Destiny’s Child Incite Reunion Rumors With Newly Activated Instagram Page

Published: Friday 28th Oct 2016 by Rashad

Destiny’s Child fans are still in a frenzy after learning the ladies of the Grammy-winning group can now boast ownership of an Instagram account…a verified Instagram account.

That’s right, an announcement lent to the trio’s official Twitter page got social media detectives snooping and putting together clues, clues that are leading some to believe a reunion is on the horizon…

In November 1997, Destiny’s Child burst onto the scene with their inaugural hit ‘No, No, No.’  Many fans are assuming the ladies – Kelly Rowland, Beyonce, and Michelle Williams – are set to commemorate their 20th anniversary with a reunion (tour, new album, greatest hits package, etc.) of some sort.


And, while we await official news, Twitter is still wasting no time getting excited about whatever announcement (if any) is forthcoming:

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  1. Kiii October 28, 2016

    They better not be playing us. I love DC, I still listen to Writings on the Wall

    • ? October 28, 2016

      Destiny’s Child should drop Michelle and bring Letoya back ??

      • Paulo October 28, 2016

        they don’t need to drop Michelle to have LeToya back, hun. they can make it 4-part harmony again and it would be SICKENING

      • Jamie October 28, 2016

        Like how you drop your pants and arch your back?

      • #JACKIE October 28, 2016

        Umm what about LaTavia?

      • Anna October 28, 2016

        Let it go b***** and worry about why Tboz and Chilli stole your coins and still ain’t give yo no album.

      • INAMAD October 28, 2016

        Orrrrrrrrr How about they keep Michelle because they reached their PEAK with her and add the original members and make it a super reunion. Y’all really act like Michelle didn’t have the best parts of their songs when she had a chance to lead. ?

    • tonio October 28, 2016

      Idk y I feel like Mathew is behind this account. I know if it was them they’d surprise us with new pics at least!

    • BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN October 28, 2016

      I’ll be really excited if all five of them are involved Kelly, Beyoncé, Michelle, Latoya and Latavia.

  2. 4everbrandystan October 28, 2016

    They better let the vocal bible BRANDY be a special guest. Since brandy was way bigger than them in the late 90’s and can still outsold all 3

    • 4everbrandystan October 28, 2016

      OUTSING *

    • LYU October 28, 2016

      No shade, but Brandy can’t even out sing Miley Cyrus. Besides, there’s a no flop policy. I heard you’re only invited if you have a certification this decade. Sorry.

      • Paul jr October 28, 2016

        You tried it ! Brandy is your favorite singers favorite singer! She is also the Vocal Bible ! She because she doesn’t have a ” certification ” this decade doesn’t mean anything. She has had an amazing career accomplishing various feats. Stop trying to discredit one of the best vocalist of our/her/your/their time. You mad because you don’t have a career worth mentioning. #chylebye

      • LYU October 28, 2016

        LOL,Girl bye! First of all, you don’t know me, so keep your projecting to yourself. Second of all, she’s only the vocal bible “LOL I laugh at that every time” to her fans, and only her fans. Stay pressed and delusional,
        like your fav.

      • Boosie October 28, 2016

        So Kelly & Michelle are not invited? And you think that Miley Cyrus can outsing Brandy! You must be on the committee.

        I do not like this article because it excludes the original members, and however which way you look at it The Writings on the Wall is the album that broke them into the mainstream and LeToyas and LaTavias vocals and writing credits remain all over it no matter how much of Michelle and Farrah appear in the say my name video, let’s also not forget that although Frarrah was sacked she sang on Independent Woman. Personally the best Destinys Child albums are the debut, TWOTW and destiny’ fulfilled

      • Rexy Hyppo October 29, 2016

        Thiz pple are crazy nd bored how the hel miley cyrus got involved,

      • TeamKeysh October 29, 2016

        Brandy can absolutely outsing Miley Cyrus. Fact over opinion please…. Carry on.

    • #ispeakfacts October 28, 2016


      Brandy shady ugly ass! In the words of Beyonce “Boy Bye!”

      • Boosie October 29, 2016

        You have to use the words of others? Can’t find your own

  3. Beyonce slays October 28, 2016

    Beyonce has did it all….it gets no bigger then stadium tours…so she has accomplished it all….and she did say, they would reunite once they are married with babies…and they do have unfished business..sooooo this is what the kids has been cravin…
    And it’s about to be mayhem if true!!!

    • Beyonce slays October 28, 2016

      I feel sorry 4 tlc

      • Chris October 28, 2016

        Why? Even if their new album tanks and DC does do an album and it does well.. TLC will still be the best selling American girl group ever. Have you forgotten how many albums csc sold?? They’re at the top of the girl group pyramid next to the supremes for a reason

    • Lea October 28, 2016

      *Has done it all. And your statement is false.

  4. The kpop guy, Matt ~ October 28, 2016

    I am HERE for it!

  5. HailLegendBeysus October 28, 2016

    Let these woman show the children how a girl group should be performing and harmonizing! If they tour! Thr slayage will be real! But idk what to think. First the rumours abouy her and Jays joint album and another stadium tour, now this (if DC is reuniting). She just has too much going on. She needs to slow down and get rest before she falls out on stage like Slaveanna ?!

    • Paulo October 28, 2016

      “Let these woman show the children how a girl group should be performing and harmonizing!” now now now… I’m the biggest DC stan you’ll ever meet but for that to happen, Kelly and Michelle will have to stop lipsynching to LeToya and LaTavia’s old backing tracks and try to live up to Bey’s brand of snatch.

    • Boosie October 28, 2016

      If they’re looking for harmonious vocals they can look to EnVogue, Xscape, Brownstone

  6. Indie October 28, 2016

    This has left me BALD!!!!! Im about that DC3 life ‘Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly its time for take off”

  7. XYZ October 28, 2016

    As long as it won’t be the Beyonce-Show again. I’m here for another destiny fulfilled, where every girl can shine. That album was so damn good

    • #ispeakfacts October 28, 2016


      I agree! I’m all 4 it but if it’s all Bey then im not interested! Just like I said months back on here Im done with these Beyonce tours unless its a Destinys Child tour! I’m looking forward to Kelly Rowlands solo music and tour b4 any DC reunion she promised it to fans!

      • BEY>RIH October 28, 2016

        You can be done with her tours if you want, but you will be missing out….

  8. Bitchpleaseeee October 28, 2016

    I love DC I unconditionally ❤️?????????

  9. Lea October 28, 2016

    Without Matthew Kelly can finally show the world who’s the better vocalist!

    • SdotB October 28, 2016

      Kelly couldn’t even show she’s a better vocalist on her solo work. Chile bye

      • #ispeakfacts October 28, 2016


        Kelly’s solo projects have been low key better then some of Beys albums sweetie! Kelly always had the better tone in DC Bey had the stronger voice & Michelle had the most unique! Just bcuz Bey is more popular and have had more mainstream success out of the 3 doesn’t mean Kelly can’t sing! She has a beautiful sultry tone and sound that is really beautiful! She may not be the better technical singer as Bey but Kelly can sing! If u are a true DC fan and not just a Beyonce fan you know this already!

  10. King B October 28, 2016

    DC new album>>>>Joint album
    The question is, is she going to treat DC album like she did with her solo album? Like release the single without a proper release… Her single release are so messy, not even an artwork, no announcement either.

    • SdotB October 28, 2016

      That would never happen as long as Beyoncé’s name is attached to it. Honestly, the DC name itself would sell on its own.

  11. King B October 28, 2016

    I would love TLC, Spice Girls and DC to release an album. And then I will laugh at all the claims saying Spice Girls and TLC are the biggest girl group ever. By looking at their Spotify monthly plays, I guess no.

    • ? October 28, 2016

      Well the official numbers tell a different story so just move along and stop being a pressed bitter f*****

    • Chris October 28, 2016

      Streams have nothing to do with actual album sales which are actually relevant. TLC is still the best selling American girl group ever and the best selling African American Girl Group ever and the spice girls are still the best world wide and you can deal

    • TurkeyNoodleSavage October 28, 2016

      Here the kids go mentioning TLC … smh ! why must you ignorant individuals continue to be messy ? TLC releasing a new album is BIG news and so is this . Let BOTH groups be successful and stop comparing you f*ckin c*** .

    • Boosie October 28, 2016

      What you want to be and what is are two different things. Didn’t you see the chart flashback where Ciara was number one with goodies and lose my breath was lower and never topped the charts.
      Regardless how times have changed someone’s legacy is still their legacy.

  12. Del October 28, 2016

    if they are planning something for their reunion next year, I’m here for it. I’m kinda more interested in a dc3 reunion cd than a jay & bey joint cd (even though I will definitely buy the joint album).

  13. ya October 28, 2016

    they need 2 bring LeToya and LaTavia back as well

    • Boosie October 28, 2016

      It’s true, it would be so much like dream girls.

  14. J October 28, 2016

    I’m not supporting if Letoya and Latavia cant come back. If Bobby & Flo could come back to their groups then they can too. Bey has shouted praise to them girls on MTV & her tours. L&L were a head of the curve firing Matthew. They saw his sneaky ways. Funny how Bey & Kelly fired him years later. L&L was done wrong. The Writings on the Wall is their most successful album. Their vocals are still on the Say my name mastered recordings. It is not exciting with just Michelle. Nor Beyonce hogging the spotlight.

    • #ispeakfacts October 28, 2016

      @J Says

      DC became iconic with 3 members! Their are 3 names on the hollywood walk a fame and will go down as iconic and that is Beyonce Kelly & Michelle! Most white DC fans don’t even remember Letoya & Latavia being apart of DC! The original 4 only did 1 album. They don’t deserve to perform an entire concert with Kelly Bey & Chelle when they weren’t there! Maybe make an appearance at the end of the tour performing an old song but that’s it!

      • Paulo October 28, 2016

        sit your dumb ass down. the ‘facts’ are that they recorded TWO albums as a quarter, which garnered TWO #1 hits and TWO Grammys and that THE BREAK-UP BUZZ is what truly propelled DC to a different league from the other groups around that time. these ‘white fans’ you talk about probably wouldn’t remember who Michelle is in 2016 so who gives a f*** what their bandwagoning asses think?

      • Danny Beys October 28, 2016

        And Michelle helped them also get two #1 hits and the biggest first week for any girl group and also a Grammy. DC3 is the Destinys Child we know and love. Everyone says “Poor Michelle” but everyone knows who Michelle is versus LeToya and LaTavia.

      • Boosie October 28, 2016

        So, because white people dont remember 4 than that makes them not relevant?
        Most white people dont know about slavery so I guess that didn’t resist either?
        Your comment is beyond foolish.

      • #ispeakfacts October 28, 2016


        Uhhhh…. u sound stupid asf! No matter what you say Beyonce and Kelly would never agree to that! Letoya & Latavia will never be on their album or stage/tour unless its them performing No No No, Bills Bills Bills or bugaboo! The rest of DC music is all Kelly Bey & Chelle! Even though Michelle wasnt featured on DC 2nd album she became a member of DC that album when they released say my name. I personally believe DC wouldn’t have been as big as they became with the 4 original members!

      • Paulo October 28, 2016

        only ‘stupid’ person here is you tryna get your ludicrous biased inaccurate 2 cents in here seem like “facts” and backtracking fast to “I personally…” the matter is regardless of how I feel about this reunion and how it should go you are wrong and your argument is about as valid and relevant as Farah Franklin.

      • #ispeakfacts October 28, 2016


        Sweetie spin it however u like it… but I can guarantee you one thing and that is their will never be a DC reunion that will involve Letoya & Latavia being on an album & tour! Bey will never allow that s***! Kelly neither bcuz of Michelle! I can see them reuniting on a surprise video or performance but u r reaching when u speak about an album and tour! The girls ended DC in 2005 with 3 and has since performed with 3 since disbanding! If u look at their instagram u will only see 3 members! So stop lying to yourself & being in fukn denial! I like Letoya & Latavia but they are not apart of Destinys Child anymore!

  15. Paulo October 28, 2016

    I won’t believe it until I hear a new song by them but if it’s true… shiiit my poor edges – gone with the wind fabulous

  16. #ispeakfacts October 28, 2016

    Kelly has her solo music that is coming and is planning to tour for her fans next year. I don’t see a DC reunion in 2017 bcuz of that reason… If there is a reunion it’s probably planned for 2018! Kelly has her own makeup line coming and a book coming…

  17. Pat October 28, 2016

    Keep it unlesss LeToya n latavia come bk…latavia holds down that bass..n looks sickening still as well

  18. brazio October 28, 2016

    I thought DC burst on the scene as letoya.latavia.beyonce.kelly…this site is so shady remember they where a quartet. ..I need them all plus michelle…true destiny

    • Paulo October 28, 2016

      DC3 fans are so salty over L&L and I don’t even get why… they need to have several seats with Matthew all the way in the back and let all the DC ladies shine.

  19. King October 28, 2016

    Well to be honest I’m here for it but I think its too soon. I think they should wait 25 years and then release new music and tour. But I do believe Matthew said destiny child still owes two more albums on Colombia/Sony so that might be it.

    • BEY>RIH October 28, 2016

      Well to be fair, their 20 year reunion is next year and they broke up 10 years ago. It’s time.

  20. ???????Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??????? October 28, 2016

    Damn, I LOVE that “Destiny Fulfilled” promo pic. It’s absolutely beautiful. But anyway, PLEASE let it will be!!! Come back to us on one accord, ladies! I want an album and Tour.

    • Realtalk October 28, 2016

      DC last release album #1’s was their last contract album with Columbia

  21. Danny Beys October 28, 2016

    A reunion with all members sounds cute on paper but it doesn’t make sense and would be a mess. Essentially, DC4 & DC3 were two different groups. They both sold millions and had hits but they’re dynamics were totally different. DC3 ultimately are what transitioned the group in pop stardom and made Beyoncé the force she is today. Plus DC3 harmonizes and meshes differently (imo) than DC4. So if they do a reunion, it needs to be Beyoncé Kelly and Michelle. Letoya and Latakia can make guest appearances tho lol.

  22. ya October 28, 2016

    how yall gonna dictate wat is possible based on the past. The ladies had enough time apart both dc3 and dc4 where they can come together and have chemistry. I’m sorry but DC3 was kinda boring to me it was more of a Beyoncé show no dynamic…

  23. VBeckhamforever October 28, 2016

    Boring! – I would much rather see Queen Victoria Beckham and the other spice girls reunite and tour the world. They have the ultimate vocals, and put beyflop and her backing singers to shame.

    • Paulo October 28, 2016

      mr bartender I’ll have whatever this b**** just had! it’s Friday and I wanna get crazy too!

  24. truth teller October 28, 2016

    Broke Bey at it again. For the uninitiated, she has to keep money coming in, just like a mortgage that HAS to be paid or else.

    Even Solo trying to help. Give this shallow, divisive, materialistic, user chick your money if you want but as for me NAIRN none of my money, that’s for ME!

  25. Blue Ivy Rod October 28, 2016

    They all look so beautiful, Kelly giving us that big million dollar smile, Bey should go for a darker hair colour it suits her better in my opinion. (The brown highlights) and Michelle looks nice too. I think that pic is old though or is it new? It looks familiar

  26. truth teller October 28, 2016

    I would hate to be one of the people that has to PROP that dummy up.

    She is NOT great on her own, she is a FRAUD and SMOKE and MIRRORS and the black community should be exhausted by now, of the self proclaimed queen who isn’t breaking any records, not doing anything innovative, has polutted young minds with filth and yall worship this

    A total fraud andfake in her becky hair and the noise she makes is NOT music, but I guess.

  27. truth teller October 28, 2016

    Since i have a little time on my hands today.

    Why Bey and Jay? The Industry and America’s love Affair

    Bey and Jay are the best find the industry made in the 21st century. Never have a couple of ‘black’ people been so willing to do anything for fame like these two. Never before has Americca or the industry had full control over ‘black’ people. All they want is to be seen to be ‘better than you’


    Neveer before has this occurred froma Mainstream perspective, they have been used to POLLUTE AND POISON our young people….all they want is $$$$$ and to be seen to be better than you.

    Please do not let your children worship these corporate coons as the messages they transmit will only HARM YOU

    She can take her broke p poppin behind somewhere and sit down (oh, she can’t she will be p poppin and humping stages for life as she lied on her so called VOCAL talent, she can’t just stand and blow, lying fake)

  28. Briano October 28, 2016

    Beyonce appeals to uneducated hood people mainly the light skin ones that think someone should kiss they behind because they light skin # ignorance #white supremacy

    Or dark skin people that have been programmed to think you suppose to kiss light skin peoples behind #ignorance #white supremacy

    Its about content of character, not being a yellowbone per the ignorant uneducated pawn dummy Beyonce can’t make a track without saying, ugh just poison poison and more poison put in our community by this ignorant yellowbine bish

  29. truth teller October 28, 2016

    And alas, why racist America loves them some Jay and Bey, they have done their work for them. Everything a racist wanted promoted, got promoted by these dumb narcissist.

    Youth took themslevs out of the work force, academia, follwoing the bling “who needs a degree” message of these dumb narcissist

    Queens defiled themslevas being ‘classy’ like beyonce it’s a smack in the face of true classy black women to call this uneducated stage humping clown classy

    Anyway, the people pulling the strings played yall through your beloved Jay and Bey who are nothing but pretty poison

  30. Briano October 28, 2016

    Now it’s time to pull the training wheels back out to prop up beydunce

  31. Briano October 28, 2016

    And question where has all this yellowboning got us?

    Its ignorance and white supremacy period

    And anyone, including Beyonce, spewing this divisive rhetoric is Ignorant and a White Supremist period

    And no black person should fawn over an ignorant white supremist cause u like how her booty and p shake

  32. Thebaddest October 28, 2016

    I think ot will be all 5 members because Latavia is on IG liking all DC pics on their official account and Letoya has been hanging with Kelly and Michelle. They are all in the public this year I got a good feeling about this reunion this time DC5 all day.

  33. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 29, 2016


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