, sometimes, pausing and resuming can provide the type of perspective and reflection needed to determine what will work and what won’t.

Though a release window is unknown, Mariah’s new album will arrive via LA Reid’s Epic Records. Producers on-board include Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox, and Johnta Austin.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mark111 August 4, 2016

    My god S A M can write on about completely nothing. Looking forward to it. Oh and we know who she’s talking about and that album did release two months ago.

    • Credits August 4, 2016

      if you apparently know who she is talking about, bring on the facts and the receipts….

      • Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) August 4, 2016

        ignore that serial child swallower, he’s constantly pressed over me

      • Mc9 August 4, 2016

        Am I the only one that thinks Mariah should pay her sisters medical bills, rather than run around in ill-fitting underwear? ?

    • LISA LEVINE August 4, 2016

      THE CHANTEUSE CD WAS full of great songs (FADED, Make it look good, Camu) – should be a crime that Faded was not promoted or released and she ignores the song.

    • maurice August 4, 2016

      talking about Beyonce of course.
      Stole “HALO” from Leona Lewis, stole from Lady Gaga, stole from Ciara (in her prime), now stealing from Mariah.
      Tut tut.

      • Fact August 4, 2016

        I doubt she is talking about beyonce. Mariah speaks very highly of her and gives no shady remarks. We all know if Beyince was stealing from Mariah, there would be obvious shade when Bey name is mention. Let’s not start

      • mc4bey August 4, 2016

        You make no sense. If Beyonce stole from Mariah then, why is she still the artist Mariah claims to wish to collaborate with the most? Why did they take that picture together shortly after lemonade dropped? By the way Lemonade dropped in April. We’re now in August. Let’s do the math guys.

      • Mariah Carey August 4, 2016

        I’m keeping quiet about who the thief is dahhling but it wasn’t Beyoncé. She’s fantastic.

      • Annalise August 4, 2016

        Check yo facts before you open up that beefsucker! Here’s the direct quote from Ryan who wrote the song!


        “There was this huge scandal that originally “Halo” was meant to go to Leona. That was never the case … That song was written for Beyoncé. What happened was that Beyoncé waited long enough to record that song … I thought this would be a brilliant first single for Leona, which it would have … What I did was foolishly say to Leona’s camp, “I have it on hold for another A-list artist and I’m pretty sure they’ll take it, but if they don’t, I just want to know if you like it enough to consider it”. I sent it to them and they flipped on it. They loved it and instantly said they wanted to do it. I was like, “Wait, wait, wait, no, it’s not free yet!”

        1) Halo belonged to Ryan Tedder, who shopped the song the artist who could make it the most successful – and clearly Leona lewis couldn’t do anything for the song since she’s now stuck on broadway, even after being called the UK Mariah
        2) Beyonce has never stole a damn thing from Gagz or HeHE. Why would she need anything from those two MEN

    • Nicole SlaySinger > fleaonce >>>> r****** August 4, 2016


    • Grande the Way August 4, 2016

      For someone who doesn’t like Ariana you sure do manage to keep up to date on her lol! She began recording that album back in 2014 and we all know Mariah would never attempt to do an album like Dangerous Woman. But I’ll wait for receipts

    • Lake Erie August 4, 2016

      Lmao! !!!! Yes! !! I said the same thing after reading all of that like: Man ,he is looking too deep into this… lol.

  2. Theman August 4, 2016

    Sam shut up. What you wrote has no validity to what she’s talking about. Furthermore, you don’t have to buy it’s not for you to. Projects? You mean one album. It’s funny how literally every chick you write about flops multiple ones with far less albums. But you try to spin it. What part don’t you understand? Mariah is the best selling women’s singer/songwriter period. Get tf outta here with this stupid shyt. Everytime you write about her you start ranting about. Carry your sour a** somewhere..

  3. Theman August 4, 2016

    His write up was very pointless. No ones buying your post either. It’s a load of crap..

  4. Janyoncé Turner August 4, 2016

    Sam is getting scalped in comments section. #sips

  5. Janyoncé Turner August 4, 2016

    Sam has some credibility here but went too unnecessarily deep in his point just to rile up the Lambily (and the losers like the C-Squad to call Mariah “Moo” or something lame and tired like their leader).

    • #JACKIE August 4, 2016

      Ciara stays on your mind faaaggot.

      • OMG Logic!!! August 4, 2016

        Judging by her sales, C-Error isn’t on anyone’s mind these days.

      • Janyoncé Turner August 4, 2016

        And that’s why your name is OMG Logic. Forgive your lessor #JACKD

  6. Janyoncé Turner August 4, 2016

    Mariah’s problem as an artist today is that she has been dumbing herself down lyrically and in collaborations. A premium talent like her should not collaborate with just anybody – French Montana, Meek Mill, etc. Also, we the buying public want her to sang…that’s why Adele has been the ultimate wig snatcher these days.

    • MusicFan103 August 4, 2016

      That is what I have been saying since her albums post ‘Mimi.’

      Like I liked “Ribbon” remix and “Up Out My Face,” but come on a voice like her should not be singing like she is under 20 years old lyrically. Same thing for “Infinity” and was it called “You’re Mine (Eternal).”

      I want her to win, but she is going to need great big mid tempos and ballads in the vein of her 90s music. With a dash of “WBT.”

  7. LISA LEVINE August 4, 2016

    Ladies, gays, others – Sam is a typical gay man. Wishy-washy, one second he likes these women and the next minute he hates them. Typical.

    • Janyoncé Turner August 4, 2016

      Shut your gay-bashing a** up. His sexuality has nothing to do with his penchant to start Stan wars (I mean, write his opinions).

      • LISA LEVINE August 4, 2016

        do not EVER address me tranny. go play in traffic — blindfolded.

  8. Fancy BISH August 4, 2016

    OK Sam, you being EXTRA with this post! Mariah’s style and concepts have been stolen and borrowed by many of her contemporaries! Miss Jennifer Lopez has a WELL DOCUMENTED history of borrowing concepts and has stolen from Mariah! Miss Ariana has kept an eye on everything Mariah! Katy Perry loves the Rainbow era, obviously! People take from Mariah like she’s craft service!
    “This one is dedicated to you my lovely lady,” Perry said of Mariah Carey. “You paved the way for so many of us.” -Katy Perry

    • MusicFan103 August 4, 2016

      Oh stop! (…& get a life!)

      Katy Perry and Ariana Grande are not stealing from MC. They are inspired by her music from the 90s. Nobody is stealing MC music in the 2010s AT ALL.

      And for the last time, Jennifer Lopez did not steal music from her. Perhaps Tommy Motolla and her producers did, but she did not steal music. Blame the record execs.

      • Fancy BISH August 4, 2016

        Do you know what ‘borrowing concepts’ means? lol, I didn’t say Katy and Ariana stole anything! AND CHILE PLEASE, it’s WELL DOCUMENTED about Jennifer Lopez…homegirl was in her late twenties when she entered the music business, so let’s not lol…Miss Lopez is TOO GROWN for it to happen SO MANY TIMES…I’ll let the Chante Moore thing slide about If You Had My Love cause Jennifer was new to the industry…AND WHO IS YOU? lol, Mariah JUST SAID someone stole her concept 2 months ago! IT’S 2016 BOO BOO! lol, I think I’ll believe Mariah over YOU.
        “Mariah Carey called us to license a sample from “Firecracker” first. Then, within a month, Jennifer Lopez also called for it.” The publisher of “Firecracker” also pointed out that the composition, by Martin Denny, had never been sampled before Mariah Carey called about it. -WELL DOCUMENTED lol
        AND not only did Jennifer steal from Mariah for the album version of I’m Real, da HOEE goes and steals the REMIX version concept from Mariah darling…TWO for the price of ONE.

    • Grande the Way August 4, 2016

      Ariana has not done anything similar to Mariah musically since her debut album three years ago and Katy is reaching. Their music sounds nothing alike.

  9. Lea August 4, 2016

    Gul bye with these lame write ups. You should really explore new topics here at TGJ besides this usual troll bait s*** u been cooking up for years. Its really tired and you and ya staff starting to look thirsty! ☕

  10. OMG Logic!!! August 4, 2016

    How on Earth did Sam extrapolate that ridiculous write up from her quote? To say he’s reaching would be an understatement. Work on your reading comprehension girl unless you’re just being a generic Queen with the hating. In that case, STOP. It’s tacky.

    • Janyoncé Turner August 4, 2016

      You better use those Mariah collegiate words like “extrapolate.” You already got the Z-Squad, Barelyanators, Barfs and Dummy Lovato stans googling up the word.

  11. #JACKIE August 4, 2016

    She’s gonna be oinking and mooing all over this album. I can’t wait!

    • Janyoncé Turner August 4, 2016

      Predictable (and lame) comment as always from #JACKME. Sis, how well did Ciara’s last four albums sell? Wasn’t the last one titled Me, I Am CiCi, The Colossal Flop?

      • #JACKIE August 4, 2016

        You bore me…..
        Where’s RihNavy? At least he’ll give me a good drag session every now and then. ?

      • Janyoncé Turner August 4, 2016

        If you are so bored, why respond? My scalped has you shook. That’s why you can’t ignore me. I expose your bloody skin, girl. Deal.

    • Fancy BISH August 4, 2016


      • Annalise August 4, 2016


    • Nicole SlaySinger > fleaonce >>>> r****** August 4, 2016

      And what will ciara be doing?

    • Terny August 4, 2016

      Too bad NoOne even checks for Crapara’s neighing & stumping wiv those HUGE feet of hers.. Ki.. Thus her whole flop discography 2004 – 2016 10+yrs of Non relenting FLOPPAGE! ??????

  12. MusicFan103 August 4, 2016

    I want for MC to have another return to prominence era like ‘TEOM’ was for her in 2005.

    All she needs to do is release timeless music and stay away from juvenile-esc sounding music for the lambs only. She needs to attract fans who grew up with her music from 90s till now AND the GP!

    She has it in her. Just stay without the lyrics like “Ribbon” and “Up Out My Face,” and then songs need to be simple a good, not everywhere like “Infinity” musically was.

    You can do it MC, lets see it happen! And ale release singles, perhaps an album next year.

    • Nicole SlaySinger > fleaonce >>>> r****** August 4, 2016

      Thank The-Dream and Tricky for those cheesy lyrics.

      “And we can catch up, like tomato”

      Dream is a good producer usually but his lyrics are very questionable!

    • LmfaoHoe August 4, 2016

      Yess and she can do it cause Adele is proof of it (quality substance). Mimi need to limit her features too with the rappers it’s becoming annoying tho I’ll love a feature with Kendrick Lamar or J Cole. I would like some jazz material or cover along with a Daydream, Butterfly, and Music Box type materials.

  13. Justafan August 4, 2016

    Um hello? Anyone home? Have you heard of J.Lo aka the song theif?

  14. Pressed Lambs 4 Breakfast August 4, 2016

    Team SAM on this one..

    Everything she/he said is TRUE tea and the lambs cannot deal.

    The problem with Mariah and her fans is that they never face reality. They pound their chests with pride about all her stats always failing to confront her status in today’s charts. Aka not having one.

    It’d be one thing if she were like Celine who is more sporadic with her releases and embraces her legend status gracefully. But Mariah is still chasing hits and chasing with this tacky show she’s doing for E tv.

    She has loads of reasons to feel superior than a lot of girls because she IS. But this whole vibe of being ahead of the pack and everyone watching what she’s doing to bite it is bull.

    Let’s be real, she’s implying either Ariana or Beyonce. Two names at the top of their lane who I’m sorry are just not looking at modern day Mariah for inspiration.

    I’m navy so pretty much hate sPam, but this analysis of Mariah is spot the f*** on

    • Terny August 4, 2016

      Yet ur username gives u away as jst anothr miserable troll tryna pass off his opinions as facts… Sit down & shut up those probosis!… Sit!_/ ??

  15. HillaryClintonStan August 4, 2016

    Her voice is flatter than her ass so the album is going to flop!

  16. Theman August 4, 2016

    Ariana’s latest song is literally paraphrasing a Mariah song, so you’ve failed. All of Mariah’s music appeals to both of them. You aren’t them. So you really can’t speak on that. Furthermore, Mariah just needs fresh music & a fresh sound. Boring ballads. Nah…. Radio is another thing. It barely plays r&b. Releasing fun songs doesn’t mean that the music is subpar. She is a qualitative legit artist altogether. She’s not a niche singer.

    • Grande the Way August 4, 2016

      You are reaching for the stars to claim Into You is paraphrasing any Mariah song for containing the three words “touch my body” as if they haven’t been used in multiple pop songs. But that’s typical of Lambs

  17. Theman August 4, 2016

    Also, Celine and Mariah are two different artists, as is Beyonce & Rihanna. Mariah appeals to a wider demo. And the style of her music is way different from Celine’s. It’s apples and oranges. And how is she chasing hits? Maybe that’s the music that she likes. Stop trying to box these artists in. So actually Sam is wrong.

    • Pressed Lambs 4 Breakfast August 4, 2016

      Sorry but @TheMan, you are pressed like yesterday’s laundry.

      Used to think beyhive were too much, but the lambs are something else. What is Mariah feed y’all? It’s not hits anymore. That’s for sure

  18. Fact August 4, 2016

    Funny how you say “not buying it”
    When folks actually do steal music. Look up Chante Moore talking about how P Diddy just took a song from her and used it for JLo. *sips tea*

  19. Anastasia Beaverhousen August 4, 2016

    Mariah is already a legend with a proven record of quality records and sales. She doesn’t need tutorials from anyone.

    Do you Mimi. I can’t wait to hear the new material, dahhling!!!

  20. Nicole SlaySinger > fleaonce >>>> r****** August 4, 2016

    This album better be good. Her worst album was that pile of trash memoirs. Usually I like Dream and Tricky but I don’t know wtf they were doing with Mariah and her vocals on that album. It’s like Dream was trying to make Mariah sound like the female version of him. And we all know Dream isn’t a great singer. Her last album was okay, but too much mike will and stuff. Mariah needs to stop being a trend follower. Somebody on her level doesn’t need to be working with the “hot” producers of today. Her and R. kelly need to stop with the hot producers/writers and just make real music were they write/produce themselves or with their original producers. And then there’s the features! Why the hell would Mariah feature somebody like Wale! Jeez! Her last three albums have all been like this.

    • Terny August 4, 2016

      Her last album “Chanteuse” had Mike-Will-Made-It on just ONE track which was “Faded” easily the backbone of that album… Get yo facts str8 sis…

  21. Yawn August 4, 2016

    Sam and his shady articles against Mariah are so old. Sam you should recuse yourself from writing about Mariah and Rhianna. You’re biased AF.

    • Truth August 4, 2016

      Maybe you should ‘recuse yourself’ from visiting *his* blog if his commentary is that bothersome. LOL@stans getting mad about what they CHOOSE to subject themselves to. Rihanna and Mariah idiot lemmings should know better than to come here at this point.

  22. DTG August 4, 2016

    Whatever the “concept” (LOL) is, it doesn’t matter…the album is still gonna flop. Mariah is a basic-cable hasbeen. Just accept your diminished status and move on to the next bottle of Vodka. Haha

    • DTG August 4, 2016

      Eminem ended Mariah’s career with “The Warning.”

      • LISA LEVINE August 4, 2016

        lies. lies. lies. Mariah Carey while older now, is still an Iconic Music Legend. She has sold 5x the amount of records that has-been rapper has. She is icon. Have some respect.

      • Avenger August 4, 2016

        She has not sold “5x more records” than Eminem. What’s more is that he’s more relevant today than she is, so you calling him a hasbeen is hilarious. If they both released new albums on the same day, I think we know whose would debut with higher sales and ultimately sell more. Here’s a hint: not her.

  23. Grande the Way August 4, 2016

    Lol so the only ones who bring up MC on Ariana posts are Lambs and the only ones who bring up Ariana on Mariah posts are….Lambs again. Further proving my point that Lambs are the only ones still comparing while everyone else has moved on lol

  24. Theman August 4, 2016

    No one is comparing anything. Just stating the obvious. No one compares to Mariah anyway.

  25. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch August 4, 2016


  26. Lake Erie August 4, 2016

    She is right! People really don’t record sparingly anymore. The last person I know who use to do that all the time was Janet Jackson. Her album “All for You” was recorded all over the world, not just in one studio, in one state. I do believe too that the surroundings of an area can have an influence on the music produced. We all know The producers overseas are different from the ones in the U.S and west coast, east coast, down south, etc are different too. But anyways after that, Janet pretty much banged out the rest of her albums in 6 to 9 months just going to the studio like mentioNed. And we see what Mariahs been up to too, she been all over the globe within the past year so I’m sure she’s ran into some ideas, producers, etc. I can’t wait. Hate or love Mariah but one thing she doesn’t disappoint on is delivering a masterpiece album. I also want to know this NEW concept thing she’s talking about too lol… Come through MiMi!!

  27. JOHNVIDAL August 4, 2016

    Oh Sam… LOL What the hell has Mariah Carey done now to deserve such essay? What is it exactly what you´re not buying? What a silly article. Seriously.

  28. Eldela August 4, 2016

    I can’t wait to NOT buy it.

  29. Jacob August 4, 2016

    I have feeling she’s talking about fantasias new album title.

    • Jacob August 4, 2016

      Prob a Title like The Definition of Mimi

  30. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 4, 2016

    Good for her

  31. True Lambily August 5, 2016

    Mariah could put out nursery rhymes on a album and I would buy it I JUST LOVE BEING A LAMB AND I LOVE HER!!

  32. Gabby August 6, 2016

    You’re so annoying, SAM. You’ve continued to talk down and shade Mariah for YEARS, yet you claim to be a “fan”. don’t you remember when J.Lo stole her music!??!?!? DONT BE DUMB!!!!!!!!

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