Zayn Malik Takes ‘GQ’

Published: Thursday 11th Aug 2016 by David

The Pakistani performer Zayn Malik teams up with ‘Gentleman’s Quarterly’ for a fresh shoot and promotional spread this month.

Why? To light the way for his forthcoming studio album and support its predecessor ‘Mind of Mine.’

Despite peaking at #1 on the Billboard 200, the set has been unable to live up to the commercial expectations placed on it by industry observers who’d hoped he’d inherit One Direction‘s unit-moving fanbase.

So, there’s no doubt that the pressure is on Malik to fare much better with his aforementioned sophomore set.

Will his time with ‘GQ’ help?



On his life away from One Direction he shared:

Im being very, like, blessed at the minute by God or whoever it is [lighter flick], fate or whatever, so um, there’s a lot of offers come our way at the minute with different things to do with fashion. And hopefully I get to get involved in all of them. I’d love to just continually have a presence, because I feel like it’s very heavily tied into music and the image and the fashion, and it’s all kind of one thing. So you kinda gotta be in there, I guess.

Wise words.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly #TheMostRelevantBitch August 11, 2016

    Fucccccccck.. ????

    • LISA LEVINE August 12, 2016

      Who does his make up? he looks flawless. Still think he’s a s Q**** as a Christopher Street T*****. Scared of live performances and crowds, he’s a SISSY. But he photographs beautifully. WHO DOES HIS MAKE UP AND EYEBROWS??? DO TELL

  2. Ty August 11, 2016

    He seems like he does things half-heartedly like he needs to push himself out there… Ain’t no reason why his not selling like his supposed to got the looks and voice just a dull ass personality and presence.

    • Mateo August 11, 2016

      PREEEEAAAACCCCHHHH! This boy is pretty and has a good voice but has absolutely no star power! Now we know why he was put into a band and wasn’t pushed as a solo artist. I’ve see. His performance and I’d rather watch grass grow lol

      • Anastasia Beaverhousen August 11, 2016

        Oh s***! LMAO!??

      • Fancy BISH August 11, 2016

        Chile, I am just SCREAMING!

  3. Wash yo mouth pls August 11, 2016

    Oh he making my būssy twitch

    • Bey&Rih August 11, 2016

      Sounds like you need to go to the STD clinic you nasty biish!!!

      • Jamie August 11, 2016

        Yasss. Read that triflin’ thang. A fuccckkin b****….nasty biiittttccchhh. I bet his nasty assss got all kinds of genital warts. Can’t even sit down behind his shitttttty asssss without having to take a trip to the doctor.

  4. orangeyougladIdidntsaybanana August 11, 2016

    This man can punch me in the face and I’d thank him ?

  5. keepit100 August 11, 2016

    he’s not selling because he’s not bringing anything new, or interesting into the game. We have Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, bruno mars, chris brown,(etc) all male vocalist that have trademarked the “im a cute guy who can sing” act. How about they develop his live vocals and turn him into a legend? he has the potential. A money hungry team won’t get him where he wants to be. he will end up bankrupt and owing his label millions on pointless promo.

  6. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? August 11, 2016

    I wish he could take me next.

  7. Mark111 /.\ August 11, 2016

    Remember when the haters were using his lil single to diss Rihanna’s Work? The boy’s a flop. Next!

  8. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? August 11, 2016

    I’m not hating or anything, but how the hell is he able to get all these high fashion magazine covers? Am I missing something? Love him, but who is he f****** between the sheets for all of this?

    • MusicFan103 August 12, 2016

      Right? Like I know Bieber made that bad boy image which hurt his potential to be running the covers and such but I almost would put him on my mags cover than Zayn since Z barely has merits to stand on, especially with only 1 hit single.

      Hell Bruno Mars in his off season, not releasing music seems like a better pick than Zayn since he is not doing much musically post “Pillowtalk.”

  9. #JACKIE August 11, 2016

    My hole is DRIPPING WET!!!

    • Jamie August 11, 2016

      No yo dry walls having azzz aint. You ain’t been wet since you nutted Cedric through your urethra.

  10. B_Roni August 11, 2016

    I wish him all the success but this makes me wonder what those contracts consist of. I wish Travis garland would blow up. He has the voice and the looks and the personality.

    • shenellica juneann bettencourt August 12, 2016

      I kinda agree but the thing with Travis is that he sounds too much like Justin Timberlake (although Travis is a better singer)

      With Zayn, i think the sale issues are due to the fact his fan base was so young and the music was a big jump in mature lyric and sound, if he had gone a more friendly poppy sound like Justin or Justin he may have faired much better but instead he went for a more Miguel & Weekend that means he has ti build a new fanbase.
      I respect him for staying true to himself music wise and hope that the second album is as good as the first

  11. ow Reddish tran ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuyiji August 11, 2016

    His girlfriend giving Hadid probably help him out with the style

  12. MusicFan103 August 12, 2016

    Im beyond sick of this SINGER having more magazine cover posts than live performance or music videos and such related to his music career. This dude is not capable of being a solo artist.

    He doesn’t have the drive or passion. Almost like he just wants fame.

  13. Grapejuice fan August 12, 2016

    Where are the live performances ?

  14. Coolness August 12, 2016

    He’s gorgeous but this is one of his weaker shoots, imo. I guess I’m taken aback by heavily tattooed he is. Zayn became a global superstar as a part of 1D but his solo career has been moving rather slowly. Which is why I agree with other posters questioning how he’s been able to book these high-fashion magazine covers – so much so that he has more photoshoots than singles, videos and live performances. I wish She and Drunk could’ve been released and pushed as singles. Especially the latter because it has such a great summer vibe. I wish him the best with hopes that he conquers his anxiety with performing. The masses deserve to know how talented he is vocally.

  15. Truth August 12, 2016

    His solo outing has been an extremely underwhelming effort. They thought he’d be able to quickly cruise to the same height of solo fame that Timberlake/Beyonce did…but when most of your fans only care about using your face as fodder for their Tumblr blogs, you need to rethink your marketing approach.

    • DTG August 12, 2016

      Beyonce and JT were already stars before going solo. Zayn wasn’t. He’s closer to being a male version of Nicole Scherzinger than Beyonce.

      • StarXavi August 12, 2016

        I totally agree with this. Great looks. Great voice. But they are both missing something. For Zayn its his performance and ability to move and encapture an audience. For Nicole it comes down to product imo. She slays vocally, dances well, and is so beautiful but the choices she makes musically are always questionable.

  16. IloveD August 12, 2016

    If he took his music career her more Seroiusly he would have been as big as Justin , but he just doesn’t want it. I think Harry styles will be the beyonce of the group

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