Watch: Usher Dishes On Album Sales & More On ‘The Breakfast Club’

Published: Monday 19th Sep 2016 by Sam

Usher‘s new album is receiving love from reviewers, but is proving ‘Hard II Love’ for consumers.

In a bid to turn the tide, the singer stopped by The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 today to chat about a whole host of topics.

Indeed, the ‘No Limit’ crooner dished on how his new project is for his R&B audience and how he’s not seeking crossover hits. He also waxed honest on whether he feels he’s appreciated, album sales, his new star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and more.

Watch the insightful interview after the jump…

On album sales specifically, he asserted that they are – in general – not what they once were. And how numbers don’t directly relay who is relevant and who isn’t. Because, per his estimation, there are artists that aren’t selling by the bucketload who are very relevant, while there are names that are selling that aren’t relevant. Interesting stance.

Peep the full sit-down here…

Here’s hoping he continues the promo. ‘Hard II Love’ is a solid album and could benefit from a consistent push.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Sharp September 19, 2016

    Yeah…don’t buy it

    • tyana Jones September 20, 2016

      All comments on YouTube all usher so dumb but he is legend of 1994 to 2004 years it’s glory days are over now shut f*** up usher fans facts that Chris Brown far more better arist then usher right thing after 2005 came over Chris Brown took usher fans over Chris but older of usher still remains there to stay.

      • AmbeRussell September 20, 2016

        but chris brown has yet to sell as much as usher. if chris took usher’s fans, then why are usher album sales so high? raymond vs raymond sold more than graffiti and fame combined. also, looking for myself sold moe than fortune, x and royalty.

      • StarXavi September 20, 2016

        Stay in school. Reading your comment is giving me a headache. Punctuation marks…heard of them?

  2. Cocoa September 19, 2016

    So ugh everyone’s doing a 15yrs later piece on glitter and Mariah going cray cray, y’all gon’ do one?

  3. Fancy BISH September 19, 2016

    LOVE Usher and that velvety smooth VOICE…he’s just gonna have to find material that lives up to the standards of his beautiful voice!

  4. Bitchpleaseeee September 19, 2016

    Have they actually got their personalised dolls in the studio??? ?????

  5. Random September 19, 2016

    Like really! I’m so over artist and this preorder mess!! Who the hell drops a single for an album that doesn’t come out until late November?! Release everything when it’s ready. We live in a now generation! People hating waiting. When they have to wait they lose interest and look else where.

  6. SMH September 19, 2016

    I’m glad it flopped. I’m sick on him.

  7. Paulo September 19, 2016

    ok I didn’t even hit play and I’m already looking at him sideways… if you’re not seeking crossover hits then why did you release two amazing songs then sat on your ass for over a year and rehauled the whole project? keep it real!

    • S September 20, 2016

      Well maybe you should press play then. He said he had a lot of other songs that he is going to release but didn’t put on the album because it didnt go with the hard II love theme.also he recently did another interview that explains a lot more about why he stopped.

  8. UMo September 20, 2016

    I don’t see what’s so “interesting” about that stance. Sounds like a bunch of nonsense and rationalizing TBH. Usher can’t be okay with these very bad numbers, and neither can his record label. How much touring will he have to do for them to recoup the recording and promotion costs? Probably a lot. We all know that albums don’t sell like they used to and no one expects him do sell like he did 15 years ago, but Usher should have built up enough clout and name value to be one of the *few* who can still do a million. Instead, he’s in the same boat as fckn K. Michelle and Nick Jonas. What’s THAT? And there is no such thing as selling albums and not being relevant.

    • Yeah man September 20, 2016

      Relaz. All albums have certified since 1994. Yall tripping over this album 1st week sales. C’mon down he is allowed one slip up. Lets not act like he has not sustained for 20 years. Still sells out arenas. Like they could release a deluxe and be fine. This was just a bad promo rollout. Yall act like he Ciara smh. He still very successful compared 95% of his counterparts

  9. Queen shade September 20, 2016

    We all remember confessions ….. his music had emotion and had connection….. how the hell do we connect w the ghetto D? And Master P? I’m sorry but this generation doesn’t even know who that is ……

    Hard to love because he releases radio friendly one hit wonder hits lately

    Miss the old usher

    • S September 20, 2016

      Was yeah full of emotion? Of course not it was just a catchy song for the radio. It had nothing to do with the rest of the album.same thing goes for no limit.

  10. UR September 20, 2016

    I love the fact that, regardless of whatever situation, you would always see him smiling. Personally, I don’t really care about any of his album sales or, now recently, lack thereof. I just need him to continue making music. I do wish him well though.

  11. Nowqd Reddibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 23, 2016

    Nice interview

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