Tamar Braxton’s ‘Calling All Lovers’ Omitted From Grammy Nominations

Published: Friday 28th Oct 2016 by David

By way of first week sales garnered by her 2013 release ‘Love & War’ and her reign on Reality TV, Tamar Braxton holds an enviable position in R&B.

So, there’s no doubt that her fans had high hopes for her latest set ‘Calling All Lovers‘, which-despite failing to fly commercially- was well-received by her core base.

This month, said hopes have been dashed to flames.


Surprising news below…

Featuring lyrics and arrangements creator by the ubiquitous singer/songwriter Tiyon Christian, the R&B album has learned that it has no chance of winning an award at next year’s ceremony when it take place on February 12th 2017.

For, when members of the Grammy voting committee received their first-round ballots recently they found that ‘Lovers’ was not submitted to compete in the categories it was expected to nab nominations in.

These being Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best R&B Album.

Worrying, as it was released on October 2nd 2015, almost a year before the ceremony’s September 30th 2016 nominations deadline.

First-round ballots are due back on the 4th of November.

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  1. BEYSTAN_ SINCE 1997 October 28, 2016

    You can always get the next time.

    • LISA LEVINE October 28, 2016

      KING. BROKEN RECORD. SIMPLE THANGS. The best Rnb records I’ve heard all year. Tamar’s cd was underrated and it truly was a work of art. Stay and Fight from the 2nd Cd was also pure perfection. King deserves a grammy. Pure vocals. so underrated.

      • Snf October 28, 2016

        I loved Never too… That album is so good… so unfortunate

      • HALF AMAZIN October 30, 2016

        Yessssssssssssssssss!! I hated love and war but THIS album was amazing. Sooooo underrated its troubling

      • Jasmine October 30, 2016

        Well if she was not nominated who was? There was not a lot of Urban Contemporary Albums released last year. Perhaps her team should have submitted her for Best Traditional R&B Album instead if voters consider Rihanna and Beyonce urban contemporary r&b.

  2. Mark111 October 28, 2016

    Hope it doesn’t and Anti does. Another kick from Karma with her Rihanna isn’t R&B comment.

    • Tori October 28, 2016

      Rihanna IS NOT R&b, she’s pop always has been always will be. It doesn’t matter how much she screams on Higher or try to dryly sing Love On The Brain, she will always be a pop “singer”. Stop being pressed like Rihanna can out sing Aretha or something.

      • Mark111 October 28, 2016

        Yet she tops the R&B chart effortlessly. Stay mad. ?

      • Bb8345 October 28, 2016

        Rihanna tops the R&B charts because she’s black, not because she’s R&B which puts her in a box. The Navy should be so proud!

    • I can’t October 28, 2016

      Every time I find myself losing motivation in college, you come through with a dumb ass comment that revives my will to learn, and I want to thank you for that. Stay stupid.

      • Mark111 October 28, 2016

        Sounds like a personal problem that you’re failing your technical college classes. ?

      • I can’t October 28, 2016

        Kiii, there you go again. Some people intentionally exaggerate comments they know aren’t true for the sake of winning an argument, but i’d bet good money that you sincerely believe in your logic. I just want you to know that you make me feel great about myself. I love being educated. ☺️

    • LmfaoHoe October 28, 2016

      They place Riri in Urban cause she’s Black ! simple, point, blank. Hell Ariana, JB, Nick Jones, JT, Adele have all been using black culture (musically) for their music yet are considered Pop artists?? now question that n why??

    • #Nicole Nation October 28, 2016

      If Ariana Grande, Adele, Zayn, Bruno and Bieber were black, they would top the r&b charts too.

      • Danzou October 28, 2016

        That’s my point. It shouldn’t be that way

  3. King October 28, 2016

    Whoa! That’s petty and they wonder Kanye wants to boycott. I’m sure they’re going to give it to Beyonce anyway, so no need.
    Rihanna hopefully will get her own Grammy as well.

    • Lea October 28, 2016

      Guh Bey already paid for that grammy! Should have submitted your payments on time. Matthew Knowles did’t play and Bey damn sure dont play when it comes to writting those checks out to the grammy committee!

    • Janet1814 October 28, 2016

      The reason Kanye wants to boycott is stupid. Frank and his people didn’t submit because unlike Kanye they don’t give a f about awards.

  4. Paulo October 28, 2016

    submission is not on the Grammy committee, it’s on the label so… considering Streamline is run by her husband, this probably means that they didn’t even wanna try it this time. it’s a pity but if Love & War didn’t take in Grammys, I don’t see it for CAL. hope her third album is better than this one

    • JC October 28, 2016

      You mean her 4th album?

      • The Legend Called Missy Elliott October 28, 2016

        Shaaaaaaade! Yes I do have her first real album. With the “Get’s None” track featuring JD and Amil.

      • Paulo October 28, 2016

        OOOOPS! forgot about that one. I tried getting into it but only really used Money Can’t Buy You Love

    • Danny Beys October 28, 2016

      It wasn’t that CAL wasnt good as it was actually one of the best R&B albums of the last 5 years. It’s just that it was handled horribly.

      • cassandra chen October 28, 2016

        Stop fooling yourself that album was weak compared to love and war. Tamar was on TV everyday and could have promoted that album it just was not connecting with most of her core fans. You have albums that produced 1 single, not much promotion and get Grammy…explain

    • Me October 28, 2016

      Its on Epic Records not Streamline. Epic didnt support the album when it came out. Thats unfortunate because the album is really good.

  5. RihUp October 28, 2016

    That’s too bad for her, can’t stand her ass anyway ?

  6. Danzou October 28, 2016

    I like circles, angels and demons, must be good to you, love it, if I don’t have you, and my favorite song is I love you. Very brandy inspired and you can tell TC worked with her.

  7. B2B October 28, 2016

    WTF Tamar’s team! If anything this album should have been submitted and it should also win BEST R&B album. CAL is R&B. She stole my heart from 3-15. With the right promo and singles she could’ve easily slayed urban radio for a year and eventually went gold or even platinum. Album 4 is always interesting for female singers so Go Tay!

    • cassandra chen October 28, 2016

      CAL was a forgettable album. That album would not have won best RNB .You fans fool yourself too much.Even Tamar acting like the album did not happened.

  8. Ciah’s Turtle October 28, 2016

    It was a really good album but sadly not memorable enough to be considered this year.

  9. steve October 28, 2016

    CAL was a good album. From the writing to vocal arrangements and delivery I give it a A. Yes it’s promotional was totally wrong and secondly it lacked cohesion. It was too many elements put together as one.It didn’t sound like a body of work. LMD was a cohesive album that why it won best RnB album.

  10. Bb8345 October 28, 2016

    The same people who says Beyoncé buys her Grammys are the same people who support Rihanna winning a Grammy in the R&B field…….

  11. Theman October 28, 2016

    Being influenced by a genre doesn’t mean that you’re using that genre. Certain artists have certain voices naturally.

  12. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 29, 2016


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